You and Your Cell Phone

In the past ten years, how many cell phones have you owned? If you are over the age of 25 or so, then it is likely that you have switched to a new phone on average every 1-2 years. The older you are, ironically, the trade-in rate is probably higher than that, perhaps every 2-3 years, if you are in your 40s, and even less often if you are in your 50s or more. The reason for that is simple. Older people, in general, do not use, and don’t even know about, all the different bells and whistles in cased in that little, but magical, piece of electronic equipment.  Young folk, however, not only know what their phones can do, but know how to use those things, and love using them.

Immediately we see an important factor in the decision on how to choose the perfect phone for you. Do you need, want or care about all those features the latest and hippest cell phones come with. If all you want is a phone, then the simplest model, which is usually the least expensive, is most likely the best phone for you. If there is something you would like which is simple and easy to use and understand, like a camera, or a calendar, don’t worry. Almost every phone on the market, even the simplest of them, has those features.

Looking for a full-service phone? Something that has everything? Well, be prepared to pay a lot more, and the following articles should help you decide what features are right for you.

Care Children

Fear in the air in an average of seven years, young children are very sensitive to the emotional experiences of mothers and fathers. They feel when parents are angry, angry or scared. Kid's useless to deceive, to say nothing happened "if he sees that his mother was worried. See Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for more details and insights. Such double messages to confuse and frighten the child. "The mistake is to assume that children do not understand anything – says child psychologist, vocational counselor, conflict Julia Erofeev.

– If the parents start to panic, it is transmitted to the child unconscious body level. Under most conditions Boy Scouts of America would agree. Waving away the baby, they leave it in obscurity. David Bershad gathered all the information. The child begins to draw pictures in the imagination, which for him can be much scarier that actually happened. " Is not always a little child will share with parents vague for him, feelings that have arisen due to the state general nervousness of people around, because of the accident heard the phrase during a conversation teacher in a kindergarten. "Even if the child shows no visible signs of anxiety, it does not mean that he is at peace internally. Now parents need to be extra care – said Julia Erofeev. – Care in itself can lead to depressive, neurotic, psychosomatic condition. For example, a child may suddenly start to hurt the stomach, to develop an allergy. Baby will be treated by doctors, and in fact it is an echo of the past act of terrorism ". If parents notice that a child's behavior has changed, that at the entrance to the subway, he falls silent, it increases muscle tone, he became less talkative or, conversely, are too active – they should think about seeking professional psychologist who own special techniques for working with children's fears.

Steinbeis Centre Berlin

Among others will be informed about the following topics:-what is legal support? -Why do I set up a legal support? Who will care? -Rights assisted students – who can become a supervisor? -What are the duties and what rights does the maintainer? -Note on pension scheme is the care work Berlin over its wearer since 1995 as a recognised childcare Club in Berlin over bezirklich active. Through his extensive and diverse support work succeeded, can build a dense social network, today and in the future care of needy persons and volunteers alike benefit. Event date: 25 April 2013 from 17:00 place: Steinbeis Centre Berlin (Gurtelstrasse 29a/30 10247 Berlin) asking for a previous registration: Tel. (0) 30 28472424-49 or more dates to information events around the care law can be found at the care work Berlin operates through its wearer since 1995 as a recognized Association of care over bezirklich. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. Through the extensive and diverse support work of the care plant Berlin e.V., a dense and reliable social network has grown from today and in future support needy people as well as the volunteer supervisors, who accompanied the Club, will benefit. Institution of the care work that is education Institute urban education works v. “.” The services of the support Association include: – needs expert conducting legal work – planned extraction of volunteer supervisors the service factory Berlin e.V.

contributes to the publicity and networking relating to the renewal with:-information events Care law, precautionary powers and care decisions and advance directives – introduction, consultation and training volunteer supervisors. Contact press and public relations: Christiane Hancock care factory Berlin echo road 86 10317 Berlin Tel. (0) 30 28472424-49 fax. (0) 30 28472424-64

