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Industrial Engineering

Argentina Association of students of Industrial Engineering and racing related is a civil association non-profit, which pursues aims: supporting the Organization and realization of the Argentine Congress of students of Industrial Engineering and related careers CAEII, complying with the regulations of the same community to exchange knowledge and experiences, advocating the continuous link between the University and society to promote growth and the integral formation of the students of Industrial Engineering in the countryallowing know, interpret and transform national, Latin American and international reality by means of a broad participatory nature contribute to the improvement of the career of promoting Industrial engineering practice and scientific research of the students of Industrial Engineering in the country establish and maintain contact with the various entities that gather students and Industrial Engineering and allied professionals, in our country, Latin America and the whole world the AArEII is currently composed of 45 national and 5 foreign university students, with over 1600 associates and with the potential of adding 15 universities, making a total of 60 universities in Argentina that gather more than 20,000 students of Industrial Engineering and racing related. For organizational purposes, are defined the following areas in the country (with equal proportion of students): Northwest: Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca, Tucuman, La Rioja Northeast: Formosa, Chaco, Misiones, Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe, Corrientes and Entre Rios. Center and Cuyo: Cordoba, San Luis, San Juan, Mendoza and Neuquen. Sur-Pampeana: Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, province of Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Capital Federal during the CAEII annually, elect two representatives from each area who, along with two other international relations, make up the directive Committee of the Association. In this way, the members of the Association are classified into: Member executives: twelve students from universities Argentinas that make up the Steering Committee. Trustees: An owner trustee and one alternate.

ASSOCIATED assets (delegates): One at University. A student representative from each University in argentina that dictates the industrial engineering degree and/or related careers. PARTNERS adherents (Sub-Delegados): One at University. A student representative from each University in argentina that dictates the industrial engineering degree and/or related careers. STUDENT partners: All associated students. ASSOCIATED fees: advisors. Foreigners. Graduates.

Syringe Against Sadness

Botox may in future to the drug against depressive moods? A research team from Hannover and Basel has found out that there is possibly a link between BOTOX treatment and a more positive State of mind. These two groups were observed with depressed patients one group was treated with Botox injections, the other with a placebo injection. As the focus reported ( gesundheit/ratgeber/depression/news/neue-studie-botox-gegen-depressionen-_aid_718383.html), the patients in the Botox group were depressed after two weeks less, until the end of the study after 16 weeks, the volunteers felt even more comfortable. The symptoms, however, only slightly improved in the placebo group. BSA has many thoughts on the issue. Scientifically to be circumstances in which Botox may relieve depression and how this mechanism in the body exactly plays out clarified yet exactly. Nieman Foundation can provide more clarity in the matter.

But certainly, it is undisputed that the own appearance contributes a lot to the State of mind. A theyneed, tired face in the mirror looking back, feels Mirror image is unwohler as in a relaxed, fresh. Who looks younger, feels even younger and more attractive – and radiates this towards his fellow men. “Why so not even a small Makeover” make at the doctor? There is a colorful range of possibilities from the various Botulinumpraparaten of various Hyaluronsauren and more filler facelift to a liquid”, enthuses Dr. Stephan Gunther, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic on the Dusseldorf Konigsallee. We work individually with treatment concepts adapted to the customers – fold is not equal to fold, as patient is not equal to patient”.

Therefore, it is important to the experienced doctor further explains that wrinkle injections be performed only by an experienced specialist. Only at a busy doctor be assured that also a wide range of products with different viscosity and strength is in stock and that each batch of face and each Fold can be treated individually as best as possible. Contact: Aesthetix Dusseldorf GmbH Dr. med. Stephan Gunther medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery King Ahornallee 24 40212 Dusseldorf Tel 0800 68 33 444 E-Mail Internet the Aesthetix Dusseldorf GmbH headed by Dr. med. Stephan Gunther has specializes in aesthetic surgery, which are rarely offered by many plastic and cosmetic surgeons. These include breast augmentations through the armpit and corrections in the female genital area when their introduction nationwide repeatedly placing Aesthetix Dusseldorf standards. Innovative techniques belong to the fat removal (liposuction, Laserlipolyse) as well as modern, non-surgical wrinkle treatments for beautiful skin.

Advertising Brochers

Continue to tell everyone who is interested in promoting their goods and services with different models of advertising racks for printed products – rack for your own marketing manager, marketing and advertising must first decide what features will perform this advertising design, the implementation of any marketing objectives will be aimed at precisely this Brochure Holder? If within target advertising campaign advertising the main requirement to be counter mobility, you need to choose a lightweight, easy assembly and dis-assembly of advertising design. In this article we want to examine the practice of using Brochure Holder for high strength and roominess. These designs are indispensable in cases where you want to put a rack in a lively advertising spot, without a promoter. It was then, and come at an opportune moment the main Brochure Holder heavy consumer characteristics – stability, capacity, durability (Vandal). This Brochure Holder as at 20 cm above their mobile counterparts, which is much more convenient for visitors to your office or at the show, because All leaflets are at eye level. Besides these pockets are a wonderful design Brochure Holder, 3 times more capacity than the mobile structures. This feature is considered Our Brochure Holder makes them very suitable for use in offices and demo rooms.

