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Foundation Warentest

We recommend also the Foundation Warentest, to move the seats and not constantly in our lenses places to sit. Because only in this way a uniform appearance of your sofas remains granted. The upholstery leather, our leather covers are made exclusively from cattle skins. Only the high-quality, rugged leather upper is used. This leather belong to the most exclusive, significant reference materials used.

The sum of positive properties, real leather is achieved by any alternative applicable material. The performance characteristics of leather strongly depend on how natural the leather have been edited. Strongly pigmented leather appear first low-maintenance, however, they show by far not the same comfort, feel and breathability, the natural leather. Also the natural leather aging noble, they get a so-called patina”. All the natural characteristics of leather, such as natural features (Hedges cracks, insect bites, closed scars, neck – and mast folds, etc.) different skin structures, colour, etc., also within the individual skins, are a sign of originality and are therefore fully preserved. These living drawings does not affect the durability of leather furniture. Wrinkles and structural changes resulting from the use of course.

Real leather as a natural product leather some properties, one simply needs to accept or to refrain from. Leather has an own odor, depending on the type of tanning, coloring and surface treatment. Leather lovers like this smell in the course of some weeks, decreases. It is normal and even harmless. With extensive airing can be helped to have this operation. Health hazardous materials are not included in a quality piece of furniture. Waves and wrinkles occur during use all natural leather. The body heat and moisture the leather stretches a little, and depending on the strength, softness, and leather kind smaller and larger waves. This development is still pronounced as references in tight tight in casual furniture. The extended leather will not again as good as new by brushing smooth.

Classical Homeopathy

Foundation of homeopathy certificate ensures quality of homeopathy in Germany Ulm – believed to be the latest figures of the Charite in Berlin, as the demand continues for alternative healing methods. As far as the popularity of homeopathy in Germany, so there are at least 15% of the population, that ever a homeopathic treatment nearly every seventh patient thought. The experiences of patients can be so different in like the treatment itself. If homeopathy being discussed in Germany, there is not always consensus spoken of classical homeopathy. One is fixed and should be made clear in the sense of the patient: who in his practice, regardless of whether practitioner or physician, Classical Homeopathy (so remedy-homeopathy as Hahnemann) applies, needs a profound homeopathic education, excellent supervision at the beginning of practice and even then should educate. But what separates the wheat from the chaff? How to find an interested patient Orientation on the search for a qualified homeopathic treatment? What do actually say the labels on the shield of the practice? Clear quality criteria, the Foundation offers homeopathy certificate”SHZ, which emerged from a multi-year process of nationwide experts. Explains Jurgen Wiering, Chairman of the quality Conference of the SHZ: doctors and health practitioners who were certified at the Foundation of homeopathy certificate SHZ, have submitted extensive evidence and be checked.

Recognised training institutes have specific criteria to meet. Furthermore, a duty to regular training, beginner practice is compulsory also super vision. For patients, the framework conditions for a high quality of homeopathic treatment are thus secured. You can trust the therapist list of the Foundation of homeopathy certificate”! Find qualified homeopaths (Naturopaths and doctors) the SHZ, on the Internet under There just enter your postcode as search criteria!” The activities of the Foundation of homeopathy certificate”not exhaust itself but in the creation and review of quality criteria. Great importance is the promotion of quality in the field of education and training.

The SHZ registered instructors and supervisors are committed to specific training courses, and an interdisciplinary exchange about quality issues held at industry conferences. Thus, it is ensured that quality assurance is not stuck in formal criteria. Target is a dynamic development, with momentum for the promotion of homeopathy as a whole. “Finally, it should be mentioned that the Foundation of homeopathy certificate” is non-profit and all bindings to training providers or commercial interests freely resides. This creates the greatest possible objectivity, and only makes the SHZ able to check also training providers.

