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Apple IPod Dominated The End Of The Year In The Field Of Online Shopping

In a timely manner to the end of the year, and therefore time for the annual Christmas boom Apple has its new iPod series brand new iPod touch and the revised versions of the iPod nano and iPod classic as well as the first Apple mobile phone: the iPhone, released also in Germany! Already, Christmas 2006 was the Apple iPod the most popular product at the shopping and price comparison site Cubalaya.de. Also on other leading shopping include portals such as Amazon, in addition to other consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, navigation systems or LCD – and plasma screen TVs, consistently the most sought after and most wanted Christmas gifts. In addition to Cubalaya many online shopping experts assume that Apple but this time will take a position – iPhone – in the Christmas business this year the pole with the Apple. Also with the time identical publication of polished up bestsellers of iPod series together with the new and stylish iPod touch, the company did a wise move in the direction of Christmas boom. However, Apple is not the race fashion alone. So is being discussed in many places, if the exclusive contract with the German network operator T-Mobile could have negative impact on sales. Also, Apple is in a fierce competition with other companies. So the mobile phone maker Nokia plans to the sales start for the sophisticated and stylish Nokia N81, as the first device in the new N-series may already this year.

\”As in any year there is again some unexpected last minute trends\” type. But also in the important Christmas business category toy looks it, than transformer characters, which enjoy great popularity through the cinema Strip published this year, would, as expected, quite high especially in boys in the trend. On the wish lists of girls dolls or the classic Barbie are Zapf’s BABY born at the top.

Fashion Industry In The Online Check Trendweisend But Not In The Web

Overall, 43 percent of Web users informed 2006 fashion topics and 26 percent bought textiles on the Web. Reason enough for the online marketing agency, metapeople, and netaspect the company specializing in the optimization of Web offerings to focus on the theme \”Fashion on the Web\” in their first online business report. Eleven German-speaking Web sites of by renowned fashion brands with online shop, as well as the newcomer for individually printable T-Shirts Spreadshirt, were examined by the experts with regard to the implementation and the quality of search engine marketing. The report indicates that all surveyed fashion websites could have still a large potential for optimisation and stand in terms of discoverability in the Web, as well as the user experience much more media-friendly. The investigation of websites comprised ten criteria for the quality of their implementation. The expert conclusion turned out to be sobering, because many formal, substantive and conceptual weaknesses tarnished the visit of the famous textile brands.

Improvement shows can be found at confusing page structures, inadequate legal information as well as for missing advisory functions. The analysis of the suitability of fashion websites for search engines examined among others the presence and visibility, as well as the quality, or also the positioning in major search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The alarming result: Over 60% of the surveyed sites put no value on search engine marketing, which manifests itself in a bad presence and visibility. Overall, none of the twelve studied fashion websites reached a very good result and only a site (the newcomer Spreadshirt -) reached a good rating after seventeen test criteria. Yet the websites by Marc O made the best impression Polo, MEXX and s.Oliver, but all of which were rated only two stars out of four. Although the implementation of Nike site (www.nike.de) positively noticed the mark with regard to the search engine marketing showed on the sidelines.

Citizen Reporter Committed To News

6,500 of photo and video uploads since launch of tvype.com Berlin, Cologne, Duisburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg are the main cities of citizen journalism in Germany tvype.com is the largest news photo agency for citizen journalism with 1,100 citizen reporters in Germany Berlin, November 24, 2010 tvype, the first German online marketplace for news photos and videos from citizen reporters, has 6,500 message-relevant images from all regions of Germany after only a few months after its launch in his archive. Although it is proven that in the so-called Web 2.0 just 1-2 percent of users participate in the active creation of content, shows that the enthusiasm to help decide the messages with own local videos and photos is growing for the supposed niche topic of citizen journalism. Users of tvype already cover most parts of Germany in the geographical distribution and can hence image materials from local, relevant news events for editors hold. With 15.7 percent of users the citizen reporter capital, followed by far Berlin Cologne (7.1 percent), Duisburg (6.5 percent), Munich (4.6 percent), Frankfurt/Main (3.8 percent) and Hamburg (3.6 percent). Boy Scouts of America often addresses the matter in his writings. But also areas such as the Vogtland, East Frisia and the Saarland reach through local reporter on-site events such as events, politicians meeting, celebrity visits, or accidents increasingly in the field of reporting. “We are pleased, already to be found on such interest within our loyal user base of citizen reporters after such a short time”, Daniel noticed Holle, founder and CEO of tvype GmbH. “with our approach to reward the active participation of citizen journalism through a fair and transparent pricing model, we want to bring more structure in a market, which will in the future represent an increasingly important source for time – and location-related information and image material for editors.

The uploaded images were so far not only to Editors of online and print media sold also press departments of companies and private celebrity fans license the uploads of the citizens and photographers”, hell continues. About tvype: Tvype pronunciation: twaip (www.tvype.com) is the first German online marketplace for news photos and videos, bringing together citizen journalists with editors. Thanks to today’s mobile technology events via camera phone and digital camera by anyone can be recorded on the road and into the net. This Daniel Holle Berlin company, founded in tvype makes it possible to become aware of the citizen reporters through its contents personally, to inform about local events and making money by marketing their content. Newsrooms in turn get a professionalized and structured access to topical, relevant message and always tested video and image for all occasions at any time.

Internet Money

Is it possible to make fast money in stock photo agencies? At first it seems simple: modern SLR cameras are affordable for everyone. The quality of the photos at Mirrorless digital cameras is now on a very high level. Who likes and much photographed with such cameras, which has thought perhaps, whether money can be earned with these photos. On the naheliegensten it would be then, to distribute the photos directly via the Internet through so-called stock photo agencies. The thing is simple. Earn free as photographer login, upload photos and on every sale.

The differences between individual agencies can be neglected while in most cases, because the biggest win beckons when one logs on to all agencies to sell the photos. Is it really so simple? On the page xurzon.com, there is a series of articles on this topic. Across so many photos were over a year when agencies 100 of the images submitted two submitted this to the stock photo had accepted. The merit was 20 euros after a year exactly. The biggest problem was above all to find the right motives. There are holiday images like sand on the sea. If these don’t include something such files 99% are rejected.

There is also a photo database, containing works already many millions, including those created by absolute pros at the big party. Achieving many sales as an amateur under such conditions is difficult. Those who register with the aim to earn money at an agency of this kind, which does well once before to look at, what motives are already available and to answer whether the own motives are better then even the question. The will have lots of fun who is convinced of his works and earned money from is not necessarily supposedly easy on that, definitely. Each sold, if it’s only 20 cents, is a recognition that encouraged to go ahead. It is also worth noting that some photographers have managed it with your photos 10.000,- To sell licenses per year, this is a really good side income, unfortunately that happens only a few, because the market is saturated. Only the pros and especially those to think of something new, creative every day have real chances of them to earn the living.