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Orhan Pamuk Snow

Orahn Pamuk was born in Istanbul in 1952. Since 1974 is dedicated exclusively to the reading. Awarded numerous times with different prestigious awards, in 2008 was awarded the prize Nobel of literature. The protagonist of snow is Ka, a poet who makes a living as a journalist. The play on words that apparently exists in the Turkish language between the name of the poet and the title of the novel, is lost in translation, but this setback does not influence nor in the plot nor the way of telling the author.

Pamuk introduces us from the outset in a stifling atmosphere corseted, both moral and culturally. The boring lives of the inhabitants of Kars, hometown of the protagonist, mingle with the Islamist fanaticism and oppression of the ruling political class. Using the isolation of the small border town, caused by a heavy snow, Pamuk draw, perhaps without being its priority intention, the dismissal of intellectuals, Turkish in particular and Muslims in general, educated and trained at the Western gates of freedom and permissiveness; men of culture whose work stands on pillars constructed with raw material extracted from their cultures, but whose intellectual solidity it is due to Western influence. When trying to use only the own wickers, appears the sectarianism and a radical approach to any aspect of human thought and expression. We speak of theocratic societies, based on the Muslim religion, whose head thickness has not been able to make progress throughout history, and which has been anchored in the social and political order of the middle ages. Those reflections even-handed and measured of the protagonist, without having to delve into excess, betray a clear stroke of European influence. The story, Pamuk combining memories of the protagonist with the appearance of characters that bring wealth to the construction of a plot with many meanders goes spinning. Sometimes it is surprising behavior or attitudes taken by the characters; and one is a little misleading without knowing if blamed such rarity to the difference of cultural approach or simply to the needs of the plot has been imposing to the author of the novel.

The description of the creative process of the poet Ka seems excellent to me throughout his stay in his hometown. Feels that, without any doubt, Ka must have been a great poet. Pamuk, creating a suffocating atmosphere and a poor and austere landscape, in a strange place for a Western reader, is able to keep us hooked to the story. That’s being a good writer. Safe Creative #0912035058096 original author and source of the article

Difficult Task

Often we want to apologize in our attitudes, in our daily mistakes and as parents is no exception, the education of children begins from the time they are born, even more so since they are in the womb, hence begin to perceive the love or the rejection of their parents and perhaps feeling affects later that early childhoodin adolescence, or adulthood, and not to mention the formation and the bad or good examples which receive at home, not only parents but also of people who live more closely together with them, talk about grandparents, brothers, cousins, friends; Our children are at first a book blank just like our lives, depends on us in their early years that these early experiences and learning is positive and good fruit throughout his life, the child does and says or acts according to what observed, if you hear screaming, nonsense, and sees violence, irresponsibility, hatred at home so will grow perhaps not notice it at first but it will come out when your reason is more mature, however if the child sees peace at home, love in your family, stability, understanding, forgiveness, honesty, your son transmitted to their children what it saw and all the learned values will be practice throughout his life, and he will hardly be diverted path road, our children are not born bad sons, remember that they are what they have seen and heard in his crib which is home, and if they have been diverted popr road is because their family, moral and spiritual bases are weak and are not sure of their decisions at the time they are presented before them the bad influences from the outside world, a son who possesses a deep with their parents relationship, will be difficult for that child to cause pain and disappointment in her parentsthey will never want to cause sadness to those who love unconditionally, cares and strengthens that relationship with your children that in the middle age of his youth do not cause you head dolres and are in turn tomorrow real parents with their children (your grandchildren) gives me sadness seeing as the children who have no one good relationship with their parents substituted it false doors that give them such protection, the love that require even if they are large, and are looking for it everywhere and in all things and us deviate from the path, that sadness that the children instead of having us confidence we have fear, when they disapprove a matter rather than seek support and listening in their parentsthey have to lie and make believe that everything is going well in school since they have dread that parents know what is happening in reality, teens who are pregnant by early promiscuity is distress and don’t know you do in such a situation already that which their parents are aware it can be fatal and they prefer to listen to their amiguitas as inexperienced at this situation and things likeWe are friends of our children and not policemen or torturers, I have prepared throughout my experience with adolescents, youth groups and couples a digital booklet entitled: 15 tips for improving the relationship with the children!

CPF Information

In best of the hypotheses the small storekeeper it obtains to tie up to, but rare to beat the prices of the great store. If the price will be very inferior to the offered one for a great store distrusts of face, the possibility of the product to be false, smuggled, stolen, etc, is very great! It is clearly that cases exist special where this rule is not applied, as for example in the case of imported electronic of the United States for the post offices. Exactly thus, before leaving buying, it talks with the storekeeper and makes to explain as it obtains this price. The explanation has that to be coherent and the person who took care of to you confident, without half answers. If the salesman to start to pipocar is signal of that he has wrong thing! honest 2.Vendedores do not have fear of being found: it looks in the site the information of the company or person: you need to at least find in the site a name, address and telephone, that can be checked. He does not have nothing of missed if the owner of the store will be a natural person, but he has some wrong thing if it will have fear to give to a full name and a number to you of CPF. Below some tips of as to check these information: Who is: all web site has a register.

The name confers for this link and the CNPJ (or CPF) of who registered. If the information will not be coherent with what it consists in the site is better to distrust; Reverse Phone Number: it inserts the telephone number and it discovers of that city is the line. The information contained in the page of information of the site it has that to beat with the address of the line. &#039 knows that history of the type; ' our store is in Miami and therefore we do not disponibilizamos a telephone number ' '? Is not alone a skill of not being tracked? 3.Pergunte for the guarantee and politics of devolution: who vende good products does not have fear to give guarantee or to assure the devolution right. 4.Vendedores that only accept bank deposit normally already are ' ' queimados' ' with the sites of safe payment exactly for excess of claims of the customers. Or simply they do not want to commit itself to the stated period that these companies demand to liberate the money (normally 14 days, so that the customer has time to place a claim before if the product will not be the waited one). 5.D preference to the salesmen who possess proper site. This is a signal clearly of that the salesman invested to time and money in the creation of its store and that therefore does not go to want to be burnt by its customers.

Adventurers they are generally sluggish and they do not give this work. Observing these tips you probably go to select only the salesmen most trustworthy and to very reduce the risk of if disappointing with its purchase. If he will be looking electronic such perhaps as digital, filmadoras cameras, videogames, Apple products and accessories in general you want to visit our store. All our products are imported by the post offices, originals, sealed up and folloied of forma bill of sale. Also we disponibilizamos in our site all the information on as the importation functions, who we are and where we are for its security. It makes a visit!


The VICTORIES Inside of what it is reasonable, to get a victory are synonymous of conquest, when the waited one is reached, after to have had the confidence to undertake a search based on the ousadia and the faith of that if it wins any advent during the way, that if it shows I inside oppose the inlaid certainties of the soul. The freedom of being able to exhibit what he is its for right and that this is not gotten easy, but yes with much fight and persistence, thus reaches it victory. The profits are great, the people however are friends, however are enemy, make of these taken over on a contract basis something more consistent, more valuable. One uses of many examples, the bad ones that they do not have to be followed and yes prevented, and the good ones so that if makes better still. It also has the comparisons that they are inevitable partners of the passage, and that thanks to them it puts if a break-even point between what valley the penalty to be made and what not valley. After a time, the flavor of the victory becomes less accented, but its palate is not lost, but it gets used with it and this it makes to it to seem normal, simple, but in the search of this victory they had been the scars, and they are not few and they are they who always bring the alive souvenir of everything what she was transferred. Many times some victories of before, currently seem so more easy, with as much technology the disposal. But for the conquests in times that if could not count on such thing, it will be that it would be so easy? Where deferred payment now the taken over on a contract basis flavor of the same one when conquered I assist without it of current intelligence, made use in you scheme highly specialized for such fact? How to lead a great flock of cattle for hundreds of kilometers in lombo of mules, but today made in trucks computerized, with conditional air on paved roads and that they most of the time swallow hundreds of kilometers in one day? The wisdom is a fabulosa virtue and therefore that it makes in understanding that the flavor of the victory of before cannot persist perpetual, therefore thus certainly we to them we would accomodate in blond greens and fatally we would not search always more more.


A limfosistema in the human body is responsible for the correct development path, but since you have gone through their actions on the field of men, the lymph immediately reminds you of this, Taking all the brunt. And the body receives a command to self-destruct. The process is this: the behavior dictated by the thoughts of the blood with reduced hemoglobin content, a growing cyst, fueled by grievances, problems with lymph nodes, as a signal of a false path of development, a benign tumor, but if you state your patronage is very angry, then – malignant. 9.Drugoe – fibroadenoma is " a consequence of the fact that a woman of great cowardice (the loss of something) creates more aggression to the outside world, for example, men. And it is also a false way of development and leads to problems with limfosistemoy and as a consequence – to cancer "Here I might add the following: Men are very simple in their actions, their task is stabilization of anything complex female tantrums or arguments lead them to shut down, they all hear but do not perceive. A woman, encountering such indifference, began to cry. Your cries, pushing from the man flying into your chest.

In fact fibroadenoma – it clots angry woman on a man in the world. Here it is important to understand this man's behavior, he just get away with mind, if it tries to place on the shelves, everything that woman says. 10.S terms of techniques suggest the following – Take a sheet of paper and draw a dot – it's you.