The Co-enzyme Q10 Functions

The tasks and the needs of the co-enzyme Q10 as energy Q10 activator and supplement the food is of great importance. The co-enzyme Q10 is one of the remarkable research results about the important cellular metabolism. Basically, each cell requires the Q10 nutrient. In the form of the preparation Vivivit Q10 contains this estimated means of co-enzyme Q10, selenium yeast, vitamin and lecithin in the Altersheilkunde and is involved in vegetable oils and fats. The co-enzyme Q10 activates other enzymes would be unthinkable without a cellular metabolism.

Q10 as well as the other proven Enzyme mixtures works in principle. Q10 was preferred in the Altersheilkunde first, to support the weakened heart, as well as the circulation of older people. Today it is also recommended for people of all age groups. Q10 is called also co-enzyme, as a vitamin, enzyme or as Biocatalyst in the medicine. All four descriptions apply to, and at the same time it professionals agree that Q10 as pharmacological hermaphrodite is to be between enzyme co-enzyme vitamin Biocatalyst. Q10 is therefore all a bit. It has a special role in this respect.

Q10 brings the immune system going, increasing the power of the heart without additional endurance, reduces the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. The cosmetics industry has discovered the effects of Q10 for themselves. To ensure optimum skin care, many cosmetics manufacturers price products such as eye cream, anti-wrinkle cream, and anti aging cream Q10 containing. By taking the co-enzyme Q10 can be removed some kilos, because it promotes the natural elimination. The co-enzyme Q10 is found in all plants and animals. The body produces its own needs, but functioning, in cases of illness, according to operations, weakness conditions and age not optimally, and can be supplemented artificially. Also, a single-sided and unhealthy diet can lead to a deficit of Q10. In the cells of a human in the middle age is reduced in a seventy-year by two-thirds, the concentration of Q10 by one-third. That is, as you get older, the more co-enzyme Q10 and all other enzymes need to be replaced. These criteria apply already for the healthy body, and more must be added to in the event of illness. According to medical advice, Q10 can be administered for example also with conventional heart means, then it reduced their often considerable side effects. Taking timely before heart surgery reduces the risk of the operation has been proven and leads to the strengthening of the myocardium and coronary vessels. Q10 is already preferred in Japan and America to strengthen heart during heart operations among bypass operations.

The Development Of Mobile Internet

The current development of the mobile Internet is interesting and it remains to be seen what the future brings. The mobile Internet, which is possible thanks to new technologies on existing cellular networks, also in Germany is strong on the rise for years. Already, 35 percent of the total population use to surf the way with your mobile phone, to answer emails or even using Instant Messenger to chat online. But how did this develop? At the present time, want to be more mobile and informed through online publications by newspapers such as for example the image or just well known newspapers like the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, this is no longer a problem. Moreover, that through technologies such as UMTS and its extensions such as HSPA, under other HSDPA in the download and HSUPA in the upload contains, speeds are reached, that can easily compete with a normal broadband connection! The electronics industry has discovered this development as well for themselves and so a device thrown after the other on the market. Whether there are phones with a great touchscreen smartphones popular, or a smaller version of notebooks, Netbooks, acting, the options are easy and inexpensive given.

Slowly but quite determined there is also an increasing offer of mobile phone tariffs, the so-called UMTS flatrates, focusing on the use of the Internet through cellular related, and so the average price for a functional access hot no thirty euros a month more. You can say so, that the mobile Internet has arrived at the Centre of society and the development over the next few years remains to be seen anxiously. Mobile operator O2 expects that the number of mobile Internet users will increase to 30 million up to the year 2012 on whole. This corresponds to a tripling of the number of current users.

Engineering Office

To account for the additional costs for the use of these mobile services. Also avoids the incalculable long duration of SMS and MMS. The MMS is typical restrictions in relation to the size of the transmitted images. Modern camera phones are now equipped with powerful cameras. The service Mobile sets standards for the transmission of high-resolution images in real time through the consistent application of Internet technology. In addition, another fundamental advantage is reached: it offered more and more camera phones with built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

With these devices, it is possible to waive completely the use of cellular data network and completely to save the transmission costs. Since no mobile radio standards are used such as SMS and MMS, a Wi-Fi can communicate enabled mobile phone via Wi-Fi and Internet with the application server. All images be transferred immediately after their creation to the application server. Not will be stored in the phone. So no big memory in the phone is required on the one hand (also cheap phones without a memory card can be used), on the other hand, so a high sabotage security is created. Upon entry, the burglar can destroy the phone, if he discovered it. A few seconds after recording an image to the server is transferred, that he does not have more access.

