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International Competition

The memorial of the truth is in the beauty of the man, its presence pra itself exactly. An applicable reality to the truth. In the love pra is the truth who loves for that it is hated. The truth with the beauty makes possible that each man loves, but the man trying the love and living the truth if perceives that the beautiful mixture its truth with one another thing, the good that is consequncia of its nature human being. The good that it searchs and the truth that if lives are realities that inside exist of the soul human being. This is permeada by the life, in the existence of a man. This it makes with that the truth is touched by the man. With effect, to move with the truth is to move with something distant? Not.

It is inside, in the human heart. She is to move with the human being, the existing one that she worries about its soul and she wants to live the beauty that exists coming of God. The truth is found. But when somebody the search knows where to go. It goes exactly. Definitively, the central axle that exists in exciting of the truth of the man if finds in the one far from the one close that he is its to become related I obtain exactly. Yes.

To relate I exactly obtain is to relate with what it he is proper, its to exist. However, ' ' more perto' ' that it exists in the truth of the man is its soul in relation to the body. It is, therefore, a truth: the man inside brings of itself the existencial truth: that he exists. In this way, the duel of the truth is blunt when the man assumes its existencial truth emphasizing that the evil does not have objetividade when the man lives its interior truth. To *Joacir S. d? Abbey is deacon of the Diocese of Formosa-Go; it attended a course Philosophy and it is finishing theology in the SMAB; he is author of books: ' ' Opsculo of conhecer' ' (Cidadela), ' ' The charity and the problem of the poverty in periferia' ' (Agbook) and ' ' The Church of ressuscitado' ' (Virtual Books); it writes for periodicals: ' ' Al Vicentinos' ' (Formosa-GO) and ' ' Letter of notcias' ' (Ownership); it participated, per three years, of International Competition of Philosophy beyond keeping a Blog of Philosophical texts.

Sede Saint

Still child, entered for the Mariana congregation of the Children of Maria, and helps the poor persons in its proper house. She received the permission from the Sede Saint to take the dyings of the streets for a home where they could die in peace and dignity, also she opened an orphanage. In 1950 she established a religious congregation, and the charity sisters are more than 4,000, spread for 95 countries, and all the nations they had allowed its works. Francisco Candido Xavier Chico could be millionaire in case that he had been with the copyrights of about 400 books that psicografou. Conscientious that this money did not belong to it, since it resulted of other intelligences, that not it of it, yielded all the copyrights (esteem in 20 million dollar).It followed, thus, an advice given for its mother, through communication spiritual, in the start of 1935: Beyond the psicografias, it had an intense activity, mainly in the assistencial area.

It went the devoid areas and barrio exteriors of the city, to distribute food baskets and remedies. In the Christmas, it strengthened the donations with toys for the children. It arrived to visit about a thousand people, in a peregrination that started to the 20 hours of day 24 and finished after four of the morning it following day. Among others, I cited these two, therefore I am great admirer of them. If you will not be able to make the charity, at least, must to keep the flame of the faith has access. verbally it is only difficult for many. Word pronounced without one anchors imprisoned to the heart the wind leads easy. ' ' Of the truth, it is well that many need something concrete in the hand to become to remember that must respect the principle of Jesus Christ. ' ' You love you ones to the others as loved I you.


Let it seems unlikely, in our subconscious mind can be almost anything. The most significant contribution of the subconscious – it is working with cells in the body, or submenus, and sometimes replacing its various functions. What is actually subconscious? Subconscious mind – the term to refer to mental processes without displaying them in mind and in addition to conscious control. The term "unconscious" was used in early works of Freud to establish psychoanalysis, but eventually he was replaced by him on the term "unconscious." Carl Gustav Jung once again appealed to the term unconscious to describe the archaic essence of human psyche (archetypes), but now the term unconscious in scientific psychology is almost never used. (Taken from ) and very wrong, in my opinion, is not used that term.

It just comes to those, almost mystical, the examples that I want you introduce. But first, let's try to understand how a person receives the information. The first method lies in the awareness of what is happening through different senses, and then develops the image and recorded in the "waiting list", after which similar images are compiled into the system, and transformed into a set of principles and habits. The second method is to obtain information directly from space at the cellular level that can be traced in the following example. Two completely identical containers filled with equal quantity of water and run back fertilized frog eggs. One tank is covered with a simple cover, and the second lead, and lead, as is well known absorbs gamma rays and X-rays, so it is used as material for protection from their actions.

Rover Oscar

How the professors of the proyoung can contribute for the improvement of life of the communities where teach, therefore has itself much resistance? Agrarian sciences – that activities and chances the young ones go to have in the permanence in the field, and which are the politics publish; how it would be the mobilization of the involved citizens? Sciences Human beings – why the young to be discouraged to work with the agricultural culture? Accurate sciences of the Nature and – because the young of the field receives less from what from the city, as to obtain to make to be valid the practical one? Then after, these questionings the palestrantes had started to pronounce. The palestrante Rover Oscar was very happy in its ranks, therefore its explanation was very pertinent on work relations and that the young and women need to be inserted in the social organization. In addition, it contributes with the historical process of the production system and the relation of work, relating to the question of the agricultural exodus. The palestrante Severino called attention for the conflict between the agronegcio and the agroecologia, where shock of these models of production occurs, also emphasized the thematic one of the militancy, that is, of the envolvement for the cause, and that the professors of the proyoung need to be militant, and to understand the factors of the production: natural resources (land), work (human; inside and outside) and capital (invested and half resources productive). E, that of the one not to breach easily with the model. much more, was boarded at this moment Giving to continuity the task of the morning, at the moment of the afternoon, it had the moment of the video where it approached the production model agroecologico and that the Formadoras Selma and Glria had spoken on the importance of this model, and had made jus the visit that happens in property of Joelma in Cumaru? FOOT, then gave continuity to the task of alar activities, attempting against for problematic and the objectives already elaborated collectively, then we obtain to finish this moment satisfactorily.


