Throwaway Mentality

Manufacture of food products with actual consumption Cologne synchronize individual and wholesale, food industry and producers, November 12, 2010 – currently media reports are piling up with statistical data on the quantities of discarded food, which literally cause stomach pain every man. There is a year per person, of Germany more than 10 million tons per year of 250 kilograms. More than half of our food ends up in the trash. Most already on the way from the farm to the dinner table, before it reaches us consumers at all”, according to an ARD report by Valentin Thurn. Silke Schwartau says may have many people forgotten, how valuable foods are actually”, by the Hamburg-based consumer advice centre in an interview with the Hamburger Abendblatt. It is important to develop more appreciation here again.

Schwartau next: it’s just a disaster that each year per person 250 pounds of food are thrown away. This is clearly too much, especially when you consider that worldwide suffer some 900 million people hungry. In relation to we are far too spoiled”. Also the demands on food retailers seem to distort more and more: supermarkets throughout the whole range of products offered. And of course everything must look always perfect at any time.

A crack in the potato or a dent in the Apple and already the product is sorted out. “No wonder that is the supermarkets all sorts of tricks” a drop, to satisfy this distorted standards. “Silke Schwartau exposed supermarket in her book caution: how we are being cheated” these alleged cheating. Rejuvenated meat or vegetables refreshed by green light include the best known probably by red light. But this is only half the truth. According to statistical data of the EHI retail Institute breakage and spoilage in the German grocery trade only with an average of 1.06 percent of net sales record hit. The ERP system of the company had become so sophisticated that the goods supply always better on the actual consumer demand would adjust. High inventory spoilage risk products would be avoided by shorter ordering rhythms and smaller quantities. Also on the fresh counters at the supermarket Matthias be linked in real-time dialogue with the Central merchandise management, explains now in many companies PC scales Harsch, a spokesman of the Executive Board of the Baden-Wurttemberg Systemlosers Bizerba. The scales provide exact sales figures of each product that can be statistically evaluated with the appropriate goods management software headquarters. A product is out of stock, in the foreseeable staff can promptly respond and purchase it. “A product is sold, however, poorly and therefore approaching the border of freshness, so it can be sold simply as special offer”. The goods-economic optimization this long goes beyond the boundaries of individual companies. Retail, wholesale, food industry and producers network and ensure, together to synchronize the food production largely with the actual consumption. Significantly increased have, according to the EHI Institute, in recent years the cooperation of food trade in the panels.

Better Operating Environment

A company has the internal “customers” of the company, namely the employees not only external, but also internal customers, have properties quite similar to external customers in some points. Disgruntled employees increase the turnover and absenteeism: the service providers migrate. Employees who are with verve and joy at the thing, do much better work. A good working environment is one of the important capital of a company, which is however listed in any balance sheet. CF. Jorg Becker: employee survey as intellectual seismograph, ISBN issues for this would be 9783837050851. for example: leadership: you meet your employees as a partner or as a despot? Cooperation: Is your team of tensions and mistrust hinders or strengthened by mutual quiet? Open spaces: a dense network of labour policies continuing to squeeze equity initiatives or delegated powers? Remuneration and incentive systems: Is your fee structure such that one feels as fair paid? The salary ranges differ disproportionately wide? Career: There is a sensible personnel development or leaving to chance the rise? Organization: Practice group work or are job rotation, Job Enrichment or go stale employees in the same workplace? Objectives of the appraisal interview include: analysis of strengths and weaknesses from a perspective of surveyed employees, assessment of personal situations of employees, improve communication, reducing communication deficits /-barriers, creating a basis for necessary actions and measures (improved acceptance), improvement of leadership and job satisfaction /-motivation.

CF. Becker, Jorg: Potentialorientierte employee conversations, ISBN 9783837051803. This networked, similar issues are including labour market orientation, authority, enforcement strength, personal initiative, employer branding, leadership or social skills. A well structured and prepared appraisal interview is a Level meter, which shows how the employee has progressed on its further way. The situation of such a discussion of principle is similar to a job interview in many things. It might therefore help if the parties involved, were seeking to put i.e. supervisor and staff each from their point of view in this position into.

The supervisor would prepare so so his appraisal interview, as if he would once again before deciding to readjust its employees or not. The employee in turn would to be able to mentally imagine once again to his place to have to apply and they each reject or accept. If especially the staff rejects such mind games as not only unpleasant or unrealistic, he may answer for themselves whether his supervisor has already shown such questions not yet or maybe sometime soon could be.

