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Glasses Donate For Africa

Who no longer needs his glasses, which should not simply throw them away. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Neal Barnard and gain more knowledge.. What has served for us is unaffordable for most people in Africa. Glasses corresponds to an amount equivalent to up to 8 month wages in Africa, and the way to the nearest optometrist is often longer than 1000 km. Dr. Andreas Linke, known eye laser specialist from Munich, collecting old glasses from Germany and brings them to Africa.

Long, he engaged in the help project philanthropy. Under the leadership of Dr. Patrick Bauer, an infirmary was built already in Nyamkoma (Uganda). For a small amount, the people in the infirmary are treated and medical attention. People who have no money for treatment, bring fruit or vegetables from their gardens to compensate. Learn more at this site: Boy Scouts of America. Dr.

Andreas linke visited the infirmary in Nyamkoma in February 2009. In addition to the usual infectious diseases such as hepatitis and cholera, especially eye diseases were found. This year is Dr. Linke again on the way to Uganda and collects for the people there used glasses. In Germany, the glasses are first measured and cleaned. Locally, Dr. Linke can then examine people with sight problems and select appropriate glasses. The glasses can be in one of the seven centers of CityLasik or will leave. CityLasik is a network of treatment and counselling centres in whole Germany and specializes in the correction of Ametropia (E.g. myopia) by means of laser treatments. There are now seven locations in Germany and together with the Scandinavian memira group, the experience was now won from 170,000 treatments in 42 centres in Europe. All centres of CityLasik have the most modern technical equipment, so that an optimal treatment can be offered. All treatment centers of CityLasik have a femtosecond laser and can use the most modern and most gentle treatment method offered by Femto LASIK. CityLasik be a cheaper price and an uncompromising quality and security concept hand-in-hand. The treatments take place only after the Guidelines of the Commission of refractive surgery (KRC). CityLasik is only highly qualified doctors and medical staff, 75% of doctors are trainers KRC. All employees regularly attend seminars to stay within the scope of work technically up to date. The goal of CityLasik is to enable the customers to a new quality of life, without annoying glasses or contact lenses. Rebecca Debray

Royal Decree

/ VIDEO: ATLAS the Zapatero government was the adopted in his day an 100% of that tax exemption, though not eliminated it entirely. By a Royal Decree and without the need for a new law, it will reactivate though modified to avoid affecting the middle classes. The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, reactivate next Friday the wealth tax after the express request that in that sense the Socialist candidate has made him the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. At an event at the Madrilena locality of Galapagar organized by the Ideas Foundation, Rubalcaba explained he had already done to Zapatero request to recover that tax but without affecting, as it was the case previously, the middle classes. The candidate environment sources have reported that Zapatero has acceded to this request and has indeed advanced him that it will be the Council of Ministers next Friday which adopted that decision. The Zapatero government was the adopted an exemption in its day 100% of that tax, but not eliminated completely. To deepen your understanding Center For Responsible Lending is the source.

That circumstance is that it allows now that on Friday, by a Royal Decree and without the need for a new law (as it would have occurred in the event that the tax had been removed) the Government reactive it though modified to avoid affecting the middle classes. The sources cited have pointed out that tax which will be released Friday by the Council of Ministers is not who most likes to Rubalcaba, although it is the only possible so that entry into force already and the money raised will be available next year. Rubalcaba intends that its electoral program approval in the next Parliament of a new tax of well-off heritage include already what believes that this must be permanently. In the Socialist programme shall be established that the new tax will have State and Autonomic not, how is that going to resurrect.