The VICTORIES Inside of what it is reasonable, to get a victory are synonymous of conquest, when the waited one is reached, after to have had the confidence to undertake a search based on the ousadia and the faith of that if it wins any advent during the way, that if it shows I inside oppose the inlaid certainties of the soul. The freedom of being able to exhibit what he is its for right and that this is not gotten easy, but yes with much fight and persistence, thus reaches it victory. The profits are great, the people however are friends, however are enemy, make of these taken over on a contract basis something more consistent, more valuable. One uses of many examples, the bad ones that they do not have to be followed and yes prevented, and the good ones so that if makes better still. It also has the comparisons that they are inevitable partners of the passage, and that thanks to them it puts if a break-even point between what valley the penalty to be made and what not valley. After a time, the flavor of the victory becomes less accented, but its palate is not lost, but it gets used with it and this it makes to it to seem normal, simple, but in the search of this victory they had been the scars, and they are not few and they are they who always bring the alive souvenir of everything what she was transferred. Many times some victories of before, currently seem so more easy, with as much technology the disposal. But for the conquests in times that if could not count on such thing, it will be that it would be so easy? Where deferred payment now the taken over on a contract basis flavor of the same one when conquered I assist without it of current intelligence, made use in you scheme highly specialized for such fact? How to lead a great flock of cattle for hundreds of kilometers in lombo of mules, but today made in trucks computerized, with conditional air on paved roads and that they most of the time swallow hundreds of kilometers in one day? The wisdom is a fabulosa virtue and therefore that it makes in understanding that the flavor of the victory of before cannot persist perpetual, therefore thus certainly we to them we would accomodate in blond greens and fatally we would not search always more more.


Ahead of as much theory regarding the philosophy concept, it will be difficult to explicitar true sensible of something the so complex one, and more complicated still to say so that it serves, if to take in consideration the great thinkers as Scrates, Plato and Aristotle would answer that the philosophy serves to answer the questions without answers in form of another question, difficult it explains such complexity glue for as many authors throughout the time and mainly for this search to explain everything of methodical form in speaking that the philosophy is ‘ ‘ love sabedoria’ ‘ the same one serves for ‘ ‘ questionar’ ‘ , this means on the part of the philosophers friction something that cannot be explained of rational form. The philosophy is not complex the same one is simple and not explained, the same one is lived day after day, it to be contained inside of our thoughts, in the way to act, to love, we is in the viscera of the philosophy, it leads in them and we exactly to lead, it we do not only make in to think them it we serve to give sensible ours existence, as we would obtain to live without the proper one to think. Exactly that an individual has a mediocre or mentally ill thought regarding one determined subject we we could not question because is the philosophy of existence of this individual, then we cannot generalize that the philosophy only serves to question the proper existence, the same one is discovered to the few for each individual as the pages of a book that counts a new I capitulate of history, and that the same one can change the all moment completely leading for routes different imagined at the beginning, therefore in each page facts happen that they iram to change history and to have an unimaginable end. The philosophy is thus its dumb direction in accordance with the events and the same one will have usefulness at the certain moment, depending on the necessity and the event it goes to serve or to explain something, or to question or simply will not serve.

Jeremias Bentham

David Schnaid* 1 – the study of the knowledge it belongs to the field of the called philosophy Gnoseologia. The classification of the knowledge does not excuse the gnoseologia, but limited the inquiry to the considered subject, is losted in thought here these prolegmenos and if adentra soon the Epistemologia that has for object accurately to demarcate the limits of the diverse modalities of the knowledge, the criteria of gauging of its value, its respetivos methods and logic. 2 – Some classifications exist, that we can congregate in two great groups: the biblioteconmica, destined to faci.litar collections of papers or books; the philosophical one, or valorativa, or for content, thus assigned for obeying an order of respctivo content. In general, they obey the existing identification elements in objects of the knowledge: cosmo, the nature, the man, the animals, inanimate the etc. The subject has worried thinkers as Jeremias Bentham, John Locke, Augustus Comte, Herbert Spencer, without speaking in the Classic antiquity, for example, in Aristotle; in the Age Average, and the scholastic classifications. 3 – Divergindo, became the classification of the diverse modalities of knowledge, obeying the criteria of gauging of its value, its method and its logic here, that vary modality according to, as it is seen to follow.

This classification is preferred by its potential for the development of the speech, the research, the analysis of all the knowledge, what it provides enormous application to it. For these criteria, we differentiate the diverse forms of knowledge, congregating them in six categories: vulgar or mundane, scientific, philosophical, Metaphysical, mstico and technological. 2-O vulgar knowledge does not have critical concern. It is acquired by the experience. It is distinguished, in fragmentary way, to take care of to the necessities of day-by-day. For example, we learn to read, to write, to direct an automobile, to apply our money, to direct our businesses, to appreciate the art, always through the experience.