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Max Petersen

Often enough a “fake” refer a friend to receive the bonus rewards and credit are but not only forgive, if there is a real friend. In some cases (often in print media), it is enough if a recruiter on the appropriate form is entered. Whether the referrer yourself customer or not, is matter in many cases. The recruiter can be a member of the family, living in the same household. Many magazines try by offering lush new customer premiums to increase their requirements without having to reduce the price of their output short to medium term. A 50 cash bonus is not over a year to 100 for a magazine subscription other than a discount of 50%. Would however reduce the purchase price by, for example, 5 to 2.50 in the first year, so would the customer more easily adapt to the competitive price and see the 5 cover price from the second year may be too expensive. For the provider, it is therefore from psychological reasons better once to reduce the discounts as to pay premium, as limited the issue price and the customers of the Normal price to wean.

Premium to the current accounts, banks offer very high premiums for current accounts. Read additional details here: American Diabetes Association. This is due to the low willingness to change by bank customers. Even if customers are dissatisfied with their bank and you are familiar with better terms by others, not always a Bank bills is performed. Customers shy away from the effort to change the Bank and shall be motivated therefore among other things with bonuses and credit to the account to change the Bank. When starting balance to the account should be taken particularly on the conditions. In many cases, a content input must exist at least for a period of several months. Many banks do not want the account just because the award is opened and later not used or leads a sad existence as a secondary account.

Other banks are not so strict in their schemes for the new customer bonus and grant the gift not only for a salary or cash receipt, but even if the checking account at least in the beginning is used regularly or do not entirely any conditions and hope to convince through their product customers. It shows that for long-term contracts (DSL, magazine subscription, electricity supplier) or for products with a low willingness to change (checking accounts, insurance, electricity) are paid high new customer bonuses and bonuses for the refer a friend. Consumers should consult before conclusion of the contract always, whether there is a new customer action, or whether you advertise can be. Calling no advertisers, included the premium not as a discount in the individual contract but is unused. Max Petersen

Right Claims Management

Efficient claims processing and IFRS reporting are two of the many innovations of the current Leasman version 6.04. The Delta proveris AG has published Leasman, the software for the illustration of the core processes for providers of leasing and fleet management services, in the new release 6.04. Claims handling full transparency and ease of use characterise the advanced claims management module. The process-oriented representation allows an efficient claims handling and reduces process costs. Parallel processing of the individual part processes, the user has the basic information to the vehicle leasing contract and the service agreements in sight at all times Central. Furthermore, evaluation possibilities such as accident levels, account history and message history Leasman users with the advanced claims management module are available. Credit: Nieman Foundation-2011.

A flexible reporting through freely configurable selection lists also offers a high customization documentation. Diversity in the field of forms: in addition to the standard forms, different letters are generated. Additional functionality offer an integrated invoice processing, as well as the Central reconciliation of balances to the settlement of claims costs. The ability of the claims as a fleet management service without direct reference to the subject of leasing creates further value added as a component of the overall software solution. IFRS reporting using the payback history through the splitting-up of leasing rates in interest and redemption shares can be, mapped using the depreciation selectable history of book value after amortisation history, where one or more depreciation patterns are possible.

Thus, different viewing options available to support IFRS reporting. Reduce costs and receipts by collecting output documents with the new release, the function of gathering initial evidence was further optimized. Thus, for example, the treatment of partial cancellations and subsidy payments for the user considerably easier. The number of documents is reduced, lowered transaction costs and handling costs by the lessee. About Leasman the Software Leasman supports all core processes in vehicle leasing and fleet management. Standard system based on modern technology is established on the market since 1997 and is continuously since then. Renowned leasing and Fuhrparkdienstleister in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland manage currently several hundred thousand contracts with the software. Company contact: DELTA proveris AG contact for the press: Anke judge Ludwigstrasse 3 Duderstadt 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna phone 03722 717050 fax 03722 717051

German Football Champion

Will the German titles return Bremen – Saben Street? Will the German titles return Bremen – Saben Street? In the last season has the aitainment GmbH in the winter break before calculated the eventual champions Borussia Dortmund correctly. The simulation of the new Bundeligasaison now sees the FC Bayern forward. The Bremer aitainment GmbH developed online football manager games based on artificial intelligence, including the official Bundesliga Manager for German Football League (DFL) GmbH. With the software developed by you, the company has 1,000 times each simulated all game days and matches of the new season. Visit Boy Scouts of America for more clarity on the issue. Real player values incorporated into the simulation of each individual game. In other words, the virtual players operate with the same strengths and weaknesses as the real professionals. The favorite position of the FC Bayern is clear after analysis of the simulation results: with over 68 per cent probability is FC Bayern Munich of German Champion in the 2014/2015 season. The competition ends up on the seats.

