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Party Work

Numerous organizations to carry them out, but with teams of volunteers, and with private donations; then… Where is the public money that receive these religious associations? If a democracy work, solidarity should replace charity, which may be no more than a mode of wash consciences, and an excuse for perpetuating classism and social difference in marginalized and disadvantaged sectors. And, if a democracy work, social work should be carried out by the State, by a controlled and fair allocation of public funds, through structured bodies with personnel qualified and independent of any ideology or religion. By the same author: Kidney Foundation. And the State should inspected registered partnerships which, with the alibi of the supposed social assistance, are dedicated to collect all the money possible from the public purse. Because as long as the charity there will be the shadow of the belief in the superiority of some over others, and while social work is in the hands of the churches, still having misery, need, and lack of solidarity. After the facade and the appearance of charity and altruism may hide (as denouncing Moliere in the philanthropist) the most vile and perfidious pretensions. This measure of President Obama shows that not all politicians are the same, and that there are some who are concerned about doing things well; We hope that this initiative is not an exception and is disseminated as an example of democratic lucidity.

Coral Bravo PhD in Philology and member of Europa Laica Elplural. com the center of solidarity collaborations (CCS), is a service of social awareness of the solidarity NGOs, with the objective of informing and sensitizing the society and professionals of the communication on issues of solidarity, social, by a culture of peace, in defense of human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and the protection of the environment justice. The CCS is based on the fundamental need to integrate information development and communication as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts performed articles in professional format of high journalistic quality adapted to the spaces of the means of communication and disseminates them through their international networks. In the CCS website (www. solidarity. org. is) all items, produced to date, classified by thematic areas can be found. Blogs similar Free Spanish Lessons Spanish word of the day: however hasta la vista MYKITA Blog 4958 view ARROYO, LA MESA, CA 91941 MLS # 100017005 Honduran President paves the way for the return to the country of Monckeberg (RN): ‘ I hope that the President of the Party (Carlos Apple seeks to settle its advertising business in New York City ) MuyMac Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama for President Its My Forum TI Dead and Gone SPOOF – Barack Obama Its My Forum How does the election of Barack Obama affect countries around the Barack Obama completo Spread the Wealth Plan Its My Forum

International Competition

The memorial of the truth is in the beauty of the man, its presence pra itself exactly. An applicable reality to the truth. In the love pra is the truth who loves for that it is hated. The truth with the beauty makes possible that each man loves, but the man trying the love and living the truth if perceives that the beautiful mixture its truth with one another thing, the good that is consequncia of its nature human being. The good that it searchs and the truth that if lives are realities that inside exist of the soul human being. This is permeada by the life, in the existence of a man. This it makes with that the truth is touched by the man. With effect, to move with the truth is to move with something distant? Not.

It is inside, in the human heart. She is to move with the human being, the existing one that she worries about its soul and she wants to live the beauty that exists coming of God. The truth is found. But when somebody the search knows where to go. It goes exactly. Definitively, the central axle that exists in exciting of the truth of the man if finds in the one far from the one close that he is its to become related I obtain exactly. Yes.

To relate I exactly obtain is to relate with what it he is proper, its to exist. However, ' ' more perto' ' that it exists in the truth of the man is its soul in relation to the body. It is, therefore, a truth: the man inside brings of itself the existencial truth: that he exists. In this way, the duel of the truth is blunt when the man assumes its existencial truth emphasizing that the evil does not have objetividade when the man lives its interior truth. To *Joacir S. d? Abbey is deacon of the Diocese of Formosa-Go; it attended a course Philosophy and it is finishing theology in the SMAB; he is author of books: ' ' Opsculo of conhecer' ' (Cidadela), ' ' The charity and the problem of the poverty in periferia' ' (Agbook) and ' ' The Church of ressuscitado' ' (Virtual Books); it writes for periodicals: ' ' Al Vicentinos' ' (Formosa-GO) and ' ' Letter of notcias' ' (Ownership); it participated, per three years, of International Competition of Philosophy beyond keeping a Blog of Philosophical texts.

