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Botanical Garden

The coming of the real family allowed a new rupture with the previous situation. In order to prepare land for its demurrage in Brazil, D. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). Joo I SAW abri military schools, schools of right and Medicine, the Real Library, the Botanical Garden and Real Imprenta. The education, therefore, continued being secondary. With the proclamation of the Republic, one tried several reforms that could give a new deviation, but the Brazilian education did not undergo a evolution process that could be considered excellent or significant in terms of model. From the cultural and pedagogical point of view, the republic was a revolution that aborted and that being satisfied with the change of regime, did not have the thought or the decision to realise a radical transformation in the education system, to bring about a cultural renovation of the cultural and political, necessary elites to the new democratic institutions. At this time, in a story of Nationalistic Liga of San Paulo it said that the fundamental cause of all our evils is the illiteracy, that consequently brings inevitable the absence of civic and political culture, the ignorance of the hygienic rules, the incapacity for great number of professions, delay in the agricultural and industrial processes that are to him annexed. A series of reforms they were on way.

Several factors contributed with the reforms: the climate of pedagogical euphoria that took account from the Brazilian society. The beginning of industrial era pressed a new direction of education; and the introduction to the Brazil of the ideals of the New School, by whose theories the reformers were inspired. It was necessary, therefore, to examine the problems of the education from the point of view of a society in movement. It is from that sociological point of view, that studied, the present position of the problem of the aims of the education. He is the one that made us face the education like an adaptation social means and consequently to bring to the surface the importance of an integral learning.

Juan Carlos

It well reflected you yourself with the similarity of the thirteen councilmen of long ago and those of now: unlike the solidarity of then, that now it eludes until the own mayor. As well as, possibly, they would understand the urgent and respectful necessity of, pacifically, continuing climbing in the summit of the equitable distribution that glorifies the equality that is born from the world-wide productivity and its resources, to the benefit of the own social equality. A production in mass: partisan, nonequitable, it would be equivalent a to submerge to the society in the past of new rich: accurate and virtual: of rendered and profiteer, so they have been forged in brings back to consciousness working of the last decades. CBC, Australia often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For unequivocal drag to an extraordinary misery, it hides, but that like a ghost that nothing in the unreality us has waked up the world-wide crisis Consequently, to the homes, mainly of youth: that they have not come from the tip of the clerical stork, but of the hand of the fight of classes and the social democracy;and they have not known the barbarism the necessity – I, that she consists, yes the one of wastefulness Am not possible either that they feel and they will feel the erroneous sensation of a global economic wealth that, unfortunately, will not happen, as the recent crisis has opened, of already mentioned potentiality. It would increase in multinational fusions and, consequently, the decrease of rights to the weak one and in real exhibition to the future over-exploitation of the masses. The new generations, in good measurement, entered in also the new fashions of consumption and enjoys bad, good and less bad dowries than us have brought the globalisation, do not know the more recent historical reality of the locality that now, to them lodges: policies and classes, labor conditions and of alms For this reason, would be of much, very many benefit that a historian, in spite of the multiple ties that the own local representation, you argue that it places in the way, continued traveseando pockets and jumping the fences that would be to take to show the historical and cultural doctrine to him, and to expose it to ears and eyes of the new generations.Therefore, iluso of me, I anticipate that to many citizens of the future and they jeopardize with the own future, would like to know why today the list is received, lucky person has that it, to thirty days of beginning of the development of the labor activity, and then, unskilled labour was received to the day: it digs, it harvests, harvesting of olive, etc., or in opposite, in house of the poor man and his family, did not eat Then it dominated bourgeois absolutism, that concluded day 13 of April of 1931, with the march, " volunteer: lack of supports in elections locales" of King Borbn: grandfathers of the present Juan Carlos: Alfonso XIII.

