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Twelve Points For Flight And Hotel Prices During The Eurovision Song Contest

swoodoo analyzes fares to the music spectacle in Malmo and determined only a slight increase in prices for travel and accommodation Munich, 25 April 2013 a reason more to cheer on: who morally want to help the German representative of Cascada her appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Malmo, must bring up no assets for the trip to Sweden. This shows the meta search engine The company compared the prices for air travel and hotel accommodation during the period of the final shows from 14 to 18 may 2013 with the rates two weeks before and after the spectacle and comes in contrast to other major events to a moderate result. Flights from/to Germany in Malmo, as well as in the nearby Copenhagen hit average with 179 euros during the great event record. This corresponds to a modest 18 percent increase compared to two weeks before or after if are due in about 152 euros. The hotel prices attract more. Here, the average rate is for the overnight during the Eurovision Song Contest nearly 163 euros.

These are about 25 percent more than usual. Before and after the ESC an average 130 euros for the night will be due. An increase of this magnitude is comprehensible”, commented Manuel Posch, Managing Director of swoodoo. The price increase presents 2012 very moderate compared with Baku, the venue. There was missing it simply capacity so that soared tariffs according to. Malmo is significantly better positioned. Also many supporters by car, ferry or train travel on.” A savings tip for visitors of the Eurovision Song Contest: guests must not necessarily stay in a hotel in Malmo. Also in neighboring Copenhagen, many hotels to choose from are on the Danish side of the oresund.

Both towns are well connected via the oresund bridge and it is possible to go back to the event in the evening in the Danish capital without further ADO. About swoodoo o’ceidigh powered KAYAK is a meta search engine for flights and hotels, which an independent price comparison for flight and hotel deals on the Internet allows the user to quickly and easily find the best available deal. The search engine is powered by KAYAK. The swoodoo flight search, leader in the German-speaking countries and recommended by Stiftung Warentest (test, issue 2/2010), compares the offers of over 700 airlines and many online travel agencies. Numerous test victories in comparing prices, for example in focus money, ComputerBILD, BILD am Sonntag, geo season and Sat1 breakfast television, swoodoo flight search feature. Swoodoo Hotel search helps users to find the best deals on the most important Hotel portals and it sets new standards in search capabilities and ease of use. The swoodoo GmbH, headquartered in Munich was founded in 2006 and is one of the fastest growing companies in the online travel industry. For more information: Manuel Posch KAYAK Europe GmbH women munsterstrasse 16 CH-8001 Zurich District 1 o’ceidigh press contact: Julia Pawelczyk Wilde & partners Public Relations Nymphenburger str. 168 80634 Munchen / Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 21 fax + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 99 WildeundPartner

Merkur Bank

ETF: index funds, which buy everyone in the stock market and sell call flexibility at low fees of ETFs (Exchange traded funds). Include by the variety and the different sectors – country indices, ETFs offer maximum flexibility for the investment. ETF also allow a timely possibility to react to market developments. To make this possible automatically work especially well if you on the basis of a longer meeting or also because one wants to watch no stock quotes a few days on holiday, it is recommended to work with a limit. Limits for the purchase and sale of ETF can be free at many online banks. But beware: not a few cash suddenly charges if the limit should be changed once again. The not uncommon.

The best example: sell limit profit protection. The stock market prices rise it can make sense, even once to increase the limit. One of the banks, which neither the establishment nor the change one limit cost money is the Merkur Bank. Also has a depot at the private bank of the northernmost city of Italy”is to offer a lot of Munich. So, each stock order, but also any buying and selling ETF at a fixed price is charged. Differently than usual, the not with the investment costs thereby. Investors who want to create money as federal funds in addition to the depot, receive in addition a ZinsPlus”, when the depot value (the sum of all securities in the depot, not only ETF) reached at least fifty thousand euro.

Tax Code

Of this feature follows the main advantage of insurance savings in comparison with other methods of storage (such as bank deposits) along with certain investment opportunities policy gorantiruet and insurance protection. In addition to life insurance (in case of death of the client before the expiration of his insurance, the heirs are not only made the entire amount accumulated s, but a lump sum of insurance coverage, and very substantial) the contract may include additional protection against other risks, such as the risk of disability. This means that if during the period of the contract customer for any reason is not capable of work (say in an accident) and no longer able to pay the premiums, the company undertakes to pay insurance premiums. This condition is particularly interested in the family If only one breadwinner. However, it is worth remembering that the inclusion of additional services will increase the cost of the policy. A significant advantage naopitelnyh insurance is their freedom from taxation: payments under voluntary life insurance (five years or more) are not taxed on income (but only if the contract does not uslovyya provide for periodical payments during the first five years) Income from bank deposits is in excess of the rate taxed refenansirovaniya (p.2 st.224 Tax Code).

Frequently among long-term disadvantages of life insurance called the low level of profitability. Indeed, compared to bank deposits, which offer 7-11% per annum on deposits in foreign currency, investment income on insurance policies is less attractive (3-8%). Interest rates are low primarily because the life insurance – is a long financial product, expected for ten – twenty years or more. Assess the return on investment for such a long time is difficult. In fairness, we note that the only means to assume depozty krastkosrochnyh vlazheny would be a mistake. Indeed, banks enter into contracts for a shorter period than the insurance companies, but by its end You can roll over the deposit agreement, although sometimes at lower potsent on dogosvoru.


Happiness is … Everyone aspires to that state of peace and serenity. But why is not everyone reaches his. Self-realization, control their thoughts, life for the sake of others, how to recognize and where to find this joy? Happiness consists of three components: 1.Vozmozhnost Love 2. The joy of being loved 3. Your value. Love.

The more mature and wise is the person, the more she tries to support, empathize and help the loved one. This is a strong personality. For the love of a strong personality connected with the idea of self-affirmation. Such a person "builds" relationships and invest in them as a vitally important project. At the same time finds the happiness and enjoyment to them.

But every strong people sometimes have to be weak. What to do when you arm and vest, but he need help? In short, a strong personality is hard to find as many near Douala. Be significant. Be significant – to be respected, to have credibility, a certain social status, to be effective. Efficiency in symbiosis with the state of happiness is to be safe. But welfare is a definite foundation on which to build state belonging to a person in this world, supplies and ability to operate with it. Family … of course, must be in the lists of what you need for significance. But it is something that many have families, and significant are units. Nothing can replace a man of self-realization. And if the family is just happy. Happiness is a great state. Because, to be happy need an effort of will. Happiness – is an effort of will. Someone from birth is given such an ability, a gift to be happy, but someone needs to learn this. And the biggest problem we and our children lies in the fact that we do not know how to be happy. The fact that happiness is today replaced by a substitute. Learn of Happiness can be learning the harmony with the world, with his soul, with your body. Happiness is a result of the activity, which is also in the external manifestations aimed at the family, society, and in the inner-comprehension himself. Learn to talk to your body! This skill will help you be healthy. And the main mistake of Rene Descartes, set a man on the "SNF" – body and "Psycho" – the soul should not affect you. After all, physical and Mental dependent on each other. Teach your children to be happy! After all, if you do not know how to be happy your children are unlikely to learn it. You have to sample and compare. An example would be the parent stock of happiness positive thinking for a lifetime. And most importantly, to be happy to believe. After all, each is given according to his faith. Faith in a well-deserved happiness, faith, happiness in family and friends. Be happy! Give Happiness!