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Cause Injury

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Guess How Many Monuments In The Town Of Belaya Kalitva? More Than 340 !

In this city, I spent a little over six hours, but fell in love with him at first sight, with all my heart! Short of a few kilometers to the city, from Rostov-on-Don, is a huge Orthodox cross and dull horse. To deepen your understanding Center for Responsible Business is the source. I saw this monument in the magazine. But … Seeing is "alive". On a rock at entrance of town is a Cossack on horseback, it is seen very far! Next – a huge white wall with blue letters "White Kalitva. The city was founded in 1703. " Yes, the same age Saint-Petersburg! By the way, this wall does not spoil the view, looks very harmonious.

And by the way, over what other city you'll see a couple of steppe eagles? But all this poetry, we turn to the dry statistics. "In the town of Belaya Kalitva and area population (in 2005) – 56 000 people, archeological – 251; history – 74, architecture (with religious buildings) – 14 Art – 1. "City Paper" Crossroads "on July 14, 2007. I'd add that this does not include many small sculptural forms, are on the streets and in City Park a great many, are countless. And so the natural wonders … It was here, on the banks of the Seversky Donets is a monument to soldiers Host host.

"Lay," remember? Here, in the opinion of historians, was a battle with Polovtsy in 1185. Very fond of this stone policy and publishers. In Kalitva many postcards and calendars with this monument. Apparently, the demand is there. That Zhirinrovsky say recently arrived, photographed here, the "Black Stone". And in the hamlet Pogorelov, each year the end of May, played a theatrical performance based on the "Lay." Next year will definitely come watch! "Grandpa Lenin," that at Theater Square, designed by the same sculptor as the world famous "Motherland", which stands on Mamaev Hill. And there is also a monument to first teacher about urban school 2. I do not know whether there is somewhere else like that.

Maxim Kavun

But among scientists and ethnographers firmly entrenched the idea that information about the underground maze of little more than a beautiful legend. What was the purpose of the maze? Was there any? Maxim Kavun: – The first version is as follows. To supply water to the city on the hill, Potemkin has developed a special program on the device of water, subsequently lost. On the mountain, near the intersection of this street and avenue Charles Furmanov Marx, on his orders had been dug swimming pool 30 m deep. In it, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, not just fall residents commute in the dark to the river. Underground tunnels, dug from the Palace of Potemkin, as time and represented a system aqueducts, permeates the mountain. According to the second version, the underground passages were "highlight" of many parks in the XVIII century manor. By unwritten code, from home to a pond located on the island or the pavilion would have to several underground labyrinths.

And do not for security purposes. Similar games fun hosts and their guests. It is not excluded that this is how things were in Yekaterinoslav. Maxim Kavun: – One move was to the Dnieper River, where, among rock grotto was constructed, from which you can seamlessly cross over to the monastery island. Potemkin hoped that Catherine is delayed in its capital city for several days, and pre-prepared than to entertain and amaze the sovereign guest. These outputs are often observed in the 19th century. The second course conducted through the beam to the wooden palace of the governor and bishop's house, located on the only street constructed by Potemkin at near current the hotel "Sunrise".

Inner Awareness

(Eg look at his hands, in a dream they can be quite different from the reality in your hands). Nobody can do it for you. Connect with other leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending here. You have to remind myself recognize the signs of sleep. Since a person uses in his sleep all the same prospective memory, which he uses in reality, you can train it in everyday reality. Become an expert in finding prospective signals in ordinary reality and become an expert in detecting signs of sleep.

For this purpose, the same prefrontal part of the cortex, so improved in reality, you become more experienced in the world of dreams. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is open to suggestions. Link to the 7-e video in YouTube Tim talks about methods of reality testing. Tells how to use reality checks wristwatch. Tells the story of four categories of characteristics of dreams. Ways to train prospective memory 1. Has set itself several signals (events) that may well happen within the next day (Preferably, this was a sign dreamed before sleep, which may well happen in reality!) 2.

Me these signals, based on four categories: – Action – Form – Circumstances – Internal awareness Examples: Action: Someone opens the door, turns on the TV and when you hear your name, etc. Format: every time you see a bird, a close friend, something ugly, etc. Circumstances: you are at a party, you giving up the exam, you're a soldier or warrior, etc. Inner Awareness: mostly a variety of emotions, thoughts that come to mind. For example: why are you laughing at something, you feel anger, you are somewhat disappointed in your irrational fear, etc.

