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Tibiri Maria

It said to you voice to it of my soul, yours in did not understand: Heart you do not have in the chest, Or is dif? rente of mine. You want that in language of the Land If they say things of the Sky? Heart that such desires, I do not want in it for meu.' ' The master retrucou: – There not valley son, for the grammar they become men! Challenge: ' ' Blond of braids, colored person, You dive so well, Lilinha! these hair, hair They are are detachable, my good? ' ' Reply: Blond I am, am yes, mofeiro! Pretty also, assaz! Liane Chuchu, my name, Blond of everything, tudinho, my good! ' ' (Jose Tibiri Maria) – You well, professor, but the preconception and racism of our language are great. – Why? – I do not speak of the Portuguese language, but of the language of the men. (Source: Boy Scouts of America). While it waited in the bus point I heard this of people who spoke, already of age: – My grandmother always said: ' ' girl, takes tries, when to grow and to order in this our farm take care with the black color that today is enslaved and tomorrow they can not ser.' ' ' ' Why, v? ' ' She answered in such a way with one of rabugisse: ' ' Because nothing that gives the black color to make this people of color she makes certain. far comes of this ladainha in the ear of our family, who says thus, son: Black color when not caga in the entrance, caga in the exit. means: Black when it does not make something wrong when it enters makes when sai.' ' Ah, v, this are nonsense! ' ' ' ' Nonsense nothing, takes tries! ' ' grew the girl with this in the head and finished being prejudiced and racist.


Life sometimes becomes exactly what you do not you want, is very strange as in our lifetime we took completely opposite directions and got to the place that we had not come. Suddenly one day wake up and look around and we feel so lost that we don’t know where pick up or where to start to get out of there, our acts most of our teenage years are very erratic acts and guided by impulses without a guide, this stage this emotion-laden but also to suffering and mistakes that maybe will charge for lifetime.And although this awakening in the dark seems eternal always exists the possibility of achieving your precious dream and get to where you really want, the consciousness of your actions is your only weapon, there is no much place in life to be guided by current trends or maybe views that you do not share entirely and with this I mean what your soul and heart does not believe that it is correct or timely. Center For Responsible Lending is open to suggestions. Betray your self is what takes you to the abyss, and although many times this betrayal is not calculated or conscious actions that carry with them are real and no doubt transform your life.All have gone through stages like these, the miracle is to consciously guide your destination where your really happy seras, not there is nothing to prevent this gift because your life is unique and private, simple and absolute, full of everything and will be empty of everything if not you will fill it with what for you is the good, love and greatness.Having the opportunity to do this is your only way out and depends only on you and your actions. KXbBcKOgJAI&ved=0CGsQ6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery. Original author and source of the article.

Low Cost

A well chosen phone contract can reduce some costs. Although the individual habits, the respective customer places on the day are important when deciding for a mobile phone contract ( Depending on the mobile phone contract should be accordingly. Perhaps it is just a phone with a contract to purchase. One is mostly on the phone, uses no SMS Flatrate in the mobile phone contract. But with the variety of providers and the wide landscape of collective everyone can assemble easily his personal cell phone contract.

Now Vieltelefonierer or chronic surfers on the net, the various components can be now most providers to your heart’s content in the mobile phone contract combined. Special rates for students or seniors are always common in the selection of the provider. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). The opportunity, along with a new mobile phone contract cost also a new phone with contract equals () to purchase, should you definitely not miss. However should be also this extra to the mobile phone contract extensively looked to be, to get the best possible and the most suitable offer from the mobile phone with the contract. There is the new IPhone as a phone with contract 4S by Apple with a known provider from 1,–euros in the shop. Very skillfully, so not only the request rate can be selected, but also the desired phone model.

More cost effective than by phone with contract to rarely away, since mobile prices more are usually multiples. In addition favorable conditions on the purchase of a new mobile phone are available at some extensions of the cell phone contract. But here, too, the costs are sometimes higher, as if newly acquired a mobile with contract. But not only for private clients advantageous offers the leading provider for mobile phone contracts. Enormous costs both landline and mobile telecommunications can be saved also as a commercial customer. Specifically, a check-up is performed using a free analysis for cellular and landline. Everything the customer must do is to give the supplier the invoice copies. The Decision whether the provider’s savings proposals are to be implemented, is left the commercial customers alone in. Should he choose not to implement, yet no cost for him have arisen. It is important for an online degree from a mobile phone contract or the acquisition of the mobile with contract that the provider is really trustworthy. Otherwise, hidden costs could lurk somewhere in the fine print, not discovered at first glance. Then a cell phone contract not much use because such contracts difficult a way out. It is so important to take time for the selection of a tariff or contract mobile. This offer can be checked more closely again and afterwards, there will be no nasty surprises. So can be enjoys then extensively on the new low-cost mobile phone contract. Who well knows in the collective landscape, can only benefit. description of the company the company of kotel AG specialises in cheap mobile phones with contract. In addition the company creates for a mobile phone contract attractive bundles that are known through TV spots. Company contact: kotel AG Dr. Jorg Kohlbauer Welles hamlet RT 100 66538 Neunkirchen Tel: 06821/9206261 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Wiebke Becker Bussard str. 73 82194 Grobenzell Tel: 08142-506555 E-Mail: Web:

