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Greek Circulation

Many people wasting unnecessary time in the difficult moments of life, those that we need to make vital decisions. However, other more intelligent, often consulting with sages, seers, and counselors. That’s why that always has been popularized the circulation of the tarot as a form of inquiry in turbulent times, the borderline situations and occasions in which a wrong decision can be a real disaster and the right decision may lead us the way. Imagine how your life would be if you didn’t have the sight, touch, or other respects. On that basis would you take decisions such as walk right or give back to the corner? Therefore, is the circulation of the tarot, with the help of the person skilled in its use, who can make you see and help you guide in complex ways as sentimental field, the family, the friendships and the work.

Places in which you can be watching a dangers and opportunities that neither you imagine, because all human always involves factors invisible as jealousy, envy, slander, rivalries, the benefactors, allies, etc. So you can choose the type of spin you need a Tarot reader, will make you know that within the varieties of the Tarot spread are for example: Star Chuck, Chuck lives passes, the circulation of dreams, the circulation of pyramid, astrological Chuck. Chuck the Sentimental cross, planetary Chuck, Chuck each birthday one of the circulation of the tarot and Tarot types, can serve for a specific purpose of consultation. We will now see a summary of how a circulation of tarot affects the appearance of one arcane higher in difficult moments. For example, facing a crisis of any kind, reason that often put very anxious, nervous, angry or depressive, the emergence of the Temperance informs us that we must calm our emotions, to make wise decisions. Temperance is the Temple, is the virtue of the sages and was considered the Fundamental virtue (or the virtue of virtues) by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, great connoisseur of the physical and metaphysical world. Who conquers the Temperance has conquered as well and only then, can conquer the world. Temperance is a letter that tells you, stop your emotions, and think about situations in which you are involved, at the same time which means: you must act with the mettle to situations you have front, whether charitable or not.

Donation Registration Act

For which donations is a duty of disclosure? On July 31, 2008, the inheritance tax and gift tax was lifted. This resulted in a tax exemption for asset and corporate succession resulted. Also a registration mechanism of shifts in assets accounted for by eliminating the inheritance tax and gift tax. It was feared that the omission of tax purchases as gifts would be concealed and thus other tax revenue accounted for. Still, a failure to report of certain asset transfers left open a back door to money laundering. Therefore the donation notification law, which contains a notification obligation of certain gifts applies since 1 August 2008.

Notifiable asset allocations are compulsorily notifiable since August 1, 2008 capital assets, including the passbooks, cash or securities, shares and assets of any kind, including also rights and licenses. Here, both the persons involved in the donation, as well as the notaries contributing with this gift or lawyers are notifiable. Exceptions and limits of amounts between members may apply gifts in the course of a year up to an amount of 50,000, unless these are reportable. A maximum donation limit of 15,000 5 years applies to donations of other people. Still, small capital and furniture donations are not subject up to an amount of 1,000. This may be made both between members as well as others. Plots are not subject to tax between spouses up to 150 m 2 for the creation of an abode. All other free conveyancing covered since eliminating the inheritance tax and gift tax by the tax obligation.

Thus, the tax burden corresponds to 3.5% of the assessment basis. Exception is considered to be the land transfer between near relatives, which is taxed at 2% of the base. Also, charitable donations to churches or charities not reportable, are not donations that fall under the law on foundations control input. Donations on foundations are subject according to Foundation input tax of a tax of 2.5% of the value of the donation. The donation must be reported within a period of three months penalties in cease and desist notification. The reporting requirement applies equally to the purchaser and the applicable. Also notaries or lawyers who have contributed to the donation, are committed to a display of same. Omission of the message can cause a fine of 10% of the scorched donation value. Voluntary declarations are possible only up to one year after the end of the donation notification. Where the donation will be reported? The message is usually electronically, and can be done at any tax office. The betreffliche form is called Schenk1 “and is available on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Finance ( for downloading. Who is considered as a member before the donation Registration Act? Usually related considered to members before the donation Registration Act up to the fourth grade in the sidelines, cousins and cousins, Grosstanten and Great-uncle, Grand-nephew and Grandnieces. Donations are possible between unrelated in a straight line, for example, between father-in-law and son-in-law. Adoptive parents, foster parents, and spouses are also considered members. If you need tax advice on this topic, can help the tax consultancy firm Franz Schmid in Jenbach. 20 Years of tax advisers successfully serves companies from diverse industries.

Kerstin Magnussen

Dr. Andreas Gourmelon module 4: principles and instruments of human resources development in the public administration (27-28.02.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Gourmelon module 5: Human resources development in the context of labour, tariff and bibliographical (10-11.03.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Friedrich-Wilhelm Heumann, lawyer specializing in labour law module 6: training as an element of human resources development – organization of learning outcomes in the public administration (03. 04.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Kerstin Magnussen, certified project management expert (GPM), trainer module 7: human resources development in the context of individual needs of employees and of operational interest of departments (22-23.05.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Kerstin Magnussen, Certified Project management expert (GPM), trainer module 8: cooperation of the human resources department with the Authority’s management and staff, as well as the development of a personnel development concept (16-17.06.2014 Berlin) Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Barbel Unrath modular training by the 18.11.2013 to 17.06.2014 takes place at the municipal education factory e.V. in Berlin.

