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Deficit Limit

PSOE candidate proposes to develop that aspect in a subsequent law. Many Socialists have expressed their doubts to constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling. Zapatero proposed on Tuesday to introduce a deficit limit in the Constitution. The candidate of the PSOE for the general elections of 20-N wants to reform the Constitution do not include any figures for the deficit limit. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba plans to develop an Organic Act, the discipline of deficit and debt rules less rigid than the Magna Carta. Address of the PSOE sources have explained that this is the proposal which Rubalcaba has moved to the Socialist Group, whose spokesman, Jose Antonio Alonso, is in contact since Wednesday, to negotiate with the PP. It aspires to that this reform is not only agreed with the PP, but be extended to the widest possible parliamentary forces with CiU to the head. Once numerous Socialist deputies have expressed their doubts before that haste and the convenience of constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling, Rubalcaba decided Wednesday to assume the reins of bargaining and did so with the objectives of ensuring a certain degree of flexibility and the greatest possible consensus.

Thus, Rubalcaba aims to make sure that the small print of the constitutional reform guarantees sufficient flexibility as the current Government to have room for manoeuvre faced with hypothetical situations of emergency, in which might need not maintain a zero deficit. The reform of the Constitution was proposed on Tuesday by the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the debate on the recognition of a decree-law with new measures against the public deficit, and accepted by the leader of the PP Mariano Rajoy. On the Internet a citizen mobilization has collected more than 45,000 signatures in 24 hours for this reform is consulted citizens via a binding rrendum. Its adoption in this legislature obliges expedite to the maximum the parliamentary procedures, which have already been announced full extraordinary for next week in the Congress in order to give the green light to the initiative. Source of the news: Rubalcaba does not want reform of the Constitution to encrypt the deficit limit

PSC Elections

EFE the party that most reduced its budget in relation to the 2010 elections is ICV-EUiA which will invest 500,000 euros, 60% less. For even more details, read what Boy Scouts of America says on the issue. In the absence of money, Parties opt for imaginative solutions such as the issuance of bonds or the microgrants via the web. Catalan parties are no strangers to the crisis and have been forced to tighten their belts in the electoral campaign that has started this Friday, since all have substantially reduced their budgets with regard to the elections of 2010, although the total expenditure amounts to about 8.5 million euros. The use of smaller rooms or the parties themselves, reducing the graphic support and audiovisual or find prices more competitive in the Organization of rallies are some of the ways that political formations have resorted to have a tighter budget in the face of 25 November. The cost of 8.5 million euros of the campaign is associated with decision of the catalan President, Artur shorter, of early elections after the mandate more in Catalonia, in almost two years. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Boy Scouts of America has to say.

Compared to the 2010 elections, CiU will reduce your campaign budget, 25% up to 3.037.000 euros, financed with electoral subsidies and a bank loan. This figure includes 908.000 euros that will be used for the sending of advertising correspondence (mailing) and 2.129.000 euros will be invested in campaign spending. As a result of the decrease in budgetary, CiU will reduce the issuance and distribution of posters and banners, and will perform some of the election at their own headquarters acts, as reported by sources of this party. Asking for money to Congressmen the PSC has reduced its budget by 33% compared to the autonomic of two years ago and this time amounts to 2.161.000 euros, including electoral shipping (898.000 euros). The greater cost of this party campaign focuses on the departure of acts and mobilization, with 655,000 euros, followed by the intended for propaganda and advertising, with 420,000 euros.

President Alan Garcia

Alejandro Toledo (cabin, 1946) was President of Peru from 2001 to 2006, and has not been back because they did not let him. At least so says: Toledo, presidential candidate of the Peru possible party (which defined liberal and centrist) was left out of the second round by a very Machiavellian move of President Alan Garcia, who will deliver the power to the winner, Ollanta Humala, the next July 28. The issue is sensitive. In his suite at the hotel Ritz from Madrid, Toledo stands, moves the arms and speak out. Everything to explain why he decided to Humala, a coup d ‘ etat exmilitar that in 2006 with the support of Hugo Chavez support at the last minute.

