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Strategic Campaign

In the strategic, sophisticated and overwhelming campaign of promotion with which Pedro Almodvar supposedly important films wrap each of his, since the project arises until its commercial opening, without haste and pauses, administering implacably the type of publicity that his needs at every moment mimada creature, assured the author, the close friends who had read the script, and even the protagonist Antonio Flags who the skin that habit was entered in abyssal territories inhabited by a cold horror, crossed dangerous borders of difficult return, was conceived from the vertigo, was going to be darkest, obsessive, dangerous, dense and subversive the film that has never rolled. The thematic one of the fright always enjoys initially artistic prestige and intellectual, it can suppose an priceless adornment in the flowery curriculum of the author and demonstrate that besides knowing the secret to make laugh to the spectators or remove his feelings, also it owns the capacity to terrify them with histories and personages who approach the territories shadier and disturbed of the brain. That is, it lacked in its hyperwell-taken care of filmografa one of terror. Nonterror to the use, by all means, the one that appeals crudely to the easy scare and upsets in the efectismo, but fear with the seal of the Art, in capital letters. David Lynch moves like a disquieting dancer of experimental dance in those darknesses.

Or if there is to look for older references, it is very well that Almodvar mentions as model in the press conference of Dogs that the inspiration of the skin that habit is the tenebrous lyricism and the sickly one and subyugante atmosphere that chorreaba that one unclassifiable masterpiece of the Georges titled Franju the eyes without face. Also, few venerated directors in the present cinema like Michael Haneke, permanent retratista of the evil without theatricalities exist so, tared and sadistic, adult, youthful and infantile, that perpetrate without the felt minor of fault gratuitous atrocities. The treatment of the perversion grants much luster. It is a very advisable fashion and in the long term.

Ashton Kutcher

The actor and the producer could have reached an agreement by which Sheen could receive 25 million dollars as indemnification for his dismissal. Charlie Sheen was dismissed of ‘ Two men and media’ by its addictions and their exits of tone, that took to him to publicly insult the creator of the series. The actor Charlie Sheen and the producer Warner Bros. they finally solved his dispute around the dismissal of the actor of the television program that it carried out, Two men and means, confirmed east Tuesday the study of Hollywood in an official notice that does not reveal the details in the agreement. Sheen was the past dismissed March after a series of erratic behaviors associated with an excess of drugs and alcohol that took to the cancellation of the recordings of the last chapters of the eighth season of their soap opera. The interpreter demanded then to his exjs by inadmissible dismissal and she demanded 100 million to them dollars for indemnification.

The last week, the average Americans anticipated that the agreement to trench the case was next and considered that Sheen could receive 25 million dollars like compensation. ” Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre (creative of the series) and Charlie Sheen have solved their dispute to satisfaction of all the parts. The pending judgment and the legal will be misestimated by the parts, that have decided to maintain the confidentiality of the agreement terms ” , it mentioned the study in his official notice. Until the moment of its dismissal, Sheen was the paid actor better of the small screen, with income of 1.8 million dollars by chapter, although their repeated exits of tone outside plates ended the patience of the people in charge of the series.

The drop that overwhelmed the glass was serious insults spilled by Sheen against Chuck Lorre after the actor was frustrated by not being able to retake the work to the salary cancelled the recordings. The series ahead follows the ninth season of Two men and means began one week ago in chain CBS with a hearing record. More than 27.

Krkic Signing

Luis Enrique, new trainer of the Italian equipment, has requested his signing. The representative of the forward recognized his disposition to go away to Italy. Thus it is the market of signings of season 2011/2012. The sport director of Rome, Walter Sabatini, expressed his desire of which its club can close in the next days the signing of the Spanish forward Measure the perimeter of Krkic, present player of Barcelona. The signing of Measures the perimeter of ” it is a very concrete hypothesis that still he has not been closed. We hope to be able to close it in the next days ” , it said, in declarations to the Italian radio Challenges Sport, the manager of Rome, equipment that will train as of the next season the Spanish exinternacional Luis Enrique. Get all the facts and insights with Childrens Defense Fund, another great source of information. ” Yes, it is truth, in Spain play much with the fact to tie to Measure the perimeter of with the arrival of Luis Enrique. They measure the perimeter of is a player of Barcelona, but we hoped that it is possible to be done shortly (the signing).

Elevado” is surely a player of a profile; , it added. Other signings for Luis Enrique Sabatini talked about in addition the possible signing to the midfield player Ricky Argentinean Alvarez, present player of the Vlez Srsfield and to that the Italian sport press gives ” already him; to paso” to clock on and off by Rome. Alvarez ” he is multipurpose, has also played in other positions of the field, can make many things. He is a strong player, like many others that we are siguiendo” , he indicated the sport director of Rome. ” It is difficult, nevertheless.

