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Human Values

I want to make notice that so important it is to know what river is longest of the world, like knowing how to listen a old one when it wishes to share with us minutes of its time or its personal history. Or that so important is to know in what year America was discovered, like remembering the birthday of some loved person, because the Friendship, the Love or the Generosity, also are Human values that to cultivate with extreme care, and which sometimes, by the force of the custom, we got to cause that these lose their true sense. I must say that I feel much pain when I hear the phrase, ” There are two words that will abrirn all the doors to you, empuja” and estira” ” , when the two true words that will abrirn all the doors to you, by more bolts than these have are, ” Gracias” and ” Please ” , it seems that to one the spirit fills to him he says when them he hears or them. These two magical words lock up in they themselves all philosophy of life that it includes, or perhaps goes beyond Values Human, because they are not demanding anything for pronounces that them, but are only festejando” an action or omission of a person who deserves all your respect. The version of the phrase with the words empuja” and estira” , he is very usual between the devoid young people of certain values, or to realise some joke, but the certain thing is that by force of saying it more and by more people, it is taking a relevance that it is relegating to the forgetfulness the authentic phrase and its correct meaning. The Human Values, so discredited by certain sectors in the present times, first preoccupation in the education of our young people would have to be ours, because only laying the foundations a good base, full of great and deep Human Values, we will be able to consolidate a good future and to compose a society where the Human Values are the true standards of all we, of all the society, of all the humanity.

Centre First

Tito El Bambino will be the main attraction of the 1st. Additional information is available at BSA. Reggaeton Fest, event which will also bring together the best exponents of the urban genre, as Alexis and Fido, Julio Voltio, Magnate y Valentino, Yomo, and for Venezuela, Franco and Geraldineby Lsquadron. Boy Scouts of America brings even more insight to the discussion. The 1st. Reggaeton Fest will be held in Venezuela in two days. The first date will be in the city of Maracay on May 14, in the military circle, and the second, in Guatire, on May 15, at Karting Loma Linda.

The organizers commented that they deliver to the fans as well as total security, a logistical deployment, according to the magnitude of the event, with the best lighting, sound, djs, performance. In the city of Maracay, the company New York New York, will take care of these details, while in Guatire, the leader in event Kiss Line Discplay, will do the same. Entries in first stage of pre-sale for both concerts have a cost of 150 BsF. and are available in: Maracay: La footwear elegance (all directions) and shoemaking Victoria Guatire: Show cell phone. DC Buenaventura; Bodegon all 4 corners, end Av.

Bermudez and the first 100.5 fm, DC Oasis Center, main floor. Guarenas: Libraries Don Quixote, Miranda shopping center and supermarket commercial Mini prices, street trade Guarenas. Petare: Henry Fashion, Centre commercial Sambilito and oceanic area, Sabana Grande.

Psychological Safety Security

Essential personal property rights is his health. Adaptability, activity, productivity, mental activity, that is, mental health, most related to personality processes, forms the basis of all aspects of human life. Taking care of personal emotional security – the inalienable right as human beings, based on the basic provisions of humanitarian law, including the "Constitution of the Russian Federation", "United Nations Declaration on Human Rights "and other fundamental documents of the Russian and international organizations. Psychological danger is the impact of blocking a person's ability to respond adequately to life circumstances that undermine its ability to analyze information and informed choice, reducing the resistance to external pressure, deprive a person a sense of individuality and personal value. Psychological human security is at risk if: non-economic (political, administrative, group, etc.) tyranny; Information manipulative pressure of "brainwashing" by using physical terror to "the latest election technologies; moral pressure; consistent discrimination based on gender, age, education, culture, religion, nationality, etc.; abuse trust, lack of experience, a stalemate or spiritual weakness; apparent deprived of economic opportunities for survival and development; grossly cynical intrusion into the intimate sphere of the individual, as well as in other similar cases, up to the wide distribution of narcotic and psychotropic drugs. For the psychological security of a person advertising as a type of creativity as a form of mass propaganda, may also be threat.

Paradise Lost

VENCE GUERRERO WHEN YOUR DEMONS, REMAINS OPEN THE TRAIL OF LIGHT. THE FIELD OF BATTLE BETWEEN OUR WILL AND our unconsciousness, shake IN THE DARK SEA OF THE SILENT MIND. Through of VICTORY IS ALWAYS OUR countless lives! DIVINE BROTHERS WELCOME TO THE GAME OF THE BUILDING! Paradise Lost is within us. So just NEVER LOST A STATE forgotten. The angels were not expelled. For the love of our father, we went by choice to live the experiences of our stage I am not the first this process started denying our father. THE MAJESTY OF LOVE FOR ALL THAT HE IS'',''NECESSARY TO KNOW THE DARKNESS.

PLAY FUND IN OUR DARK HOURS, MOURN FOR OUR JOURNEY OF JOY IN RETURN TO JHEOVHA. This material world consists of seven energies, the 3 major and divine, and the four energies that make possible his presence. These four energies are air, fire, water, earth's assertion of these words give me the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven powers that make us what we are, our spiritual selves and our physical self. 1 – Physical body, 2 – body of vitality, 3 – double, 4 – animal soul, 5 – intellectual soul, 6 – spiritual soul, 7 – spirit. MOISES wrote in his work, which JHEOVHA it took seven days to create the world, MOISES not talking about Earth days, speaks of these seven energies. Scientists date the beginning of this universe, about 13 thousand 800 million years, this theory of Gamow BIG BANG is the sacred truth of creation.