Kuban River

From the heights of the hills, it seems great and deep, but in fact the depth of the reservoir is not exceed 10 inches. Summer Lake is sometimes completely dry and crusty white salt crystals. On the peninsula runs the largest river in the region – Kuban, carrying its water from glaciers Elbrus. Before the river empties into the Black Sea, but in 1819 local residents have paved the channel to make fresh water located in the vicinity of estuaries. The slope of the Sea of Azov was larger than the Black and the main mass of the Kuban Water gushed out to the north. Now the Kuban flows into the Sea of Azov.

Now the Sea of Azov, fueled by Don and the Kuban, is considered one of the most freshwater on the planet and it is easy to freeze in winter. Taman peninsula formed about 2,000 years ago from several islands separated by the Straits. Around the 5th century AD the islands were connected by drifts of the Kuban River, marine sediments and mud volcanoes in action. Perhaps the mud volcanoes – the most unusual natural phenomenon of the peninsula. Their number varies at different times from 50 to 70.

Some of them die out, others begin to operate in new locations. There are cases when the volcano erupted in the sea, and at some time in the water grew a little island, quickly washed away by the waves. Dirt rises from the crater, along with bubbles of gas oil from a depth of 5 to 10 kilometers.


In today’s world the practice of physical exercise has taken vital importance, has become a routine of our daily lives and the science has come into this world in order to improve the health of practitioners in the long term, for that reason the phrase? .this exercise this contra – indicated, also it has been listening very often within the world of the muscles. * It is a contraindicated exerciseDo it is all exercise we do that although us a momentary benefit long-term watchful against our health (rotation of the knee, ankle, etc.) * as rely to know this? hypothesis? The human body is divided into three parts; 1-Head 2 – trunk 3-tips and each part is subject to a shaft; 1-Axle front (divides the body into anterior and posterior) 2-axis vertical (divides the body into left and right side) 3-axis sagittal (divides the body in rear and bottom) movements axis is the vertical axis and based on that axis movements which enables the human body in a way we know natural, the other movements that can be done can bring complications in the future. If you would like to know more then you should visit Center For Responsible Lending. * Movements by parts body head (neck) * Flexion and extension vertical, horizontal and diagonal * torque side (right and left) Note; The neck should not rotate arms abduction (separation) adduction (approach) pronation (inward rotation) Supination (rotate outward) rotational note; The elbow is not rotated trunk * Flexion and extension (ARC) vertical and horizontal. * Side torque * rotation. Tips * Flexion and extension note; The limbs are filled with joints (knee, ankle) and the joints are not rotated & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; Joel esteban.


We are sociable beings that we can improve the well-being of the community and himself. Mutual solidarity increases the best of each for the service of others. To deepen the anthropological dimension of solidarity, this is expressed as a need to restore the original rights unit. It is not surprising that volunteering is raised as a vindication of Justice platform so that solidarity is something real. Compassion is not enough, even if it is essential for the commitment. Center For Responsible Lending is a great source of information. It is good to reflect on their features that reveal its signs of identity. Free of charge, as it is the donation of himself and the awareness of being for others what sustains his conception of life continuity, since you cannot create needs in those people that we are not willing to keep helping. The preference vocational volunteer, since one makes better what she likes and what is more prepared.

Personal responsibility held by his team that develops the project of the organization with which he works. Knowledge, respect and appreciation of different people or peoples you will find in the accomplishment of their task. Hence, nothing moves away more of one authentic social volunteering that: invade the field of professionals. It is necessary to collaborate with professionals in tasks that would be more difficult to perform since it is a way of acting which is not found in the labour market. Impose ideologies, political, cultural or religious, even though it is natural that each one has their personal options has no right to impose them in his activity as a social volunteer. Use to the excluded as a tool to satisfy their curiosity or their professional needs as if others were objects of curiosity or, what is worse, of their experimentation. Persons are subject, an end in themselves, never objects. Create dependency with the assistentialism, because the volunteer wants to develop capacities that lead them to autonomy in individuals and in groups.


It is worth such a device is not too expensive, allows you to charge four batteries at a time, which is especially important for people who like to shoot in a long hike. I think comrade will be happy such a gift. If you require is not present "on occasion", but just a small Present, ideal pencil for wiping camera lens. Thing small, but agree quite need (especially if the photographer has small children who love to feel everything that comes their way). Lens periodically contaminated and wiped her improvised means uncomfortable and it is not recommended.