Present For The Bad Omens

Give or not give? When choosing a present for any occasion can never forget the famous joke about the gift shop: a place where a lot of things, one form of which plunges you into horror at the thought that someone could give them to you? – she says. And this is only a joke of a joke. So you should make a list of gifts that it is better not to give one reason or another. Rather, for some signs. Often, the gift of the gods is God's punishment (Jean Racine, French playwright). Bad gift, from the point of view to take is the towel. Bathroom or kitchen, it has nothing to do with misery in the truest sense. However, this thing belongs to the list of items, which participates in funeral rites, so to give something like that is always inappropriate.

The same recommendation applies to candles, regardless of similarity to the fine church or not. "Links" at the funeral and has such a gift as handkerchief, because this thing handed out to all those present in the memory of the deceased. Another reason to call this gift is an unfortunate fact that? giving the handkerchief, as if you are passing all their misfortunes. Get as presentations this thing – to tears. To tears and pearls. If you decide to buy as a gift a loved one jewelry, this option is to forget (and, it is as natural pearls, and the artificial). Basis for This marks formed a belief that pearls – it is tears of unfortunate widows and orphans.

World Internet

Why the online world? Through the next evening, sitting at the computer and clicking the mouse to no avail, I thought about this: The world needs what the Internet and need if any? You know, the Internet, of course, a great thing. Honor and praise to those who invented. Want to chat with a friend one click and you're on the network. Rewrite as you like. Need a book, silk … and bingo. Book and a lot of any further information, and do almost anything not necessary. Any news, gossip, scandals can be found, where do you think …? Of course, online.

Even my husband (wife), silk, here's a thousand applicants choose. In my present lines of sarcasm, but then so it really is. Earlier conversation with another was an important event. You're cool at work all day to finish things quickly and go to a meeting where you tired of waiting for people that you care about. You feel tired, but happy, and all because you realize that you still need someone. We have forgotten all about the healing power of words.

Good word of another as a healing drink can cure any sadness and anger. Tell me, can also online? I think not. I do not want to believe in that people are so busy that I did not have enough time to meet with someone you are precious. And yet you never alarmed when chatting ask another "how are you?", And in return you get dry, "normal"? Well, how do you know really all right or he writes, because you do not want to upload their own problems. In this case, worthless to you as a friend.

Optimize Your Website For The Search Engines

To make your website compatible with search engines have to:-decide which search engines are essential to its success. -Learn as much as you can about the classification criteria and the weight of each criterion in the algorithm. For more information see this site: Center For Responsible Lending. It is also important to know which databases are used. Then, you must:-determine keywords that uses its target market in search engines to find what you have to offer. -Assign those keywords to specific pages within your site. -Fill the pages with the keywords assigned in appropriate places, given the criterion of ranking for desired search engines. The parts most important a website when making structured its web optimization are:-tags title – Meta-tags keyword – Meta tags description – Alt tags or alternative – hypertext links – body text – headers use of keywords within your domain name and name of your file names can help in your classification in search engines.

Some people think that include hyphens to separate keywords makes it easier to search engines distinguish keywords, which may help in their classification. The use of tables can pose problems in the cataloguing of some search engines. The tables are a common feature found in many web sites to display content on information and position of elements, but if they are used incorrectly, they can cause certain confusuon incorrectly, they can cause some confusion in search engines. If you use tables, place any important information that belongs to the content of the page above the table, if possible, to prevent any problems. Original author and source of the article

Mudanzas Madrid

The move that is not well organized can be chaotic and full of surprises. That is why it is very important to prepare it for the move. Here are a few tips how to do it. There are moving companies who make everything by it. Whether you decide to hire the services of a moving company as if you decide to do it by yourself, here we show some useful moving tips to make your relocation easier: must take into account your new home measures and adapt to it their furniture and appliances today. Boy Scouts of America understood the implications. Where an object is not adaptable it is best to get rid of before moving. We must review the contents of cabinets and drawers. Surely we will find heaps of clothes last fashionable, or simply that we no longer use long ago.

