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Agricultural Worker

It is a modality of highly lucrative private providence for commercializes who it, in view of that only who contributes is of greater purchasing power. The closed plans, also called pension fund, also are under the incumbency of private companies, maneuvered for civil societies or foundations without lucrative ends, that if exclusively destine to the employees of a company or group of companies. The public welfares need the efficiency of the government in the direction of that it is capable to collect the contributions. The private plans need the capacity of the government in making to fulfill the contributions. A country that does not obtain to control not even a simple tax on the payment leaf cannot manage a plan of providence. (MITCHEL, 2001, p 161) In Brazil two systems of providence exist, state and the private one. The state providence is obligator for all the workers and in it two exist regimes: the General Regimen of Social welfare, under responsibility of the INSS for the workers of the private initiative and contracted the public officers and not concursados, and regimes special, for public servers concursados, military and members being able of them Judiciary, Legislative and Executive. 2.1 The AGRICULTURAL SOCIAL WELFARE the agricultural worker was enclosed in the system of providence in 1963, with the elaboration of the Statute of the Agricultural Worker being granted to it, retirement for invalidity and oldness. To if creating a system of aged, living social protection to during all its life in the agricultural environment, having as criterion only this previous condition of worker of the agricultural sector and the condition of the age, had a change of all a history and conception of protection human being to the aged people. It had thus alteration in tradition of family numerous, that existed in the past in the agricultural areas, whose members if puted in charge support of the family and them to it aged parents, function this normally attributed to the son oldest.

Children’s Rights

The pages of newspapers and the informed spaces in radio and television have filled of sad, hard, bitter and bleak data on the present situation of the children anywhere in the world: poverty, undernourishment, diseases, traffic, work and infantile prostitution. Nevertheless, until now the signallers have forgotten an equal or more important data that the numbers, and is that in the heat of 21st century still exists two nations that have not signed the Convention the International of the Rights of the Boy. On the one hand is Somalia, country that takes more than 15 years sunk in a terrible civil war and without a government legitimately recognized by the UN, reason by which it is not allowed him to sign any international treaty. The other country that has not ratified this declaration is the United States. Although it is certain that the rest of the nations already has signed the Declaration and even so they are continued violating the fundamental rights of the children in its territories, also is certain that ratifying the Convention supposes to adopt one determining attitude and a legal and moral responsibility before the problems, two initial, but necessary steps, to guard by the fulfillment of such rights. Before the change of resident in the White House, million people are optimists and hope that the leadership of Obama can lead to the United States and the rest of the planet to a new global paradigm. Nevertheless, the present world order depends on many entretejidos threads and, in spite of the good intentions of the democrat, the reality is that it will have a very short manoeuvre margin, which will set up important obstacles to him at the time of reaching the great changes that the population of the planet hopes.

However, the elect president of the United States yes has in his hands the accomplishment of small significant changes that the foundations for a new world order can lay the. Among them, we could hope, and even demand, a smaller, but symbolic change, in a small portion of the North American international policy. For anybody the weight is a secret that has Washington before international organisms like the UN, the OAS, the OECD or the IMF and less still the power to drive or to stop international programs and initiatives. Due to this, is determinant that the government of Obama makes the decision to sign the Convention the International of the Rights of the Boy (and other so many who to date has refused to sign) so that from the leadership and the example, he drives and he guides a new world more just.

German Pavilion Prize

Next to Mostafavi they trained the jury Ole Bouman, Director, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, Rotterdam; Yvonne Farrell, Grafton Architects, Dublin; Annette Gigon, Gigon/Guyer, Zurich; Anne Lacaton, Lacaton & Vassal Architectes, Paris; Tarald Lundevall, Architect, SNHETTA, Oslo; Pei Zhu, Peking, China, and the secretary of the jury, Llus Hortet, Director of the Mies Foundation go to der Rohe, Barcelona. Two young Catalan architects For the Collage House of the architects Ramon Bosch and Bet Capdrro are the second prize. In 2010, they gained the Prize of Architecture of the Regions of Girona. One is several houses for a same family in a property of 1,500 meters squared of the Coll de Girona. The prize has character biennial and is granted by the European Union and organized by the Fundaci Mies they go to der Rohe of Barcelona, whose main intention is to recognize and to compensate the quality of the architectonic production in Europe. The candidacies of works considered for the Prize are propose by an ample group of independent experts coming from all Europe, as well as by the schools of architects who form part of the European Council of Architects and other national associations of European architects. The Pavilion of Van der Rohe In each edition biennial, the jury designates between the candidacies two works: one that receives the Prize of Contemporary Architecture of the European Union considering its conceptual, technical and constructive quality, and other than receives the Special Mention Emergent Architect. The jury also selects between the candidacies exemplary works that are object of a publication and a exhibition.

