Right Claims Management

Efficient claims processing and IFRS reporting are two of the many innovations of the current Leasman version 6.04. The Delta proveris AG has published Leasman, the software for the illustration of the core processes for providers of leasing and fleet management services, in the new release 6.04. Claims handling full transparency and ease of use characterise the advanced claims management module. The process-oriented representation allows an efficient claims handling and reduces process costs. Parallel processing of the individual part processes, the user has the basic information to the vehicle leasing contract and the service agreements in sight at all times Central. Furthermore, evaluation possibilities such as accident levels, account history and message history Leasman users with the advanced claims management module are available. Credit: Nieman Foundation-2011.

A flexible reporting through freely configurable selection lists also offers a high customization documentation. Diversity in the field of forms: in addition to the standard forms, different letters are generated. Additional functionality offer an integrated invoice processing, as well as the Central reconciliation of balances to the settlement of claims costs. Further details can be found at Ken Cron, an internet resource. The ability of the claims as a fleet management service without direct reference to the subject of leasing creates further value added as a component of the overall software solution. IFRS reporting using the payback history through the splitting-up of leasing rates in interest and redemption shares can be, mapped using the depreciation selectable history of book value after amortisation history, where one or more depreciation patterns are possible.

Thus, different viewing options available to support IFRS reporting. Reduce costs and receipts by collecting output documents with the new release, the function of gathering initial evidence was further optimized. Thus, for example, the treatment of partial cancellations and subsidy payments for the user considerably easier. The number of documents is reduced, lowered transaction costs and handling costs by the lessee. About Leasman the Software Leasman supports all core processes in vehicle leasing and fleet management. Standard system based on modern technology is established on the market since 1997 and is continuously since then. Renowned leasing and Fuhrparkdienstleister in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland manage currently several hundred thousand contracts with the software. Company contact: DELTA proveris AG contact for the press: Anke judge Ludwigstrasse 3 Duderstadt 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna phone 03722 717050 fax 03722 717051


To reduce the administrative costs, it is as accurate as possible to plan and possible cost to dispose. In addition to savings in process costs stocks can be through more efficient procurement processes reduce and optimize throughput times. Initially, LogControl -SLO will be played at little sheep for a first client in the test system. For the C-parts management such as article master data, stocks and the history of departure from the warehouse management system (in the case of lambs LogControl -WHM) in the LogControl -SLO is transmitted. Nieman Foundation often addresses the matter in his writings.

In the -SLO LogControl different suppliers with the jeweiligenArt ikelpreisen and replacement times, as well as a preferred supplier to major each article be deposited per article. Spm Llc pursues this goal as well. Order suggestion list receives after the nightly procedures users in the LogControl -SLO an editable order suggestion list and can quickly and easily via an order button the order including order No. pre-filled create form fields and then send the mail button directly to the selected supplier. The order status is automatically mailed in the SLO”cast, as well as a goods receipt notification to the WHM submitted, whereas then the actual goods receipt is posted. The new stock is in turn credited back to the SLO. An order quantity calculation is performed on the basis of article history (disposals) from the WHM calculation basis in the SLO. The disposals of the C-parts in the future forecast are based on the average finish in the past (the period length is adjustable). When calculating the optimal order quantity are both economic aspects (cost-optimized batch sizes calculated according to bearing interest, costs, etc.), as also freely configurable restrictions (such as maximum ranges to avoid excessive quantities, minimum or shut-off or rounding up the values on all packaging units) taken into account. Cost reduction through more precise planning LogControl -SLO include calculated future needs based on past values.

SSCR Service

Excellent customer orientation 07.03.2013 – the comformatik AG visible at the first sight of Villingen-Schwenningen, has been successfully in the service and support center rating (SSCR) of vivo classified management consulting from Heilbronn. Thus the company from Villingen-Schwenningen attesting an excellent customer orientation and willingness to support their customers in the realization of IT business solutions. We have to provide the stated goal of a holistic IT customer support around the clock and for our customers to be then absolutely reliably available when they need us. We award with the service therefore greatly appreciate the four-star and rating, because this award is support center already at a glance and without many words, that the customer and his concerns enjoy top priority at us,”explains the importance of the rating for the comformatik AG Rainer Rattig Support organisations are under multiple pressure once, because some service providers the reputation of the market brought difficulties, on the other hand, because support is then requested, if an urgent problem to solve is. Professionalism in the troubleshooting, prudent and immediate response to the incident and a communication that is appropriate to the situation are some of the challenges for the support and the customer center of a company. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ken Cron.