Jan Urke Training

Training in the workplace save money new knowledge can be applied directly with their new training format “LAOLA” forward academy expands its eLearning offerings for logistics. The training specialists have developed a didactically effective concept with the topics as well as so-called soft skills effectively online provide. Wettenberg, same compelling learning experience like in classroom training online offer December 14, 2012 – is the forward the aim academy with their interactive seminars. “LAOLA” means the new program that the training provider has launched it: live action online learning Academy. The seminar offer for logistics for the participants in the Internet can register is correspondingly extensive.

Content from all of the provider on the online learning plan training areas can be found by the distribution logistics, air freight, customs and leadership to the sales pitch. “We make the online seminars as interactive and alive like ours Classroom training”explains Jan Urke, format Manager LAOLA. “For us it is very important to use the same instruments as for example a classic flip chart and also online in direct dialogue with the participants to stand.” Because living learning has proved to be more efficient. The forward show the experience academy. And the need for training is unbroken: “just the logistics industry is confronted with ever-higher expectations of the industry. With the progressive integration of the supply chain, many companies transferred more and more tasks to their logistics provider”, reported Maher Darkow, logistics trainer forward academy. “It requires demand-oriented training, for all these requirements quickly and efficiently to build up the skills.” Online training courses are the trend and online training are the trend of the times, as recent studies show.

In a survey of the management circle AG, for example, about 80 percent of the surveyed recruiters, abandoned in the coming year To put training over the Internet. Even greater consent takes the online format for those who have already participated in online courses. Of them, even over 90 percent plan, according to a study by msConsult to the online knowledge, again to participate in online seminars. “These numbers clearly demonstrate that we bring our range of online at the appropriate time on the market: the participants are ready for the new technology and the technology can withstand their expectations”, Jan Urke is pleased. This trend is continuing education costs on the test boosted by the forecasts for a weaker economic growth in 2013. Spending on education and training will therefore be tested in many companies. That for the online seminars travel expenses or travel time incurred because the training usually directly in the workplace is carried out, affects in favor of online offerings. More information to the LAOLA training offerings of forward academy there under formats/online seminars press contact: main view Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Tel.: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 email: company contact: 35435 betting mountain Tel. academy forward Stefan Urke at West Park 7: 0 6 41 / 96 99 78 90 E-Mail: academy over the forward concepts for further training in the transport and logistics industry are the specialty of the forward academy. Many trainers of the company come from the industry and speak the language of their customers. With this expertise, developed the forward academy tailor-made courses for companies and offers open seminars and online training for the individual training. In addition, intensive training create an opportunity to deepen the teaching content in “Real life”.

Contact Andreas Schrobback

About half of the existing residential units corresponds to this size. Therefore the demand especially for larger Apartments which correspond to today’s requirements of a high living comfort. Rate of homes is low in Berlin while in Hamburg the home ownership rate at 21 percent and in Bremen at around 36 percent, in Berlin, she was so far only about 10 percent. This means Andreas Schrobback: Berlin offers potential for the construction of real estate, which have exclusive condos. Many citizens now have recognized the own real estate as a secure retirement and want to put their money into a valuable asset. As a result, the demand for objects in good inner-city locations, which can offer more than traditional floor buildings of the municipal housing.

Also the construction of high-quality objects can also lead to a distribution effect. Kidney Foundation is full of insight into the issues. Families with good incomes pull in the new real estate and thereby release the place for low income earners. Although the rising rents for a majority of the tenants become the burden, therefore no sole focus should be on affordable housing. Also can be used to determine that quite a few of the high-earning tenants for their rental expenses currently remain under the budget. Reason for this is that there is no sufficient number of alternatives.

For housing, so the task to identify the needs of the future arises. Andreas Schrobback in Berlin also advises prospective buyers to join forces to client groups. Their share of the new real estate so far was 15 per cent. Living space can occur, which matches exactly the needs of users and is therefore future-proof. A Government encouraging of such savings would be helpful to support the construction of new real estate economic concept. Contact Andreas Schrobback HA 67 14193 Berlin Tel.: 030-81 40 42-200 email: info at andreas-schrobback dot de Web: andreas

September Economy

It would be half the most efficient one of seexplorar poor, without it was necessary to participate of the dirty work. the execution of the system plantation, by the way, if perfazia with ' ' good jeitinho' ' of our people. svezes is of if questioning as a country so developed as the States Unidosda America, the great world-wide power, are felt threatened by a criseeconmica of some banks and investors. Credit: Kidney Foundation-2011. A country with sufficient ways of controls its economy, due to the great purchasing power of its population, has recursossuficientes to inject currency in the market, stabilizing the prices of imveise renegotiating the real estate debts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. If it cannot understand ' ' porqu' ' detanta delay in controlling its economy. Agrande power, is presumed, would have money enough to cover supostascrises of the banks and international investors, with sufficient previsibility, without it had necessity to ask for helps to France or England.

