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Polimedel Blood

So, before you take pills and antibiotics use Polimedel to restore blood circulation in the capillaries. This will open the way for phagocytosis – the mechanism of removal of bacteria, blood plasma itself will stick together, capture, neutralize, and remove microbes, because in every drop of pure blood more antibodies than in all the laboratories in the world. The focus of joint disease should be given . Having mastered the technology of recovery capillaries using Polimedel, you get rid of the blind, inhuman "achievements" of modern therapy in the form of endless antibiotics, ultrasound, laser, intravenous injection, dangerously altering the composition of blood. Cell aging is not possible with full flow full of blood capillaries on the full and timely removal of metabolic products of cells. Half-dead cells resume work, they exempt from the toxic waste exchange, and only after that they can again receive nutrients. Resumes action of cellular enzymes. Beginning with the 40-45 year old has always been a progressive reduction number of open capillaries. It is a progressive drying of anatomical and physiological basis of aging and disease. It's time to rheumatic diseases, neuritis, angina, atherosclerosis, and hypertension. When all the articular diseases, especially rheumatic, you need to take into account capillary congestion, since without it there is no arthritis or osteoarthritis, or arteritis, or deformation of bones, joints, tendons or muscle strain. Capillary congestion is detected after a brain hemorrhage during the period of stabilization after infantile paralysis, after an injury, angina, noises in the heart, with Raynaud's disease, and scleroderma, with elephantiasis, and any swelling.

Riding A Bike

Here he is standing before you – a beautiful, stately, powerful, bright sun glare on his frame, seat beckons his leather bends, pedal ready to inflate at a furious pace Do you give way legs are shaking hands and body strongly refuses to obey the idea of "sit and go." Why is childhood threshold of fear if not absent, then at least extremely low. Therefore, what is then done easily and without hesitation, now seems a feat. For example, learn to ride a bike. I learned this in 20 years. As a little kid, I had a wonderful three-wheeled bike that I could not stand. No matter how hard my parents tried to teach to ride a two-wheeled me they could not. What is the reason, I have no idea.

Afraid to see, whether shy or maybe just do not understand why it is necessary to me. As a result, I grew up an adult and a happy girl, but not able to ride bike, and until recently it me not a bit worried. And then at some point I realized that, in general, because it should be great fun. himself, as if flying, the wind develops hair, forget all the troubles and excitement I guess it's how it should be, but when it came to what I have carefully sat down and got ready to pedal, my mind yelled for help. It was not easy! My friend, teacher, without whom I would never have mastered a skilful thing, and that probably a hundred times cursed me during our "walk" as soon as he tried to put me into the saddle and almost no kicks, pushed me on the wheel, and I only covered the horror and heart jumped. Well, not I could understand how people go on these things and keep the balance! Yes, it is in equilibrium is the whole problem, I could not even terribly afraid to get off the ground.

I remember one time engaged in equestrian sports, but rather simply learned to ride a horse all the different ways, and now it seemed much easier than this awesome bike. But the output I had, I bought a bike specifically to learn how to skate, I could not give up and hide it away, but still spend money for nothing. In the end, after much effort and millions of lost nerve cells, I am proud to classify themselves as society skiers cyclists. It is true I still have a lot of serious problems, for example, will learn to move a large border) But this is trivia! Yes, the man is extremely intelligent being, whatever one may say. Itself poses a problem, he creates an intricate design, its uses for this imagination, fantasy, and he is tormented by solving these problems. This is probably the whole life!

Writing A Good Ad

The main goal of any ad is to encourage the reader to some action. It can be seen on your site, purchase products, order catalog or request additional information. So think. And before What do you write a single word messages, you must clearly understand their purpose and focus on her and only her. Write a sentence or paragraph, appreciate it. Ask yourself again: can this text induce the reader to some action? Resist your inner desire to write that your company is the coolest in your area or elsewhere in the world. That your product is the best, super-duper.

What are you – the best specialist which have in the world. That is why, if this is true, then the reader is and knows himself, and if – no, you probably will not believe. Such overt boasting only hurt your reputation. Stay focused on your specific goals. Carefully study other examples of ads. Every day, every day we dipped into a powerful stream of advertising messages.