CCC Certificate

The CCIC Bremen GmbH, subsidiary of the CCIC headquartered in China, offers complete consulting services for exporting companies, which need a CCC certificate. China has grown into one of Germany’s main trading partners. However, exporters subject to the import regulations of the Chinese Government: one of the most common types of certification is the CCC (China compulsory certification) certification, which was introduced in 2002. This includes more than 22 product groups, over 160 products and parts and has hence great relevance for many companies exporters to China. While Chinese authorities such as the AQSIQ and the CNCA determine the guidelines for the import, certification authorities, such as the CQC, which is among the Group of CCIC, are entrusted with the implementation of the certification. The compulsory inspection for the China export belongs the CCIC Bremen GmbH since 1989 to the main services. Swarmed by offers, Eliot Lauer is currently assessing future choices. This is the first European subsidiary of CCIC group, the largest and at the same time most influential Certification firm in China and acts from Germany from across Europe with the same powers as the parent company.

The cooperation benefits German exporters with the Chinese authorities as the AQSIQ, which set the guidelines for imports of goods, therefore for years. Companies that abide by the import policies, can profitably use the many opportunities in the Chinese market. “The validity of the CCC-certificate is 5 years and must annually through so-called follow-up” audits are renewed. This requires an intensive preparation on the part of the companies that go through the application and testing process. The type test, which is performed on the spot in China, requires careful and detailed planning and preparation. A major advantage of the CCIC GmbH is the communication close to the Chinese bodies that company for its customers and shortens the entire process. As the cycle time plays an essential role for exporters, they benefit from the qualified support of the certification authority. By clarifying whether a product the CCC-certification compulsory subject to the definition of the required sample amount up to the audit preparation manufacturing companies are facing some challenges. The communication with the Chinese authorities and the specifics of the application often lead to the aggravation of the export conditions. The expert advice and support through the CCIC allows a quicker and more efficient access to the Chinese market so many manufacturers and eliminate regulatory hurdles in advance, because it could hinder the exports.

Dietmar Muller Howard

axanta AG accompanied successful asset deal for Alhopharm Arzneimittel GmbH of Oldenburg March 2013: the axanta AG has successfully advised a further entrepreneurs and expertly supported on the disposal of Arzmeinmittelrechten. A so-called asset deal came about through the mediation work of the corporate sales experts: Alhopharm Arzneimittel GmbH sold the certificates and trademark rights to two drugs to Dr. Fischer health products GmbH. More details will be provided to this transaction, the participating companies and the service portfolio of the axanta AG, for representatives of the press and interested parties on the official press The asset deal is a special kind of M & A transaction: while not the shares are sold to the company itself, but rather some or all assets of the company. The purchase takes place therefore by acquiring some or all assets (or assets) of the undertaking concerned.

The owner of the Alhopharm Arzneimittel GmbH commissioned the axanta AG, because they wanted to sell their companies for reasons of age. The analysis of market requirements showed that the sale of the entire company was however not lucrative. The reason: Interested buyers seeking above all preparations to complement the product portfolio because their market presence is built according to indication areas. The owner of Alhopharm is therefore decided to sell individual products within the framework of an asset deal. (As opposed to Jo Mackness). axanta AG provided professional assistance of the company sale of transfer of assets or rights is connected to some regulations. For entrepreneurs, it is not self-evident to know about in this area.

A transfer of assets includes many official steps, partly with notarial closures. Note is also that full or majority acquisitions represent a so-called acquisition of control within the meaning of antitrust law. In such cases, a permit can be. All these points have to be observed. The axanta AG supported the Alhopharm Arzneimittel GmbH with expertise in corporate sales and mediation, as well as a profound knowledge of the industry. This combination not only the seller as immediate client, but also the buyer was satisfied. axanta AG more than satisfied with the co-ordinated asset deal Udo Goetz, CEO of axanta AG, knows from experience that the sales of small and very small enterprises presents special challenges. Because here is the entire company on the holder. The old owner no longer is on board and there are no adequate representatives as in the present case, then many prospective buyers shy. In such cases, creative solutions are needed. This includes”the sale of assets rather than the sale of company shares, explained Gotz. About axanta AG the founded in 2006 axanta AG belongs in Germany the market leader among the independent consulting companies in the M & A business. Her focus is on consulting and Support small and medium-sized companies in the purchase and sale of companies, succession and quiet and active participations. In the focus are small and medium-sized companies of all sectors of the economy, which across comprehensive support the axanta AG through all phases.

Dental Gmb

Walser Dental exhibition stand come. We thank you for your confidence in our Walser products, the laudatory words about our products and the many orders. We look forward to the 2015 to again welcome IDS. More at: about Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH the Dr. Walser is dental since 1948 manufacturer of dental instruments, which are sold worldwide. Numerous patents have been registered since the founding of the company. “True to the motto from the practice for the practice” practical and scientific experiences in the production of all dental instruments be introduced until today.

