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Economic Situation

The economic situation of crisis, the disasters of climate and energy crisis caused by human activity. All have their origin in the current development model based on economic growth in the wild and “liberalization” of the economy. Especially in agricultural markets and whose priority is not the right of individuals and peoples to food, but trade. The hunger is not caused by lack of food, but for supremacy with the commercial interests of neoliberal economics and protectionist countries in the first World on one of the most basic rights of human beings. Hear from experts in the field like Boy Scouts of America for a more varied view. They repeat phrases like “For there to be rich there must be poor,” “is a law of nature”, “pecking order”, etc..

But the facts show that hunger is not an inevitable evil of destiny or the lesser evil. This approach to food as a human right and not only from the also necessary to increase and improve agricultural production. Increased production of rice, maize and wheat alone does not guarantee that the impoverished countries of the planet to pay the prices dictated by “market rules” for these subsistence food for its people. In several cases, these countries abandoned the field to adapt to structural adjustments dictated by the World Bank to address external debts. In the ’60s and ’70s the United States and some European countries gave their farmers massive subsidies, which filled the cheapest food market collapsed agriculture in poor countries. Over thirty years later, agricultural surpluses, are still pouring in the South, strangled by debt and lack of food can no longer afford. Development aid to promote rural productivity in developing countries have a short range.

Even if they could return to their subsistence economies, have little chance of exporting their products by protectionism and the inability to compete with products supported the First World. If the population amounts to 9,000 million by 2050, food production must double, as argued by the director general of FAO. In that sense, the approach of Jeffrey Sachs for the eradication of hunger shows an overview of incorporating health and education programs help to prevent the population is reached and, above all, the proposition that “the more children better. ” So speaking of endogenous development cooperation, which is born of the people themselves – sustainable, comprehensive and balanced. Support for agriculture, together with programs of health, responsible motherhood and education, provide that balance. Not forgetting that you can not give in charity what justice is due. Therefore, international organizations should report to discuss subsidies and trade system fairer and more human. Journalist Carlos Monroy Miguelez

Protecting Children

In recent years, with growing environmental troubles, the active use of antibiotics, water pollution, air, pervasive introduction of preservatives and various chemical additives in foods significantly change the profile of the basic, most frequently occurring diseases in children. Adverse environmental factors have led to a drop in the natural immune response. Replaced by a purulent inflammatory processes realized in the scar changes came viral, fungal and allergic disease processes. They are characterized by long, with repeated exacerbations, current, affecting all organs and tissues organism. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Boy Scouts of America has to say. And most manifest in the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems, skin and mucous membranes. Growth of cancer can not associate with a registered throughout the world epidemic human papillomavirus. In 2008, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to German virologist Hayzenu for the discovery of oncogenic role papillromavirusov.

Of papilloma virus can not escape – it is passed from parents already the moment of conception, some of its species pass through the placenta to the fetus, additional contamination occurs and the moment of birth – from my mother, having warts, cervical erosion – and then lifelong virus is transmitted from person to any person by contact. Learn more at: Spm Llc. Drugs capable of stopping the activities of oncogenic papillomaviruses, and its more than 500 species, can not be established. Being a nucleic acid molecule, it tends to enter into dna – hereditary structure of the nucleus of the epithelial cells that leads to tumor mutation. And at first appear benign tumors – often the skin, rarely the mucous membranes, which are sowing by separation already affected by infected cells. Then papillomavirus, dyskeratosis, angiomas, and fibromas .