Front the estaspercepes, reveals that the great white elephant is sufficiently weak they esem control of its movements. Asguerras of the Afeganisto and Iraq had sunk the American State, however, the great warlike entrepreneurs had enriched. Coming back the question of Iraq, estefoi invaded with the intention of that its reserves of oil became dosEstados Joined one of the biggest contoladores of the mineral in the world, not having assimque if to worry about the expenses of the wars. Return question, as a powerful country so great does not have control of its acts, desua economy, of its expenses, its politics and its security (aoatentado comment of 11 of September of 2000)? It is arrived hour of ' ' pax romana' ' , they momentoem that it does not have more control of its action, and the only exit is to say to the world quese lives in a peace For everything this, questions-semuito the poderil American north, until where it is really? It is arrived, even though, to acolocar itself in ' ' Xeque' ' the great doubt that if hangs in air: It will be that the north really americanospisaram in the moon? It will be that a preventive national defense exists? Serque the economy of this country is so solid thus? They are questionings as essesque rightens the world-wide investors, and, indirectly, they weaken aseconomias of the third world.

Social Assistance

Today one knows that these families are supported by the Program Stock market Family. It does not have doubt, of that many people had been excluded to participate of the Program, everything because of the inefficiency and lack of information of the executors of this public politics. In this period, still it was possible to observe that many families lacked with the truth in the repassed information Only Cadastro. These information were repassed to the Ministry of the Work, School and other Institutions, of where it came the constatao of falseness. Many beneficiaries omitted the signed wallet work, some that were married said that they were single others placed children and nephews to participate of the Program. Complex one in such a way became one the cadastradores to recognize who really was needing social assistance. In result of this, the work of update of the data of Only Cadastro was initiated.

As not more cadastradora in the homes, I started to be one of the responsible ones to register in cadastre and to bring up to date the data of the families, also carried through raising of the blockade and reversion of cancellation. This moment was well difficult, therefore it did not have training. It was necessary to go behind knowledge to make a worthy work to the families. It did not have as if not to comover with the problems of the families, did not have a worthy place that they could be taken care of, making jus to the stigma ' ' service for poor person can at any cost be made ' '. During the three years participating of the activities of the City department of Social Assistance, more specifically in the sector of Only Cadastro, the indifference of the public power with the population was observed most devoid, the disrespect of some professionals, who were not prepared to deal with the social difficulties of the families, the lack of information repassed to the beneficiaries of the Program, not the fulfilment of the complementary programs that would have to give chances from proper work of the beneficiary.

Multilevel Business

In a previous article had already talked about the MLM, that are?, as work?, and have differences with the famous pyramids that confuse them so much. However, on this occasion I would like to give an answer based on my experience and personal opinion, responding to a question that many people do before entering a business. In truth does the MLM? Unfortunately there are many people who develop a multilevel, and to promote it they generate false expectations around this type of business, saying that they are easy to business, need not long time, and that in a short time you can win thousands of dollars per month, but in no way is this true. The only thing that these people, achieve is that affiliates enter thinking ranging to win thousands of dollars in a short time and without doing anything, so that at the end they end up abandoning because it wasn’t what they expected. aid you in your search for knowledge. In a multilevel, especially the first months, work is quite, the training is very important to follow a system of work of some upline’s success and not trying to reinvent the wheel, putting into practice what they have learned and be constants, dedicate some few hours daily to the business, and have patience and perseverance, because at the beginning the business is growing slowly, suddenly your network may be slippages, but if you never lose the motivation, and you keep working, over time your network to start and began to grow increasingly faster, and with it, your income will also grow. Another very important thing for success in MLM, the select a company solid, with products or services of quality, good price, with a good compensation plan, and offering training and work material to develop business. As well as make sure that your sponsor will help you take your first steps in business.