Operations Resources

One improves the flow of information and the coordination between all the jurisdictions and organisms involved in the emergencia. All the organisms with responsibility with respect to the emergencia have knowledge of the priorities and restrictions of each of them. No authority of an organism or legal requirements are it jeopardize or forgotten. Each organism knows the plan, the actions and limitations of other organisms totally. The combined effects of all the organisms are optimized because they fulfill his respective missions under a single plan of action of Emergencias. The duplication of efforts is reduced or eliminated, being reduced the costs and the possibility of frustration or conflict. The structure of the EMS is based on the following principles: Common terminology: The terminology of the EMS is standardized and is coherent with all the involved organisms. Modular organization: The structure of the EMS can be increased in multiple levels to take care of the complexity and extension of the emergencia.

Integrated communications: The EMS requires a common plan of communications, standard procedures of operation, a clear text, common frequencies and common terminology. Consolidated plans of action of emergencias: the action plans describe the operative goals of answer, objectives and the activities of support. Space of manageable control: reaches manageable defines as the number of individuals or functions that a person can handle with effectiveness. In the EMS, the space of control for any person it is within a margin of three to seven resources, being five the optimal one. Facilities designated for emergencias: These clearly know functions defined to help in the effective handling of the emergencia. Complete handling of the resources: The totality of the resources is handled through all the organizations unfolded in a emergencia, including the maximum security of the personnel. The structure of the organization of emergencias EMS is constructed around four main components: Control handling of the emergencia (Commando) Programming gathered and information analysis on the emergencia and programming of the answer activities (Planning) Operations direction of the resources to fight against the emergencia.

Human Values

I want to make notice that so important it is to know what river is longest of the world, like knowing how to listen a old one when it wishes to share with us minutes of its time or its personal history. Or that so important is to know in what year America was discovered, like remembering the birthday of some loved person, because the Friendship, the Love or the Generosity, also are Human values that to cultivate with extreme care, and which sometimes, by the force of the custom, we got to cause that these lose their true sense. I must say that I feel much pain when I hear the phrase, ” There are two words that will abrirn all the doors to you, empuja” and estira” ” , when the two true words that will abrirn all the doors to you, by more bolts than these have are, ” Gracias” and ” Please ” , it seems that to one the spirit fills to him he says when them he hears or them. These two magical words lock up in they themselves all philosophy of life that it includes, or perhaps goes beyond Values Human, because they are not demanding anything for pronounces that them, but are only festejando” an action or omission of a person who deserves all your respect. The version of the phrase with the words empuja” and estira” , he is very usual between the devoid young people of certain values, or to realise some joke, but the certain thing is that by force of saying it more and by more people, it is taking a relevance that it is relegating to the forgetfulness the authentic phrase and its correct meaning. The Human Values, so discredited by certain sectors in the present times, first preoccupation in the education of our young people would have to be ours, because only laying the foundations a good base, full of great and deep Human Values, we will be able to consolidate a good future and to compose a society where the Human Values are the true standards of all we, of all the society, of all the humanity.

Control Of The Personal Income

The importance of controlling the performance of the monthly income. Certainly for many people it is not common to deselvover this practices. Without a doubt the same can represent a favorable factor for that decides to carry out. The control is one of the pillars that comprise of the administration. In the organizations his it practices becomes indispensable in the common goal seeking, since it means one of the channels by where the actions are executed and the satisfactory fulfillment of these is moderate. Also if you are able to imitate the example of the organizations as far as executing control action on your income and measuring its satisfactory fulfillment, obtendras the advantage and the changes that they obtain when realising them. As it listening if you want to obtain changes in your financial situation begin giving the first step which consists of controlling your income. When creating a control on the use that him DAS to each movement you will create a culture of handling and strategic pursuit in your finances.

At first I did not control the use of my income either and this was causing in my ignorance and a handling without base that only originated a thing: Insolvency to cover my margins with expenses. But he was then, when descubri the importance of using a financial tool to control the monthly income in order to cover with efficiency the margins with expenses. For that reason I recommend to you to use some tool of control that offers a satisfactory use you of the personal income. If you wish to use a control tool it proves this. It remembers to consider the Control like one of the pillars fundamental to obtain better financial results. In the measurement that you practice east to pound the results Iran accentuating itself but in your monthly financial desembolvimiento. Alexander Valenti PNM Finances.