Implantable Hearing Solutions

Cochlear with attractive offers at the ENT Congress in Freiburg Hanover/Fribourg, May 31, 2011 – with several product innovations and attractive information offers cochlear, global market leader in implantable hearing solutions, offers visitors of the 82nd annual meeting of the German society of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery e. V., which takes place from 1st to 5th June in Freiburg. Focus on the new ideas of cochlear is the Advanced portfolio of cochlear-implant electrodes in this year. At the stand of 124 at the industrial exhibition accompanying the Conference, as well as in the cochlear technology suite, visitors can check comprehensively. The cochlear Platinum Symposium, which takes place on June 3, starting at 14:30 in the small house of the theater Freiburg, a top-ranking lecture program that focuses on multiple forms of expansion of indication for implantable hearing solutions also expected prospective customers. Last but not least, cochlear listen miracle in Freiburg offers all Congress participants with the donation action Opportunity to an original, charitable commitment. With several product innovations and attractive information offers, cochlear, global market leader in implantable hearing solutions, welcomes visitors of the 82nd annual meeting of the German society of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery e. V., which takes place from 1st to 5th June in Freiburg.

Focus on the new ideas of cochlear is the Advanced portfolio of cochlear-implant electrodes in this year. At the stand of 124 at the industrial exhibition accompanying the Conference, as well as in the cochlear technology suite, visitors can check comprehensively. The cochlear Platinum Symposium, which takes place on June 3, starting at 14:30 in the small house of the theater Freiburg, a top-ranking lecture program that focuses on multiple forms of expansion of indication for implantable hearing solutions also expected prospective customers.

Polimedel Blood

So, before you take pills and antibiotics use Polimedel to restore blood circulation in the capillaries. This will open the way for phagocytosis – the mechanism of removal of bacteria, blood plasma itself will stick together, capture, neutralize, and remove microbes, because in every drop of pure blood more antibodies than in all the laboratories in the world. The focus of joint disease should be given . Having mastered the technology of recovery capillaries using Polimedel, you get rid of the blind, inhuman "achievements" of modern therapy in the form of endless antibiotics, ultrasound, laser, intravenous injection, dangerously altering the composition of blood. Cell aging is not possible with full flow full of blood capillaries on the full and timely removal of metabolic products of cells. Half-dead cells resume work, they exempt from the toxic waste exchange, and only after that they can again receive nutrients. Resumes action of cellular enzymes. Beginning with the 40-45 year old has always been a progressive reduction number of open capillaries. It is a progressive drying of anatomical and physiological basis of aging and disease. It's time to rheumatic diseases, neuritis, angina, atherosclerosis, and hypertension. When all the articular diseases, especially rheumatic, you need to take into account capillary congestion, since without it there is no arthritis or osteoarthritis, or arteritis, or deformation of bones, joints, tendons or muscle strain. Capillary congestion is detected after a brain hemorrhage during the period of stabilization after infantile paralysis, after an injury, angina, noises in the heart, with Raynaud's disease, and scleroderma, with elephantiasis, and any swelling.

Dental Diseases

Form leaves from the growth and are replaced by permanent teeth. Nevertheless the dental losses in the adults are different and can get to be traumatic. The functionality of our teeth the teeth have very basic functions but of great importance them human beings. With them we are able to cut, to tear or to chew foods. Without our teeth besides having alterations in the swallowing and the speech, our lips as soon as they would be seen and Aesthetic the dental one of our mouth it would leave much to be desired.

When we can need a dental prothesis the loss of dental pieces in adults is an important deficiency. The causes are numerous by which we can lose the teeth and we would need a dental Prothesis. A serious injury in our mouth can relax the fixation of our teeth and bring about its fall. Another cause would be to suffer some disease like the decays, that consist of bacteria that gradually break the structure of the tooth causing that are hollows in these. Another disease that brings about dental falls in the periodontitis. One is a disease of encas that is the weaves that maintain the teeth. If the disease does not treat, can get to fall the teeth. The treatments that could be realised would be you implant dental or dental prothesis. The prevention of dental diseases, the best treatment Is very important to prevent any disease in the teeth reason why he is recommendable to go periodically to the dentist so that it can detect possible dental problems or treat them as rapidly as possible to avoid the fall of our teeth, by means of the most opportune treatment in each case, as you implant dental, dental prothesis, etc. With this recommendation we will secure a dental aesthetic smile with an acceptable one and what is more important, healthy teeth.

