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Ahead of as much theory regarding the philosophy concept, it will be difficult to explicitar true sensible of something the so complex one, and more complicated still to say so that it serves, if to take in consideration the great thinkers as Scrates, Plato and Aristotle would answer that the philosophy serves to answer the questions without answers in form of another question, difficult it explains such complexity glue for as many authors throughout the time and mainly for this search to explain everything of methodical form in speaking that the philosophy is ‘ ‘ love sabedoria’ ‘ the same one serves for ‘ ‘ questionar’ ‘ , this means on the part of the philosophers friction something that cannot be explained of rational form. The philosophy is not complex the same one is simple and not explained, the same one is lived day after day, it to be contained inside of our thoughts, in the way to act, to love, we is in the viscera of the philosophy, it leads in them and we exactly to lead, it we do not only make in to think them it we serve to give sensible ours existence, as we would obtain to live without the proper one to think. Exactly that an individual has a mediocre or mentally ill thought regarding one determined subject we we could not question because is the philosophy of existence of this individual, then we cannot generalize that the philosophy only serves to question the proper existence, the same one is discovered to the few for each individual as the pages of a book that counts a new I capitulate of history, and that the same one can change the all moment completely leading for routes different imagined at the beginning, therefore in each page facts happen that they iram to change history and to have an unimaginable end. The philosophy is thus its dumb direction in accordance with the events and the same one will have usefulness at the certain moment, depending on the necessity and the event it goes to serve or to explain something, or to question or simply will not serve.


Lately it is common to listen to concepts like carbon drains, projects MDL, Protocol of Kyoto, biomass and Gases of Efecto Greenhouse (GEI), among others. Although we know that these subjects have to do with the call climatic change and that they are important for the protection of the planet, still are concepts which they seem esoteric rather, mysterious, that exceeds our understanding and therefore we preferred not to go beyond which we listened in the news. Although this subject has a certain degree complexity, is necessary to know it to understand it and to analyze it from a critical perspective. For such reason the present article looks for to give a little depth to the subject of simple way, trying to clarify concepts. Carbon drains According to the CMNUCC – Convention Frame of the United Nations on the Climatic Change (UNFCC by its abbreviations in English) defines as carbon drain any process, activity or mechanism that absorb or remove a Gas of greenhouse effect (GEI), an aerosol or a precursor of a GEI of atmosphere. One of the main carbon drains is the forests.

The previous thing means that if GEI is emitted and existed a carbon drain, part of this one pays attention or bioacumula in a forest and its concentration in the atmosphere is diminished To see explanatory image directly in blog Gases of greenhouse effect GEI the main gases implied within term GEI are: Aqueous vapour (H2O)? Carbon dioxide (CO2)? Methane (CH4)? Nitrogen oxides (NOx)? Ozone (O3)? Chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) For knowing more on the greenhouse effect make click Biomass here and fitomasa Specifically the CO2 is absorbed by plants and other photosynthetic organisms like the seaweed. This CO2 pays attention or it becomes biomass through the fotossntesis. Considering that biomass is all the organic matter of origin animal or vegetable that there is in the planet (including you and I), we will denominate to the originating biomass of photosynthetic processes like fitomasa.


You are accumulating negative rage, resentment and feelings towards your person and before the others. Have passed I it and easiest she is to throw the fault to the others and not to see that you are the problem. It is why you must take into account the advice I let who you to improve the self-esteem and so that you recover the confidence in same you, the pride of being who you are. I leave these 4 basic advice you you take so that it into account: It takes an assertive attitude, it means that you are able of respetarte and to the others, being direct, honest and to have I dye to say the things at the correct moment and with the suitable words, without offending nobody. You are not scared to express your feelings, opinions, doubts of free way, stops being thinking that they will say the others on you. The others you do not know what you feel, which you want, you only can know it. Deserving Sintete of respect, remembers that you are unique and as important as any person in the world. You leave nobody humiliates to you, neither your family, nor your pair, nor your children.

As well as you request respect, also you will have to respect to the others like same. It remembers you are not victim of anybody, changes those negative thoughts towards your person and the others. The other people are not the guilty of the situation in which you are. You yourself beam made those destructive thoughts, until person in charge of this. Are in time, You you can do it. Amiga remembers that you can obtain respetarte and to leave the state of Low Self-esteem in you have submerged. You deserve to be happy, deserve to be loved, deserve to fulfill your goals, you deserve to have good friendly and you deserve to be a success woman. The power you obtain so that it and you feel deserving of all this, is within you, you do not look for it in the material things or in the others, you have the answer. Saludo de xito Valeria Saavedra Admin de Vence your low self-esteem Original author and source of the article.

Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin detaches the increasing envolvement between man and reproductive device of images in the end of century XIX and beginning of the XX. First the comment of the reality and the collection of disconnected images, later the study of each plan from a specific logic, and finally the commanded meeting of the great number of images giving felt to the final workmanship that is the film, a product of the freedom. The reality recriada for the optics of cineasta can be understood in different ways, the form with which the different feelings are ranks in prominence in the flmica construction, expressing the necessity of affirmation of a style or a point of view, that until data moment exists only in imaginary, the meeting of the images that has the intention to generate a film is understood in the optics of Walter Benjamin as the creation of ‘ ‘ a space of liberdade’ ‘ , which is endowed with elements that escape the perception. ‘ ‘ One of the more important social functions of the cinema is to create a balance between the man and the device. The cinema does not carry through this task only for the way with that the man if represents ahead of the device, but for the way with that it represents the world, thanks to this device.

Through its great plans, of its emphasis on occult details of the objects that in are familiar, and of its inquiry of environments most vulgar under the brilliant direction of the objective, the cinema makes to glimpse us, on the other hand, a thousand conditionings that they determine our existence, and for another one assure us a great unsupicious space of liberdade.’ ‘ (BENJAMIN, 1987, P. 189) It is by means of this representation of the Real that perceives it to the individuals searching to become related with it, the exchange movement of directions the spectator guides transforming it into participant agent of this construction.