Probably sell it to give it will relieve us both the cabinets and the Pocket. Because it should not be forgotten that both the price and the complexity of your move largely depend on volume of his transfer and they will depend on the budget we receive from the moving company. It is therefore highly recommended to get rid of everything that will not be useful already before the move. If you and your family are embalaran who, two weeks before the day of the move request to the removals company responsible for moving, boxes and all packaging items necessary to start the task. The best is packing room by room, must be numbered boxes and can also put a special color to distinguish them from the boxes of other rooms. Don’t forget to make an inventory of each box. Identify with color and multiple faces which contain fragile objects. During the move it is convenient to separate all the things of value, both monetary (money, cheques, jewellery), as documentary (deeds, contracts etc.).

National Curricular Parameters

It had a movement of professors who pressured the state so that it had schools for all, then the public schools had been created, thus creating objective public, nor always of clear definition, but with the intention to also acquire knowledge the people of the problems of the Brazilian reality and to organize it deformed that they could fight for its interests. Freire was intent the educational quarrels it reflected on the education offered at that moment, so that the man could combine it Brazilian society It formulated critical the effective education considering that it not contribua for the formation of the necessary man for this society. Having the history of Freire in sight, we can see and analyze of a clear form that since antiquity people had that they were worried in improving the education of that the education was for all not important for the social classroom. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has to say. For Freire (2004, p.190-191) ‘ ‘ the pedagogical relation this based in the dialogue in the reciprocity between the educator and educating that together they know not known and took consciences of the social trams where they are inseridas’ ‘. Although that it has much time comes fighting for an education joust and of quality for all and with all the programs of incentive of the government the education, the taxes of illiteracy still is high, for the following reasons, isolation many does not have transport, lack of infrastructure, physical space as classroom and apt professors to educate also remembering that the populations of that time had not had chances in the past (aged) that today they continue illiterate for finding that is late for starting and this finishes still more raising the illiteracy index it Brazil complicating the work it government. According to examples of the National Curricular Parameters if understand the education as one practical one that it has the possibility to create conditions so that the all the pupils develop its capacities and learn the contents necessary to construct to instruments of understanding of the reality and participation in social relations, ampler diversified cultural politics and each time, conditions these basic ones for the exercise of the citizenship in the construction of a democratic society and not exculpatory..

Values And Personality

How have they impact the values instilled in the family the personality of human beings? Can ensure that individual improvement is not in the way of doing things but in the mode of being, this assertion leads us to analyze the values that we acquire our parents since our first steps, that although we don’t remember consciously, but they caused an influence that we marked of by life, this teaching began from us cared that we didn’t have some stumbling, and that at one point we were reproved by having some behavior which in the opinion of our parents could not meet the standards that they sought to guide us. But what in human value? We can say that they are universal goods that belong to our individual nature, that humanize us because they improve our status as persons and to perfect our own nature. BSA may not feel the same. We need to discover who we are in order to discover the values that we are committed to comply. Talk about commitment is to establish a challenge own in which we ourselves are our judge in the first instance. Between better perceive our nature, much easier to perceive the values that belong to him. But if we had to choose: what are the values that suit us? What are the values that will allow us to develop our human nature to raise us as people? We have to do a brief classification of values, as follows: values religious faith, hope, charity, humility, etc.

Moral values honesty, justice, fidelity, kindness, honesty, etc. Values human inframorales: have to do with the development of the talent and capabilities. Prosperity, intellectual achievements, social values, aesthetic values, success, serenity, etc. Biological values health, beauty, pleasure, physical strength, etc. In conclusion, each of us are committed to adopt and comply with the values that we develop and lead us to finally establish our quality as human beings.


Assertive behavior is a way to express our rights before others: the right to express our ideas and emotions the right to use our time, body and money as we want the right to decide when if we can or not help someone the right to ask questions and ask for help when we deem it necessary to right to change ideas, thoughts and ways of acting right to stop feeling inferior and start to achieve success are invited to the Manager before these rights cited, analyze, how management uses and determine where it is failing in this regard and take corrective actions that will benefit him in their interrelations and achievements. Adds Cardona in addition, assertive behavior helps us also to have the ability to ask or rather negotiate correctly with those around us, negotiation based on what you wish to send proper and respectfully without being timid or aggressive when talking about. It is then, a technique to communicate and in turn modify behavior and way of thinking of others through negotiation of assertive way. Therefore, the person who deals with a situation of assertive form is more likely to achieve a satisfactory solution, not only for her, but for those involved. With age comes wisdom, dictates an old adage, this is very true given that the social experience, acquired the necessary knowledge to form us as individuals with character and an assertive personality to life, you can not learn everything in a day, by which to become a fully assertive person in every sense should go gradually and day after day while instilling the thoughts and ideas that will make us same someone better and with more confidence with the passage of time specifically, what are the causes of that do not manifest assertiveness in management or any worker? Cardona points out about it, that the lack of assertiveness is part of decadence or weakness of the basic characteristics of the character, but also, the lack of an ideal or goal, generate loss of self-esteem and assertiveness. .