The SSCR rated the quality of service strictly according to objective benchmark-based criteria. The criteria topics include among others communication way and escalation options, stringent implementation of the ticketing and classification of accidents, qualification and Knowhowsicherung among employees and quality management. The award conveys to the customer at a glance he here can expect open ears and a perfect support for any of his concerns. Company presentation starting supervised the comformatik AG in a radius of 100 km around 150 SMEs and 86 schools, as well as approximately 40 locations of the country further education for teaching in Baden-Wurttemberg by the location of Villingen-Schwenningen. The objective is

Assentis Releases New Version Of Output Management Solution DocFamily

Users benefit from simplified handling improved quality assurance, and formatting options advanced users benefit from simplified handling, improved quality assurance and advanced formatting capabilities Red Cross October 29, 2009. Frequently Boy Scouts Of America has said that publicly. With the now available version DocFamily 4.5 optimises the processes around the text creation Assentis and simplifies the handling of the software and their processes. The output management solution allows you to create individual documents and letters within a very short time, to create and distribute. In the new version, Assentis also improves quality. Is as of now the so-called four eyes principle”in the workflow implemented. This is to prevent errors in the documents to infiltrate. The workflow stipulates that every revised document must be checked by a second person.

This controlled the writing as well as the rules required, and then releases it. Also the formatting options of the text editor DocWrite were significantly expanded. Tables can be made now more individual and more quickly. DocWrite also includes two new graphical editors, which letters, contracts and deals to rapidly create and customize allow. Boy Scouts of America is a great source of information. The user creates the rules required now drag & drop. So he selects appropriate text modules for specific target groups within a very short time and is made to individual customer letter. Special benefit for German-speaking users: online help is now also available in German.

In particular the new condition Editor”and the expression editor” provide a simplistic text composition. This staff establishes rules, to associate certain blocks of text, graphics, or other objects to the various target groups. So, it assigns a text module with an investment recommendation, for example, a bank customer who already has a current account. The recipient of writing only about a savings account, has a checking account, we recommend it. These rules can immediately by Drag & drop are created using a graphical editor. So far, some programming skills in a so-called query language were necessary here as in the rest with other output management systems. With the new editor, they are no longer needed and also complex rules can be up within a short time. Customized and personalized letters are posted within a few minutes. Also the formatting options in the text editor DocWrite were significantly expanded and improved. In particular, tables can be now more individual. An additional benefit of text editing: in the text editor line wrapping for long words can be suppressed now also. So far, this was possible only through the templates. What’s new in version 4.5 bring considerable relief to users. The new rule editor massively simplifies the handling and the user need immediately-no knowledge of a query language”, explains Ralph Walter, head of product management at Assentis Technologies AG. So can letters, Contracts and offers are even faster to create individualized and personalized.” Assentis Technologies AG: Assentis Technologies AG is a software house and innovative partner for the optimization of communication with documents. It opened its customers new ways to collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers. With its proven software solutions, the complexity of business communication is efficiently managed and maintained a high degree of individuality for the users. Assentis is represented by affiliates or branch offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Canada and the United States. The company counts among its customers as well as the leading supplier in the field of telecommunications, insurance, trade and production well-known big banks in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United States. Contact address: Assentis Technologies AG Blegistrasse 1 6343 Rotkreuz, Tel.: 0041 / 41 / 790 91 92 fax: 0041 / 41 / 790 91 93 E-mail: Internet:

Noxum Publishing Studio With Integrated Interface To Acrolinx IQ

Noxum and acrolinx show integrated solution at the tekom annual Conference 2009 (Berlin) the acrolinx GmbH and the Noxum GmbH present Studio together at the tekom annual Conference 2009 in Wiesbaden the acrolinx IQ in the Noxum publishing text test. To do so, the Noxum publishing Studio was equipped with an integrated interface to acrolinx IQ of the world’s leading solution for quality assurance of high-quality content. The holistic approach of the Noxum publishing Studio is aimed at the best possible supporting of users in the editorial work and processes. The linguistic intelligence by acrolinx IQ provides a rule-based examination of the source text, as well as the terminology. The new, integrated testing of voice quality at the source is ideal for companies that want to really live consistent terminology. The Noxum publishing Studio working Editor sees directly on its editing interface in the currently open module the proposals, comments and tags, which the connected acrolinx IQ Server following its examination of the text delivers.

Spelling, grammar, terminology, writing style, and reuse can be tested. In recent months, PCRM has been very successful. In the Noxum publishing Studio the editor of acrolinx can on the IQ-server use provided, certified language standards, style rules and approved terminology for different text types and industries and his work simply accept and apply. Rule sets are available English and the TuV DocCert rule set and others like acrolinx technical German, Simplified English, global. acrolinx (Hall 3, number 311) and Noxum (Hall 1, stand 140) inform on this topic at their exhibition booths at the tekom annual Conference, which takes place from 4-6 November 2009 in Wiesbaden, Germany. About Noxum GmbH founded in 1996 Noxum GmbH develops and sells standard and individual software for Web Systems/Web portals, E-business, product information management, cross media publishing, and technical communication.

The Noxum publishing Studio is a XML-based system solution at the same time content management and Content management system in one product. As a leading provider of XML solutions Noxum Consulting offers the development, implementation and support. Among the customers of the Noxum GmbH including Daimler AG, the NurnbergMesse GmbH, the Dr. ing h.c. F. Porsche AG, the STIFTUNG WARENTEST and the King & Bauer AG. The management include: Norbert Klinnert, Volker Roman, Michael Stegmann. More information under: about acrolinx GmbH: acrolinx is market leader in the linguistic support by professional authors. The software solution helps to comply with more than 10,000 users worldwide, linguistic standards and to increase the efficiency of translation, proofreading and support acrolinx IQ. acrolinx IQ is used in more than 25 countries. Technology-oriented companies such as SAP, Bosch, Siemens, Viessmann, Symantec, Philips and many more are among the users. The headquarters of acrolinx exists in the United States in Berlin, a subsidiary. Further your information at Editorial contacts Noxum GmbH Gabriele Kauler Beethovenstrasse 5 d 97080 Wurzburg Tel. + 49 931 46588-102 fax + 49 931 46588-599 E-Mail: acrolinx GmbH Oliver Collmann Rosenstrasse 2 D-10178 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 288 84 83 30 fax: + 49 30 288 84 83 39 PR Agency: good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf Tel: + 49 451 88199 – 12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Federal Network Agency

UMTS/GSM-live network of Nash Technologies enables comprehensive tests for telecommunications manufacturers and operators Nuremberg, November 2009 – can the successor to UMTS long term evolution (LTE) in closing the broadband gaps in Germany help? This question is currently driving to the experts. Nevertheless, many companies prepare for the new standard. For example, the Nurnberger Nash technologies GmbH operates networks of the second (2 G) up to the last mobile generation HSPA + (3 g The frequencies for the LTE over the air\”testing is already allocated by the Federal Network Agency for Nash Technologies. The company emerged a year ago as a spin-off from the research and development operation from Alcatel-Lucent and has not only established itself according to the company, but is increasingly perceived in the market. Then alternated good 170 employees to the new company, subsequently have been new jobs created, and additional orders.

Include the test systems, which acquired Nash from Technologies Alcatel-Lucent World’s largest. Without hesitation Center For Responsible Lending explained all about the problem. The covering 25 square kilometres UMTS/GSM-live network of Nash Technologies is already prepared for LTE and allows the manufacturers of mobile narrow boards, telecommunications equipment and network components as well as network operators, content providers and chip manufacturers, their solutions and products on stability and performance, quasi through its paces to test on, and today for use in the mobile networks of tomorrow. While different bandwidths and radio conditions can be set to check the stability of the applications, saving infrastructure costs in the test. In other words: You can tailor virtually his cellular network themselves. The live network works with 15 cell, NodeB’s five (a UMTS mobile network base stations), three radio network controller (RNC) as well as a complete core network, covers an area of 25 square kilometres and allows access to applications such as SMS Center, MMS services, streaming, voice mail, SIP and VoIP capabilities, A GPS or IMS-based services.

