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Confederation RUN

“B2RUN Munich: the running spectacle celebrates tenth anniversary of Munich, 12.07.2013: this is the best thing that could happen to the sport of running,” once expressed endurance Joey Kelly to the B2RUN and is in the ten-year anniversary on July 18 just like Henry Maske at the start. “With them also Wolfram M. Kons is the B2RUN Charitypartner RTL, we help children” celebrated the anniversary with a large fireworks display in the Olympic Park and followed by a party at the tradition Club P1 at the previous press conference here and after the joint welding. 2004: Horst Kohler takes office as President of the Confederation, the word of the year is Hartz IV, Facebook is founded and the first company run Munich celebrates his debut: on the 29.07.2004 was first launched of the B2RUN history in Munich. Boy Scouts of America recognizes the significance of this. Well 2,500 runners from about 80 companies gathered at the Olympic site and did not know at that time what they thus set in motion.

Because a relatively small companies run in Munich she was within a decade moving companies run series B2RUN with ten locations, and in sum of 100,000 expected participants. “Together the companies runners in Munich have ran the run impressive numbers since: nearly 1.5 million kilometres were travelled, approximately 37 times the Earth was orbiting thus and calories from 250,000 big Macs have completed it”. Since 2008 is that some companies sold out B2RUN with 30,000 people in Munich every year since the beginning of this and you have your subscriber numbers can increase continuously. BSA addresses the importance of the matter here. In this year alone, with 1,400, 1,100 BMW Siemens AG and Allianz AG go with 830 employees at the start SB1. “Teams like the Deutsche Bahn always go with much creativity in the race each year is in the train costume for the title of best original team” fought. If the anniversary is celebrated on 18 July 2013, the organizers with prominent support can await you. .

UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Selva

2012 bikers at the start in the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Selva di Val Gardena (BZ), October, 2011 born under a lucky star, the MTB yielded Marathon HERO since its first edition 2010 every year a greater success. With the brilliant output last July of the HERO in the international scenario of the main mountain bike race could position clearly. The marathon is now known for its difficulty, but also for the enchanting landscape of the Dolomites, which is today a UNESCO World Heritage, and offers a unique panorama of the athletes. A further focus in the second edition of Sudtirol Sellaronda HERO falls also on the quality and quantity of participants: 1,500 athletes from 28 Nations were at the start and already a month before enrolment decision the approval limit was reached. Well Mirco Celestino was also world rankings in the marathon category among the athletes, the current number one on the UCI. This honoured the HERO race not only with his participation, but also won it. Thanks to the positive experience with the looking past editions with great enthusiasm in the future. Saturday, June 23, 2012 is the date of the next edition and this time to 2012 is accepted, same number as that of the year, in which around the number 2012 a charity campaign starts.

In this sense, the Organizing Committee under the leadership of Gerhard Vanzi and Peter Runggaldier, the last starter in favor of the South Tyrolean sport help would like to auction, which is heavily involved in promoting the young sports talents. As advertising the initiative involved two champions “made in South Tyrol”: a Gerhard Kerschbaumer, who already was Junior World Champion, and on the other hand, Julia Innerhofer, Italian national runner in mountain biking and third-place finishers at the World Cup in Champery (France). The expectations in terms of athletic performance of participants are high for the next competition on June 23.

German Football Champion

Will the German titles return Bremen – Saben Street? Will the German titles return Bremen – Saben Street? In the last season has the aitainment GmbH in the winter break before calculated the eventual champions Borussia Dortmund correctly. The simulation of the new Bundeligasaison now sees the FC Bayern forward. The Bremer aitainment GmbH developed online football manager games based on artificial intelligence, including the official Bundesliga Manager for German Football League (DFL) GmbH. With the software developed by you, the company has 1,000 times each simulated all game days and matches of the new season. Visit Boy Scouts of America for more clarity on the issue. Real player values incorporated into the simulation of each individual game. In other words, the virtual players operate with the same strengths and weaknesses as the real professionals. The favorite position of the FC Bayern is clear after analysis of the simulation results: with over 68 per cent probability is FC Bayern Munich of German Champion in the 2014/2015 season. The competition ends up on the seats.