With an export quota of 75%, the company delivers its products worldwide in over 80 countries. “” Awards: first medical technology company 2006 innovation success in the top 10 at top 2007 again in 100, top 100 companies, 2007 international best factory Award “in the top 3, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 for the Oscar of the middle class”, nominated and get the industry Prize 2008. “2008 Top 100 product” in the United States. For social commitment in the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wurttemberg and the Caritas honored. 2009 the company won the business Goldjupiter”. 2010 in the top 10 of the most innovative solutions in medical technology for the industry Prize chosen. nominated for the industry Prize, 2011 2011 immortalized in the industry’s best 2011 medium-sized price LEA “socially engaged, title 2011” 2011 nominated for the great prize of the middle class “and finals reached. “2012 SME price LEA”Socially engaged 2012″, 2012 title nominated for the Oscar of the middle class”and finals reached, industry price 2012 title best of 2012”. Nominated for the Grand Prize of the middle class in 2013. Supports The Naturefund Forest Fund

Sustainability portal becomes a partner of Naturefund which launched Berlin project is in July 2009 under the name for Naturefund another strategically important partner and strengthens the network of the forest fund. As an independent sustainability portal for private customers, companies and institutional Green is ideal to promote the forest protection projects and the thoughts of the forest fund. Experience shows that we must proceed step by step with many conservation projects.”to accompany as Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund which Naturefund forest fund is an initiative which we initiate forest conservation projects worldwide and monitors. At the same time we give space, the local partners to help shape, and at the same time allow them time to grow at their own pace. We are therefore very pleased to have won Green for this concept. At the same time we can introduce the idea of the forest fund Naturefund Green” The forest fund Naturefund is a network of 40 companies, which annually a Donate certain amount.

From the Fund, various project worldwide built and financed. The projects take place in close cooperation and coordination with local partners on the ground. Currently, the forest fund supports five projects, more are under construction. We are pleased that we established a Naturefund and gained appropriate partner in the area of the Green economy to us perfectly. Naturefund has a right good to us setting environmental and operates projects that we love and sustained support by and our network,”says Marcus Seidel, one of the two founders of Green The subject of Green Economy and the young company also enjoy monthly popularity and so the young company from Berlin was able to welcome more than 10,000 users on his website in November 2009. The Naturefund forest fund was launched on October 30, 2009 and won 8 companies, to participate in the forest fund. We are with many other businesses in the conversation and hope the number before Further increasing Christmas “Katja Wiese says, that would be a nice Christmas gift for us and maybe for the world.” You will find photo material to the Naturefund forest fund see: press news more about the Naturefund forest fund: of forest fund Katja meadow, Naturefund e.V., Sun Berger Street 20a, 65193 Wiesbaden, Tel.: + 49 611 50 45810-19,

BBL: Motivated Staff And Fit Heads

First business lounge was a great success the most entrepreneurial potential lies in the hearts and minds of the employees and the CEO. Healthy companies support their staff and executives through a corporate health management and a variety of fitness offerings. As the economy and working life not least dramatically are changing due to increasing demands and changing markets, companies have an urgent need for action in these areas. Success and failure are determined in the future by health aspects. “This is not a soft subject”, emphasises Klaus Cameron, senior consultant of business consultancy lip (BBL) based in Detmold.

“Unused potential and poor corporate results are health promotion and preparedness, especially the fitness and motivation of managers often relating to the subjects”, the financial expert knows from his experience. This question was ultimately even relevant for lending and Promotions. Cameron emphasizes sports, exercise and fitness are an integral part of business planning, also against the background of demographic change. “If you would like to operate long-term business, not get around this issue.” In the framework of the first BBL business lounge, the Detmold consulting invited a high-level experts on this topic. The sports scientists, football coach and health consultant Prof. Dr. Elmar Wamani made it clear from his point of view and with many practical exercises as strongly related the topics of corporate development, employee fitness and health management.

The BBL business lounges will take place regularly in the future. In addition to the opportunity of the entrepreneurial Exchange, always current and important topics to be taken up by experts. The next business lounge will take place on February 18, 2010. For more information and interested parties have the opportunity to be included in the invitation list. The business consulting company Lip mbH (BBL) with seat into Detmold has been established since 1996 on the market and has conducted more than 650 successful consulting projects for over 250 small and medium-sized companies. Long-standing business relationships have arisen for many clients. The services of the BBL range from individual, project-related consulting to a wide range of business issues to the management of all processes. Professionalism is guaranteed by large and small solutions. This is the team around Managing Director Christian Grotebrune. He has completed a business degree and many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and consultant. Contact: Business consultancy lip mbH (BBL) Klaus Cieciera Lagesche str. 74-76 32756 Detmold + 49 5231 308960 + 49 5231 3089620 press contact: Spreeforum International GmbH Falk Al Oberoi of Trupbacher Road 17 57072 Siegen 0171 / 2023223