Advertisements in newspapers, on radio, on television, on outdoor billboards, on walls, on cars, subways, plastic bags, on the Internet. We are inundated with advertisements for the very top. The vast majority of those ads, we skip past the ears. But from time to time, something in the usual ad attracts your attention. Such things should not be ignored. You got into the hands of an unexpected gift. Why leave it lying around under your feet? Make sure you copy or print a copy and fold it all in a single daddy. Later you must carefully examine this ad again. Answer the questions. What elements of this announcement was chained to your attention? That they forced you to read all the ads to the end? All their output is written to a separate paper and compare with the results of studies of other ads, found in the same way. All this, as you know, will come in handy for making your own ads. From what is already quite small the number of ads that made you distracted from the urgent cases, there are few truly rare masterpieces. These are the ones who forced you to spend your hard earned money on getting more information or buy the advertised products. If you realize that in your hands such an announcement, then have to jump together with the chair across the room with joy. After all, you have unearthed a rare treasure, another brick in the foundation of your personal wealth. And you got it for free. It was only a little attention. Take this precious treasure and read his every word. Become a pathologist. Perform an autopsy on all rules of medical science. Dismember it and read each item individually. Analyze it from the inside and outside, on the side. You should find that a bit, which clung to you by ticks and caused blood to share, not easy hard-earned money. This announcement will be for you free of charge as a textbook. But it should be used to its fullest. Pay special attention to vocabulary statement. Especially on those words and phrases that first attracted your attention. What part of the ad was for you irresistible? Use these moments for their own promotional materials. Thus, you'll need to spend a lot of really time in finding those words, beautiful expressions, which are relevant today and can bring you a lot of reader attention.

Internet Camera

Mini Digital Video – Digital semi-professional format created by simplifying and, consequently, reduce the cost of a professional format dv. Uses the special cassettes mini dv (tape width – 6,35 mm, speed – 18.831 mm / s) which are reproduced either from the camera or on a dedicated digital video recorder. Duration of recording on one tape – 60 minutes sp (90 min LP). The cost of shooting-17 cents / minute. Approximate to a professional image resolution – up to 540 lines horizontally (for comparison – to allow a professional format, Betacam sp – 650 lines). Stereo-quality cd (PCM stereo – 48 /16 bits / 2 channels or 32 / 12 bit / Channel 4). Nonlinear (digital) editing. Multimedia Interface: recording from analog to digital and Conversely, a computer / the computer via the parallel port (RS232C), through the i.LINK (IEEE 1394), via high-speed USB-interface as well as memory cards (up to 128 Mb).

In the older expensive models applied professional lenses known manufacturers of optics and trehmatrichnye megapixel ccd, optical image stabilizer, and in general all the latest technology. Since its inception in mini dv camcorders aggressively developing a digital photography – that is, preservation of still images. However, while this function should be considered only secondary, because to print a decent shot of standard size, it is desirable to remove at least a 2-megapixel camera. But also adopted in the video interlaced scan mode does not allow for full shots, practically reducing the visual information to the frame in half. But: Firstly, for the computer and even more so for the Internet for money images more than enough. Many cameras have already exceeded the original mode vga (640×480), reaching a resolution of 1600×1200 and higher.

Second, dramatically improved the completeness of the freeze-frame ccd with progressive scan and megapixel ccd (in chambers Sony DCR-PC115 and Sony DCR-TRV30 reached 1.5 million pixels). Third, widespread technology advanced photography, using a mechanical shutter that can read a full staff and a regular matrix. Judging from the race for the photo quality, which staged the producers camcorders, near the time when digital camcorders catch quality camera. And some of the benefits are already evident: the number of frames recorded on a videotape, the hundreds, that is ten times greater than the possibility of digital cameras. Mini dv format offers the best picture and sound quality, affordable lovers. 'Kruce' is Only professional equipment, which is an order of magnitude more expensive. Therefore, we recommend mini dv camcorder to everyone who looks to the future, whose choice is not limited budget who want to permanently keep the footage, while keeping wonderful opportunity for non-linear editing computer, but simply everybody who was going to buy yourself or someone as a gift, a good camera. Note: It is remarkable that on a standard mini dv came together almost all the leading electronics manufacturers. Therefore, mini dv cameras produce all: Sony, Panasonic, Canon, jvc, Samsung and Thomson.

Imperial View

No tradition, no national idea, rewritten history and culture many times, people are deceived and every now seeks only to money and thinks only of himself. That is no Russia, no community and country (and especially civilization) there at the moment – this is a disappointing conclusion. From this point view of modern Russia, too, sees a "technical government" and its boundaries are not important. Boundaries are important in terms of economic or military interests (as the people in a certain area needs some state control mechanism), but not with the civilizational perspective. The third point of view on the existence of Russia, in my opinion, the most popular. This is a "urapatriotizm" when "a country with a thousand-year history has the right to conduct an independent policy, we are proud of their country, not to go abroad and do not know too much about other countries, when someone else is to blame for the troubles of Russian (Americans, for example).

In other words this view of the existence of Russia can be formulated as follows: "Russia exists, but it can only be determined" by contradiction "in contradiction with the world Russia – is not the West." Author's opinion, this position is the weakest, but it is often voiced in the media. This study of the Russian imperial community (the reason for choosing the imperial consciousness, instead of civilization will be explained later in this article). There are also fourth point of view on the existence of Russia, which adheres to the author of this article.