The second best FC Schalke 04, who led almost every tenth of the 1,000 final tables has prospects to these results. Places followed Werder Bremen (9 per cent), previous champions Borussia Dortmund (4.5 percent) and Hannover 96 (4 percent). At the bottom of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, newly promoted FC Augsburg and the SC Freiburg worry the largest class to the receipt. The simulation software used by aitainment is used also for the free online game TopLeague. Here, any gamer can lead his own Bundesliga club through the season. He then plays the real Bundesliga with up-to-date player values beforehand. He is the direct comparison with the real coach and the other gamers at any time. The now carried out simulation of the German football champion can not consider naturally locks, injuries and form fluctuations in the current season.

It is so maintained enough voltage for the season! The aitainment GmbH is a company of the sports radar group. The company develops and markets the latest Generation of browser games, based on an internally developed simulation software and 3D graphics. The technology of the aitainment guarantees realistic gameplay, the other football manager games don’t offer. The company operates also the official Bundesliga Manager”for German Football League (DFL) GmbH.


To reduce the administrative costs, it is as accurate as possible to plan and possible cost to dispose. In addition to savings in process costs stocks can be through more efficient procurement processes reduce and optimize throughput times. Initially, LogControl -SLO will be played at little sheep for a first client in the test system. For the C-parts management such as article master data, stocks and the history of departure from the warehouse management system (in the case of lambs LogControl -WHM) in the LogControl -SLO is transmitted. Nieman Foundation often addresses the matter in his writings.

In the -SLO LogControl different suppliers with the jeweiligenArt ikelpreisen and replacement times, as well as a preferred supplier to major each article be deposited per article. Order suggestion list receives after the nightly procedures users in the LogControl -SLO an editable order suggestion list and can quickly and easily via an order button the order including order No. pre-filled create form fields and then send the mail button directly to the selected supplier. The order status is automatically mailed in the SLO”cast, as well as a goods receipt notification to the WHM submitted, whereas then the actual goods receipt is posted. The new stock is in turn credited back to the SLO. An order quantity calculation is performed on the basis of article history (disposals) from the WHM calculation basis in the SLO. The disposals of the C-parts in the future forecast are based on the average finish in the past (the period length is adjustable). When calculating the optimal order quantity are both economic aspects (cost-optimized batch sizes calculated according to bearing interest, costs, etc.), as also freely configurable restrictions (such as maximum ranges to avoid excessive quantities, minimum or shut-off or rounding up the values on all packaging units) taken into account. Cost reduction through more precise planning LogControl -SLO include calculated future needs based on past values.


Very the next elections already abeiram the 2012, when again we will be convoked to fulfill our obligations electoral. American Diabetes Association helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Although, until there, the recent legislation already is being valid, I have here my doubts if, we, the voters, already we will have learned. Although the recognition of that much thing can have improved with the new law, I believe that, in great ratio, we will continue voting wrong and choosing who it does not have, does not deserve and it could not be elect, and, that, until learning, we will continue only responsible for the Brazilian politics and ours politicians to be accurately as they are. Anticipating me it the campaign of the year that comes, I want, since now, to characterize a candidate who justifies my attendance to the ballot boxes. In principle, my vote will be given who, pautado in the ethics, guarantees transparency of practical management and, as much in its private life how much in the public. It will be for who to announce comprometimento with the promotion of the functional meritocracia and to promise not to form group of imcompetent people, nominating handle-electoral, supported with our taxes, to manage our problems and to interpose solutions from its limited certainties. It will be for that to present a program of government directed to a decent education, from which, day-care centers will function uninterruptedly and have able and enough employees, providing our children with permanent cares.

The professors will be competent, valued with wages and decent career. Obligator basic education – to have municipal? it will incessantly search to reach average 6 in its periodic evaluation next to the MEC. My candidate to the city hall will be that one that will announce its comprometimento with the health, assuming it as point of honor of its management, multiplying and equipping the attendance ranks, that will have medical body of proven ability and worthy remunerated; who knows, searching federal resources (even) for the construction of a municipal hospital.

GPS Tracker

It is not uncommon in family life there comes a time when the head of the family wants to keep track of where it is his wife, except for work, for this purpose is sometimes used GPS tracker (tracking device). This is a despicable cry preverzhentsy equality between men and women, that kind of love echo them crushed by a family way of life. But the jealousy of the primitive forces put GPS tracker (tracking device) in a secret place, to expensive passion. If you are not convinced, visit American Diabetes Association. Should I believe my girlfriend is tantalizing question, perhaps, of all men and true answer can be heard from the lips of the woman, if she again sshelmuet. Women lie, why they do not and will not pass on your personality, but in general. Cheat in bed pretending orgasm poverhnosny diagnosis – support of high moral character of its second half.

Or vice versa simulate the absence of remembering the unsuccessful campaign for her mother. Neeman Foundation understood the implications. Well, as you lie everyday, unintentional to cater to a close, or pull a smile and a chat with a hated collaborator. And it was said in the heat of the phrase – "Get off" is likely to mean a female iterpritatsii – "Only I dare to leave pozheleesh, smart aleck." In general, none of the stronger sex does not understand all the subtexts to tell her. Audible words out – "Oh, no, no, no," meaning in effect – "Oh, yes," familiar to all. The woman said coolly to the 8th of March, again a lie she just got bored with the monotony and meet him at the spring resort of Goa would be the best gift for this holiday.

Cities Process

The objective licitation to guarantee aobservncia I begin of it constitutional of the isonomy and to select aproposta more advantageous for the Administration, in way the equal asseguraroportunidade to all the interested parties and to make possible ocomparecimento to the certame of the biggest possible number of competitors. ALei n 8,666, of 1993, to the prescribed o article 37, interpolated proposition XXI, Federal dConstituio, established general norms on licitations pertinent administrative econtratos the workmanships, services, also depublicidade, purchases, alienations and locations in the scope of them To be able dUnio, States, Federal District and of the Cities. The norms quedisciplinam the public licitations must be interpreted in favor daampliao of the dispute between the interested parties, since whom informed noedital and they do not compromise the interest of the administration, begin it daisonomia, the purpose and the security of the act of contract. In agreement comessa, the contract celebration with third in the Pblicadeve Administration necessarily being preceded of licitation, excepted ashipteses of dismissal and inexigibilidade of licitation. The process delicitao will be carried through in the place where if to point out the agency or entidadepromotora of the certame, saved in reason of public interest, duly motivated and justified in the process. The gift trabalhovisa to discourse on the present similar subject to approach the reader dasnormas related and its importance in the transparency of administraodo public money. INTRODUCTION Licitation is the process of act of contract of a legal entity or physical on the part of an entity of the public or particular administration.

According to Jose Carlos Marion (2000, P.15). This happens due to update of system of evidence of budget c6hamados of proposals of the companies who take care of the legal and necessary specifications, all constants inside of the proclamation. This because the company who in such a way offers to the proposal most advantageous the public or particular institutions will be the contemplated one for supply of the product or service.

SSCR Service

Excellent customer orientation 07.03.2013 – the comformatik AG visible at the first sight of Villingen-Schwenningen, has been successfully in the service and support center rating (SSCR) of vivo classified management consulting from Heilbronn. Thus the company from Villingen-Schwenningen attesting an excellent customer orientation and willingness to support their customers in the realization of IT business solutions. We have to provide the stated goal of a holistic IT customer support around the clock and for our customers to be then absolutely reliably available when they need us. We award with the service therefore greatly appreciate the four-star and rating, because this award is support center already at a glance and without many words, that the customer and his concerns enjoy top priority at us,”explains the importance of the rating for the comformatik AG Rainer Rattig Support organisations are under multiple pressure once, because some service providers the reputation of the market brought difficulties, on the other hand, because support is then requested, if an urgent problem to solve is. Professionalism in the troubleshooting, prudent and immediate response to the incident and a communication that is appropriate to the situation are some of the challenges for the support and the customer center of a company.