Nicuesa Guelbenzu

Talk about Christmas in ideal terms sometimes it is easy, however, it should also bear in mind the reality of Christmas. That which remains in the midst of the commercial chaos that is breathed during these dates. Beyond consumerism that sometimes prevents us from enjoying the invisible values, there are people who will spend this time in the most profound loneliness. People for which this time is not Christmas but only, one more day. On the other hand, there are also people who will spend Christmas away from his family for reasons of work or live in a country other than the family home. For example, I remember that when I was studying at the University many of my colleagues who were in different countries of America gathered during Christmas Eve and new year’s Eve to celebrate Christmas with the taste of friendship. IE, there are many choices of proper company to celebrate these days.

Organizations as excellent as the phone’s hope that organizes various in different cities of Spain plans exist on the occasion of the Christmas. The phone’s hope is formed solely by volunteer staff and as its name suggests, is an organization that aims to bring hope and joy to people. There are even plans that are also great for those people who are alone during these dates. If this is your case, for example, and the economy allows it then you can schedule a trip to any destination that you love and let you get away from the routine of the environment. Also, even though you’re only you can take the Christmas celebration with the best attitude.

That is, you can put the same enthusiasm in decorating your home with the typical decorations of these festivals. And of course, you can prepare a good meal for Christmas day or if you want, you can give you a treat and go out to eat at a restaurant. If you eat at home, you can put an entertaining in television movie or listening to your favorite music. It’s go beyond the tradition so that each person can live in a personal Christmas since circumstances each are unique and unrepeatable. That nothing prevents you enjoy this year-end in the best possible way. Go shopping and get gifts yourself. Enjoy cultural activities and entertainment offered by your city. But I know especially happy and do not compare you to anyone more.

Uniform State Register

Of the determination of interim measures is not a solution to the dispute on the merits, it captures the situation in the period of the trial. Meanwhile, it is clear that fixing the situation in one way or another definite causes property damage to society. There is a misconception that in order to obtain a ruling on securing an action, you need enough good grounds for litigation. Connect with other leaders such as Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine here. Thus, if the company (shareholders) do not dispute (debt, questionable contracts, and so on), the interim measures appear nowhere. In fact, it is not. No limit fancy lawyers.

The claim might be based on forged documents, spurious grounds. In due time, interim measures will be obtained, and subsequently the plaintiff refuses the claim. And the essence of the dispute can be very indirectly related to corporate affairs. Kidney Foundation does not necessarily agree. The most commonly used scenes: – a ban on the disposal of shares (voting) in connection with a claim for recovery of debt from a shareholder agreement on the non-existent Loan / Credit – a ban on the disposal of shares (voting) in connection with a lawsuit to compel the conclusion of the contract of sale of shares on the basis of allegedly previously concluded the preliminary contract – cancellation order (the owner of shares owned by management requests the individual shares) and for this reason the prohibition to trade limited company, make changes to the Uniform State Register.

Protecting Children

In recent years, with growing environmental troubles, the active use of antibiotics, water pollution, air, pervasive introduction of preservatives and various chemical additives in foods significantly change the profile of the basic, most frequently occurring diseases in children. Adverse environmental factors have led to a drop in the natural immune response. Replaced by a purulent inflammatory processes realized in the scar changes came viral, fungal and allergic disease processes. They are characterized by long, with repeated exacerbations, current, affecting all organs and tissues organism. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Boy Scouts of America has to say. And most manifest in the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems, skin and mucous membranes. Growth of cancer can not associate with a registered throughout the world epidemic human papillomavirus. In 2008, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to German virologist Hayzenu for the discovery of oncogenic role papillromavirusov.

Of papilloma virus can not escape – it is passed from parents already the moment of conception, some of its species pass through the placenta to the fetus, additional contamination occurs and the moment of birth – from my mother, having warts, cervical erosion – and then lifelong virus is transmitted from person to any person by contact. Learn more at: Spm Llc. Drugs capable of stopping the activities of oncogenic papillomaviruses, and its more than 500 species, can not be established. Being a nucleic acid molecule, it tends to enter into dna – hereditary structure of the nucleus of the epithelial cells that leads to tumor mutation. And at first appear benign tumors – often the skin, rarely the mucous membranes, which are sowing by separation already affected by infected cells. Then papillomavirus, dyskeratosis, angiomas, and fibromas .