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Homage To Reading

Reading the entire row without discrimination – our obsessive occupation with childhood. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ken Cron. In infancy we are taught the letters to shop signs. In school, our habit of absorbing written tried to organize, providing for the summer of lists that read, and that no. To read more click here: Kidney Foundation. But instead we read Dostoevsky Mayne Reid. And nothing better to do, happened, and Dostoevsky. And so all his life. Removed from the mailbox, a newspaper and read it from front page to the basement about the weather, not particularly penetrating. Sitting on the toilet, read scraps of newspapers and pages of antique books on a nail.

Pub – oiled journal pages on which the herring wrapped. In the subway – that comes into view over his shoulder, a neighbor. Advertising in the windows of subway cars and on escalator – it is now. New trends in search engine optimization of websites that seo, planted next to the firewood furnace-through of our consciousness. Free placement of articles in various directories itself diverse (and not fundamentally, what) subjects provided us with holiday more disordered reading for years and years to come. Just keep up with these optimizers! They are doing their job, in these articles no one need links (to anyone but themselves SEOs) – so we're not click, we read, read, read. Eyes, like a pendulum: as rocked back in his childhood, searching for familiar letters in the first shop sign – and can not in any way stop. Left to right, left, left to right. Wake up in the morning, pozevay, scratched under his arm, draw some myself into a mug of coffee, lit a cigarette. Open your browser, find another article directory – and read what the view will fall. Day crawl-over, you will become more widely read – and I do not remember what to read, so this particular.

World Internet

Why the online world? Through the next evening, sitting at the computer and clicking the mouse to no avail, I thought about this: The world needs what the Internet and need if any? You know, the Internet, of course, a great thing. Honor and praise to those who invented. Want to chat with a friend one click and you're on the network. Rewrite as you like. Need a book, silk … and bingo. Book and a lot of any further information, and do almost anything not necessary. Any news, gossip, scandals can be found, where do you think …? Of course, online.

Even my husband (wife), silk, here's a thousand applicants choose. In my present lines of sarcasm, but then so it really is. Earlier conversation with another was an important event. You're cool at work all day to finish things quickly and go to a meeting where you tired of waiting for people that you care about. You feel tired, but happy, and all because you realize that you still need someone. We have forgotten all about the healing power of words.

Good word of another as a healing drink can cure any sadness and anger. Tell me, can also online? I think not. I do not want to believe in that people are so busy that I did not have enough time to meet with someone you are precious. And yet you never alarmed when chatting ask another "how are you?", And in return you get dry, "normal"? Well, how do you know really all right or he writes, because you do not want to upload their own problems. In this case, worthless to you as a friend.

Can Google Plus Overcome Facebook?

Users of smartphones, iPads or owners of eReaders with Internet access, already have one entertainment: Google’s new social network already has name, Google + or Google Plus, and is now undergoing tests. Lot is the expectation that is producing a, and has waiting queue. Since he made his appearance last July 6 has achieved the attention of media and users, becoming the social network with the highest growth since the appearance of the first networks. Some of the main innovations of the new social network are: circles, meetups, interests, its main commitment is to sort your contacts into groups, to delimit the recipients of each message, i.e. a platform based on social circles based on the criteria defined by each user. Also includes the option of creating thematic discussions, videoconferences and account with an application for mobile for Android systems. At the moment only has been distributed a few invitations, so not everyone can access to the new network, on the website of Google + may be the inscription on the list until further invitations be issued but it will have to wait for to send them – the vision we have of what it means this new social network, for the moment, is unclear. We can not venture the future, although it is clear that Google Plus is hitting very hard and that in only a few days it could reach the figure of 20 million registered users..

Motorola DynTAC

Now everyone has a cell phone. It is hard to find someone who has no mobile phone. Everyone can afford to buy a mobile phone. And about ten years ago mobile phones were very expensive and used it only to those who had a big salary. The first mobile phone appeared in 1983. Surprised? Yes, the era of cellular phones began exactly 25 years ago, it was then that the market appeared Motorola DynTAC 8000X.

Currently, cellular the most common of all types of mobile communication, so often referred to as a mobile phone cell phone, although mobile phones are in addition to cellular and satellite phones, wireless phones and devices trunking. Mobile phones have changed the world – no need to prove such an obvious fact. Changed the way communication, and the very concept of ‘in touch’ has undergone a significant change that most people are on call 24 hours a day – thanks to a small callers devices without wires. Worldwide, there are about 3.3 billion safely operating mobile phones. Think about this monstrous figure – calling devices just something in half, than the world population. Given that the mobile phone does not use the whole of humanity, but only the adult and the most active part of it, then at 158 100 people working mobile phones.

Now in the modern world, mobile phones have many functions. People listen to music, play games, browse pictures, etc. To find something new people come online and begin to look for sites that can be download something interesting. Such sites on the Internet a lot, but many of them are substandard and need to pay for downloads. You can fool a long time to download multiple files from different sites, and you can download everything from a single Site – mobile31.ru. On the site you can download free games, apps, music, pictures, etc.

Develop Promote Web Sites

development and promotion of web sites – the kind of Internet activity that is in great demand. Should I specify why? But those who still do not know and do not know yet what the Web design explain: sites can yield good income owners. And it should be pointed out that this only happens when a business suit with a mind. There is no doubt that the beginning of the process – a manufacturing site. It is better to trust the professionals. We will not say that You do not own right – it is not, but here's your skill level whether the same. Here, saving just is not relevant, since it is greed may ultimately affect the outcome, and that the site was actually worthwhile splurge is worth. To create a website just not enough to be creative, must also have some experience and knowledge.

The fact that so many important details – and the location of images and color choices, and CMS, and so further. There must be harmony throughout. But it is important not to overdo it and it could also be negatively affected, as well as poorly done work. If we talk about color, it depends on the direction of your resource. Content must be such as to want to read or look at him. For example, you decided to post the article. You can simply copy text from another site, but it would also be wrong and not beneficial to you. Since these papers will be considered 'Stolen', but for this you can be fined and sometimes sent to the ban.

In such cases, you can say goodbye to earnings. When you are done with creating a site, put it on a suitable engine can take his promotion. Promotion web site – this is not some separate work, but it is a whole range of works. Someone gives a part of this complex, some almost whole, and who is engaged in separate species. Move through the site can placement of links to other sites with articles that are copied, and then placed in special directories and so on. And, as you can guess that the first step is research. They are necessary for identifying ways to move, which will approach your site. And the creation of a good site and a major promotion of the resource causing rates to rise and attendance, which affects the cost of advertising, that in the future can be placed.