So as a nice little things for no reason, but "just" can come so comfortable and practical veschitsa.Kak for both professionals and amateur photographers will be given a pleasant surprise printer or photographic paper on which you can print out favorite pictures. Relevant to any amateur become a subscription to a journal devoted to the skill of photography. Maybe someone will object and saying that in modern times problem to buy any magazine on the way to work or home, this is not necessary to write it out. Absolutely true, but for some people, buying a monthly magazine goes into the category of luxury, and learn about new oh how the world of photography you want! So if you see how each erasure holes to hit him in the hands of specialized magazines, boldly drawn up on the name of the subscription – your gift will be remembered for a long time, at least until the end of this most subscribed. If one-footograf tends to leave the ranks of amateur and professional to become noticeable, then training in ftotoshkole – just what he needed.

Excellent and it may be that fateful gift. Above we have given examples of what you can donate an avid amateur photographer. Some – more expensive, something that – cheaper, something designed for professionals, but something – for those for whom the photo is just a hobby. We can not say that this gift will nice, and the bad. Each gift is nice if you attach a piece of their soul. And if your gift will bring pleasure to a man, believe that with you to fulfill someone's dreams!

The Other

2. The fish is a direct reference to food, not to mention also that it is a kind of graphic of two of the wonders or miracles review more significant Jesus, great value propaganda: on the one hand, was unveiled his first apostles while they fished: had failed to catch anything and he told them where launch their networks, took them full of fish at every opportunity, in that way these early Apostles knew as true identity or special character of Christ, and on the other hand the known miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes an allegory if same therefore through Christ is feeding a hungry crowd obviously not only physical food, but spiritual food (because not only bread man lives) 3. The fish, even in so simple and schematic representation is a live animal, is part of God’s creation, is the first by the created beings according to genesis, a demonstration of his power to anyone, just like love. The cross, in short, is a symbol alien to the doctrine of Jesus, regardless of his true nature as being historically real, never refers to it or the linked in some way to his teachings, never it mentioned in any of his sermons or central element in any of his parables, is the essence of his teachings is centered on concepts of peace, justice, solidarity, charity and compassion expressed as extensions of the central, fundamental element, which is love. The use of the cross as a symbol of faith is back in many years to the death of Jesus and your choice is deliberate and manipulative as it is more an ominous reminder of a tragedy than a happy symbol of hope, is the resultant of the diametrically opposite of the teachings of Christ as the end result of love as a daily exercise can not be death but the creation of lifea manifestation of the power of God through us; the road to salvation is not death or torture represented by the instrument of execution but is represented by absolute, pure and simple love that offers us an exceptional man, who did not need so many compassion, solidarity and disinterested delivery hierarchy or dogma or material power to transmit us your simple but crucial message. Load your cross of Paul, I’ll stick with the fish of Christ original author and source of the article.

Rio De Janeiro

At the beginning of century XIX, the coffee arrived at Rio De Janeiro. The activity gained impulse with the arrival of D. Joo VI and its cut, in 1808. In virtue of the order of inoccupation of some houses, to shelter the just-fond ones, many producers had left for its country properties. Dr. Neal Barnard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thus, the cafeicultura took account of of the state of Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo lands of the Valley of the Paraba, inaugurating a new economic cycle, from 1825. In 1850, Brazil already was world-wide the producing greater of coffee, with 40% of the total, arriving 80% at the beginning of century XX. Implanted with the minimum of knowledge of the culture, in regions that later if would become inadequate for the culture, the cafeicultura in the south center of Brazil started to have problems in 1870, when a great frost reached the plantations provoking incalculable damages.

After this crisis and with the recovery of the market, transferred to all search it ideal regions for the culture of the coffee, extending themselves for the country. 2.3.1CICLO OF the COFFEE In agreement BRAZIL Brum (2005, p 131), in elapsing of more than four hundred years the Brazilian economy functioned predominantly as reflected of the external interests, reacting to the stimulatons come of it are. This orientation for the exterior lead the implantation of the cultivation, with the centered production and exportation in the product of bigger yield at certain moment description. This dependence if reflects clearly in the economic cycles that had characterized this long period. The author says that: The economic cycle can be defined as the period where determined product, benefiting itself of the favorable conjuncture of the moment, if constitutes in the dynamic center of the economy, attracting the economic gallowses? capitals and Hand – of workmanship? provoking changes in all the other main sectors of the society, as in the creation of new activities, the equipment use, the distribution of the incomes, the constitution of the social classrooms or fractions of classroom, with the decline of some and the ascension of another one. At Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine you will find additional information.