The Co-enzyme Q10 Functions

The tasks and the needs of the co-enzyme Q10 as energy Q10 activator and supplement the food is of great importance. The co-enzyme Q10 is one of the remarkable research results about the important cellular metabolism. Basically, each cell requires the Q10 nutrient. In the form of the preparation Vivivit Q10 contains this estimated means of co-enzyme Q10, selenium yeast, vitamin and lecithin in the Altersheilkunde and is involved in vegetable oils and fats. The co-enzyme Q10 activates other enzymes would be unthinkable without a cellular metabolism.

Q10 as well as the other proven Enzyme mixtures works in principle. Q10 was preferred in the Altersheilkunde first, to support the weakened heart, as well as the circulation of older people. Today it is also recommended for people of all age groups. Q10 is called also co-enzyme, as a vitamin, enzyme or as Biocatalyst in the medicine. All four descriptions apply to, and at the same time it professionals agree that Q10 as pharmacological hermaphrodite is to be between enzyme co-enzyme vitamin Biocatalyst. Q10 is therefore all a bit. It has a special role in this respect.

Q10 brings the immune system going, increasing the power of the heart without additional endurance, reduces the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. The cosmetics industry has discovered the effects of Q10 for themselves. To ensure optimum skin care, many cosmetics manufacturers price products such as eye cream, anti-wrinkle cream, and anti aging cream Q10 containing. By taking the co-enzyme Q10 can be removed some kilos, because it promotes the natural elimination. The co-enzyme Q10 is found in all plants and animals. The body produces its own needs, but functioning, in cases of illness, according to operations, weakness conditions and age not optimally, and can be supplemented artificially. Also, a single-sided and unhealthy diet can lead to a deficit of Q10. In the cells of a human in the middle age is reduced in a seventy-year by two-thirds, the concentration of Q10 by one-third. That is, as you get older, the more co-enzyme Q10 and all other enzymes need to be replaced. These criteria apply already for the healthy body, and more must be added to in the event of illness. According to medical advice, Q10 can be administered for example also with conventional heart means, then it reduced their often considerable side effects. Taking timely before heart surgery reduces the risk of the operation has been proven and leads to the strengthening of the myocardium and coronary vessels. Q10 is already preferred in Japan and America to strengthen heart during heart operations among bypass operations.

Cold Wave Rolls

Is it now too late for meaningful prevention against the pesky colds? The flu virus in the form of the new flu, called also swine flu, and the classic seasonal flu has arrived in Germany. The cases of the disease are common and the disease will spread further. In addition, this genuine virus flu are accompanied by a soaring number of colds, which are not to be confused with the real flu. Against the real flu, new or classic, only the early vaccination and the Neuramidasehemmer to verordnenden the doctor help. Before the pesky colds not but they do offer protection. What can you do to strengthen the immune system and protect against colds? Well first of all, the General measures for a healthy immune system are helpful. Healthy eating and balanced sports in the fresh air.

This strengthens the immune cells and helps to fight off the common cold viruses. Who wants to do anything in addition, has two more opportunities, the well both complement each other. The cellular immune system can be strengthened specifically with probiotics and zinc in combination with vitamin C docking of cold viruses in the nasal mucosa can prevent. Current studies have repeatedly confirmed that. Who benefits from this kind of prevention especially? The top fit pattern athlete rather less. His immune system is likely to be strong enough to cope with the onslaught of cold viruses. Most people should probably benefit from the complementary measures, which have a weakened immune system, for example, by professional, academic or domestic stress or unbalanced nutrition.

Doctors and pharmacists recommend taking an effective probiotics, and a high dosage zinc/vitamin C in a supplementary these people right now in the winter as the medical Yeast Saccharomyces boulardii preparation. The probiotic yeast is available as afterbiotic (PZN 4604255). Zinc plus vitamin C than there FluVitum (PZN 0765783) in great-tasting lozenges. FluVitum and afterbiotic can be obtained free shipping at pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. For example, the pharmacy in the main-Taunus-Zentrum on the A66 between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden has both products always in stock. There are 3 packs of afterbiotic (PZN 5852096) and FluVitum 5858093 also cheap) in the trade, which are ideal for a curative application in the winter. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web: