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Volunteer is that one that if makes use to exert the practical not-remunerated Professional, either for assistenciais ends, or rendering of services, for a definitive period or not. He is basic to observe that eticamente he is only adjusted, the professional who acts, in the voluntary activity, with the same comprometimento that would have in the professional exercise if this was remunerated. If the activity is voluntary, being an option to carry through it, eticamente is adjusted that this is carried through in the same way as it makes everything that is important in its life. 1.9 – PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: POINTS FOR REFLECTION It is essential to be always informed well, following not only the changes in the knowledge technician of its professional area, but also in the legal and normative aspects. It goes and it searchs the knowledge. Many processes ethical-to discipline in the professional advice happen for unfamiliarity, recklessness. Ability technique, constant improvement, respect to the people, confidencialidade, privacy, tolerance, flexibility, allegiance, envolvement, affectivity, correction of behavior, good ways, genuine relations with the people, responsibility, to correspond to the confidence that is deposited in you. 1.10 – PROFESSIONAL VIRTUES Not obstante the duties of a professional, which is obligator, must be taken in account the personal qualities that concur for the enrichment of its professional performance, facilitating the exercise of the profession. Many of these qualities could be acquired with effort and good will, increasing in this in case that the merit of the professional who, in elapsing of its activity, obtains to incorporate them it its personality, trying to live deeply them it the side of the professional duties.

Monster Beats Solo

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Presidency Day

' The boys and girls who had been born from 1990 do not long for to make no type of revolution? nor sexual nor politics, as the young of years 60 and 70 dreamed. To change the world is not with eles.' ' (Anna Paula Buchalla) She is easy to evidence, nowadays, that to each generation youth meets more mentally ill, unprovided of ethical, moral and intellectual values. Rare a young of 18 years meets that already has appreciated Axe of Assis, or, qui, has its preference for determined literary schools. We dare more, we will leave to the streets and we will inquire young of this etria band on what they have to say on the first election of a woman to the Presidency of the Republic, as well as if they obtain to cite the name of the least one influential politician. Certainly we would hear answers that would send in them, doubtlessly, to the laugh. We will make another test pra certifing in them how much this mass of young meets launched to the dungeon of the ignorance. Let us request of them a writing of in the maximum twenty lines on a subject any of the present time.

We will see, in almost the totality, a verborragia of in them causing tremor. The use of famous &#039 will be very evident; ' internets' ' , that is, gross errors that bring of small farms of relationships for the day the day of the academic and professional communication. The result of this bazfia is without a doubt a young that is not capable, at least, to elaborate a coherent, simple phrase, in obedience to the ortogrficas rules of the Portuguese language. This is the reality of youth that we have. A conglomerate of vacated that they had lost the sense of ridicule, that laughs to toa, that they are not worried, or nor knows, that the future one day will arrive.


The owners are very loyal to their animal and his owner will only do the possible thing so that the puppy is strong and healthy. Instead of to buy several puppies and not to be able to take care of to them he is better well to only have one and thus the puppy will have more union to its owner and will be easier to train that to have many puppies. According to the race, the best moment for buying a puppy it is between 7-9 weeks of legal age. The puppy would have to get used to being around people and other dogs. He would not have to allow itself that its puppy vague by the house freely until it correctly is trained, a common idea false is that the healthy dogs and cats must eat newspaper when in fact they do not do it., the smallest races are an exception, but the owners must have well-taken care of not to overfeed them. With just a little bit of responsibility, time, and money of their part, you and its family will secure to a life of love and unconditional adoration. The positive effect that a dog can have in its family is amazing.

To all the animal it is necessary to have his bowls to them of very clean water and foods and to bathe to them with regularity, the reason of this is to have them free of germs and bacteria. To maintain the area sterilized will help to maintain your domestic animal healthy. Since the medicines for domestic animal easily are not distributed, this would help if you also asked his veterinarian where to find the medicine stores for the care of his dog. Many dogs and cats are even united to the children. The parasites that are internal and external are mainly responsible for the diseases seen in the great population of dogs. The flea of common dog is the problem number one of health that does against these domestic animal.

The exercise is each so vital small piece to the health and the well-being of your domestic animal like the good food, the clean water and the shelter. Eating well and securing exercise are so important enough for the dogs and the cats as they are for people. The vegetables and a little fruit in the diet of their dog and a small amount of so can provide many of these active compounds. It stops any program of loss of weight, human or animal, the diet is the first essential part. A label of the domestic animal is a very trustworthy way to help to keep your domestic animal around by many years to come. The labels known the domestic animal can also be chosen of a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, of yellow copper and even plastic. The 90 percent of domestic animal that take an identification label will return to their homes. You must cerciorarte that always your domestic animal/dog has its necklace of identification, the information of the contact on the label must be always updated in case your dog disappears. The label of the identification must have the name of your domestic animal, the direction of the adressee, your name and telephone number. Dogs Puppies original Author and source of the article.

Mexican Republic

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