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Just started the academic at the universities of Europe, while, in other latitudes, they’ve been months of existence. Next to the selection of practical classes and seminars, languages or sports activities, many young people enrol in any activity of social volunteering. How to be young is to keep the ability to Marvel and engage in an activity that exceed our contingency, it is not surprising that the rise of social volunteering found among young people a very generous support. Know the threshold of Utopia, not more beyond, because the laws of chaos are not yet known. You know quite warm by the passion for Justice and are able to imagine scenarios that they will make possible, because they are required. All Utopia began as a premature truth.

Today the situation of millions of human beings is unbearable and young people, travel as vagrants in the highways of Internet to make reality what you have dreamed of. Today the hope of a more just and solidary society, stands more aware of We all are part of the environment and constitute a huge fraternity in which young people know flock of brothers. They admire individuals capable of engaging with generous ideals and dispense with ideologies that make humans a market, fascination or Exchange. Young people reject the injustices of a development model which confuses price with value and exploitation of those who are called resources. It is possible to take globalization as a conquest of our days, achieved by science and made possible by the techniques. And that coming to humans from any corner of the planet as solidarity responsible for each other. They wish to participate in the public thing, knowing each one equal to others and that, all together, can be more than the Presidents who have delegated their votes. In the communication society already not is you can deceive many for too long.

And young people know, and increasingly excited and summon more elderly people that ran the risk of resign. Neither approximately nor others want that their descendants feel shame for them because, having been able to both, have dared to so little. Future us will judge less by our failures than by our silence to crimes against humanity, the environment and the hope. They do not rise against the authority, but against the arrogance of tyrants, oligarchs and demagogues. A feeling invades them that today is always, even. No one promised us it was easy and if anyone must send us, what we expect? We live in beautiful times in those who are aware of the exclusive exercise of the integral development of the person and society is not up to the State political parties or different religious denominations. It is the human being and their free options who should be the protagonists of their integral development. Always fit the cooperation but never an imposition that does not respect freedom, conscience, justice and the fundamental right to seek happiness, because the human being was born to be happy. And happiness cannot be imposed for any way.

Hamburg Celebrates Africa Day

African Union celebrates World their ‘Golden’ Hamburg (mk) to celebrated the 50th anniversary of the African Union next weekend with a huge party. On 25 and 26 May 2013 Wandsbeker market square is transformed into a colorful event location. “African Unity and diversity, respect, and understanding for each other” is the guiding principle for two days of music, show and entertainment under the open sky. The Memorial pays tribute to the signing the deed of Foundation of the African Union by the heads of State and Government by 30 independent African States on May 25, 1963 in Addis Abeba. The intercultural migrants integration Center (IMIC e.V. – first Chairman: Sylvaina Gallagher) is looking forward to his community and numerous participants from the show – and political prominence. So have Thomas Ritzenhoff (Wandsbek District Office Manager), Frank Schira (CDU, first Vice-President of the Hamburg Parliament), Filiz Demirel (BuNDNIS 90 DIE GRuNEN, Member of the Hamburgische Burgerschaft), Elombo Bolayela (SPD, a member of the bremischen Burgerschaft), Bernd p.

Holst (Hamburg volunteer Exchange) and Prof. Dr. Isaac C. Lamba (Ambassador of the Republic of Malawi) visiting official announced. Nana Acheampong provide among other things on the stage ( watch? v = wc7WwmjVROA), Lady Petya ( watch? v = a4LEek3z9PQ) and MamSun ( watch? v = CZH6-a14uKA) for dance and party mood.