Because we could not return to the past. And I think it is closer to Lula that of Chavez. At least during the last month so it seemed to him. Source of the news:: “I hope that Humala do well, although it is clear that it is not Lula”

European Central Bank

The European Central Bank reported that will actively implement its public debt purchase program this Monday. They wanted to avoid a reaction of panic in the markets. The institution welcomes the listings for Italy and Spain of new measures and reforms in the areas of fiscal and structural policies. If you have read about Nieman Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Merkel and Sarkozy have issued a statement in which call for measures to accelerate to restore the balance in the affected countries. The European Central Bank (ECB) reported Sunday that will acquire sovereign debt of Spain and Italy to avoid a debt crisis contagion to these countries after speculative attacks. Jean-Claude Trichet, the ECB President said that he will actively implement its program of buying public debt of the countries of the euro area, started in May last year to help countries with difficulties in refinancing. Trichet added in a statement that this decision takes into account the malfunctioning of some segments of the market and its objective is to help restore a better transmission of our monetary policy decisions and ensure the stability of prices in the euro area. Trichet added that the Governing Council of the ECB welcomes the announcement made by the Governments of Italy and Spain with regard to new measures and reforms in the areas of fiscal and structural policies.

The highest executive organ of the ECB considers it essential that both governments carry out decisive and rapid deployment in order to substantially strengthen the competitiveness and flexibility of their economies and reduce their public deficits quickly. In addition, the ECB underlines the importance of the commitment of js of State and Government of the euro zone to meet fiscal targets, as reaffirmed at the Summit in the past on July 21. The ECB considers it also essential to the immediate implementation of all the decisions taken at the Summit of the euro area. In this perspective, the Governing Council welcomed to the joint commitment expressed by Germany and France, added the statement from the European Bank.

Royal Decree

/ VIDEO: ATLAS the Zapatero government was the adopted in his day an 100% of that tax exemption, though not eliminated it entirely. By a Royal Decree and without the need for a new law, it will reactivate though modified to avoid affecting the middle classes. The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, reactivate next Friday the wealth tax after the express request that in that sense the Socialist candidate has made him the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. At an event at the Madrilena locality of Galapagar organized by the Ideas Foundation, Rubalcaba explained he had already done to Zapatero request to recover that tax but without affecting, as it was the case previously, the middle classes. The candidate environment sources have reported that Zapatero has acceded to this request and has indeed advanced him that it will be the Council of Ministers next Friday which adopted that decision. The Zapatero government was the adopted an exemption in its day 100% of that tax, but not eliminated completely. To deepen your understanding Center For Responsible Lending is the source.

That circumstance is that it allows now that on Friday, by a Royal Decree and without the need for a new law (as it would have occurred in the event that the tax had been removed) the Government reactive it though modified to avoid affecting the middle classes. The sources cited have pointed out that tax which will be released Friday by the Council of Ministers is not who most likes to Rubalcaba, although it is the only possible so that entry into force already and the money raised will be available next year. Rubalcaba intends that its electoral program approval in the next Parliament of a new tax of well-off heritage include already what believes that this must be permanently. In the Socialist programme shall be established that the new tax will have State and Autonomic not, how is that going to resurrect.

Southern Cyprus

The blast occurred after a fire in a few deposits of gunpowder. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Neal Barnard has to say. It has caused large number of wounded. At least twelve people have died in an explosion at the naval base Evangelos Florakis, located in the city of Limassol in southern Cyprus, the Cyprus Weekly agency reported Monday. According to initial reports, the explosion occurred after a fire in a few deposits of gunpowder and has also caused a large number of wounded. A police spokesman quoted by CNA said in port there were stored 98 containers of gunpowder, of which two were burned and explosionaron shortly before 6: 00 local time (3.00 GMT). The circumstances are still unknown in the fire occurred them in tanks and police announced that it will be offering new details about the event throughout the day.

The most important now is that we’re sure that not are more human lives in danger, said Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos. In the affected area there is a comprehensive rescue device numerous ambulances and police officers, while several helicopters flying over the base. The huge explosion may have caused power cuts which have affected the island in the early hours of Monday. The detonation has also caused severe damage to properties close to the naval base. The j of the National Guard, Petros Tsangalides, who coordinates the unit of crisis created after the event moved to the site of the explosion. Source of the news: twelve killed by an explosion in a base military in Cyprus.