The prize is equipped with 60,000 Euros and one sculpture that evokes the German Pavilion of Mies goes to der Rohe. The Special Mention is equipped with 20,000 Euros and one sculpture that the Pavilion evokes, that is the authentic symbol of this prize. Considered one of best works architectonic of century XX, the Pavilion incarnates the main objectives that the institution of this prize persecutes: excellence and innovation in conceptual and constructive terms. Source of the news: Two Spaniards with award in the Prizes of Contemporary Architecture of the EU.

Jeremias Bentham

David Schnaid* 1 – the study of the knowledge it belongs to the field of the called philosophy Gnoseologia. The classification of the knowledge does not excuse the gnoseologia, but limited the inquiry to the considered subject, is losted in thought here these prolegmenos and if adentra soon the Epistemologia that has for object accurately to demarcate the limits of the diverse modalities of the knowledge, the criteria of gauging of its value, its respetivos methods and logic. 2 – Some classifications exist, that we can congregate in two great groups: the biblioteconmica, destined to faci.litar collections of papers or books; the philosophical one, or valorativa, or for content, thus assigned for obeying an order of respctivo content. In general, they obey the existing identification elements in objects of the knowledge: cosmo, the nature, the man, the animals, inanimate the etc. The subject has worried thinkers as Jeremias Bentham, John Locke, Augustus Comte, Herbert Spencer, without speaking in the Classic antiquity, for example, in Aristotle; in the Age Average, and the scholastic classifications. 3 – Divergindo, became the classification of the diverse modalities of knowledge, obeying the criteria of gauging of its value, its method and its logic here, that vary modality according to, as it is seen to follow.

This classification is preferred by its potential for the development of the speech, the research, the analysis of all the knowledge, what it provides enormous application to it. For these criteria, we differentiate the diverse forms of knowledge, congregating them in six categories: vulgar or mundane, scientific, philosophical, Metaphysical, mstico and technological. 2-O vulgar knowledge does not have critical concern. It is acquired by the experience. It is distinguished, in fragmentary way, to take care of to the necessities of day-by-day. For example, we learn to read, to write, to direct an automobile, to apply our money, to direct our businesses, to appreciate the art, always through the experience.


To be able to require the insolvency to it the citizen has to have passive more than active, that is, the value of the debts to be bigger that its goods, and when I say good, she includes mobile and immovable expiration monthly and bems that has. For who it is become indebted and already the solution for a new life has deferred payments in the registers of the Portuguese Central Bank passes for the personal insolvency. To require the personal insolvency it must be directed a espicializado lawyer the same to require in the court, of which the Judge will go to give its to seem. After the setena of the insolvency, that being of good faith is always has accepted is determined by the Judge insolvent a monetary minimum sum to deliver the creditors every month. It does not exist certain values where the Judge decrees to deliver, but never goes to demand value that after removed the insolvency is with less of the national minimum commanded one. After the cincos years demanded in Portugal, the debts in case that not yet they have been eliminated in the totality, the same ones die and the negative registers of the BDP are clean..


Of the perspective of Sergio, he does not have as to understand the effort of poetical creation it are of the historical, social or cultural circumstances that correspond to the instant of creation of the workmanship in same itself. The effect that interests to show to it is of that, although the apparent dissonncias between the logic of the fiction and the reading of its meaning at the moment where if it restores, always lasts between them an union trace that becomes them inconfundveis. To Joo Ricardo de Castro Boiler, the way that Sergio Buarque follows for this constatao comes for the study of the circumstances. At the hands of Sergio, the daily ones, the letters, chronicle of a life or a time, the historical reading, in contrast to mere references, enters as beddings in the search of this unit between the man that thinks and the man that feels, whose perspective search to come close itself to understand the different instances that surround the relations between the universe of the workmanship and the universe of its readers. In one of the first articles that it published in the press when still it had twenty years, already she was clear in the cronista that appeared the trend to farejar the aesthetic one in the transformations of the daily one. In accordance with Antonio Arnoni the Prado, already shows for the pages of the So Paulo Post office the intuition of historian who would be, when tracking in the evolution of our literary life the programs with that the different generations if pledged in the identification of a genuinely national style.