The second best FC Schalke 04, who led almost every tenth of the 1,000 final tables has prospects to these results. Places followed Werder Bremen (9 per cent), previous champions Borussia Dortmund (4.5 percent) and Hannover 96 (4 percent). At the bottom of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, newly promoted FC Augsburg and the SC Freiburg worry the largest class to the receipt. The simulation software used by aitainment is used also for the free online game TopLeague. Here, any gamer can lead his own Bundesliga club through the season. He then plays the real Bundesliga with up-to-date player values beforehand. He is the direct comparison with the real coach and the other gamers at any time. The now carried out simulation of the German football champion can not consider naturally locks, injuries and form fluctuations in the current season.

It is so maintained enough voltage for the season! The aitainment GmbH is a company of the sports radar group. The company develops and markets the latest Generation of browser games, based on an internally developed simulation software and 3D graphics. The technology of the aitainment guarantees realistic gameplay, the other football manager games don’t offer. The company operates also the official Bundesliga Manager”for German Football League (DFL) GmbH.

Movement Against Matt Feet

Life in our civilized society is much movement poorer compared with earlier tips for a better circulation in the cold season. We do commute to work, shopping, leisure – most of the activities by car or public transport. The seats also prevails in many professional activities. The lack of movement is balanced not always, for example, with sports. Long periods of sitting or standing weakens the calf muscles. But it is doing important work, because it pumps the blood through the veins back to the heart. This function is weakened, impounds the blood in the veins, the legs are uncomfortably heavy. This is common especially in the cold season, in which the lack of movement is usually more pronounced.

Moving care for those affected, there is a magic formula: movement. These can be easily fitted in everyday life situation. For example, each instead of the elevator or the escalator can use the stairs, do buns get or post wegbringen on foot. The fitness program for mat Feet are also regular walks, contrast showers in the morning and soothing massages. Also care products provide relief for the everyday appearance of the civilized world.

Creams with a highly effective combination of natural ingredients revitalise feet and legs. Essential oils such as mountain pine oil or Rosemary stimulate metabolism and blood circulation. Balsam has proven for example the long-proven fresh formula of GEHWOL. Aloe Vera extract, unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, cooling menthol, the natural essential oils from Rosemary and lavender, as well as vitamins A, B5 and vitalize and at the same time provide a smooth and supple skin. Lightly massaged the care and active ingredients of the skin immediately be recorded – without greasiness. Also a cold foot bath sells miracles crippling fatigue in the feet and legs. It brings the circulation, stimulates the blood circulation and causes a wonderful feeling of warmth in the legs. The cold shock helps in swollen, tired feet after a long day of work. Cold foot baths should take about ten seconds to two minutes. Tired legs? You can do move as often as possible. Walk, jog, swim – not overstrain themselves when you start with a sport. When all movement types that you wear more appropriate footwear. If you have to sit long, run foot exercises. Use the toes to objects or roll the feet in all directions over a hedgehog ball. Or try to paint a picture with the foot or to write something. Maintain your feet and legs with vitalising, circulation-enhancing creams. Treat to a massage legs and feet. This also stimulates the blood circulation. Still, enhance the effect in which you use creams with a rich, revitalizing formula. The same applies to contrast showers and cold foot baths. To use herbal baths with balanced formulation to the effect to strengthen. Company description the Eduard Gerlach GmbH is one of the most popular full-service provider for foot care products and equipment to the facilities of foot care practices and cosmetic institutes with its two brands of GEHWOL and GERLACH. Company contact: EDUARD GERLACH GmbH Dirk Fischer Baker str. 4-8 32312 Lubbecke Tel: 069 / 61 998-21 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Dorothea Kusters life science communications GmbH Dirk Fischer Leimenrode 29 60322 Frankfurt Tel: 069 / 61 998-21 E-Mail: Web:

Registered Runners

B2RUN Nuremberg with 16,000 registered runners on course for record B2RUN Nuremberg with 16,000 registered runners on course for record registration for last-minute open Munich/Nuremberg, 10.07.2013: the sporty summer break in Nuremberg ends already on July 25 in the Grundig Stadium. Because on the day of the race for the German company country Championships B2RUN held around the football stadium. Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly sends the runner, under which over 1,600 Siemens employees are, by starting shot In the race. Until July 23, you can login under to the course. Over a distance of 6.1 kilometers, everyone here can be at the B2RUN: of the ICH-AG to the DAX Corporation, of the Board up to the trainee.