Prospective customers receive information content and fees see: the seminar number: PEK100. Company profile: The municipal education factory e.V. (KBW e.V.) is an institution of vocational training for employees and managers of the entire public sector institutions and associations, companies and other interested parties and individuals recognised as charitable. For more than 20 years, the Institute offers a comprehensive program berufsbegleitender education and training. The events take place as seminars and workshops, as in-house courses, as well as in the form of conferences. While the continuing education offerings span the entire Federal territory. The headquarters of the municipal education factory e.V.

is located in Berlin. Regional offices are in Wuppertal, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main. In September 2012, which has communal education factory e.V. the renowned Berlin-based training company ABBOT gGmbH as 100% subsidiary acquired, especially funded training (SGB II/III and Rehab) offers. The municipal education work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified according to AZWV. The training programme of the municipal education plant e.V. is to retrieve up-to-the-minute under:. How to contact with press and public relations: Klaudia Hennig municipal education factory e.V. belt str. 29a/30 10247 Berlin Tel. 030-29 33 50-0 fax: 030-29 33 50 0

Special Price For Hubert Burda Foundation

German Award for business communication 2009 the finalists Berlin, April 2009 on May 20 students give the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin in the Friedrichstadt Palast for the ninth time the German Award for business communication. It will be awarded to the most innovative and effective communication concepts in German companies. The 49 finalists are: best communication of corporate responsibility adidas AG British American tobacco (industry) GmbH Deutsche BP AG Deutsche Post DHL Henkel AG & co. KgA Lidl Services GmbH & co. KG Philips Germany GmbH best Public Relations Communications adidas AG Allianz Germany AG Cognis GmbH DB mobility logistics AG Fleurop AG Otto Group Philips Germany GmbH best promotional communication ABB AG Daimler AG FIEGE Stiftung & co. KG Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft Germanwings GmbH best online communication Cognis GmbH Loewe AG Otto Group Roland Berger Strategy consultants Holding AG best communication in the event marketing BASF SE CFP brands confectionery trade GmbH & co. KG Deutsche Post DHL Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation (IPA) HDI-Gerling Leben Serviceholding AG lion AG Otto Group Tognum AG wall AG best internal communications Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) Cognis GmbH, degewo AG E.ON Energie AG ING-DiBa AG LANXESS Germany GmbH media-Saturn group PAUL HARTMANN AG Robert Bosch GmbH Vodafone D2 GmbH best communication in brand policy Daimler AG of German savings banks and checking Association Elysion GmbH Henkel AG & co.

KgA Loewe AG s.Oliver Bernd of free GmbH & co. KG the Hubert Burda Foundation receives the prize of the DPWK 2009 for her outstanding communicative and social commitment. Hardly a foundation in Germany is characterised by a such a wide range of fields of activity. Particularly noteworthy is the work within the framework of the Felix Burda Foundation, which is dedicated to health care in the area of colorectal cancer. The Foundation know their communicative actions to focus, to bring awareness of the problem on the agenda of its target groups. Mrs. Dr.

Christa Maar will receive the prize personally as a Board member. The day of the business communication begins with a symposium on the topic of reputation”management. Registration is until May 7, dpwk 2009/Conference / possible. The participation is free of charge, limited number of places, however. Expected in the evening, a young and unique in the industry awards gala. Moderator Dietmar Deffner, head of the N24 economics editorial also this year is again. “Gotz Bergmann & his gentlemen” provide the musical background of ceremony and after-party show. There are tickets offer /. Journalists can contact the accreditation form under press conference and award ceremony sign. Contact person: Yvonne read Legnica press and public relations Mobile: 0174 / 9931146 E-Mail: press contact: German Award for business communication c/o Association for the promotion of economic communication e.V. Treskowallee 8 10318 Berlin Tel: (030) 50 19 24 19 fax: (030) 50 19 22 72 E-Mail:

Morning Star Foundation

With the ‘morning star Foundation for artists in need’, a new foundation for artists and art has emerged within the last few months. “” October 7, 2010 at the lion Palais, Berlin: 1-dinner to benefit the morning star Foundation for artists in need “with the morning star Foundation for artists in need” a new foundation for artists and art has emerged within the last few months. The Foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization and helps living artists who have fallen accidentally, E.g. due to illness, accident etc. in emergency in Germany. Also, it supports artists who represent interesting, independent positions and still be perceived not from the art world. On Thursday, October 7, 2010, the Foundation presented himself for the first time! The Foundation very cordially invites you to the 1-dinner to benefit the morning star Foundation for artists in need”a. This charity evening combines stylish contemporary art and social commitment with elegance with Networking opportunities.

The dinner will take place in the Salon-like atmosphere in the lion Palais, Berlin-Grunewald. The number of places is limited to 80 now – takes the place of the art! The Foundation wants to introduce thus their background and their objectives, as well as the first concrete assistance. They indulge in culinary delights (3-course menu, also vegetarian), artistically inspired (five interesting artists exhibit) and meet pleasant people, which are also open for art and in the often precarious situation of the author, the artist, don’t forget! Look forward to Lady Rose & Henry de Winter enjoy the hits of the 1920s up 40 authentic and charming. Our moderator is Cindy Berger (Cindy & Bert”). There is a very special evening!