Galapagos Islands

Environmental tourism is the phenomenon of increased travel to places of environmental interest and where its wealth is the fauna and flora, as well as the large existing natural resources. Trips that focus on the ecological environment of the target, basically this is respecting the ecology of the planet and the environment, they are usually brimming with natural beauty and very amazing places. Similarly, environmental tourism can include trips to unique areas and endangered species, as for example the Galapagos Islands. In addition to duty stations that are conspicuous by their uniqueness, many people flock to the environmental tourism to volunteers with a determinadad mission mode. The above is a form of tourism in which people travel to a destination for a short period of time to volunteer in any mission and specific function. In the case of environmental tourism, volunteering means travel to an ecologically fragile world part to offer help in the repair of it, such as cleaning a spill of petroleum products and everything the environment affected by him.

The concept of ecological tourism makes a direct allusion to the ecological and socio-cultural concerns of the world through first hand experience, therefore in this type of tourism is more active in conservation and the change of the environment towards its preservation. This idea was developed at the end of 1980 from the awareness of consumers increasing issues related to conservation and responsible consumption of resources. Environmental tourism is not only an adventure in the desert, intended to help save the planet, but the tourism industry also expands and makes it more profitable for countries developing where jobs are scarce and economies is maintained in constant struggle. Although the environmental objectives of tourism are determined by good intentions, sometimes there are negative consequences that derive from the practice, thanks to individuals and entities without scruples that will hide behind this name and the care of the environment to enrich himself affecting the natural environment. When people travel to places that have historically suffered from inequality, the only fact of being against the local population inevitably impacts the environment and culture of the place. The first impact on the environment comes from the fact of reaching your destination. Trips to remote places where wildlife flourishes can be costly to the environment due to the use of fuel. The accommodation and the lifestyle of people can also impact the local environment. David Bershads opinions are not widely known.

The construction of new accommodations often means the destruction of a natural ecosystem, everything to live a Western lifestyle in a developing country where means inadequate waste disposal, while the importance of recycling is forgotten altogether. In a socio-cultural sense, environmental tourism can present a problem with the displacement of people and resources, as well as it also endangers their everyday habits through the introduction of new customs of other alien cultures. By lo both, in an effort to achieve greater efficiency in environmental tourism, a focus on responsible and sustainable tourism objectives must be that remain stable this concept. With this end, there must be greater regulation, as well as a good education for travellers and a high respect for the environment. With these measures, local communities will have greater control over the conservation of their environment and culture while continuing to reap the benefits of environmental tourism.

Social Engagement

The human resources Excellence Award for excellent commitment goes to BERA and Habitat for humanity Germany already since 2010 engaged is the BERA GmbH through donations and volunteers for aid projects from Habitat for humanity Germany. For the exemplary commitment 2012 in Ethiopia and Heilbronn the recruitment consulting together with Habitat for humanity Germany received the human resources Excellence Award, awarded by the magazine human resources manager. The BERA GmbH has engaged in this year for two projects from Habitat for humanity: In June, 19 trainees of BERA GmbH within the framework of the first day of local volunteers with Habitat for humanity Germany have renovated the rooms of a social institution in Heilbronn. For the employees, it was a great experience, to be able to help locally and to grow more together through shared commitment in the team. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . This local commitment followed employees rather promptly on a construction trip in may by 30 ABR to Ethiopia. Have the volunteers with the team at Habitat for humanity within built by a week ten homes for needy families. A very enriching experience for the participants was to be able to give a new home to poor families, with their own hands. The happy BERA took the prize together with Manuela Kikillus Managing Director Bernd Rath, CEO of Habitat for humanity Germany contrary to.