The SSCR rated the quality of service strictly according to objective benchmark-based criteria. The criteria topics include among others communication way and escalation options, stringent implementation of the ticketing and classification of accidents, qualification and Knowhowsicherung among employees and quality management. The award conveys to the customer at a glance he here can expect open ears and a perfect support for any of his concerns. Company presentation starting supervised the comformatik AG in a radius of 100 km around 150 SMEs and 86 schools, as well as approximately 40 locations of the country further education for teaching in Baden-Wurttemberg by the location of Villingen-Schwenningen. The objective is

Ministry of Industry

Monday June 14 at 13: 30 h. in the lounge of acts of the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade, Miguel Mirones delivered flags Q quality tourism that accredit 152 beaches of the Spanish coasts. For the third consecutive year it will be the Minister of industry who accompany the delivery of flags Q to Spanish beaches certified by the Institute for Spanish tourism quality. The increase by 28% of certifications in this prominent tourism sector, compared to the previous year, contributes to the firm commitment that the public authorities, mainly municipalities, is being done by providing all services of bathroom facilities: security, hygiene and complementary services for their subsequent certification by ICTE chaired by Michael Mirones. The standard Q tourist quality for beaches offers a quality system aimed at the tourist enjoy the beaches with respect to environmental values and the sustainability of ecosystems. It differs from the other recognitions, which only focus on aspects related to the sea water or sandy areas. This Norma de Calidad is implemented in 9 autonomous communities: Andalusia, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Cataluna, Galicia, Melilla and Murcia, Andalusia, with 53 beaches with the Q flag community with more certifications in this sector. Follow Valencia with 39, Catalonia and Murcia with 21 with 17. This event will be presided over by the Minister of industry, tourism and trade, Miguel Sebastian; the Secretary of State for tourism, Joan Mesquida, and the President of ICTE, Mirones Miguel..

Association Renneritz

Sandersdorf-Brehna dances to the witch fire in the month of may on 30 April 2013 it is again: Renneritz Association invites from 19:00 to the Renneritzer Walpurgis night – the witch dance with Walpurgisfeuer in the District of the town of Sandersdorf Brehna. Good mood and mood will be live music by “Chandrashekara and Anke”, a performance of Frauntanzgruppe ‘Undercover’ and an accompany the Renneritzer line dancers. So that the guests must celebrate not hungry and thirsty, the members of the local club Renneritz with hearty steaks and sausages grilled, freshly tapped beer and many other non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks will provide refreshments. And of course is the great Walpurgisfeuer not missing this evening and illuminate the night and create a cosy atmosphere. “After the unexpected rush of visitors over the past year, we are pleased on a continuation of this successful event”, says Christian Lorenz, Chairman of the local club Renneritz e.V.. Nieman Foundation addresses the importance of the matter here. “With live music and other attractions we want not only a guests Evening offer, but Renneritz also beyond the borders of the town of Sandersdorf-Brehna is also somewhat known make.” Even if the Walpurgisfeuer in Renneritz is not so steeped in history, as the corresponding events on the brocken in the Harz mountains or the Neuenburg in Freyburg, so the Renneritzer Festival caused in recent years still numerous and satisfied guests. And the existing at the Renneritz village community House, free-standing roofing offers even in bad weather a dry dance floor and seating areas protected from rain. All those interested are warmly invited to dance together impressively in the month of May.

In contrast to many other such events with live music, admission to the Walpurgis night in Renneritz is free to allow every citizen a lovely evening. In addition, all women dressed as witches get even a free drink. For more information about the Walpurgisfeuer and the Renneritz Association, visit walpurgisfeuer.heimatverein Official site: American Diabetes Association. Was the home Club Renneritz e.V. founded on January 20, 2010, to promote the development of the village and of community life in Renneritz, a frazione of the town of Sandersdorf Brehna. Because our children are the future of the village, it is a major concern of the local club, to promote them and to offer them especially at the young age of leisure activities in the residence. Now the Club has about 80 members, who want to actively shape the life in the village.

Since February, 2012, there is a women’s sport group, which meets outside of sports to joint activities in the local club Renneritz. Also, a line dance group is active since February, 2012.In recent years, the association with the children and the village Festival, the Christmas tree burning and the Walpurgisfeuer has established several festivals in Renneritz.