Strong stable, spacious design will not create any trouble with any accommodation, nor with the completion of their new leaflets or booklets. If you would like to know more about Nieman Foundation, then click here. Price Brochure Holder extra spacious (article 1.2.1) 1550 rub., which is comparable to the price of conventional Brochure Holder. We are waiting for you in our demo room, where you can see all the models of modern advertising racks.

Ashton Kutcher

The actor and the producer could have reached an agreement by which Sheen could receive 25 million dollars as indemnification for his dismissal. Charlie Sheen was dismissed of ‘ Two men and media’ by its addictions and their exits of tone, that took to him to publicly insult the creator of the series. The actor Charlie Sheen and the producer Warner Bros. they finally solved his dispute around the dismissal of the actor of the television program that it carried out, Two men and means, confirmed east Tuesday the study of Hollywood in an official notice that does not reveal the details in the agreement. Sheen was the past dismissed March after a series of erratic behaviors associated with an excess of drugs and alcohol that took to the cancellation of the recordings of the last chapters of the eighth season of their soap opera. The interpreter demanded then to his exjs by inadmissible dismissal and she demanded 100 million to them dollars for indemnification.

The last week, the average Americans anticipated that the agreement to trench the case was next and considered that Sheen could receive 25 million dollars like compensation. ” Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre (creative of the series) and Charlie Sheen have solved their dispute to satisfaction of all the parts. The pending judgment and the legal will be misestimated by the parts, that have decided to maintain the confidentiality of the agreement terms ” , it mentioned the study in his official notice. Until the moment of its dismissal, Sheen was the paid actor better of the small screen, with income of 1.8 million dollars by chapter, although their repeated exits of tone outside plates ended the patience of the people in charge of the series.

The drop that overwhelmed the glass was serious insults spilled by Sheen against Chuck Lorre after the actor was frustrated by not being able to retake the work to the salary cancelled the recordings. The series ahead follows the ninth season of Two men and means began one week ago in chain CBS with a hearing record. More than 27.

Beautiful Tea

Since the main field of application of our consulting efforts are beauty salons in St. Petersburg, of which there are at least fifteen hundred, for a start it would be nice to formulate some simple rules for them. The rules aim to relate to your client. Are more of organizational and attitudinal. Follow them or not, this question is almost as acute as it prosper and grow forever or leave the market. About availability of skilled and talented artists I just keep silence. But, as is sometimes annoying to see such obvious mistakes that are visible to the naked eye the consumer. BSA is likely to increase your knowledge.

And so, here they are – important step not only to survive but also to prosperity in this market superkonkurentnom: 9 simple rules for a beauty salon. (Source: Nieman Foundation). Welcome, always first, preferably with a smile. In fact, no one is annoying. On the contrary. 2. The visitor does not want to listen to party conversations of employees, if they do not relate to most visitors, how to make something better for him. 3. None of the staff, including cleaners and security guards must not stand on the porch and smoke.

At the sight of such a picture of the visitor drops the level of respect and, therefore, desire rastovatsya to his means. 4. Do not say "no." It is better to say that you do everything you can to help solve the problem. 5. Please contact us on behalf of the people who visit your salon. Hard to remember all the names, but will be even harder when no one will remember. 6. If a person has to wait, always offer coffee or tea. Spend some money on the machine. Do not regret spending on the presence of 2.3 varieties of tea. This change will provide you and delight customers. 7. Current magazines about hairdos, makeup and fashion as a whole must be on hand. Lying separately for women, separately for men. Yes, yes, men too would considered modern hairstyles in magazines, if not only trudnoizvlechimost them from under the pile of women's magazines. 8. Do not rush! People perceive it as a desire to quickly get rid of them. You do not own fast food restaurant. No one wants to experience time savings for yourself. 9. Each master must have a business card, and not one with information about all the cabin. Thus, the client is aware that this is his master. As you can see, these rules do not nothing complicated. Start to follow them today.