New Constitution

They had called for boycott the process approved on Friday in rrendum. They managed to bring together thousands of people in several cities of the country. (As opposed to Professor of Internet Governance). The new Constitution was supported by 98.5% of the votes cast. 20 February movement, which called for the boycott of the process of constitutional reform in Morocco, organized this Sunday its first national protest since last Friday in the popular consultation the votes in favour of the new Magna Carta arrived to 98.50% of those issued. In Rabat over 2,500 people organized a March from the historic square of Bab Had towards the headquarters of the Moroccan Parliament, and shook placards against despotism and corruption. The people reject the Constitution of slaves, not to the constitutions that are elaborated with the absence of the people, not to the Governor who steal public money were the main slogans vitoreadas by the demonstrators. The Member of the illegal Islamist movement justice and charity Abu Chita Musaid said that protests on Sunday constitute a popular message to the ads for Morocco, in rrencia to the constitutional reform.

National Pact precisely, justice and charity, which is part of the February 20 movement, called on all political forces to initiate a global dialogue on the basis of a National Pact for change, open to all parties and to avoid that Morocco is directed towards the abyss. Musaid added that the State has not yet responded to the demands of the movement from February 20. The aforementioned movement claimed, inter alia, a constituent Assembly be granted Morocco a new Constitution, the end of the politics of monopoly economic, guarantee of the services of health and education, the right to employment and the reduction of the cost of living to enjoy. Contramanifestacion in the same area where protested Sunday the Moroccans reforms, dozens of young monarchist so-called organised a demonstration to support the new Constitution, and shouted slogans against the motion on February 20, which They accused traitor.

New Gastronomic Foundation

A private party will be held to pay tribute to all the chefs who have gone through the restaurant. The new Foundation, that will open in 2014, aims to investigate and create a more innovative and sustainable cuisine. El Bulli closes after 27 years of success and with Ferran Adria revered internationally. El Bulli closes its doors this Saturday as a restaurant to become Foundation, and will do so with a private party that will serve to pay tribute to the entire team of chefs who have gone through the establishment and have formed part of the global gastronomic revolution. The celebration, which will be very intimate and only for staff and more close friends of El Bulli, is one of the best-kept secrets of the restaurant, who always shared their recipes and techniques, but on this occasion wanted to keep the mystery and especially the surprise until the last day.

It is a tribute to all those who have made possible El Bulli Foundation, which are those that have built everything that involves El Bulli Restaurante, has declared Ferran Adria, while preparing for the penultimate service of the restaurant that has directed in the past 27 years. Adria did not want to disclose names or details of which will be present, but has ensured that the last day of your restaurant will be for fun, after having reiterated on numerous occasions that his team not breathing a bit of sadness or melancholy, and they are all very excited about the new project. Thousands of lines have been written about the impending closure which, either inside or outside the culinary rankings, is the most famous restaurant in the history, and the first in the world who decides to metamorphose is in that wants to be the foundation of research and culinary creativity more innovative and sustainable in history. However, to familiarize the new concept of the establishment will have to wait until the year 2014. A last menu surprise this Saturday from 18.00 hours (an hour and a half earlier than usual) begins the last service of the Restaurant, to which are invited about privileged fifty, all of them friends and family of Adria, as confirmed by the chef himself. The last menu is also a secret, and will culminate with an intimate party, with built-in chimes as at end of the year, in which instead of grapes will eat pieces of a huge cake surprise, to celebrate that start from the 00.01 hours on 31 July begins its journey El Bulli Foundation. Adria explains that reaching this dream that will be the Foundation, has been possible thanks to chefs who have passed by El Bulli and who from now on will be entrusted eternally keep alive the spirit of this legendary restaurant. It should not be forgotten that at El Bulli have worked Rene Redzepi (number one in the world by Restaurant magazine), Joan Roca (number two), Andoni Luis Aduriz (number three) and Massimo Bottura (number four), among others. Therefore Adria wants to pay tribute and write to fire in the pages of the universal kitchen the the names of all those who have participated in the gastronomic revolution engendered in the kitchens of El Bulli. Source of the news: closes El Bulli, which Ferran Adria will transform into a new gastronomic Foundation