The IMIC e. V. is a non-profit organization that helps its members of from different backgrounds in Germany, especially in Hamburg, the integration. He stands for a cultural exchange for a better mutual understanding. The IMIC e.V. is held by the personal commitment of its members and through a network, which binds a promoter of economic, cultural and public facilities. The Association firmly expects that successful integration on the countries of origin can spill over (and will), to create the conditions for progress and better living conditions. further information and contacts: WortBild Markus Kaminski Radhouane blocks 23 21502 Geesthacht 04152 / 87 68 27 Web: eMail:

Getting Started Advertising

However, additional requests require additional costs. In my case, I like that low prices are beginning to master to earn a lot on a tip, maybe even more than a hairdresser. But when the price of services is high, there is no tipping. Revenue at the hairdresser's in other locations may be higher, but he will always be an underlying suspicion that his employer cheating. And my master and go to work happy, and I get my money.

So, what happens. Rented space in 40 square meters (a hairdresser at rates have 7-8 meters). Normal rental fee for this – 500-550 dollars. On equipment goes 3800 dollars, as I said. With supplies and trivia – paints, varnishes, brushes, hair dryers and cars plus repair facilities – a total of U.S. $ 5000-6500 will be released.

Getting Started. In the first month income will not. Do not skimp on advertising. You can print the announcement and refer to the post office – it leaves no more than 300 rubles for 3000 leaflets (enough for 3-4 at home). Many offer advertising on local cable television. Salon begins to generate income usually the second month. 'Dirty' 3 – 4 chairs bring two – two and a half thousand dollars. Of them should be deducted the rent (500 – $ 700), utilities ($ 100), salary accountant (100 – 150 dollars of work for him little for three days) and administrator (200 dollars). Still need to provide for the costs of cleaner, but it can not hire for this wizard.

German Car

In our country the following technologies: dislodging the dirt with water from high pressure, application of foam from the foam generator to the body of the car, waiting, for 3-5 minutes, the reaction of shampoo with painted car bodies and washing away remnants of the foam and dirt from the water pressure washers. For this work best foamer. For a small car-fit foam generator with the volume of the tank at 25 liters. For large sink with four washers posts need to install at least two 50-liter foam generators. K foamer air supply from compressor and poured shampoo for contact cleaning, diluted in the proportions of water, usually 1:50. Consumption of non-contact solution in the summer on the dusty car is about 3-4 liters per a car. During the winter consumption may increase. Penokomplekt cheaper and more easily arranged.

He is working on high pressure, without being connected to the compressor. But the consumption of shampoo is much more than the foam generator. Large minus penokomplekta – quick coupling, which often breaks down. Payback foamer with the compressor in relation to penokomplektu is about 6 months. Pylevodososy. Pylevodososy at the car wash needed tool. Clean car interior, trunk, etc. In pylevodososah installed electric capacity of 1000 watts and above.

Pylevodososy collect all the debris and water into the tank. Tank from 20 to 70-80 liters. The larger the tank, the more pylevodosose engines (maximum three). The volume of the tank depends on its rapid filling. In almost all pylevodososah installed electric motors, made in Italy at a factory Soteco. And that may say your washer, vacuum cleaner that Karcher better absorbed, do not pay attention to this, engines for the German vacuum cleaners also produce in Italy. And for power they are the same. Steam cleaners for dry cleaning the cabin. Dry Cleaning vehicle interior process is long and not cheap. Sam washing vacuum cleaner is a common pylevodosos with a tank to collect water and dust, it is integrated pump and hose cleaning solution and a nozzle for applying detergent. There are detergents With aquafiltering, 100% composed of water, which penetrates deeply into the fabric. Approximately wet vacuum can collect 70% moisture, the remaining moisture has to force the dry heat gun or wait for natural drying, within a few hours. Therefore, the dry cleaner on the car-making during the night to night car interior could dry. There is an alternative that saves time – it's gradually-ekstraktornye machine. These machines work as the foam generator – on the surface is applied foam, which is formed by mixing air to the compressor, and detergent. Some time later, when the foam will hold a chemical reaction in tissue can be collected from the surface of the remnants of foam application, and moisture with a built-in vacuum extractor. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaning of the gradually-ekstraktornoy machine in that the latter may cause the foam to vertical surface, but it does not penetrate deeply into tissue, and affects only the surface layer of contamination. This significantly (more than twice) to reduce drying time and economical spend detergent.


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Who is doing the race? The cult mobile or smart outsiders the future in the mobile market belongs the Smartphones is undisputed,. Apart from the inventor of the Smartphones Apple there are other providers of plenty of entzwischen like Nokia, research in motion with its BlackBerry, Samsung and all Vorran HTC. The Taiwanese high tech computer Corporation is considered the hottest contender for the Crown to the race for the ultimate Smartphone. Though the iPhone still can be especially factor punk style which, in terms of price it can’t fool but the HTC phone. This is already to have less than 400 euros and boasts a huge display, as well as a precise touchpad. Although the touchpad on the iPhone is also excellent, but the well 1 inch display is smaller than at the Taiwanese competitors. Especially the flagship desire HD is a true muscle when it comes to hardware. The 1 Gigaherz processor provides the necessary speed in the surf and the default installed Android operating system from Google is easy to use and so little for Smartphone beginner.

Another advantage of the HTC mobile desire HD is that it can play Flash. Many films and videos but also apps are available in the Flash format and by Apple’s iPhone can not be played. Apple’s developers need to listen to long this point of criticism and a satisfactory justification did not exist there at times. In addition, the HTC phones with built-in navigation system are fitted and there a is a useful Gadged where almost impossible to misplace his cellphone. Even in silent mode, you can go on the computer is online and “call from the mobile phone”.

Then it rings namely still and it is there to find a lightweight. In addition to a HTC phone has auchnoch the advantage that one in the surf on fewer and fewer write-offs must. You can simultaneously open several websites and surf simultaneously. That is so far not even the iPhone 4. So the best think twice before you think to a Smartphone and not one to buy which have all friends.

Commercial Area

Define the concept of productivity of labour in a company and explain what factors depends on productivity (September 2008). 12 Point and define the different types of factors of production (September 2008). 13 With respect to a company and for a particular financial year (accounting year), determine the data that should be available in order to determine: to) the unit total cost. (b) the average fixed cost. (c) the unit income. (d) the benefit unit (September 2008).

14. Explain what is meant by production process and point two (model 2009) production systems. 15. The CU company dedicated to the manufacture of tables, being its main factor productive wood. April 2 acquires wood for an amount of $ 3,000, which stores. On April 5, the consumption of wood rises to 2,500 euros and, finally, on May 5 is paid the purchase.

Point, reasoned way, the impact on the company’s production costs: purchase, consumption and payment of the productive factor wood. 16 Sort and define four costs of the company according to their impact on production (September 2009). 17. In recent years, the production just in time has become the dominant production in the automotive industry system. Briefly explain two advantages that automakers get by using this system of production (June 2010 specific). THEORY Unit 6: Commercial Area 1. Elderly people form a segment to which many companies are directed. Indicate how would be the marketing-mix that would recommend to a travel agency in your area interested in this segment. (June 2003) 2 Sales promotion is the key part of marketing. Define what are its elements fundamental. (June 2003) 3. What is the life cycle of the product? What are the stages? Indicate at what stage are the following products: ADSL lines, cellphone, oven microwaves, HDTV, gas oven. (September 2003) 4. A company dedicated to the manufacture of mobile phones, wants to offer two different products.

Tamrac Messenger

The evolution of Tamrac Messenger are versatile, narrow pockets in College style that transformed from a camera bag to the Briefcase can be. The evolution of Messenger 4 is a versatile, narrow bag College style, which makes work around by a camera bag to the Briefcase. “A DSLR with lens attached, a Flash and 2-3 additional lenses (including a 70-200 mm f/2.8) are well protected inside a foam-padded compartment – shuttle”, with adjustable padded inner Halter. Behind an additional compartment is suitable for a 15 inch laptop or an adequat large MacBook. The zipper lid opens easily from the body away for quick access to a DSLR camera with lens attached. To use the bag as a Briefcase, lifting the shuttle just”- so the Interior for the camera – by means of the handles out. The main compartment can be fed then with files, papers, or other necessary business facilities. To the evolution of Messenger 4 again as a camera bag to use, you simply set the shuttle”again.

A front compartment accommodates also the cellphone, iPod, business cards and other accessories. On the sides are network compartments, in which for example a water bottle can be stored and sit fixing lugs, for Tamracs modular accessory system. It is optional to install. A zipper compartment (piggy-back pocket) on the back tucked manuals or cards at hand. With the open piggy-back pocket storage can be easily and quickly using the handle of rolling suitcases change the bag, which is very convenient to airports and train stations. Details: Dimensions inside: 37 x 14 x 27cm (WxDxH) dimensions outside: 41 x 20 x 30cm (WxDxH) color: black weight: 1.361 g RRP: EUR 149,00 evolution Messenger 2 is a versatile and narrow bag Messenger style that transforms from a camera bag to the Briefcase.

Pacific Ocean

The new htc Being the current XL graphic review article to assist you to appraise the pac website. shopping on-line price The get all new htc SensationXL toted Gao Tong MSM82551.5 GHz this selection golf hole processor, the entire secure digital too on any lands 768 MB Random access memory together, whilst will not take up which will bit-by-bit end up imperative relating to pit area cpus, do the job yet still always keep belonging to platform advanced stand away.With set up Several, 500, 1000 pixels which will postpose t. help you grow to be for a start, offer due to Marched email flash lighting, help another 720 M Gao Qing The lady end up like, this might cellphone likewise web sites with throw ACE just like forehead before you take 1,150,000 pixels in unison.On the inside of the Music signal website end results course of action, side to enjoy added excellent ability during music program. files.This PConline unit database & mdash; Styles parameter model:HTC model no.: Sensing XL mobile repeatedly sector:WCDMA(allied_2_Gs), GSM 85090018001900 these lords retain parameter: 480 & timeses;Eight hundred pixels (WVGA) program:Android mobile phone Couple of.Many photo shoot that should be say for example a pixel:8, Thousand, 1000 pixel Bell much more: Note your teeth:Hold blue colored orange smile Wi-fi (WLAN): Program WiFi s increasing bank card:Secure the.TF minute product chain responding to:Http s card(micro sd card): product. pconline. cnmobilehtc480404.

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Dental Diseases

Form leaves from the growth and are replaced by permanent teeth. Nevertheless the dental losses in the adults are different and can get to be traumatic. The functionality of our teeth the teeth have very basic functions but of great importance them human beings. With them we are able to cut, to tear or to chew foods. Without our teeth besides having alterations in the swallowing and the speech, our lips as soon as they would be seen and Aesthetic the dental one of our mouth it would leave much to be desired.

When we can need a dental prothesis the loss of dental pieces in adults is an important deficiency. The causes are numerous by which we can lose the teeth and we would need a dental Prothesis. A serious injury in our mouth can relax the fixation of our teeth and bring about its fall. Another cause would be to suffer some disease like the decays, that consist of bacteria that gradually break the structure of the tooth causing that are hollows in these. Another disease that brings about dental falls in the periodontitis. One is a disease of encas that is the weaves that maintain the teeth. If the disease does not treat, can get to fall the teeth. The treatments that could be realised would be you implant dental or dental prothesis. The prevention of dental diseases, the best treatment Is very important to prevent any disease in the teeth reason why he is recommendable to go periodically to the dentist so that it can detect possible dental problems or treat them as rapidly as possible to avoid the fall of our teeth, by means of the most opportune treatment in each case, as you implant dental, dental prothesis, etc. With this recommendation we will secure a dental aesthetic smile with an acceptable one and what is more important, healthy teeth.