To use a cell phone for the service, the user must install a software (for free) on it. As some requirements on the mobile phone, not every camera phone can be used. However, there are a range of tested devices. These include simple older phones (Siemens), that very inexpensive can be procured as used equipment over the Internet, as well as current Smartphones (Nokia) with high-quality cameras and Wi-Fi receivers. The service is currently free of charge mobile A small monthly fee (approx. 2 is later 3 euro/month) planned. On the basis of the experience gained with the now-present service, Ingenieurburo Franke and Halberg plans a further development for the transmission of sound and video. The integration of alarm functions is also planned. Currently, the use of mobile radio transmission on the T-mobile network is limited. An extension to other German mobile networks is also planned. Contact: Engineering Office for innovative Internet applications Franke and Halberg-email:

Cold Wave Rolls

Is it now too late for meaningful prevention against the pesky colds? The flu virus in the form of the new flu, called also swine flu, and the classic seasonal flu has arrived in Germany. The cases of the disease are common and the disease will spread further. In addition, this genuine virus flu are accompanied by a soaring number of colds, which are not to be confused with the real flu. Against the real flu, new or classic, only the early vaccination and the Neuramidasehemmer to verordnenden the doctor help. Before the pesky colds not but they do offer protection. What can you do to strengthen the immune system and protect against colds? Well first of all, the General measures for a healthy immune system are helpful. Healthy eating and balanced sports in the fresh air.

This strengthens the immune cells and helps to fight off the common cold viruses. Who wants to do anything in addition, has two more opportunities, the well both complement each other. The cellular immune system can be strengthened specifically with probiotics and zinc in combination with vitamin C docking of cold viruses in the nasal mucosa can prevent. Current studies have repeatedly confirmed that. Who benefits from this kind of prevention especially? The top fit pattern athlete rather less. His immune system is likely to be strong enough to cope with the onslaught of cold viruses. Most people should probably benefit from the complementary measures, which have a weakened immune system, for example, by professional, academic or domestic stress or unbalanced nutrition.

Doctors and pharmacists recommend taking an effective probiotics, and a high dosage zinc/vitamin C in a supplementary these people right now in the winter as the medical Yeast Saccharomyces boulardii preparation. The probiotic yeast is available as afterbiotic (PZN 4604255). Zinc plus vitamin C than there FluVitum (PZN 0765783) in great-tasting lozenges. FluVitum and afterbiotic can be obtained free shipping at pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. For example, the pharmacy in the main-Taunus-Zentrum on the A66 between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden has both products always in stock. There are 3 packs of afterbiotic (PZN 5852096) and FluVitum 5858093 also cheap) in the trade, which are ideal for a curative application in the winter. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

The Protocol

“According to the proposal of the highest authority, there should be no way to leave the monastery, before a counter-strategy to the hole” was found. Then, if an ascending white The good news deliver the people smoke. 16 HD television cameras were set up around the monastery and the State broadcaster was with 4 satellite weighing on the spot. Again, there were short interviews, when participants of the meeting had to leave the courtroom, to grant them facilitate their human needs. After days, which was a State of exhaustion everyone involved with the naked eye visible it comes after all-night and repeatedly interrupted negotiations to a brilliant, unexpected final act. It focuses on measures of intent”agreed.

Several hundred pages that are measures for the hole of the nation”proposed. These measures should be treated in one of the next conferences. Malicious critics of the reform process have sneers that it could agree on an appointment. Setting a suitable deadline but within the next 6 months will be voted by the secretariats of the negotiators. The Protocol is specifically to pointed out that existing appointments of conference attendees must be taken into account and may be changed only in exceptional cases after consultation with anyone participating in these dates or moved. Well-informed circles have got some solutions of the reform document to the public: the existing weather stations should be linked better.

Thus, the accuracy of the weather forecast should be improved. Another commissioned a study presented, whether additional weather stations can increase the probability of a timely warning of rain. If additional weather stations can increase the quality of the information, is proposed to provide a provision in the next budget estimates, so that a study on the siting of new weather stations in order can be used. Subject to the approval of the budget Commission, there will be a research assignment for the development of intelligent computing models. Thus it is possible to to extend the forecast period with the same forecast quality by one day. It will be investigated, whether by means of a corresponding magnetic vaccination”of rain clouds, down the falling rain with magnetic fields can be distracted and thus outside on the roof of the nation. Vaccination should be carried by means of specially trained pilots with Eurofighter. The costs for the adaptation of the Eurofighter to be included in the next budget estimates. Failure of the Eurofighter, own about the individual inventory items, hidden attached rain water reservoir by means of an intelligent – over a cellular data connection control electronics that is encrypted with the weather stations should be extended. For the intelligent control electronics and the mechanics of the hidden mounted tanks for rain water collecting a concept of self maintenance will be developed. Therefore, you should enable a likelihood of usage over 90 percent. A nanoparticle protective coating will be developed, the likelihood to reduce possible water damage to the precious inventory. Another a deployment plan for a mobile force to nominating will be developed, to be within 2 hours on site and to be able to start the backup and restore operations. – the website about ethics, morality and quality in the economy, politics and society.

Colostrum, The Oldest Recipe Of Nature Affiliate!

Support your defenses with the umbrella for your immune system by affiliate! In addition to vitamins, minerals, trace elements and a variety of amino acids, Colostrum has natural immune and growth factors in unique concentration, which can be optimally utilized by the human body. Colostrum in the online shop affiliate is obtained from the colostrum from New Zealand or German grazing cows. This milk is largely free of fat, the immune proteins are concentrated and gently dried. It is a concentrate of the best and most valuable ingredients of colostrum, that support also the intestinal flora. Colostrum contains important ingredients and minerals of immune milk, needed a powerful body: amino acids: vital protein building blocks for metabolism and is responsible for the regeneration of the cells. Immunoglobulins and immune regulators: immunoglobulins such as LgG1 and lgG2 are the antibodies of our immune system.

Stop viruses, among their main tasks Bacteria or bacterial metabolic products. Immune regulators such as Lactoferin, insulin, and many others to control the Defense power of the body. Immunoglobulins and immune regulators are essential for a fully functional immune system ensure that an immune-weakened body will soon abwehrfahig. Natural growth factors: these proteins (IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-beta, cortisol, prolactin, testosterone, progesterone, insulin, DHEAS, etc) Act as a neurotransmitter and the cells convey information on cell growth and metabolism. You control the constantly necessary renewal process of cellular metabolism.

Minerals: All trace elements are included in the colostrum, the phosphorus content is particularly high. Vitamins: They are present in sufficient concentration and ensure a properly functioning protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Contains B vitamins work exhaustion contrary to and promote the formation of blood. Endorphins, lactoferrin, and Interleukins. More Ingredients in colostrum provide a stimulation of the lymph nodes and have a positive effect on the stabilization of the immune system. The active ingredients of colostrum glycoproteins protect digestive enzymes and gastric acid. Colostrum contains a natural and meaningful combination of vital substances. The colostrum of cows is well usable by the human organism. In the University of Cologne, the effect of colostrum was examined and confirmed the antioxidant and immune active effects on the immune system. “A standardized colostrum extract of bovine neutralizes free radicals and activates immune cells without cytotoxic.” Source: Institute of the University of Cologne medical journal: Jan. 18, 2008 colostrum at Affiliate gluten-free is free of gelatin and without colourings and preservatives and ideal as a natural dietary supplement! Colostrum colostrum can make a special contribution in cosmetics for the daily care of skin. Colostrum is rich in vitamins A, C and E, minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, Magnesium and trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium. In combination the vitamins A, C, in conjunction can protect the skin with zinc and selenium from free radicals. Colostrum also offers the possibility of natural and highly effective support and care of injured aged just attacked, or stressed skin. Because colostrum strengthens the organism and supports, it contributes to well-being and a positive charisma. Now new to affiliate also colostrum cosmetics for skin care. Affiliate, Elke Rittrich Scheckenbach