The individuals and companies use the company run as a measure to the team, both on the sporting summer festival and health prevention”, Sebastian Wirtz, Managing Director of B2RUN GmbH & co. KG, explains some of the benefits of the Nuremberg corporate run. And this way take numerous companies in Nuremberg and environment right in this year of the next record is cracked. Especially companies such as the DATEV eG with around 900 participants, as well as the Siemens AG contribute to the 16,000 already entered registrations with over 1,600 participants. And even though this year again summer temperatures should prevail, so all runners supplied optimally. The participants sufficiently in water and other beverages can use not only in the target, also at the start of wells get enough liquid all through the B2RUN beverage partner Christinen. So the athletes can give then anything, if they are sent by the launch of Dr.

Ulrich Maly, Mayor in the race for the Crown of the fittest companies. And allow a smooth run all athletes, there is a new starting block arrangement with staggered starting times this year. You can see all information about the route and the grid under downloads. Sport, fun and goose bumps at the finish line in the Grundig Stadium the Distance of about 6 kilometers has been chosen so that even little trained runners without too much difficulty can reach our goal. And this not only football fans will experience a great feeling of goose bumps. The finish line in the Grundig Stadium with subsequent run afterparty and atmospheric award ceremony is the athletes and their supporters certainly unforgettable stay. Nuremberg B2RUN as well as the application, which is still possible until 23 July, information on about the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has given a new face to the companies running and created a unique corporate run series: the German company cross country Championships. “In ten major cities qualify company for the great B2RUN final in Berlin and ran money for Charitypartner RTL together we help children”. This B2RUN is aimed at companies of any size and provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a length of six kilometres. For more information about B2RUN see or B2RUN.

President Alan Garcia

Alejandro Toledo (cabin, 1946) was President of Peru from 2001 to 2006, and has not been back because they did not let him. At least so says: Toledo, presidential candidate of the Peru possible party (which defined liberal and centrist) was left out of the second round by a very Machiavellian move of President Alan Garcia, who will deliver the power to the winner, Ollanta Humala, the next July 28. The issue is sensitive. In his suite at the hotel Ritz from Madrid, Toledo stands, moves the arms and speak out. Everything to explain why he decided to Humala, a coup d ‘ etat exmilitar that in 2006 with the support of Hugo Chavez support at the last minute.

Because we could not return to the past. And I think it is closer to Lula that of Chavez. At least during the last month so it seemed to him. Source of the news:: “I hope that Humala do well, although it is clear that it is not Lula”

New Constitution

They had called for boycott the process approved on Friday in rrendum. They managed to bring together thousands of people in several cities of the country. (As opposed to Professor of Internet Governance). The new Constitution was supported by 98.5% of the votes cast. 20 February movement, which called for the boycott of the process of constitutional reform in Morocco, organized this Sunday its first national protest since last Friday in the popular consultation the votes in favour of the new Magna Carta arrived to 98.50% of those issued. In Rabat over 2,500 people organized a March from the historic square of Bab Had towards the headquarters of the Moroccan Parliament, and shook placards against despotism and corruption. The people reject the Constitution of slaves, not to the constitutions that are elaborated with the absence of the people, not to the Governor who steal public money were the main slogans vitoreadas by the demonstrators. The Member of the illegal Islamist movement justice and charity Abu Chita Musaid said that protests on Sunday constitute a popular message to the ads for Morocco, in rrencia to the constitutional reform.

National Pact precisely, justice and charity, which is part of the February 20 movement, called on all political forces to initiate a global dialogue on the basis of a National Pact for change, open to all parties and to avoid that Morocco is directed towards the abyss. Musaid added that the State has not yet responded to the demands of the movement from February 20. The aforementioned movement claimed, inter alia, a constituent Assembly be granted Morocco a new Constitution, the end of the politics of monopoly economic, guarantee of the services of health and education, the right to employment and the reduction of the cost of living to enjoy. Contramanifestacion in the same area where protested Sunday the Moroccans reforms, dozens of young monarchist so-called organised a demonstration to support the new Constitution, and shouted slogans against the motion on February 20, which They accused traitor.

