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Wolfgang Bacolod Hoheluftchaussee

Asked how is that specifically represents that he runs, that he since the beginning of the action more than 20 training days for In-house negotiation training has sold, but not a day of charity action. About half of the Akquisezeit in the action was, because constantly to be had on the phone. The expert, who regularly performs for the sales negotiation training, specifies that he not imagined, of selling a simple product can ultimately be as complicated. Even the slightest problem was that potential customers wanted to do not set up an appointment. Others wanted to combine several test days or a complete individualization.

And again others wanted only decide after a personal introduction. Thus Bacolod was not the intention of his offer but exactly. The negotiating artist had assumed that the six days relatively easily via its online shop sell settled, like the five places for his open seminars, there were booked at the same time. Two jointly registered participants there pay the same price as he had called him for the charity action. At the end of He is further of course support the work of the WWF, and he is considering new paths, Bonisch still performs, how he can actually do that with his work. Company description of Wolfgang Bonisch Wolfgang born 1958, for negotiations art expert with a wealth of experience in different fields of activity is Bacolod,.

He passes his extensive knowledge of many negotiations as a policeman, salesman and Executive for over 10 years. Bacolod is sought-after specialist for difficult negotiations “on the limit”. Today new insights and tools for even more successful negotiations the negotiation expert taught many thousands of participants and listeners of his lectures in Germany and many other countries. He is author of the books “Workshop for negotiating art”, “The Art of Negotiation” and “Fundamentals of negotiating success” and has “just successfully negotiate” recorded the audio seminar. Wolfgang Bonisch is one of the few speakers and trainers in the Is able to work in German, English or bilingual also. The expert provides more extensive support for negotiations art in addition to lectures and seminars to deal better in every respect. The workshop of art of negotiation was the “workshop of art of negotiation” by Bonisch 2008 launched. Wolfgang Bonisch it bundles its competencies and experience from different activities to a comprehensive offer for all questions of successful negotiations. It is also the title of his reference book published by Bonisch 2009.

Jan Urke Training

Training in the workplace save money new knowledge can be applied directly with their new training format “LAOLA” forward academy expands its eLearning offerings for logistics. The training specialists have developed a didactically effective concept with the topics as well as so-called soft skills effectively online provide. Wettenberg, same compelling learning experience like in classroom training online offer December 14, 2012 – is the forward the aim academy with their interactive seminars. “LAOLA” means the new program that the training provider has launched it: live action online learning Academy. The seminar offer for logistics for the participants in the Internet can register is correspondingly extensive.

Content from all of the provider on the online learning plan training areas can be found by the distribution logistics, air freight, customs and leadership to the sales pitch. “We make the online seminars as interactive and alive like ours Classroom training”explains Jan Urke, format Manager LAOLA. “For us it is very important to use the same instruments as for example a classic flip chart and also online in direct dialogue with the participants to stand.” Because living learning has proved to be more efficient. The forward show the experience academy. And the need for training is unbroken: “just the logistics industry is confronted with ever-higher expectations of the industry. With the progressive integration of the supply chain, many companies transferred more and more tasks to their logistics provider”, reported Maher Darkow, logistics trainer forward academy. “It requires demand-oriented training, for all these requirements quickly and efficiently to build up the skills.” Online training courses are the trend and online training are the trend of the times, as recent studies show.

In a survey of the management circle AG, for example, about 80 percent of the surveyed recruiters, abandoned in the coming year To put training over the Internet. Even greater consent takes the online format for those who have already participated in online courses. Of them, even over 90 percent plan, according to a study by msConsult to the online knowledge, again to participate in online seminars. “These numbers clearly demonstrate that we bring our range of online at the appropriate time on the market: the participants are ready for the new technology and the technology can withstand their expectations”, Jan Urke is pleased. This trend is continuing education costs on the test boosted by the forecasts for a weaker economic growth in 2013. Spending on education and training will therefore be tested in many companies. That for the online seminars travel expenses or travel time incurred because the training usually directly in the workplace is carried out, affects in favor of online offerings. More information to the LAOLA training offerings of forward academy there under formats/online seminars press contact: main view Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Tel.: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 email: company contact: 35435 betting mountain Tel. academy forward Stefan Urke at West Park 7: 0 6 41 / 96 99 78 90 E-Mail: academy over the forward concepts for further training in the transport and logistics industry are the specialty of the forward academy. Many trainers of the company come from the industry and speak the language of their customers. With this expertise, developed the forward academy tailor-made courses for companies and offers open seminars and online training for the individual training. In addition, intensive training create an opportunity to deepen the teaching content in “Real life”.

Intercultural Trainer

Certified training as intercultural launches trainer and moderator at culture.communication from September! “Hannover, 02.08.2011 – after the huge success of the first pass of the intercultural education trainer and moderator” culture.communication from 09th September offers the second round of training. The training is aimed at people who work as internal or external intercultural trainer, support professionals and executives who lead international teams or projects or are active in the field of human resources development and international cooperation in your organization and would like to develop. Official site: Dr. Neal Barnard. The modular design guarantees highest possible flexibility and gives participants the opportunity to complete the various steps of training depending on the resources and time possibilities. To be intercultural trainer means not only pure knowledge to impart. It is an important function of intercultural trainers and facilitators to develop the intercultural competence of your participants or team members, hence they can successfully cope with cross-cultural situations. The training emphasis therefore on a well-founded didactic training, as well as on the training of comprehensive hand tool such as visualization and presentation, as well as rhetoric in an intercultural context. The training is carried out by a team of interdisciplinary and internationally successful coach.