Removing The Masses From Their Homes

Therefore we say that the masses are removed in good faith to their homes, without obeying any other plan other than await the outcome of decisions of the national leadership with respect to the expected country model, ie one where no be featured political instability, will address the social and economic population, better standards of life, respect human rights, Etc. The disappointment occurred It was characterized the country. The government quickly became a brotherhood of domes taking authoritarian decisions, power of exclusion of other sectors that paved the way to power. Repressed masses, the Communist Party excluded and outcast, the various social sectors -Again-organized guerrilla movements in order to exercise claims. Greatly, sectors of economic oligarchy insinuate themselves into the state structure, strengthen its class victory over the rest of the ingredients available in Venezuelan society, missing an extraordinary opportunity to found a political model of understanding and social coverage.

The great scam is born and the model of representative democracy in Venezuela, as we know based on the Constitution of 1961. Thereafter the masses exist only in the context of the electoral event, while attending to vote for someone to raise it to a rank or political office, as the same Betancourt, forgot the initial circumstances of political and social fact that they gave life. It betrayed what was embodied in what was called “the spirit of the January 23”: a megalomaniac of Venezuelan society to peace and agreement to take a chance of founding a new nation, comprehensive and inclusive, which reflects the sentiment of those days before and after the overthrow of MPJ, unity, solidarity, the will to truly transform and democratize institutions. Failing that, depriving were the domes, autocratic partisanship, the full horror of the terrifying realization Punto Fijo, whose birth as gene emerged as the phenomenon of exclusion and domes that we met. Bolivarian Revolution: Hugo Chavez or the 1998 principle of participation, with the start of the Bolivarian Revolution, marked the beginning of decomposition, reclaiming the masses (not for the big bourgeoisie) the participatory nature of all democratic political model should be noted in its foundations and that for the case we speak, should join the political life of Venezuelan society in 1958 when the dictatorship fell and initiated presidential terms.

Marriage and Divorce

It is unfortunate that in this world there are more divorces than marriages, has changed the commitment of love, sex pure lust, which is why the world is heading into an abyss of infertility and destruction of the core which is the family, the demonization of marriage in the media, the normality of the irresponsibility of living without taking into account the serious commitment of love, society makes the walk has its destruction, it has lost the courage to love and respect for life full of others. Once, you felt hurt yte?, abandonado?, por him or her?, It is necessary to know that the result of a failed marriage, or even abandoned, may be the most intense pain that may be suffered by humans, mutual sense of failure makes everything you see in an empty and takes you to the feeling of dying every day. And you ever wondered And why, the answer is very simple, is why when the loved one is going through growth while living with a partner or simply fall in love for a certain time, you first answer if you've met all the space, privacy, if you treated like a human being or just passed you, think about what you like to do for you and think you did not do things for him or her, you will notice not only was his mistake, that you also had your error, either one way or another. Now I'll explain, either improperly or submissively, if you can not have a balance at the time you start your personal relationships, it is impossible that this does not end in rupture, and that thought that if I give this set I will truly hurt my heart, however if I do it also gets hurt, it is possible, but I will not be responsible for the pain of guilt and will be easier to overcome my pain if it were to break this relationship. Think that whenever you enter a game, a new job, or whether a site or place, we communicate the rules and actions which lead us to sanctions and actions are considered legal and laudable. In the same way when I've been in a relationship I set my rules, I call this part of the preview, it sounds really cold and without feeling, but it is not. Specifying your feelings to another person, is to give a margin of respect to you and grant you the chance to respect you, and that's what love is, the first great pillar "RESPECT." You know well that we give respect only to the people we admire and want, the same admiration and affection should be developed by the person you love, eye-balanced as the excess of it can lead you to the idealization and consequence can be fatal to your self-respect, you always have to keep in mind that a human being is a human being and incurring faults, errors and mistakes. The admiration is focused on the virtues, inner strength, and respect comes from being able to recognize the good things that you can offer your partner, these good things as a person while respecting yours..

‘Artificial Trees’ Save The Planet ?

The Russian government approved a water strategy. Severe floods paralyzed the north-west Turkey. In France, there will be taxes on carbon dioxide emissions. Click Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to learn more. Plants purify the air of ozone. Myanmar has detected turtles, considered extinct. Mankind has moved away from a global environmental disaster in 11 minutes.

In Brazil – the campaign for the preservation of ecosystem savannah in India – a census of tigers. To combat climate change Send 'artificial trees'. In Sweden, will the batteries from the algae. Photofact Week: Amazing eyes of the animal world. Overview of events for the week of 07/09/2009 to 13/09/2009. In Myanmar, found the skull, were considered extinct special expedition found in bamboo thickets impenetrable reserve one of Myanmar's five turtle species, which was considered extinct.

Arakan forest turtle, or as it is called in the vernacular 'Pyant Cheezar ', did not meet in the wild more than a hundred years. Earlier Arakan Turtle were very popular among residents of Myanmar. Animals used in food, were made from these medications. As a result, the population of turtles has been almost completely destroyed. Now scientists hope that the discovered specimens demonstrate the revival of the species. Last week we told you about a unique case of the 'snail's life' – of a wounded turtle Lucky, who lost her front legs after a meeting with a wild raccoon. American vets have returned to normal life wounded Lakki, fashioned out of coasters for furniture original prostheses for turtles. Humanity moved away from a global environmental disaster in 11 minutes peculiar eco-clock showing an approximation of humanity to a global environmental catastrophe that would call into question the very existence of man on Earth, for the first time since 2005 have been translated into 11 minutes away from disaster.