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German DIN Standards

Economic ties between Russia and Germany have always been an important factor in the development of national economies of the two countries. At the present stage of economic development, and especially on the eve of Russia's accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization), Russian companies are increasingly come to the attention of foreign, particularly German, customers, which, in turn, promotes the growth of production, increase exports, and overall improvement economic situation in the country. One key aspect of any production are the standards and other regulatory documents required for the manufacture of any product. And if the question of where to take Russian standards, yet somehow you can decide what to get the German standards (DIN), but still correctly translated into the language you want is a serious problem. Analysis of queries to search engines has shown that most demand are the standards DIN 9, DIN 84, DIN 85, DIN 125, DIN 338, DIN 431, DIN 433, DIN 439, DIN 471, DIN 553, DIN 603, DIN 741, DIN 912, DIN 913, DIN 914, DIN 929 , DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 934, DIN 985, DIN 1025, DIN 2448, DIN 7504, DIN 7981, DIN 7985, DIN 7991. One of the largest suppliers of the German regulatory documents in Russia and the CIS is a company Normdoks closely cooperates with the German Institute for Standardization (DIN-DDeutsches Institut fur Normung), and with other German trade unions and associations that develop standards (DVGW, VDMA, DVS, etc.).

With extensive experience in the field with rraboty normative and technical documentation, Normdoks may also offer additional reference books on various subjects (metals, electrical, building materials, etc.), thematic collections of standards, focused on specific industries, electronic databases of standards. One of the key issues arising from the acquisition of standard DIN – its the correct translation from the German. Any regulatory documents – Is, above all, a technical text, and therefore the translation of technical, requiring special care and refinement. The slightest inaccuracy and the more mistakes are unacceptable. Therefore, the choice of translation services standard documents, should pay special attention to the experience of the interpreter with these kinds of documents. Since in view of vocabulary than language skills needed enough volume terminology databases, allowing to keep the unity of terminology throughout the translation process.

Also worth bearing in mind the fact that the standard translation through several levels, most important of which is its final adjustment. The separation process in the direct translation adjustments and allows the customer to get the right result in the translated document, which work in the future will not cause any difficulties. Since the company has been working Normdoks with the standards of its staff is highly trained and experienced translators who specialize in different areas of the enterprise. Because of the rapid development of engineering and technology, as well as due to the gradual release of the standards development process at the international level (the standards DIN EN, DIN ISO, DIN EN ISO, DIN IEC), many German DIN standards are canceled, replaced by others, and also developed new standards. Therefore the question of updating (update) of the base of normative documents are also not without significance. And finally, getting any normative document DIN standards, directives, etc.) it must be remembered that he is protected by copyright law and the illegal copying and distribution of it can cause a number of administrative difficulties associated with the payment of fines, etc. It should therefore be closely monitored so that in case testing to confirm the legitimacy of the enterprise could purchase order or other document.

IPod Headphones

The headset included with the iPod are not the favourites of sound purists, but for the general public sounding quite well: they have a good response in all frequency range and are quite comfortable. However it may take a little more edge to the audio quality without the need for dismantling or use devices thirds.

Byzantine Church

Enormous interest in the now ancient art in our country, and no less great difficulties in its perception of those who are drawn to it today. They have almost everything – teenagers and adults, even people in the rest well-educated, although in ancient Rus her painting was available to all. The fact that these difficulties are rooted not just in the lack of knowledge among individuals, the cause of their much broader: it is in the dramatic fate of the Old art, dramas in our history. Christianity in Russia a little more than a thousand years and the same ancient roots is the art of iconography. An icon (from the Greek word for 'image', 'image') occurred before origin of ancient culture and was widespread in all Orthodox countries. Icons in Russia emerged from the missionary work of the Byzantine Church in the period when the value of church art is experiencing a particular force. What is particularly important, and that was for the Russian church art strong internal motivation, is that Russia adopted Christianity is in the Renaissance, the spiritual life Byzantium itself, the era of its heyday. During this period anywhere in Europe, church art was not as developed as in Byzantium.