After successfully passing the final exam, participants can acquire a prestigious, nationally recognized Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin coach certificate. Dr. Neal Barnard contains valuable tech resources. The Government-sponsored education premium claim can be taken for the part-financing of training. Up to 500 euro are interested training available. Dates, as well as extensive information about the exact content will find interested under: inter cultural trainer moderator your contact person: Sylwia Caldwell Dunse culture.communication of Hildesheim str. 29 D-30169 Hanover phone + 49 511 22 06 47 80 company profile: culture.communication is an intercultural consulting and training company headquartered in Hanover. The company connects people and cultures and developed innovative solutions by building on the development up to the receipt of intercultural relations in the fields of intercultural training and coaching, negotiation and conflict management, intercultural consulting. culture.communication has positioned itself in a few years as one of the leading intercultural service providers in North Germany and financial times Germany was awarded already several times including the.

Flight Attendant Course At Condor

The work above the clouds is a dream for many young people. Isabella wants to fulfill this dream and be at Germany’s most popular airline flight attendant. In the second part of the series of reports “Condor TV: Condor flight attendants lice education” we show you Isabella’s way: your dream of flying come true: you will be flight attendant for Condor. It now begins a comprehensive education – safety training to service exercises. Isabella Gets a uniform and learn the correct treatment of makeup and hairstyle. The video is online at http:/youtube.com/watch?v=BGpgsiqiFkw. Condor TV shows a total of four reports that accompany Isabella on her way to the flight attendant in the coming days.

Condor TV reports on exciting topics related to flying. The reports published since early 2013 at regular intervals on YouTube, with major topics divided into several episodes. Four-imagine technical backgrounds, professions and destinations to five-minute videos. Condor TV is available immediately as a Vodcast on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The videos can be subscribed to Apple devices via the podcast app on iTunes as RSS feeds. Android users the vodcasts are podcast/217809/as a subscription for all devices from popular manufacturers available under.

Under the name Condor TV, Germany’s most popular holiday flyer shows 13 reports on YouTube, bit.ly/1blR7YI. With the new vodcasts have aviation enthusiasts new episodes of Condor TV automatically on your device and can directly and also by travelling in the fascination of flying dive. Condor TV is part of the social media approach of the holiday airline. All PR and social media activities are bundled social media newsroom available also at a glance in the Condor. The online press area bundles all communication channels by Condor: News, press releases, images and background information to Condor are with multimedia content such as videos, RSS feeds and social media news from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr linked to an informative overview. Customers, journalists, bloggers and interested find the Condor newsroom social media newsroom at.

Applied Scholastics

The experiences with the L. Ron Hubbard study methodology are no less impressive in other parts of the African continent. The reading and writing abilities of millions of students in Zimbabwe, the Gambia and other countries South of the Sahara, the learning methodology has been brought close to have is also vastly improved. Applied Scholastics programs are both for adults and for young people of great benefit: they provide a much-needed methodology on effective learning at all levels of education. Many of the programs have been established to give those reading and writing skills, which systematically were cut off from such knowledge either due to deteriorating school, the decline in the downtown areas as slum formation, gang formation, etc. and often due to prejudices against particular population groups. Applied Scholastics has a much broader span as the above important activities.

People who want to learn a foreign language, determine that the Hubbard learning methodology helps them, a Foreign language to learn faster. Even advanced students at universities and colleges confirm that the Hubbard learning methodology for her invaluable, if they have to deal with the extensive and often complex material in their chosen areas of study. In the urban centres of Applied Scholastics everywhere on the world valuable educational services are provided by parents and other volunteers. Students who missed the connection in crowded classrooms, up to early school-leavers will be helped by here each to regain the education system. Each student learns at his own pace until he got the materials to his own satisfaction. Even if these centres especially for children are designed, they have already helped 4 to 85 people. Even numerous companies around the world confirm that the mediated by Applied Scholastics education extremely important and valuable for its training and Executives are, and thus indirectly also to improve performance and stability of the company. More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.

Kerstin Magnussen

Dr. Andreas Gourmelon module 4: principles and instruments of human resources development in the public administration (27-28.02.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Gourmelon module 5: Human resources development in the context of labour, tariff and bibliographical (10-11.03.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Friedrich-Wilhelm Heumann, lawyer specializing in labour law module 6: training as an element of human resources development – organization of learning outcomes in the public administration (03. 04.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Kerstin Magnussen, certified project management expert (GPM), trainer module 7: human resources development in the context of individual needs of employees and of operational interest of departments (22-23.05.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Kerstin Magnussen, Certified Project management expert (GPM), trainer module 8: cooperation of the human resources department with the Authority’s management and staff, as well as the development of a personnel development concept (16-17.06.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Barbel Unrath modular training by the 18.11.2013 to 17.06.2014 takes place at the municipal education factory e.V. in Berlin.

Prospective customers receive information content and fees see: the seminar number: PEK100. Company profile: The municipal education factory e.V. (KBW e.V.) is an institution of vocational training for employees and managers of the entire public sector institutions and associations, companies and other interested parties and individuals recognised as charitable. For more than 20 years, the Institute offers a comprehensive program berufsbegleitender education and training. The events take place as seminars and workshops, as in-house courses, as well as in the form of conferences. While the continuing education offerings span the entire Federal territory. The headquarters of the municipal education factory e.V.

is located in Berlin. Regional offices are in Wuppertal, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main. In September 2012, which has communal education factory e.V. the renowned Berlin-based training company ABBOT gGmbH as 100% subsidiary acquired, especially funded training (SGB II/III and Rehab) offers. The municipal education work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified according to AZWV. The training programme of the municipal education plant e.V. is to retrieve up-to-the-minute under:. How to contact with press and public relations: Klaudia Hennig municipal education factory e.V. belt str. 29a/30 10247 Berlin Tel. 030-29 33 50-0 fax: 030-29 33 50 0