Check the self-employment opportunities! Head stuck in the sand and waiting for a job is not the solution, also because the development is progressing with each passing day and eventually it runs after her. Before the breath goes out you should consider the idea of independence. Market research of GfK showed still enormous growth in the IT industry, quote: Nuremberg, February 6, 2008. A growth of almost 20 percent of computer sales in Europe in 2007 is promising for the IT industry. Hardware and software markets driven each other and benefit from each other.” So here is a market which is growing constantly and continuously and has his reasons. The rationalisation pressure cannot be satisfied only with new hardware and software. Moreover, the convergence of computer and entertainment that leads to new IT-configurations. The trade channels such as mega stores and the Internet are able to afford the huge volumes, but what is neglected is a customer-friendly service.

Exactly Here, however, is the chance for founders who want to move into independence. That also the employment agencies have recognized and offered this possibility, also ancillary to job-seekers. It went wrong of course in most cases, because a short course is long time no IT-who can assert itself in the market. Better it looks as if a technician trained and tested on the job makes this decision. Despite a facilities with funding from his chances are still slim.

The KfW bank group has examined the situation of founders and came to an interesting conclusion. There are so-called opportunity founder and founder of the emergency. Chance founder, as the name implies, are founders who see a better chance in the independence. Emergency founder are people that do not want to drift and therefore automatically want to get unemployment. In the investigation it became clear recognized that the opportunity founder has it much easier because his motivation level is very high and he before a clear goal, the success Has eyes. The emergency founder fails easily if he with an eye on on a permanent switched, then missing the clear objective, risk-taking and the clear will to success. But there are other success criteria. So for example a founder has only a market opportunity of about 20 percent, because he is a lone and clients do not like to see that. He has reversed an eighty percent chance of success but if he starts in a network that gives you the feeling to be not alone, but mostly spared him the critical status of lone. The nationwide IT-service-NET operates his years with almost sixty partners on the market and offers important start-up aid. Founders are accompanied by the idea before the onset of market success. These are the theoretical AIDS in advance such as funding, Foundation plan and coaching. Even more important is the continuing support from the Foundation in the practice. The network offers the opportunity to service jobs that can lead to first sales. Joint marketing leads the founder to new customers, urgently need. The founder is thus involved in a successful system-House-like structure that gives him a sense of community and significant benefits. Due to this encounter not only founder to the IT-service-net but also as lone fighters who want to improve their difficult situation.

National Foundation

A time in contact with the parasite the host will be able to indicate a state of pathogenic action of the same. However, the pathogenicity absence is rare, of short duration and, many times, depend on the evolutiva phase of the parasite. In general, the riots that occur are of small sum, therefore it has a trend to have a balance enters the action of the parasite and the capacity of resistance of the host. (SNOWS, 2000). The initiated parasatisms are disclosed of diverse forms: benign or serious and mortal, typical or atypical, clear or inexact acute or chronicles, (CARRERA, 1979).

Some problems provoked for the intestinais parasatisms exist, being the most frequent gastrointestinal and nervous malnutrition, problems, that can take the reduction of the capacity of learning for parasitadas children. Easy problems to be decided with politics of sanitary education and engineering, beyond therapeutical measures and changes of some cultural habits. Currently, it has few works showing the reality of enteroparasitoses on the intensity of the infections and its relation with pointers of partner-economic levels of the population in our country, especially in the city of Par-of-Minas/MG. Esquistossomose (S.mansoni) is an endemic illness in Minas Gerais. STEPS and AMARAL (1998) had presented the prevalences esteem for Estado, of data collected for the National Foundation of Sade (FUNASA), demonstrating an increase in the prevalence in Minas Gerais, in 1997 and 1998, when compared the 1996.

The data presented for KATZ and PEIXOTO (2000) indicate prevalence of 8,97% for 1996 and 7,84% for 1997, corresponding about a million and way of sick people with 15 displayed million to the risks of the illness in the State. The raised tax of prevalence associated with the direct consequences on the health state of the populations human beings becomes esquistossomose an important problem of public health in tropical and subtropical areas. By being transmitted through water collections candy, between diverse other factors, its occurrence can be potencializado, as much for the resultant space expansion of the population movements, how much for the construction of barrages and the exploitation of the same ones for subsequent workmanships, as irrigation (MARTINS Jr & BARRETO, 2003).