Dementia Patients

EMO telematics helps families of dementia with State of the art GPS locating technology patients who is demented members in his family, is confronted with the so-called escape trend sooner or later. The people leave home, retirement home or hospital, for example in order to find places of their past. If her disappearance is noticed, they are run often long distances and is often cool and dehydrated, sometimes even in a car crash. But the locks of homes and homes for the elderly can be no alternative, on the one hand, for ethical reasons, but also because of contact with the outside world (supervised) walk or stay in the garden of the Constitution of dementia can be very beneficial. So, it is important to anticipate when a demented person “on the way”. Thanks to the positioning system GPS and cellular technology can quickly locate to the helpless people and recover. Location up to five meters with GPS EMO dementia is a lightweight and compact GPS tracking system. Thanks to GPS be the coordinates exactly determined and transmitted via mobile phone.

The manufacturer of Google maps uses for the map display. So, dementia can be new show the current location of the device as well as the positions of the last 90 days on the Web portal of EMO. You can capture, so at any time, where the person wearing the device with him, has been. Interesting is the possibility to set up so-called “protected zones”. Family members or caregivers set one or more areas on the map in the portal, the person is allowed to enter. This can be, for example, the nursing home and the park nearby. The person leaves and with her the device the safe zone, an alarm message is sent. Nursing or relatives are informed, can visit the dementia patients and in a secure environment back again. The constant monitoring of a relative advantages and disadvantages of GPS location can be an oppressive scenario, but the question arises for the alternative. Demented patients more often brought back by the police, caregivers or retirement home for the protection of the dementia shall consider appropriate measures, to prevent the running away. Convinced the technology, but nothing happens without the intervention of patients, family members and nursing staff: the patient or the patient must take ever new dementia the EMO, because even at night, demented people stand up and leave the home.

Federal Government

How meaningful is it to complete a basic pension? In addition to the Riester pension is promoted also the Rurup pension (basic pension) State. On the 01.Juli 2013 the pension improvement Act introduces a so-called product information sheet for certified products. The Federal Government thus offers a better comparability of different retirement plans. Just the Rurup pension fights with a decline of new contracts. To learn what that is, in this article.

Disadvantages of the Rurup pension – cancellation excluded who want to contract a Rurup, must be aware, that a termination is excluded. The withdrawal of the so-called surrender value is not possible. The only way not to be save the Rurup pension is the free position of the Treaty. At the death of the policyholder the saved capital in the Rurup is gone pension if the policyholder prior to pension dies, so the savings capital of the Rurup pension expires. However, it may an additional insurance in the form of a survivor’s pension or a contribution refund (this is however not tax funded) be agreed.

The capital of the Rurup valid pension, also death of the insured person after retirement. Some providers, a pension guarantee period can be agreed however. The policyholder in this bond warranty period, dies the rightful person gets paid retirement pending for the warranty period. In addition, the Rurup pension is not are, transferable and verpfandbar. It tells you more information, whether a Rurup pension makes sense and what to consider, on this portal. Little really good Rurup offers to the Rurup pension there are up to date in 2013, yet even there is no investigation. 2011, the magazine, which belongs to the Stiftung Warentest, 62 offers has taken pension for men and women under the magnifying glass to the Rurup. Only 5 offers good rated the tester with the note. Among them were the offers of Debeka, Europe, Hanoverian, Huk24 and the Huk-Coburg. Rurup pension also has advantages the disadvantages of the Rurup pension are faced with many advantages. In particular self-employed, but also advisable workers and officials benefit pension by the high tax advantages from the Rurup. 2013 76 per cent of the contributions can be made already tax. Also, the posts in the accumulation phase can be deposited flexible. For self-employed persons, that is a huge advantage, because their income often varies from month to month. Who is for concluding a Rurup pension interest, should necessarily consult. Because investing in a pension plan is a long-term planning and should be well thought out.