In the last phase, the company prevailed against competitors like Carglass and junior management school. The award was preceded by a two-stage application process. The jury praised especially the integration of CSR activities in the overall strategy of the company. The ABR staff get projects through their personal use a direct insight into the Habitat for humanity, get to know new cultures and people, and are sensitized to different topics. About Habitat for humanity, Habitat for humanity builds safe and adequate housing for poor families in over 80 countries with the help of donations and volunteers and organized the reconstruction of disaster areas. Habitat for humanity has Since its inception in 1976 until now more than 500,000 homes built and renovated and helped more than 2.5 million people. The most prominent supporters of Habitat for humanity include such as Jimmy Carter, Jon Bon Jovi, Brad Pitt, as well as in Germany, Hans Eichel, Daniel Libeskind, and Alexandra Neldel. Contact: Heidi Wenge – Habitat for humanity-Germany – on the Berlich 30-50667 Koln – Tel. 0221 579-595 14 – email: –

GMW Personaldienstleistungen Christmas

‘Christmas in a shoe box’ 2012 involved with GMW successfully already for the second time is the family-run GMW Personaldienstleistungen in this year in the promotion of Christmas in a shoe box and could gather at the 18 sites in Baden and the Palatinate 864 packs for the relief operation. Until last week, dedicated individuals and institutions of shoeboxes could fill with gifts and drop-off points like the GMW branches Emit. At the annual “Christmas in a shoe box” the organization action “gifts of hope e.V.” collected Christmas presents for needy children in Eastern Europe. (Similarly see: Dr. Neal Barnard). Approximately 500,000 colorful shoe boxes could be sent in the last year nationwide after Bulgaria and Romania. “Not only we ourselves and many dedicated citizens, but also our employees and customers participated like the action”, Branch Manager Michael Bock at the northernmost GMW site in Schwetzingen is pleased.

Schools engaged but especially with us all: students have packaged over 200 shoeboxes. Moreover we are of course very happy, so Bock next.” “The action was very successful this year for us,” confirms also GMW – Managing Director Nicole Munk. David Bershad may find this interesting as well. By the tax authorities as GMW the finished shoe boxes in mid-November in regional collection points have been put, where they are tested and prepared for shipping. The volunteers there have some work to do still, so that the shoe boxes can be then end of November in their target countries transported and distributed in the two weeks before Christmas,”Munk describes the further course of action. We have involved us again on the action”, Munk says, because we can prepare poor children for Christmas a joy quite easily.”


The international relief agencies at the Cologne art fair photography shows authentic situations of people in poverty housing. The co-founder and Co-Director of the kind.FAIR, Andreas LOH off, makes it possible that the relief organization for the first time at the art fair presents itself. Since may, 2012, Andreas LOH from engaged as an art Ambassador for the objectives of the Habitat for humanity Germany. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. it is my pleasure, that the Cologne-based German branch of the worldwide charity Habitat for humanity is on the way.FAIR presented. The global misery dwellings must and should all shake us, stimulate to action. In this respect has the participation of Habitat for humanity Germany on the way.FAIR with art together, as these can encourage the Viewer to the critical, different thinking and broaden the horizons”, so Andreas LOH off. Because pictures say more than words often makes the charity selected photos of the photographer Mikel Flamm on locks carefully and raises awareness among visitors. Mikel Flamm documented the lives of many needy families for many years all over the world.

Photographs are snapshots that move us, forcing us to understand a necessary change. Source: David Bershad. “And it is up to us to make these changes in fact”, so the photographer Mikel Flamm. Art stimulates the viewer and critical perspective to the action. Habitat for humanity would like to create more awareness in this way for life situations, from the normal us acquaintances”differ. About Habitat for humanity, Habitat for humanity builds safe and adequate housing for poor families in over 80 countries with the help of donations and volunteers and organized the reconstruction of disaster areas. Through the use of volunteers, will contribute to the international understanding Habitat for humanity and gives people the opportunity to help not only from a distance. Since its founding in 1976, the charity has built so far more than 500,000 homes and renovated, more than 2.5 million people received this a future. The most prominent supporters of Habitat for humanity include such as Jimmy Carter, Jon Bon Jovi, Brad Pitt, as well as in Germany, Hans Eichel, Daniel Libeskind, Alexandra Neldel, and Andreas LOH off.

