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Tibiri Maria

It said to you voice to it of my soul, yours in did not understand: Heart you do not have in the chest, Or is dif? rente of mine. You want that in language of the Land If they say things of the Sky? Heart that such desires, I do not want in it for meu.' ' The master retrucou: – There not valley son, for the grammar they become men! Challenge: ' ' Blond of braids, colored person, You dive so well, Lilinha! these hair, hair They are are detachable, my good? ' ' Reply: Blond I am, am yes, mofeiro! Pretty also, assaz! Liane Chuchu, my name, Blond of everything, tudinho, my good! ' ' (Jose Tibiri Maria) – You well, professor, but the preconception and racism of our language are great. – Why? – I do not speak of the Portuguese language, but of the language of the men. (Source: Boy Scouts of America). While it waited in the bus point I heard this of people who spoke, already of age: – My grandmother always said: ' ' girl, takes tries, when to grow and to order in this our farm take care with the black color that today is enslaved and tomorrow they can not ser.' ' ' ' Why, v? ' ' She answered in such a way with one of rabugisse: ' ' Because nothing that gives the black color to make this people of color she makes certain. far comes of this ladainha in the ear of our family, who says thus, son: Black color when not caga in the entrance, caga in the exit. means: Black when it does not make something wrong when it enters makes when sai.' ' Ah, v, this are nonsense! ' ' ' ' Nonsense nothing, takes tries! ' ' grew the girl with this in the head and finished being prejudiced and racist.

Assistant Director

Novel Birgit diefenbach. Available in bookstores or directly from the Publisher. Description: Sarah in love with Paris in miles. She doesn’t know that these tortures an immense thirst for human blood. But with every life he takes, intensified his guilt, which he offset with the hunt for criminals and murderers. Miles tells her of his vampire existence, that he has a curse.

He hopes to find her a way to get rid of his curse. But the magician Magnus, however, is the long time before miles was born, was born in witchcraft and cruelly ruled the small village in England. As Sarah travels in miles past, and her ex-boyfriend Eric fighting for, she must determine that not only he is subject to a curse, but also it belongs to the heirs of the Mage. You can escape this exciting vampire novel hardly. He is full of frightening surprises and testifies to the extraordinary imagination of the young author. Birgit Diefenbach was short biography: Born on a Friday the 13th. After her Secondary school leaving certificate, they moved it to Munich.

There she made an internship in the workshops of the State Opera and the National Theatre as a theater student and stood for the first time away from home on his own two feet. The experiences and impressions that could collect them at this time in the workshops, quickened their imagination. Her apprenticeship brought back her home and she learned the trade of Justice employees in the District Court of Darmstadt. She then worked in the public prosecutor’s Office. In Pfungstadt, Birgit Diefenbach took her life by her husband and was mother of two children. With him she supervised the children fire volunteers. She remained always the art and theatre. For several years, is part of a group of amateur dramatics and is carried out there as a stage designer and Assistant Director. In addition, she is a big fan of vampire and finds it very interesting how much design potential these figures offer. It reads like and much and mostly collects vampire novels. The idea for her debut novel “witchcraft” had Birgit Diefenbach many years ago. Initially she expanded the history just for fun, but with the time she immersed himself more and more into the world of WITCHCRAFT and was curious about what happened with her protagonist of miles and how the whole thing would end. What happened after the completion of the manuscript and how it looks with other projects, she writes monthly in their blog. More

Ovdio Poetry

The poetry of Ovdio is classified in three literary groups: Literature of love: Love Mediates, Heroides, Ars Amatoria; literature scholar: Metamophoses and Fastos; literature of the exile: Tristia, former Epistulae Point, bis and Haliutica. It remeasured Amoris (the Remedy of the Love, or the Cure of the Love) is a poem of 814 lines in Latin. In book X, Ovdio presents the myth of Pigmaleo, king of Cyprus, a sculptor who finishes if getting passionate for a statue that proper it shaped (p.121) In a dedicated festival Venus, the artist asks for to the goddess that it gives life to its workmanship, and its desire if she carries through: therefore, the feeling of the sculptor changed the condition of the statue. (p.122). Psychologists explain that, such behavior is called ‘ ‘ Pigmaleo’ effect; ‘ , the human being search to mold the relations, as namoros, close relations, the people always yearn for what they wait if they become. Jean-Leon-Grome, Pigmaleo and Galatia, 1980 p.124: the vision of determined person in relation to the other determines the truth that the first one starts to demonstrate. Although the versions already wrote between a man and a statue, it is in Ovdio that we find the vindication of the perfect art a time that Pigmaleo is gotten passionate for the statue ‘ made because it to have form; ‘ of true donzela’ ‘ never seen in another one before.

(p.127). It can be observed that Ovdio had extreme artistic sensitivity and carried to ignbil its poetical sensitivity and human being. It is possible in such a way to say that the Ovdio poet, searchs in its workmanships the contextualizao of mythology Greek bringing related personages as deuses, and thus appears the most brilliant contextualizao in accordance with some critics, therefore plastic Artists, sculptors, poets and dramaturgos. Jules Joseph Lefebvre, Pandora, 1882: ‘ ‘ the woman is the gone down punishment of the sky so that the men forget the spirit and is seduced by banal’ ‘ (p.87).

Private Microphone

CHAPTER EIGHT Diving-dress in the River and Private Microphone Alberto found the father waiting for the lunch, to the noon. _ Ol, papa, as were the morning? Agitated Calminha or? _ Oi, son, more or less calm, more or less agitated, pra to have perfect dosage in the medicine! _ Falou, Doctor! If he was not druggist, he would be, inevitably, druggist or druggist. I made right in the prescription? _ Druggist, hein? He wants to change? I commission agent and you bursar, topa? _ Quer papinho with the Duck, right? Thanks a lot! I with my ugly duckling leave, at least in next the sixty days. follow. E, there, some newness? _ Normal! The mayor wanted suggestions on the canalization of the Stream of the Gold pra to irrigate horta and the orchard and the Pernambuco suggested the ticket of the tubing under the lawn of the Park. The mayor bound Rio De Janeiro pro and the owner of the ENGETEC was to bind pra Brasilia and to see what he could obtain. _ Pera, papa! What he is this of tubing under the lawn? He was not public and well-known that it had to pass an irrigation channel? Why this now? _ Desculpe, son, I must have started of the principle! He justified, half embarrassed.

I forgot that you were not there. Of the principle, then, when Alfonso was candidate, one of the main objectives, if not main it, was the construction of the barrage pra to dam the Stream of the Gold, to supply to water pra city and to canalize pra to irrigate the neighboring area to the Park, projected pra the communitarian creation of one horta and an orchard. It happens that the Dr. Lourinaldo, when he was Delegated of Lands, around required the subsoil of the chestnut tree in a low ray of one hundred meters advantages sides and twenty pra, as some similar project was foreseen, perhaps for the professional intuition and now the attempt frustrou to deviate the course of the stream, what the mayor worried about the machines of the ENGETEC left that cannot touch the service nor to be stops and nor to return Rio De Janeiro pro.