And at that time Russia was among the converts of other icons, as an example of Orthodox art, unsurpassed masterpiece – an icon of the Virgin Mary, which later received the name of Vladimir. Through the ancient art of harmony and a sense of proportion are the property of Russian ecclesiastical art, are included in its tissue. It should be noted also that for the rapid development of the Byzantine heritage in Russia there were favorable conditions and can be said has already prepared the soil. Recent studies suggest that pagan Russia had a highly developed artistic culture. All this contributed to the fact that cooperation with the Russian masters of the Byzantine was exceptionally fruitful. Convert nation was able to perceive the Byzantine heritage, which is nowhere found such fertile ground and never gave such an outcome, as in Russia.

From ancient times the word 'icon' is used to separate images, usually written on the blackboard. The reason for this phenomenon is obvious. Wood served in our main building material. The vast majority of Russian churches were wooden, and therefore not only a mosaic, but the fresco (painting on fresh wet plaster) was not destined to become widespread in the Old Rus church interior decoration. Its decorative quality, ease of placement in the temple, brightness and durability of their paint icons, wrote on a blackboard (Pine and lime, covered with alabaster primer – priming), is the best suited for decoration of Russian wooden churches.

Marine Safari

Under the safari divers usually means access to the sea for a few days (from 2 to 15) in order to dive in places to which it is impossible to get in deylidayvinga because of their remoteness from ports or with intent to commit planned a series of dives in interesting diving locations. What should be highlighted in the preparation of a safari? We will consider the option of planning and "their" safari for your existing group of interested persons, and version of "accession" to the already-planned safari. 1. The choice of a ship on the choice of vessel will depend on your comfort, safety and technical feasibility visit specific sites. Safariynye court in Egypt are of different classes comfort (the number of stars similar to the hotel), with different seating capacity and performance.

Pay special attention to the following: * The adequacy of a mediator, his trustworthiness * Talk dates and safaris duration * Cost of the vessel depends on the number of people or a fixed one day or for the whole period? * Please note that dayvgidov speak your language, their ethnicity (religion), the level of training, age, number dayvgidov * "Directions" are available (allowed) for a ship; * Organization of transfer to the ship and from ship to hotel or airport. On board: 1) Is there hot water in the cabins? 2) Paul dayvdeka be teak. 3) Decks. 4) Air Conditioners 5) Additional boat / zhelatelno2 pieces / 6), navigation and communication 7) Material of the hull Discuss the quality of food, whether it is possible to make your menu? What a team on board, their level of training.

Traditional Photo Retouching

Even before the program Photoshop, in the era of traditional photo labs, photo retouching involved much more frequently than might appear at first glance. For example, in advertising, with its multi-million dollar, the cost a few hundred dollars to retouch photos did not do the weather. Thus, the chief designer of advertising agency drawing on the positive film, a sketch of the future scene, then it was placed on the focusing screen widescreen camera. Created by so fast pattern photographer arranging objects in a picture of the future. Then, create a positive (or a copy of it) carefully retouched with special dyes, while hiding slight defects in the picture. I assure you that in those days almost every advertising image was retouched as described above. Unfortunately, the world around us nothing is perfect.

This applies to individuals, even the most paid centerfold. Therefore, the methods used retouching and portrait photography. In this case, special methods of retouching photographs allow you to "correct" the portraits made without special filters or any other devices that are used directly during the shooting. There are methods of retouching, you can use to get rid of dust and other artifacts that are particularly well visible the photographs after they have a multiplier. Try at Photo ordinary 35-millimeter image to increase tenfold (or more), and you'll find that on the final pictures were harassing white dots, who imperceptible on original negatives. Even cleansing negativity before printing photos not solves on all hundred percent.

However from kind shortcomings easily rid using special pencil or pen. First, before the wide spread of digital technology, professional retouching techniques used, intended for editing negatives, positives, and printed photographs. Below are brief describe the retouching of each of these three carriers photographic information. In fact, you do not necessarily know all the nuances of traditional retouching, just want to draw your attention to the fact, how complex and troublesome may be traditional retouching. Why do it? Yes, then, that you were able to appreciate the "magic" features of the program Photoshop.