Much more that a meticulous critic is paradoxicalally faro of historian who, in the critical one of Sergio Buarque, contributes to enrich the aesthetic dimension of literature. In the truth, it was the way that interrogated these convergences that singularity gave to that it read and it wrote while critical. Sergio Buarque of Holland has a distinction of other critics, it inside did not look of literature the relation with history, much less that he is of the perspective of the history that if pointed out to conceive its literary reflections. According to Boiler, its focus was a species of mobile eye to float on what it called landscape transcendente of the workmanship, that is, that virtual plan that does not belong effectively to the historical world nor to the world of the fiction, ' ' the dimension where it is born and if expands the nucleus of the composition, central intelligence and the frame of the legitimated ficcional truth as symbol to the part, but intervening alive with the instances of the reality of the world where if it inserts. According to Ricardo Joo of the Coast Boiler, Sergio exceeds to these mediaes to adjust them the virtual field to it of where critical the literary one can contribute to recriar the essential moments in the composition process of the workmanship. However, ' ' if the goal is the literary fisionomia, the way to understand it never does not leave to estimate the minute analysis of the set of the circumstances of who depends its process on significao and reading in the time and the space where this workmanship goes circular' ' . However, before advancing in the suggested direction, it would be interesting to retake a consideration made for Sergio Buarque of Holland on this period of militancy in the press. To the inquired being years later for Homero Senna by the way of the lesson that it had collected of

Farmville Money

More and more people have been dragged by the wave greater than she strikes the cyberspace. Farmville is the best thing in these days and many people are in the crazy race to have a farm, to work plants, to gain more currencies and experience. If you are not playing Farmville, would have to do it already. It is a great way to take relajantes vacations, far from the noise and the stress of the daily life. Farmville must see with seedtime of some seeds, the harvesting of the harvests, gain currencies to go shopping in the market of Farmville, and even visit the farms of its neighbors. It is definitively a relajante form to pass his time of inactivity and a link more to socialize with his friendly in line. , A friendly rivalry as far as whom could raise of level before nobody, it will assume flavor to Farmville. Leveling to raise definitively, has its rewards to unblock new seeds, adornments and other wonderful things in the market of Farmville.

The last experience of Farmville is enjoyed to the maximum when you raise of level quickly and desire more XP, currencies and Farmville bonds in the way. Basic Farmville: The leveling in Farmville is very easy if you know the basic thing. In order to be able to happen to the following level, it needs to gain more points of experience (XP). For example, during the Earth preparation, each parcel that it plows the Earth will give a XP him. At the beginning of the game, you will occur to account of that you are only forced to secure a smaller number of XP so that it can raise quickly of level and to be able to pass these stages initial. You can gain XP by the plow and seedtime of cultures. Once they have surpassed these initial stages, once again account will occur of which you need to gain more XP to raise of level, reason why is a challenge, as well as the motivation.

Make Money Without Working

To make Money without working, is the dream of much people, which happens is that as all dream about this they only think that only he is that, a dream and nobody dares to try to realise that dream. Sometimes you wanted to see your so fat pockets filled with money that not it creerias? if your answer is if you must right now read this announcement of principle to aim. My name is boriz I am Bolivian, a young father with two children who was living in the chain of the failure, what is the chain of the failure? Good So that we go to the school? in order to learn, to be professional and as soon as? ah if to find a work, casarce to have children and soon to put to the children to the good school and begins the chain, the chain of the failure, followed and followed in the same circle, does not see beyond, does not go after our dream that is the one to give to our family a better life a life style that very few obtain because? because nobody dares to go after its dreams, I crei that I was impossible, but today thanks to God, esoty leaving the chain of the failure, and your also you can do it, in my page I offer the opportunity to obtain to you that life and that dream, if you do not go after the anybody hara by you, salt of the chain and dale to your family which always you dreamed.