Deficit Limit

PSOE candidate proposes to develop that aspect in a subsequent law. Many Socialists have expressed their doubts to constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling. Zapatero proposed on Tuesday to introduce a deficit limit in the Constitution. The candidate of the PSOE for the general elections of 20-N wants to reform the Constitution do not include any figures for the deficit limit. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba plans to develop an Organic Act, the discipline of deficit and debt rules less rigid than the Magna Carta. Address of the PSOE sources have explained that this is the proposal which Rubalcaba has moved to the Socialist Group, whose spokesman, Jose Antonio Alonso, is in contact since Wednesday, to negotiate with the PP. It aspires to that this reform is not only agreed with the PP, but be extended to the widest possible parliamentary forces with CiU to the head. Once numerous Socialist deputies have expressed their doubts before that haste and the convenience of constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling, Rubalcaba decided Wednesday to assume the reins of bargaining and did so with the objectives of ensuring a certain degree of flexibility and the greatest possible consensus.

Thus, Rubalcaba aims to make sure that the small print of the constitutional reform guarantees sufficient flexibility as the current Government to have room for manoeuvre faced with hypothetical situations of emergency, in which might need not maintain a zero deficit. The reform of the Constitution was proposed on Tuesday by the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the debate on the recognition of a decree-law with new measures against the public deficit, and accepted by the leader of the PP Mariano Rajoy. On the Internet a citizen mobilization has collected more than 45,000 signatures in 24 hours for this reform is consulted citizens via a binding rrendum. Its adoption in this legislature obliges expedite to the maximum the parliamentary procedures, which have already been announced full extraordinary for next week in the Congress in order to give the green light to the initiative. Source of the news: Rubalcaba does not want reform of the Constitution to encrypt the deficit limit

Torpedo Gratis

As well as in the site of the operator, the Oi Torpedo is available in other sites that still more possess advantages for its users. Who has the habit to use the Oi tool torpedo to send messages of text for the site of the operator has other options to communicate with the friends and relatives for the cellular one. Sites exist that disponibilizam to its users the sending of SMS for any another number, also, for the Oi torpedo gratis, using the same platform. They also allow that an only message is ordered for some addressees, at the same time, independent of the telephony companies the one who belong the numbers. BSA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This sites are alternative to use of sites officiate of companies of telephony that nor always is as Oi Torpedo, that exactly offers a service that can also be used by any person, that is not customer of the operator. Beyond allowing that internautas orders Oi gratis Torpedo for its friends, the site of this company of telephony does not demand that its users make bureaucratic cadastros before using to advantage the tool. However, the users of other marks that operate in the Brazilian territory, as the Living creature, TIM, Clearly, among others, do not allow that people whom they are not its customers gratis use the service of sending of SMS for its site.

The ones that until disponibilizam this tool, however, limit its use sufficiently, being possible to send per day a small number of messages. In other cases, exactly the customers of the telephony company count on limitations to order a small number of gratuitous messages of text and on-line. Therefore, these alternative sites that disponibilizam and center diverse possibilities are used, each time more, for internautas. Beyond these advantages, the sites of sending of torpedoes gratis also present other functions, as agenda of contacts, so that there the information of the addressees are salutes, without it has the necessity to type all its data whenever the user is to send a SMS. .

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that complies with a multitude of beneficial properties for the skin. It is hydrating, stimulates and revitalises cellular production cycle and restores natural collagen that we lose with age. It’s a pure and sterile, akin to the skin product and therefore does not produce any rejection, because their molecules are composed of sugars and is fully biocompatible. All these features make it the perfect anti-aging, since fills and smoothes wrinkles naturally, not strip and returns to the skin luminosity, smoothness and softness. It is recommended to use it after 30 years, because after this age the natural collagen production begins to diminish. As we have said hyaluronic acid replaces the lost and activates the new collagen production. It assimilates slowly, according to need, so their effects can take in note 15 to 20 days. Being a compound orthomolecular is eliminated naturally, so its effects are temporary and must be used in a manner periodically to obtain their benefits.

However, while it is gradually absorbed by the body it produces no sagging or the typical effect collapse of other anti-aging treatments. Its effects are especially noticeable around the eyes, lips and forehead, filling spaces that the lack of collagen leaves, causing wrinkles. It also acts as a kind of molecular sponge, trapping the water and keeping hydrated the area in which it is applied. In the experiment of the University of Michigan was injected hyaluronic acid to several volunteers and a placebo to another group, at various points in one of the forearms. Collagen.

Hyaluronic acid not only takes the place of this protein when it is lost, but it also stimulates its production. A team of researchers from the University of Michigan selected a group of healthy volunteers with an average age of 74 years and an acceptable skin, and they injected them hyaluronic acid at various points in one of the forearms. On the other hand, the participants received only normal saline as a placebo. After about four weeks did a biopsy that repeated at two months and a half to assess the status of women’s skin. Hyaluronic acid had occupied the gap that was left lost collagen, as it came to be expected, but also stimulated the production of this skin protein through the proofing of fibroblasts.