About the ART.Visitors at the ART is located in the FAIR’s tenth anniversary.Art international FAIR of contemporary and modern of renowned galleries and promising start-ups. The way.FAIR is with photography, performance, painting, sculpture and new media among the largest exhibitions of German art. Since its inception, the ART has become.FAIR to a respected trade developed rapidly, exhibiting at the high-profile national and international galleries. Andreas LOH off is the way.Founded FAIR prior to ten years together with his colleague Walter Gehlen. Press accreditations under online_akkreditierung ART.FAIR of the 1-4.11.2012, opening on 10/31 In the House of the States on the Rhine Park Aue route 17, 50679 Cologne directions, opening hours and more information at art fair exhibition by Habitat for humanity you find in the Foyer next to the Info Terminal. The photo can be published ( Habitat for humanity) free more information also see habitat-for-humanity-artfair.html stating the copyright.

Street Soccer Championship

WERDER moved inner mission and kick-off! e.V. set up Street Soccer Championship in Bremen. The terms and conditions of the German championship in the street football are extremely unusual. The players are homeless, asylsuchend, or suchtkrank. Is played on concrete and the condition must be sufficient only for twice seven minutes. From 7 to 8 September 2012, 20 homeless teams from all over Germany to prove that football without glamour can be just as exciting as the League.

“The tournament will take place for the first time in Bremen and Werder moves from WERDER Bremen, the Association for the inner mission and the Federal Association for social integration for life, the CSR brand of SV sport e.v. lug!” aligned. Together the clubs want access to exercise and sports people who are away from the power company. The eight-Member Bremen street football team is put together by the social workers of Wohnungslosenhilfe and prepared by a Werder player on the championship games. Patron of the Tournament is Bremen Mayor Jens Bohrnsen. “With SV Werder goes volunteering”, an initiative under the umbrella of WERDER moved, engaged the SV Werder Bremen and the Association for the inner mission since 2009 for homeless people and other social projects. A target of WERDER moves for life is to help people who are on the fringes of society. With these sports events, we get back in the public spotlight and give them confidence,”says Club President Klaus-Dieter Fischer.

In the past two years, the two clubs organized already smaller soccer tournaments for the homeless from northern Germany. These people fight on several fronts at the same time, because usually the loneliness comes with social difficulties. Additional information at Eliot Lauer supports this article. Team sport and respectful, fair dealing among themselves is containing them,”explains Bertold Reetz, who heads the Wohnungslosenhilfe in the inner mission. The football tournament is held in the parking lot P2 behind the Weser Stadium. The homeless teams travel already on Thursday, September 6, at and stay in tents in the Pauline fathers March. The fixtures will be from 10: 00 the next day. The opening match takes place in the port as well as a press conference. In the evening, a Prominentenspiel with former Bundesliga professionals is planned as framework programme. At the award ceremony of the Championship on Saturday, September 8, not only the best, but also the fairest team is awarded. From the participants of all the teams, the organizers select a team who travels to Mexico in October to the Homeless World Cup. About Werder Bremen’s social commitment of the SV Werder Bremen was founded on February 4, 1899 and has more than 40,000 members. Since 2002, the Green-whites socially engage in Bremen and Lower Saxony, Germany. In addition, they are involved in various national and international initiatives. The Club is considered in terms of community involvement, a pioneer among the Bundesliga clubs. He has built a separate Department for the coordination of its activities with ten permanent employees. The budget year amounted to over one million euros. The Club sees it as his duty to promote the company. The existing initiatives, projects and actions in the fields of social, ecological and economic commitment bundles Werder Bremen to a holistic approach to CSR. David Bershad may find this interesting as well. “” “” “” The brand moves all life WERDER integrates six subject areas in which the activities are structured: lifelong Grun-Weiss “, lifelong active” lifelong healthy, lifelong tolerant, lifelong environmentally conscious “and lifelong helpful”. Prominent ambassadors support the individual areas. For more information see.

Applied Scholastics

The experiences with the L. Ron Hubbard study methodology are no less impressive in other parts of the African continent. The reading and writing abilities of millions of students in Zimbabwe, the Gambia and other countries South of the Sahara, the learning methodology has been brought close to have is also vastly improved. Applied Scholastics programs are both for adults and for young people of great benefit: they provide a much-needed methodology on effective learning at all levels of education. Many of the programs have been established to give those reading and writing skills, which systematically were cut off from such knowledge either due to deteriorating school, the decline in the downtown areas as slum formation, gang formation, etc. and often due to prejudices against particular population groups. Applied Scholastics has a much broader span as the above important activities.