Hamburg Celebrates Africa Day

African Union celebrates World their ‘Golden’ Hamburg (mk) to celebrated the 50th anniversary of the African Union next weekend with a huge party. On 25 and 26 May 2013 Wandsbeker market square is transformed into a colorful event location. “African Unity and diversity, respect, and understanding for each other” is the guiding principle for two days of music, show and entertainment under the open sky. The Memorial pays tribute to the signing the deed of Foundation of the African Union by the heads of State and Government by 30 independent African States on May 25, 1963 in Addis Abeba. The intercultural migrants integration Center (IMIC e.V. – first Chairman: Sylvaina Gallagher) is looking forward to his community and numerous participants from the show – and political prominence. So have Thomas Ritzenhoff (Wandsbek District Office Manager), Frank Schira (CDU, first Vice-President of the Hamburg Parliament), Filiz Demirel (BuNDNIS 90 DIE GRuNEN, Member of the Hamburgische Burgerschaft), Elombo Bolayela (SPD, a member of the bremischen Burgerschaft), Bernd p.

Holst (Hamburg volunteer Exchange) and Prof. Dr. Isaac C. Lamba (Ambassador of the Republic of Malawi) visiting official announced. Nana Acheampong provide among other things on the stage (www.youtube.com/ watch? v = wc7WwmjVROA), Lady Petya (www.youtube.com/ watch? v = a4LEek3z9PQ) and MamSun (www.youtube.com/ watch? v = CZH6-a14uKA) for dance and party mood.

The IMIC e. V. is a non-profit organization that helps its members of from different backgrounds in Germany, especially in Hamburg, the integration. He stands for a cultural exchange for a better mutual understanding. The IMIC e.V. is held by the personal commitment of its members and through a network, which binds a promoter of economic, cultural and public facilities. The Association firmly expects that successful integration on the countries of origin can spill over (and will), to create the conditions for progress and better living conditions. further information and contacts: WortBild Markus Kaminski Radhouane blocks 23 21502 Geesthacht 04152 / 87 68 27 Web: wortbild.kaminski.sh eMail:

The Protocol

“According to the proposal of the highest authority, there should be no way to leave the monastery, before a counter-strategy to the hole” was found. Then, if an ascending white The good news deliver the people smoke. 16 HD television cameras were set up around the monastery and the State broadcaster was with 4 satellite weighing on the spot. Again, there were short interviews, when participants of the meeting had to leave the courtroom, to grant them facilitate their human needs. After days, which was a State of exhaustion everyone involved with the naked eye visible it comes after all-night and repeatedly interrupted negotiations to a brilliant, unexpected final act. It focuses on measures of intent”agreed.

Several hundred pages that are measures for the hole of the nation”proposed. These measures should be treated in one of the next conferences. Malicious critics of the reform process have sneers that it could agree on an appointment. Setting a suitable deadline but within the next 6 months will be voted by the secretariats of the negotiators. The Protocol is specifically to pointed out that existing appointments of conference attendees must be taken into account and may be changed only in exceptional cases after consultation with anyone participating in these dates or moved. Well-informed circles have got some solutions of the reform document to the public: the existing weather stations should be linked better.

Thus, the accuracy of the weather forecast should be improved. Another commissioned a study presented, whether additional weather stations can increase the probability of a timely warning of rain. If additional weather stations can increase the quality of the information, is proposed to provide a provision in the next budget estimates, so that a study on the siting of new weather stations in order can be used. Subject to the approval of the budget Commission, there will be a research assignment for the development of intelligent computing models. Thus it is possible to to extend the forecast period with the same forecast quality by one day. It will be investigated, whether by means of a corresponding magnetic vaccination”of rain clouds, down the falling rain with magnetic fields can be distracted and thus outside on the roof of the nation. Vaccination should be carried by means of specially trained pilots with Eurofighter. The costs for the adaptation of the Eurofighter to be included in the next budget estimates. Failure of the Eurofighter, own about the individual inventory items, hidden attached rain water reservoir by means of an intelligent – over a cellular data connection control electronics that is encrypted with the weather stations should be extended. For the intelligent control electronics and the mechanics of the hidden mounted tanks for rain water collecting a concept of self maintenance will be developed. Therefore, you should enable a likelihood of usage over 90 percent. A nanoparticle protective coating will be developed, the likelihood to reduce possible water damage to the precious inventory. Another a deployment plan for a mobile force to nominating will be developed, to be within 2 hours on site and to be able to start the backup and restore operations. – the website about ethics, morality and quality in the economy, politics and society.