Full Functionality

The acquisition of the truck for any organization or individual entrepreneur – an act extremely important and demanding responsibility. You must select and mark, and the modification of a goods vehicle, but to Besides, the choice to do some sort of merchant. Unlike the small cars that are able to enjoy the significant prevalence and for this reason their sales technique is extremely good adjusted, heavy-duty vehicles use only the demand from companies who are constantly engaged in the carriage of goods by skilled, and therefore more reasonable to direct choice between purchasing the truck properly at the factory, the intermediaries or dealers. Because the sale of trucks coupled with investment in principle, a decent amount, at least, when compared to private passenger vehicles, the clever turn of all or company or agent. The problem is that only in this version there is a chance to get quality assurance selected vehicles.

However, to deal with a representative of a much more efficient, because large enterprises are generally focused on large sales. The agent, on the other hand, not only provides warranty service manufacturer, and in addition, very careful about their image. Since it is important not just to resell, for the simple resellers, and still retain significant positive impression on the client, so that later he came into the organization again and again, but at the same time advised its own partners and friends is just such a company. In addition, should not forget that the representative is a kind of an organization and carries the weight of the high responsibility. This may also apply to the sale of heavy-ton, and their subsequent maintenance and repair, if necessary.

It should be noted that the repair truck to the dealer a hundred – it certainly involvement of high-quality components. In addition, when the customer will have to deal with this agent, the company will have no problems with the delivery of components and using unique techniques study the functioning of heavy vehicle. The customer will receive a really high-quality inspection, technical support and repair in strict accordance with manufacturer's requirements to the quality of all the extremely important heavy elements of your mc. If you want to get the most reliable freight transport, and in addition to full-service warranty on this TC, it is best to direct the agents of the manufacturer.

FHPF Production

LGM – the best technology for the domestic foundry industry. Current trends. System integration of national economies into the global economy, as evidenced by the recent entry Ukraine's WTO accession, stimulates the development of competitive technologies in our country, particularly in engineering and metal with a decrease in production costs due to the production of high metallozagotovok, including cast. Statistics rapid growth of manufacturing in Ukraine highlights the need for development metallozagotovitelnoy base for innovation and investment basis. In the modern foundry production in Ukraine appears on the site of many large manufactures medium-sized independent companies with their characteristic small series and diversified productions flexibility of technology in combination with relatively low capital cost of implementation and high precision products is crucial.

These parameters are most appropriate technology for casting gasified models (LGM) of polystyrene. The world practice shows constant increase in production of castings in this manner, which exceeded 1.5 million tons / year, one of China has more than 1.5 thousand of such sites. In FTIMS NAS in the department under the guidance of FHPF prof. Shinsky OI developed based on scientific principles is improving the technology of LGM, the novelty of solutions has been confirmed by more than 40 patents, indicating that the leading position in this institution scientific and technical direction. The Institute was created and supplied to customers basic production equipment for foundries unit, serial and mass production of castings of ferrous and nonferrous alloys LGM way power 100 – 5000 tons / year. At the current experimental and industrial foundry institute, based on the LGM-process and employees in some way a demonstration basis, where this equipment is to debug and upgrade level of the best foreign analogues, produced up to 50 tons a month of castings made of ferrous and nonferrous metals. At the design stage of casting sections and shops designers by placing Institute of Technology equipment and layout of its production in different ways (from the unit and repair to the serial production of castings) in accordance with the requirements of the peculiarities of space planning and investment capacity of the plant of the customer.

Earth Run

I want to hear them scream with despair; I want to see them crying with frenzy, and boil them; Perhaps, to simmer and destroy them as many times as you can to destroying their bodies inside. I have panic and terror; I have cravings and apathy have wanted to cut their ears as bulls as bulls in run for then dismember them while chillan. I want I want death and revenge, and more revenge still pure instinct: the ground shudders along with my soul with each accurate outbreak, with each thunderous explosion; getting closer, more and more real and amazing. We run from one side to another seeking shelter us; We fall again eating Earth; We raised us again and return to running backs and kick while shooting to the front. Where are the trenches cursed that we dug Jewish? In the confusion, I realized not peer fallen not I realize that there are wounded both sides of my body I am not on my body; alienated completely as machine without brake run and fired, shooting and I run no consciousness without any reasoning already I hear no see no because don’t feel already not I think I’ve transformed into a reptile in a murderous beast in a deadly machine on pure instinct Yes! That is what I am now: pure instinct! nothing more! Neither good nor bad: We laugh of the enemy in the pauses and temblamos before him in the fight.