People who want to learn a foreign language, determine that the Hubbard learning methodology helps them, a Foreign language to learn faster. Even advanced students at universities and colleges confirm that the Hubbard learning methodology for her invaluable, if they have to deal with the extensive and often complex material in their chosen areas of study. In the urban centres of Applied Scholastics everywhere on the world valuable educational services are provided by parents and other volunteers. Students who missed the connection in crowded classrooms, up to early school-leavers will be helped by here each to regain the education system. Each student learns at his own pace until he got the materials to his own satisfaction. Even if these centres especially for children are designed, they have already helped 4 to 85 people. Even numerous companies around the world confirm that the mediated by Applied Scholastics education extremely important and valuable for its training and Executives are, and thus indirectly also to improve performance and stability of the company. More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.

Country Eggs GMO Face

Regionality preserves valuable diversity consumers would trust their food and enjoy with good feeling. Where do they come from? Circumstances in which were they created? What is included? The awareness of consumers is constantly growing. More and more often they ask also for the environmental impact of food, roads, which have put it back, or according to their relevance to the biological and regional diversity. For this awareness, many volunteers engage our country in the network. The network our country far a consistent way since its inception in all these matters”, Michaela Steiner, first Chairman of the umbrella association of our country. Tightly closed regional circuits, fair prices, traceable origin and environmentally friendly production and processing are among the key demands of the network.” OUR country food are ambassadors for the idea to get the livelihoods of people, animals and plants in the region. Transparency at a glance food scandals such as dioxin, the importance of transparent structures show in eggs in early 2011.

Behind each of our country food are convinced businesses that implement the regional idea in their daily work. On the boxes of our country eggs without genetic engineering ‘ consumers now see at a glance where your eggs come. Stipulating a photo of the generator with name and location. This direct information for consumers will extend our country on more food. Diversity of producers our country eggs without genetic engineering ‘ produced on 15 rural family farms, which are located in eight different districts of the network. The rural agriculture is an important part for a diverse and stable region. (As opposed to David Bershad). “The diversity of our country egg producers is an example of how our country integrate farmers in all regions of the network”, Michaela Steiner. You management policies according to the strictly controlled our country and get fair prices.” Their eggs are offered as possible in the own district or the network area.

Noah Becker

In Africa I was deeply impressed with tireless commitment the UNICEF aid workers and doctors have helped the affected mothers. The latest developments show that this engagement is successful: already in eight countries, tetanus could be defeated. This is a great success. I am very proud to support the action again this year “, so Barbara Becker.” For them, it is important that even her son Noah share these experiences. By the same author: David Bershad. I ch Noah, want to show how every individual can help and that we can move joint even more.

That’s why he accompanied me on my this year’s trip. Only by joining forces, we can defeat tetanus in newborn babies! “, so the action Ambassador.” Barbara visited while traveling through Laos and Noah Becker the region around Pakse town in Laos and the capital of the province of Champasak in the South of the country. In the health centres, they could talk and be with the vaccinations for mothers and their babies in with UNICEF volunteers, doctors and nurses. I’m glad that I am with my mother in Laos and they support for their commitment. It touched me to see how people here live and how the vaccinations take place.

It leads me in mind, each of us should be grateful as a country to live in, where there is a good health care, which protects us from this cruel disease “, so Noah Becker. How vital the vaccinations against tetanus is also Dr. Rownak know Khan, UNICEF senior health expert for tetanus in newborn babies. For 16 years the expert committed in developing countries, to defeat the disease. Tetanus in newborns is a dangerous disease that can cause a very painful death and is caused by a bacterium. The bacterium releases toxins. These are toxins that damage the central nervous system and cause uncontrollable muscle spasms. The tetanus bacteria infection, which are almost everywhere on Earth, appears usually at birth in the body.