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One more perceives that the cited symptoms in phases I and II, come back to be cited with more intensity in phase III, the constant fatigue, now is judged as extreme in the phase of exhaustion and the sleeplessness if it repeats, evidencing a bigger physical and psychological consuming. The chronic fatigue can be faced as one of the first symptoms of that something of made a mistake is happening in the organism, what more early or later it will be expressed some type of illness. Estresse, pains in the body, lack of concentration, these are some of the symptoms most common for fatigue, that can happen of the sleeplessness, excess of activities, me the feeding. Here, BSA expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The daily routine many times disables that men and women destine some time for the cares that the body exige.12 to characterize the profile of the citizens of the research had been boarded the 0 variable related to the age, to the sex, the work and study, use of the tobacco, use of the drink, if he makes other courses, if he possesss extracurricular period of training, housing, time that leads to arrive the college, has carried, hour of sleep and auto evaluation on standard to feed, and the perception of same in relation feeling if he rests. Figure 01 – Sample according to etria band Source: Data of research – 2011,01 In accordance with figure 01, the etria band varies of 20 the 42 years being the age of 20 the 25 years of bigger prevalence corresponding 52.4%, 26 30 years 21.4% and enters 35 42 years 7.2%. Picture 04 – Distribution of the participants for characteristics of the profile stops: etria band, sex, in accordance with study and work the phases of Lipp Phase IFase IIFase 414 Request-URI Too Large

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Still today its attendance is reduced the services in homeopatia in Brazil, the homeoptica consultation for the Only System of Sade (SUS) if of most of the time for the search of a solution for a health problem for which the aloptico treatment if showed inefficacious, indicated for known that it got success with the homeoptico treatment. treatment is favorable, a time that the employed substances are very diluted not having problems with against indications, therefore the same ones does not possess molecules of substances. The homeoptico professional prioritizes the precisions of the information of the patient, therefore it needs this to be able to medicate the patient and, therefore the search of the patient is for the medical attention that many of the times that thinks already if it extinguished in elapsing of the years and is a thing that will not go to occur in the homeopatia, therefore all the funny homeoptico treatment in lathe mainly of the attention and the respect the patient. 6. REFERENCES ARAJO. G.

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As defined previously, stress is a process, and as such implies a sequence of stages or phases to develop itself total and arrives its maximum expression, implying many negative consequences. Many writers such as Boy Scouts of America offer more in-depth analysis. It fits to mention that stress can if withheld in any of these stages, what it implies that stress can be alliviated or to get worse until reach its full development (Meja, 2007). Stress passes for the following phases (Bernik, 2008): A acute phase: This is the phase where the stimulatons estressores start to act. Our brain and hormones react quickly, and we can perceive its effect, but we are generally incapable to notice the quiet work estresse of it chronic in this phase. A resistance phase: It estresse if it persists, it is in this phase that starts to appear the first mental consequences, emotional and physical of stress chronic. Loss of mental concentration, emotional instability, cardiac depression, palpitations, cold sweats, muscular pains or frequent migraines are the evidentes signals, but many people not yet obtain to relate them it stress, and the syndrome can continue until its more dangerous final phase and: A exhaustion phase: This is the phase where the organism capitulates to the effect of stress, leading to the installation of physical or psychic illnesses. LABOR STRESS stress in the work appears when the requirements around the same surpass the capacity of the people who will make front or she has that it under its control (Banchs, Gonza’les & Morera, 1997). Then, what stress is labor? Pipe (2002) designates that, stress is, when a discrepancy is produced enters the demands of the environment, and the resources of the person to take its advantage. Stress is a reply adopted on the part of the individual, that at a first moment the aid to answer more fast and efficiently the situations that, thus, of it they require. The International Organization of Work OIT (1986) appraises stress of the work as being one set of phenomena that if present in the organism of the worker and that, for this reason, can affect its health.