Japanese Katana

In history there are many legends about the legendary warriors and their swords. There are many stories of remarkable properties of Damascus steel, Japanese Katana sword, legedarnom Damascus. In each tale there is some fairy tale, but what? Today There are many artists who create swords that will compete with a legendary sword. For more information see American Diabetes Association. expert on Japanese weapons AG Bazhenov will help us understand where fiction and truth where m myths about the Japanese sword katana. I have seen no dozens of katana, and some of them are outstanding specimens of both the position of significance in the history of the art of a blacksmith or individual schools to which the one or the other blade, and from a position of respectful relation to the age of products that are not one and not three hundred years. I want to say that among Japanese swords the most part – very utilitarian thing, not sparkling or beautiful lines, nor the quality of hardening, or a total preservation. Such the number of chips blades, like Japanese swords, I have not seen a scimitar, no drafts, no other melee weapons. There are swords openly bent and then straightened, there is a talentless balanced.

I was delighted to read in one Japanese book that the weapons during the civil war was very simple, wore out quickly, and it is not spared. It was pleasant to me, because it should be the nature of things, but from the age of fairy tales I have long left. I also found information that polishing their swords, as it is today, began in the Edo period, that is, in peacetime. It is understandable – why should "stretch" polishers, if tomorrow there will be a battle with neighboring feudal lord, the day after cleaning their border villages, and on Sunday – an attack on rebellious convent. It's not up to beauty, to survive! Thus, the Japanese weapons en masse was not as utilitarian, mediocre in quality and understated, as in the world. Now – about cutting iron fence and stone columns. Indeed, there is a documentary where a fencer sword pererubaet barrel gun, saying that the sword smith Kotetsu has broken away a piece of a stone pillar, that the sword smith Pererub iron chain on the door of the temple. These exceptions prove the rule, which is unusual.

A typical test was chopping swords rice straw, soaked in water and rolled into coils, which was enough to make ordinary fencer to break an ordinary sword, but in the case of prominent sword – cutting of copper and iron plates, helmets and bodies. The trunk of the same gun overlogging to lift martial spirit of soldiers who watched this movie, but I really want to know what happened to the blade of the sword. And yet here we should mention the following – although all samurai from childhood possessed weapons test cutting preferred to delegate to experts. It's like a boxer – he fights with fists, but the bricks break – specialization. Hence, not all swords and not in the hands of anyone, even a good fencer, survive such tests. Incidentally, the hardness of Japanese swords 57-60 HRC units, that is, they only slightly softer file (which is

United Nations

Love, revolution, equality, justice, the sacrifice, the volunteering, are concepts that highlights the widespread perception of Che in synergy. The truth is that these constructions are mystical and relating, based on a worldly custom disrupts avoid the deepening of the study. Prefer genuflexarse before a sympathetic figure rather than questioning it. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Boy Scouts of America has to say. The same Che JojoyEl Che, whose pen slips by drawing beautiful phrases, was also responsible for selective annihilation in Santa Clara overshadowed by the beautiful verses that the troubadours dedicated to their universal anthem-. Nor I skimp on writing military treaties, the most celebrated is dedicated to the use of the submachine gun. Yes! It was a belligerent, guerrilla fighter, who saw a gap for the construction of an idyllic reality in the instrumentalisation of the rifle. He blindly believed that the end justified the means. In times where everything was dichotomous, chromatic partition of opposites.

Weeks ago the media announcing with trumpets death in bombing of Mono Jojoy. Who?, Yes, military Chief of the guerrillas Colombian. Today terrorist, yesterday guerrilla, today belligerent, revolutionary yesterday. His corpse poses before the cameras, soldiers are grouped armando sadistic choreographies; fishermen who exhibited his corpulent proud victim. A true spectacle of death and happiness. Like Che his murder was celebrated vigorously, in ominous scenes furnished by the putrefaction of the meat and the flash of cameras.

Course, the aforesaid primate Jojoy did not have the intelligentsia of Guevara, was diabetic and quite ugly, unable to develop reflections, or deliver speeches at the United Nations. However, their lives and goals intersect and directed toward a horizon, both engineers of a future utopian faccioso, ideal, interested, bloody, but in the end, projected into the future. Each with his stamp as A conclusion and from my humble opinion is curious that we veneremos a man without delving into his life, Che is perhaps a victim of the same precariousness and provisionality that governs us. A perfect, Argentine forest gardener swells of Rosario. Asthmatic and with cigar in mouth, enough bricks to build an altar in our consciences, rubbing the irrationality of religion. Each one takes his own photo, and since she imagines a Che Guevara. Forgive me Ernesto, this is my original Rodrigo Rey Autor tribute and source of the article