You will have noticed it: a species of paralysis of the market exists, now all this crystallized. Later, when the first player moves, there will be a species of CTO dominated. We will see who will do first movimiento” , it added. Sabatini explained in addition that at the beginning of July the club will as much present/display to means of official way to Luis Enrique as new trainer like any other possible signing.

German Pavilion Prize

Next to Mostafavi they trained the jury Ole Bouman, Director, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, Rotterdam; Yvonne Farrell, Grafton Architects, Dublin; Annette Gigon, Gigon/Guyer, Zurich; Anne Lacaton, Lacaton & Vassal Architectes, Paris; Tarald Lundevall, Architect, SNHETTA, Oslo; Pei Zhu, Peking, China, and the secretary of the jury, Llus Hortet, Director of the Mies Foundation go to der Rohe, Barcelona. Two young Catalan architects For the Collage House of the architects Ramon Bosch and Bet Capdrro are the second prize. In 2010, they gained the Prize of Architecture of the Regions of Girona. One is several houses for a same family in a property of 1,500 meters squared of the Coll de Girona. The prize has character biennial and is granted by the European Union and organized by the Fundaci Mies they go to der Rohe of Barcelona, whose main intention is to recognize and to compensate the quality of the architectonic production in Europe. The candidacies of works considered for the Prize are propose by an ample group of independent experts coming from all Europe, as well as by the schools of architects who form part of the European Council of Architects and other national associations of European architects. The Pavilion of Van der Rohe In each edition biennial, the jury designates between the candidacies two works: one that receives the Prize of Contemporary Architecture of the European Union considering its conceptual, technical and constructive quality, and other than receives the Special Mention Emergent Architect. The jury also selects between the candidacies exemplary works that are object of a publication and a exhibition.

The prize is equipped with 60,000 Euros and one sculpture that evokes the German Pavilion of Mies goes to der Rohe. The Special Mention is equipped with 20,000 Euros and one sculpture that the Pavilion evokes, that is the authentic symbol of this prize. Considered one of best works architectonic of century XX, the Pavilion incarnates the main objectives that the institution of this prize persecutes: excellence and innovation in conceptual and constructive terms. Source of the news: Two Spaniards with award in the Prizes of Contemporary Architecture of the EU.

Printed Telephone Directory

The telephone directories will be distributed by electronic mail. ה. From the broadband 350,000 homes will benefit. The average speed of connection will be of at least 1 Mbps. The Government has approved in the Cabinet of this Friday a Real Decree that develops the regulation of access to the universal broadband of 1 Mbits/sec (Mbps), principle picked up in article 52 of the Law of Sustainable Economy, informed the Ministry into Industry in an official notice. In addition, the new regulation suppresses the obligation for the operator to give the telephone directories in paper, whenever the subscriber does not ask for the opposite. Now, they will be due to distribute by electronic mail.

The norm regulates all the services of telecommunications that have universal character, that is to say, those that the citizen must right to receive: telephone service, broadband to 1 Mbps, telephone directories, cabins and consultation of numbers. The Ministry of Industry explained that the modification of the regulation will benefit to 350,000 homes that at the moment no they count on broadband cover. The call of the process of licitation of these services, as well as the approval of the sheets of the operators, will begin when the legal text enters Vigo r, a day after their publication in the Government reporter of Estado (BOE). Telephone it will not have the monopoly Until now, service offers the universal it Telephone and one finances by all the operators but, after the approval of this regulation, the benefit of this service will become by public contest and the financing in charge of the sector will stay. The operators who will be in charge to provide with the universal broadband service will designate before the end of this year. The Real approved Decree contemplates that the operator who gives the universal service will have to satisfy the requests with connection to the network on the part of the citizens within 60 days, with an average speed of connection of at least 1 Mbps in any period of 24 hours. However, the user will have right to contract connections with a speed inferior to the one of the broadband. The legal text also contemplates possible functional divisions in the operator, whenever the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce communicate, between the benefit of services and the works of management of the network.

Also, it anticipates the possibility that several operators distribute to the obligations of the universal service by elements, that is to say, telephone, telephone cabins, guides and consultations. Public cabins the Real Decree modifies the quotas of telephone cabins by municipality, adapting them to ” decreasing use of this servicio”. Thus, the minimum will be of a public telephone of payment by locality in the municipalities of less than 1,000 inhabitants in whom he is just and of an additional public telephone by each 3,000 inhabitants in the nuclei with more than 1,000 people. The regulation establishes that the universal service in the used buildings will be obligatory as calls to account habitual, even if these are not in urban ground. In addition, the principles are included of communitarian norm on universal broadband, that ” refuerza” the rights of the users with incapacity, according to the Ministry.