General Secretariat Ibero

The General Secretariat Ibero-americana (SEGIB), the Main directorate of Trfico (DGT) of Spain, the Foundation ENTRUSTS of it (Foundation for the Automobile and the Society), Foundation MAPFRE, the World-wide Service for the Road Security of the World Bank with the support in the one of the Transitory Commission for the Road Security and the Real Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC), held in Madrid an important meeting of high level on road security, of MONDAY 23 and TUESDAY 24 of FEBRUARY of 2009 Vice-minister of Public Works and Transports of Dominican Republic, Ing. Mario Holgun emphasized the importance of organization of encounter at levels governmental on road security, like platforms of international cooperation in this scope. Also he spoke on the influence of the accidents in the national economy, mainly in poor countries, in summary that ” the global crisis cannot throw to a side the crisis of the security vial” , because they are consubstantial. It emphasized that without political will nor no brings back to consciousness social plan of road security could be successful. ” All plan of security in the routes to diminish the traffic accidents and the number of victims as a result of these, will be condemned the failure if it is not committed like subject of policy of State where it becomes jumbled to the diverse sectors of sociedad”. The highest rate of road sinisterness in Latin America this affecting the GIP as the majority of the governments does not imagine it. For that reason, the Global Road Security this becoming a logical reason that it demands a special attention in the programs of government like nation plan. The Dominican Republic does not escape of this calamity. The 2008 were clarified by a rate of mortality in traffic accidents like long time ago.


You are accumulating negative rage, resentment and feelings towards your person and before the others. Have passed I it and easiest she is to throw the fault to the others and not to see that you are the problem. It is why you must take into account the advice I let who you to improve the self-esteem and so that you recover the confidence in same you, the pride of being who you are. I leave these 4 basic advice you you take so that it into account: It takes an assertive attitude, it means that you are able of respetarte and to the others, being direct, honest and to have I dye to say the things at the correct moment and with the suitable words, without offending nobody. You are not scared to express your feelings, opinions, doubts of free way, stops being thinking that they will say the others on you. The others you do not know what you feel, which you want, you only can know it. Deserving Sintete of respect, remembers that you are unique and as important as any person in the world. You leave nobody humiliates to you, neither your family, nor your pair, nor your children.

As well as you request respect, also you will have to respect to the others like same. It remembers you are not victim of anybody, changes those negative thoughts towards your person and the others. The other people are not the guilty of the situation in which you are. You yourself beam made those destructive thoughts, until person in charge of this. Are in time, You you can do it. Amiga remembers that you can obtain respetarte and to leave the state of Low Self-esteem in you have submerged. You deserve to be happy, deserve to be loved, deserve to fulfill your goals, you deserve to have good friendly and you deserve to be a success woman. The power you obtain so that it and you feel deserving of all this, is within you, you do not look for it in the material things or in the others, you have the answer. Saludo de xito Valeria Saavedra Admin de Vence your low self-esteem Original author and source of the article.

Speaker Phone

The people when they speak on the telephone do, it of a way very different from when they talk against in front. The telephone is impersonal. There is visual contact, nor opportunity no to express with gestures which means. This puts an excessive load in its voice to make arrive the message at the other end of the line. Firstly he considers the tone typical whereupon you answer a telephone call: stop, moderate or smooth.