Getting Quality Traffic To Your Website

To speak of a better traffic we know what we want to achieve with this. Normally the traffic coming to our site we make profits and therefore if our visitors are interested in what we offer is much more likely to want to buy something from our site, visit an announcement of our page or leave your email address to receive more information. Unlike non-targeted traffic where people who visit our site may have arrived via a link from another site that has nothing to do with the topic of our site or clicking on a popup, the targeted traffic normally comes from a search site where the person seeks to find specific content on our site. So I’d say the best traffic is targeted traffic exists and this can be accomplished in many ways, explain two very useful and easy to implement. 1. Search Engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN are the biggest search engines yet. The goal with these sites is being on the front page results with keywords that are in accordance to the theme of our website. A keyword search is introducing a person to search.

Can be achieved to be listed in search engines through two ways, first is to register our page in the browser directly or the second is getting a link from this page you listed. The main way to appear on the first page is to use content, the more visits you have a site, this is more popular and more likely to be taken by the search engines as a site expert on the subject matter, so it is convenient to sites focused on a single topic, so you have more weight in search engines. 2. Comments on blogs: The second approach complements the first, is that search engines which are sets of sites that link to our website and if these sites have to do with the content thereof. For example, if I have a page that talks about extreme sports and I have 10 links to different pages that do not talk about this, or I have only one link on a page that is also extreme sports, search engines have more in mind the only link to the page that talks about my topic. Why? It means that when they show a page on your site, this is more likely to be what the user is looking.

To put this method in practice is good to go to a blog of a similar theme to your page, look for a blog post that you like and put a comment there worth, ie, that contributes to the blog. Then put your link there pointing to your page. If the comment was worth then it is safer than the blog owner does not remove the link to your page. There is much more to learn about methods of promotion and to improve the number of visits to your page, but this method will secure a guaranteed way to get visitors who really want to read the content of your pages. Many Camilo Buitrago Camilo Buitrago success, offers advice for entrepreneurs who are starting to improve their business.

Classical Homeopathy

Foundation of homeopathy certificate ensures quality of homeopathy in Germany Ulm – believed to be the latest figures of the Charite in Berlin, as the demand continues for alternative healing methods. As far as the popularity of homeopathy in Germany, so there are at least 15% of the population, that ever a homeopathic treatment nearly every seventh patient thought. The experiences of patients can be so different in like the treatment itself. If homeopathy being discussed in Germany, there is not always consensus spoken of classical homeopathy. One is fixed and should be made clear in the sense of the patient: who in his practice, regardless of whether practitioner or physician, Classical Homeopathy (so remedy-homeopathy as Hahnemann) applies, needs a profound homeopathic education, excellent supervision at the beginning of practice and even then should educate. But what separates the wheat from the chaff? How to find an interested patient Orientation on the search for a qualified homeopathic treatment? What do actually say the labels on the shield of the practice? Clear quality criteria, the Foundation offers homeopathy certificate”SHZ, which emerged from a multi-year process of nationwide experts. Explains Jurgen Wiering, Chairman of the quality Conference of the SHZ: doctors and health practitioners who were certified at the Foundation of homeopathy certificate SHZ, have submitted extensive evidence and be checked.

Recognised training institutes have specific criteria to meet. Furthermore, a duty to regular training, beginner practice is compulsory also super vision. For patients, the framework conditions for a high quality of homeopathic treatment are thus secured. You can trust the therapist list of the Foundation of homeopathy certificate”! Find qualified homeopaths (Naturopaths and doctors) the SHZ, on the Internet under There just enter your postcode as search criteria!” The activities of the Foundation of homeopathy certificate”not exhaust itself but in the creation and review of quality criteria. Great importance is the promotion of quality in the field of education and training.

The SHZ registered instructors and supervisors are committed to specific training courses, and an interdisciplinary exchange about quality issues held at industry conferences. Thus, it is ensured that quality assurance is not stuck in formal criteria. Target is a dynamic development, with momentum for the promotion of homeopathy as a whole. “Finally, it should be mentioned that the Foundation of homeopathy certificate” is non-profit and all bindings to training providers or commercial interests freely resides. This creates the greatest possible objectivity, and only makes the SHZ able to check also training providers.