Thus, the enchantment of the life of devices bangs to the little age substituted for the modernization of the cycles of the plants transforming this bangs into only supplying farms of sugar cane, in view of this development agrarian-industrial. However it is known that the relations of north-eastern work were total restricted the local latifundium conjuncture, was in this occasion that exactly having considerable modernizations, had one ' ' pact agrrio' ' that &#039 kept the celebrity; ' peace agrria' ' , that is, the maintenance surplus to the exclusion and exploration forms popular politics for the peasants and layers. In view of, these modifications, the exploration of the campesinato tends to increase each time more, a time that, now the verticalizao of the local power is not only restricted to ' ' barons of acar' ' (these in turn, still kept its influence on the lives peasants), but also to an industrial bourgeoisie who treats to expand the wage-earning work in detriment to the workers tenants in fee. Into this conjuncture, the disobediences and the exploration to the worker transform the Northeast in one one more time ' ' barrel of plvoras' ' you give to blow up, with a reaction peasant, mainly against the simultaneous processes of expropriation of lands yielded long ago to the campesinato, due to necessity of expansion of the farmings of sugar sugar cane so that an increase in the raw material supply occurred for the producing plants. This process of expulsion was materialize of a sufficiently clear form, becoming the agricultural worker and the peasant as an exclusive merchandise for the usefulness the capital. Thus forming an industrial optics inside of the proper canavieira farming. From this moment, that the peasant now will assume the position of wage-earner in the production process, being directly separate of the proper production and the instruments of work.


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