The one that describes you better you do not have almost any importance, as long as their vocal quality is pleasant. It is prepared. A high voice that suggests vigor and health generally is expressed in a seductive tone but a high voice, sprinkled of irritation, impatience, or with acute or gaudy shouts it is, with complete certainty, a signal of shutdown for positive a telephone conversation. The rapidity in the greeting when offing-hook the earpiece is also important. An express " diga" as if it was barking is almost equivalent to like a to say: " What is what wants? " This is also applied to the simple and protocolic greeting " yes? " or " who speech? " Much more attractive it is a smooth, slow and full greeting of heat as if outside a greeting against in front. After this the subject of its conversation will depend on whom is the person with whom it is speaking (a stranger, a friend or enamoring). Also it depends on the nature of the subject. It supposes that it wishes to meet with a group of his friendships. Technical what would use in their conversation so that it does not seem a plea or persuacin? For the friend who does not interest another thing more to him than the food, you must say to him, something as well as: " By the way, Alfredo, between the things that fodder to serve is your stuffed lobster favorita".

Forex Courses

When the electronic commerce began to make a significant notch in the retailers of the currency market, these worried about the loss of the human factor in the treatment, complained which the computer was going to them to buy a beer. Ten years ago an agreement still was done when somebody shouted " hecho" in one of its telephones in the middle of the basic noise of other operators that they did the same whereas the prices that they gave the runners constantly were disclosed through system Tannoy known like " SquawkBox " or " hoot" n holler". " It was a bloody noise and good diversion sangrienta" , an ex–agent remembered, who felt that the arrival of the technology had robbed to the market great part of its personality. Nowadays it is more than the roar of a constant humming, while the operators face to the banks of screens and they maintain conversations electronic whereas hoot" n Holler is used to spread the evaluations of the analysts on the last ones and recent data economic. The old man noise level is had displaced to the bars where, apparently, still a pile of beers is it buying. The first screen of the system of Reuters commerce was sent in 1982 for the interbank market, where it happens the majority of the currency interchanges. The company sent a conversational product in the 1989 and one coincident anonymous platform in 1992, but I face his first competition in 1993 the launching of Services of Corretaje Electrnico (EBS), a platform pertaining to a great number of great banks and designed with the express intention to come up that Reuters held a monopoly position. Now, the two platforms continue dominating the interbank market but they face the competition of Internet, where a series of vestibules in the Web is animating to new participants to deal directly.

Children’s Rights

The pages of newspapers and the informed spaces in radio and television have filled of sad, hard, bitter and bleak data on the present situation of the children anywhere in the world: poverty, undernourishment, diseases, traffic, work and infantile prostitution. Nevertheless, until now the signallers have forgotten an equal or more important data that the numbers, and is that in the heat of 21st century still exists two nations that have not signed the Convention the International of the Rights of the Boy. On the one hand is Somalia, country that takes more than 15 years sunk in a terrible civil war and without a government legitimately recognized by the UN, reason by which it is not allowed him to sign any international treaty. The other country that has not ratified this declaration is the United States. Although it is certain that the rest of the nations already has signed the Declaration and even so they are continued violating the fundamental rights of the children in its territories, also is certain that ratifying the Convention supposes to adopt one determining attitude and a legal and moral responsibility before the problems, two initial, but necessary steps, to guard by the fulfillment of such rights. Before the change of resident in the White House, million people are optimists and hope that the leadership of Obama can lead to the United States and the rest of the planet to a new global paradigm. Nevertheless, the present world order depends on many entretejidos threads and, in spite of the good intentions of the democrat, the reality is that it will have a very short manoeuvre margin, which will set up important obstacles to him at the time of reaching the great changes that the population of the planet hopes.

However, the elect president of the United States yes has in his hands the accomplishment of small significant changes that the foundations for a new world order can lay the. Among them, we could hope, and even demand, a smaller, but symbolic change, in a small portion of the North American international policy. For anybody the weight is a secret that has Washington before international organisms like the UN, the OAS, the OECD or the IMF and less still the power to drive or to stop international programs and initiatives. Due to this, is determinant that the government of Obama makes the decision to sign the Convention the International of the Rights of the Boy (and other so many who to date has refused to sign) so that from the leadership and the example, he drives and he guides a new world more just.