Incoming Invoices

Introduction reduce by standardizing the solution to three-quarters of out-of-the-box concept ideal for mid-sized user Gescher, August 08, 2011 – with a cross through standardization of its solution for the processing of incoming invoices the ECM providers has reduces the introduction of d.velop AG on only 25 percent of the implementation time of comparable systems. This will take the standard procedure for scanning and data readout of out-of-the-box solution in most cases within 3 days. The significantly reduced implementation effort gives her an additional appeal for medium-sized users because it ensures a faster return on investment (ROI). The majority of medium-sized companies favored a quick and cost-effective introduction using standard product compared with a more customisable, but at the same time costs higher solution”, explained Burghardt g, Manager development & professional service at d.velop, the development of the out-of-the-box concept for the processing of incoming invoices. Especially when, as in our case the implementation effort account for three-quarters and the usage can be realized in half a week, directly a positive productivity effect and a more effective investment benefit is generated.” This was a decisive argument for the introduction of such solutions in the middle class. A major potential for the digital processing of incoming invoices is holistic integration in the accounting procedures of the company. Starting with scan analog invoices or the import of electronic invoices, for the automatic reading of the relevant information about header data and the substantive examination directly on the screen until the release and finally to the update.

The d.velop solution enables the digital detection, inspection and exemption bills in conjunction with leading ERP solutions via certified interfaces. While the individual work Processing steps, as well as to the times of paper receipts, now much more intuitive, with fewer potential sources of error and also much more comfortable. Furthermore, much less time consuming questions. Because all accounting-relevant documents are available and free of media breaks from its entrance permanently at your fingertips. About the d.velop AG: The established in 1992, d.velop AG headquartered in the North Rhine-Westphalian Gescher develops and markets software, document-based business and decision-making processes optimised in organizations. In addition to the strategic platform d.

3 of a modular enterprise content management (ECM) solution developed the d.velop AG with the product line of ecspand services and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, which complete the functional areas of ECM and DMS. Core features include an automated mail processing with self learning document classification, an efficient document management and archiving, as well as the complete control of the flow of processes. So d accelerated. 3 procedures, simplifies decisions and improve sustainable competitiveness. The high quality of the projects resulting from the expertise of more than 330 employees of d.velop Group (d.velop AG and d.velop competence center) as well as the approximately 150 affiliates in the d.velop competence network.

IT Know-how Secure

Fraunhofer IAO starts with BITKOM study to the skills shortage in the IT industry represents the IT industry a key sector that is for Innnovations – and performance of the economy as a whole of fundamental importance. However, the high dynamics of innovation and the short half-life of this special knowledge to the industry challenges. This is increasingly becoming a crucial competitive factor attracting and binding by professionals. Against the background of demographic change in more companies take measures to get its central resources knowledge and skills. The Fraunhofer IAO in a study in cooperation with the industry association BITKOM (German Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V.) examines the challenges and solution approaches. To work out, what technical, organisational and personnel concepts, approaches and tools today and tomorrow the companies use, increasing knowledge and specialist drain to counteract. It is assumed that many findings from the IT industry transfer to other knowledge-intensive industries can be. Content, the study first examines the causes and effects of increasing loss of knowledge and competences in IT companies.

Furthermore, different instruments and approaches to knowledge and competence receipt are outlined and examined in terms of their effectiveness. A focus will it be to determine what particular successful companies already today do differently, to their most important resources knowledge and expertise “to bind and to develop. The written survey runs until October 2011, then the results are analysed and processed as a study. Interested parties can already now about the specified contact prebooking a copy at a price of 39. More information: Fraunhofer IAO Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Android Insurance Dictionary

‘Insurance dictionary the app of the Institute for insurance of the Cologne University of applied sciences’ is now available for Android smartphones. “Hamburg, 07.01.2014 – insurance glossary the app of the Institute of insurance of the FH Koln” are now also available for Android smartphones. The app says more than 700 technical terms in the field of insurance as a handy reference for on the go. The application is the result of a community project of direct group and students of the IVW Cologne. The insurance glossary can be downloaded free of charge in the famous app stores for Android or iOS.

