Monthly Archives: October 2013

Wiki New

The journalist and new technologies in digital journalism, unique vision will disappear; You must accept the existence of pluralism in the prospects. Dan Gillmor say and say stop and start to listen. They are very well evangelizing, Union, alternative, community, commercial or intermediate radios. But they would be better off the radios that stop to talk and talk and begin to hear. If something has democratized today with the use of new technologies it is the universal right to listen. They say that time brings calm, but never forgotten.

However, the new media scene requires us to forget, to leave behind the old formulas and are precisely, the old communicators that most resist change of blood. Today, it is absurd to continue back to the nuevo sol. To the Mediactismo. A subversive communication, to proposals that give it around the world and set the pace for change in the midst of change. You must declare the honda ignorance. Not to resist and take the path.

Recognize that the visitor is forever and alter the reality. That a new media world is home. Migrate to the Podcast. To the Shoutcast, Blogs, nanoblogs, collaborative writings as the Wiki. The self reported, YouTube. Mashups, trackbacks, RSS and Wikinews, only among other new worlds that will return the voice and pay determination to the citizens to speak freely, stop being spectators and be their own players and in that same line, communicators must be literate about the new reality. Move us with a proposal bold in terms of sound construction. Enter this new expression of cyber-journalism, journalism common citizens or participant, prints a component necessarily socializing and without more owners than a computer and an Internet connection. It is urgent to recognize any changes in the world and in the media. Teach different, but first learn about that what is different. New uses of language.