Particularly useful for foreign travelers or consultants of international customers: all terms in the glossary appear with English translation. Entertainment factor offers the quiz; This terminology can be playful practice. “Joint project of direct group and students of the IVW insurance lexicon the app of the Institute for insurance of the Cologne University of applied sciences Cologne” is direct from a cooperation group with Professor Horst Muller-Peters emerged from the Department of insurance in Cologne (IVW Cologne): the contact between partners evolved over the Association the Association of the insurance business (VVB). In a seminar on insurance marketing experts who directly group betrayed practical tips in the areas of online marketing and mobile applications. With help and advice, they stood side by side as the students on the basis of new knowledge developed the concept to the app.

The texts of the lexicon developed in collaboration by students, staff and professors of the Institute: total gathered more than 700 technical terms from 15 disciplines of the insurance industry. Then who designed directly the application group and she implemented technically. “Karsten Kirsch, Managing Director of direct Group GmbH, engagement in education is important: the directly group invests in the future and engaged himself also in teaching.” Professor Horst Muller-Peters praises close collaboration: students could experience directly group immensely benefit and so Programmed directly into their project work integrate.” About the IVW Cologne Institute for insurance, located at the University of applied sciences Cologne of the largest University of applied sciences of in Germany and is the largest of its kind.

Actinium Makes The Change Processes Transparent

“Preset solution offers an up-to-date representation of all relevant information about the components of the infrastructure change management system CMDB warehouse produces low project and administration expenses Lindau, January 20, 2010 – derived from the real conditions of practice with their complex conditions has Actinium consulting change management system CMDB warehouse” developed. It captures and controls the entire infrastructure components such as servers, software, routers, printers, and more. In this solution, the locations of the respective systems including the recent maintenance measures are covered. Thus the license and maintenance agreements are present the user at any time including the required information to the suppliers and the responsibilities. Also consider technical error messages and personnel changes in the change management system. The companies represent a continuous change”very dynamic organizations, Actinium Managing Director Klaus Huttl judges. This would arise constantly varied changes not only in terms of technical infrastructure with its many hardware and software systems in their various versions and locations, but a change of responsibilities out there are in addition often.

Is a complex task, the practice often fails permanently maintain this constant change in the eye, to manage and consistently document”, problematizes Hallak. As a consequence of a current missing status of existing systems and responsibilities, what generates unrecognized losses and higher security risks.” The ITIL compliant, modular system CMDB warehouse eliminates these problems”, bringing order in the technical world of the company in a complex change, or a high rate of change. Among the special features of the solution: transparent processes in change management compliance-compliant documentation of the IT infrastructure in all of its facets automatic transfer of personnel changes “interface to the HR system continuous illustration of the service processes avoid unnecessary license costs quick introduction through varied preferences of the platform project management system as an option ticket system and time recording integrated project – / IT-controlling as the introduction of CMDB warehouse more modules ‘ pays for itself already so often in very short time, because it can save substantial costs”, the Actinium Managing Director refers to rapid economic effects. Everywhere still valid maintenance contracts for in-use legacy systems no longer dormant and there are excess licensing for software solutions”, called Hall just a few concrete examples. Actinium Actinium Consulting GmbH is a 1999-based consulting firm headquartered in Lindau (Lake Constance) and project offices in Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Selm (Dortmund), and Graz. Areas of expertise are business consulting, business intelligence and business integration. The range of services covers all project phases from consultancy and evaluation about the design to the implementation. Customers ALPLA, Nokia, include, for example, Thyssen Krupp Nirosta, Ravensburger, Suddeutscher Verlag, T-systems, Krombacher, Austrian radio, Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group and many other well-known companies., Actinium Consulting GmbH Klaus Huttl insulation Sandy Lane 2, D-88131 Lindau Tel: + 49 8382-277 278-0