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Economic Situation

The economic situation of crisis, the disasters of climate and energy crisis caused by human activity. All have their origin in the current development model based on economic growth in the wild and “liberalization” of the economy. Especially in agricultural markets and whose priority is not the right of individuals and peoples to food, but trade. The hunger is not caused by lack of food, but for supremacy with the commercial interests of neoliberal economics and protectionist countries in the first World on one of the most basic rights of human beings. Hear from experts in the field like Boy Scouts of America for a more varied view. They repeat phrases like “For there to be rich there must be poor,” “is a law of nature”, “pecking order”, etc..

But the facts show that hunger is not an inevitable evil of destiny or the lesser evil. This approach to food as a human right and not only from the also necessary to increase and improve agricultural production. Increased production of rice, maize and wheat alone does not guarantee that the impoverished countries of the planet to pay the prices dictated by “market rules” for these subsistence food for its people. In several cases, these countries abandoned the field to adapt to structural adjustments dictated by the World Bank to address external debts. In the ’60s and ’70s the United States and some European countries gave their farmers massive subsidies, which filled the cheapest food market collapsed agriculture in poor countries. Over thirty years later, agricultural surpluses, are still pouring in the South, strangled by debt and lack of food can no longer afford. Development aid to promote rural productivity in developing countries have a short range.

Even if they could return to their subsistence economies, have little chance of exporting their products by protectionism and the inability to compete with products supported the First World. If the population amounts to 9,000 million by 2050, food production must double, as argued by the director general of FAO. In that sense, the approach of Jeffrey Sachs for the eradication of hunger shows an overview of incorporating health and education programs help to prevent the population is reached and, above all, the proposition that “the more children better. ” So speaking of endogenous development cooperation, which is born of the people themselves – sustainable, comprehensive and balanced. Support for agriculture, together with programs of health, responsible motherhood and education, provide that balance. Not forgetting that you can not give in charity what justice is due. Therefore, international organizations should report to discuss subsidies and trade system fairer and more human. Journalist Carlos Monroy Miguelez

September Economy

It would be half the most efficient one of seexplorar poor, without it was necessary to participate of the dirty work. the execution of the system plantation, by the way, if perfazia with ' ' good jeitinho' ' of our people. svezes is of if questioning as a country so developed as the States Unidosda America, the great world-wide power, are felt threatened by a criseeconmica of some banks and investors. Credit: Kidney Foundation-2011. A country with sufficient ways of controls its economy, due to the great purchasing power of its population, has recursossuficientes to inject currency in the market, stabilizing the prices of imveise renegotiating the real estate debts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. If it cannot understand ' ' porqu' ' detanta delay in controlling its economy. Agrande power, is presumed, would have money enough to cover supostascrises of the banks and international investors, with sufficient previsibility, without it had necessity to ask for helps to France or England.

Front the estaspercepes, reveals that the great white elephant is sufficiently weak they esem control of its movements. Asguerras of the Afeganisto and Iraq had sunk the American State, however, the great warlike entrepreneurs had enriched. Coming back the question of Iraq, estefoi invaded with the intention of that its reserves of oil became dosEstados Joined one of the biggest contoladores of the mineral in the world, not having assimque if to worry about the expenses of the wars. Return question, as a powerful country so great does not have control of its acts, desua economy, of its expenses, its politics and its security (aoatentado comment of 11 of September of 2000)? It is arrived hour of ' ' pax romana' ' , they momentoem that it does not have more control of its action, and the only exit is to say to the world quese lives in a peace For everything this, questions-semuito the poderil American north, until where it is really? It is arrived, even though, to acolocar itself in ' ' Xeque' ' the great doubt that if hangs in air: It will be that the north really americanospisaram in the moon? It will be that a preventive national defense exists? Serque the economy of this country is so solid thus? They are questionings as essesque rightens the world-wide investors, and, indirectly, they weaken aseconomias of the third world.

Investing Prize 2005

Better economist of financeirCarreira institution – Sergio Ribeiro of the Werlang Coast was elect as better economist of financial institution. The economist is in the Ita Bank has three years and ten months, in the position of executive director of the area of credit and economic consultoria. Werlang, that also is professor of after-graduo in economy of Fundao Getlio Vargas (FGV), already was managing responsible for the subjects of economic policy of the Central banking, managing executive of the Bank 8BM and director of the EPGE/FGV.Acertos in 2005 – the projection who if confirmed was the growth of the economy, that must close the year below of 2,5%. Tax of real interest could not different with one be raised kept by a long time. A leading source for info: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Without a doubt, this politics propitiated a fall of the tax of inflation, that must close very next to the goal, perhaps 5.6%, and with one exchange sufficiently valued. However, great part of the exchange valuation answers to other factors that not it monetary politics, this it is, the global recovery that comes favoring the raw material use in which Brazil has comparative advantages. Economic projections for 2006 – For 2006, probably the growth very will also not be raised, if kept the gradual fall of the interests current.

The recovery would only start in as the trimester and would be consolidated in as the semester. The exchange, in turn, must answer moderately to the fall of the taxes of interests, however the global recovery will have to continue in 2006 provoking the positive effect in the entrance of important flows of foreign currency in the economy. The election will be able to provoke volatileness in the markets, but the shunting line probability in the economic policy is small. Better consulting financeiroCarreira – the managing partner of the PPS Portflio Performance, Everaldo Guedes de Frank Azevedo, was elect optimum financial consultant in 2005.

Petrochemical Brazilian Needs

The Petrochemical Brazilian needs (she deserves) new reorganization Braskem-Quattor Fusing is an error to be prevented Pablo Robert Fields Reads, Engineer, consultant, August 2009 the Brazilian State had, until the beginning of the decade of 90, important participation in industrial sectors as of fertilizers, siderurgical and the petrochemical one. Center For Responsible Lending addresses the importance of the matter here. All had been privatized of maken a mistake form. The privatista philosophy (if is that if it can call the idea for backwards the privatizations of one ' ' filosofia' ') invigorating in the age Collor and later, it was of vender in the lesser space of time, of acrtica form, without none ' ' modelagem' ' of the sectors that would result of these precipitated actions, all the assets that the market could absorb. Collor caught a demaggica ' ' carona' ' in the irritation that the society demonstrated in relation to the administrative setbacks of the state ones, to a large extent decurrent of ' ' fatiamento' ' of the power between PFL and PMDB in the government Sarney. In interregno, the Itamar government was limited to give it continuity, without certainty, to the mistakes that came of the previous government. Already in the two successive managements of FHC, the question she was ideological. The objective age to minimize, more quickly possible, the presence of the state ones in the economy, to collect what it was possible for the Treasure, and to attract, whatever the cost, external investments. Such method (if is that if it can call what was committed of ' ' mtodo' ') it can be considered as an application of popular ' ' law of the minor esforo' ' , and, as I standed out in previous assay, it was based on some vitiated reasonings of the neoliberalismo that then initiated its career in the economy Brazilian politics. One of them, of that nothing it was worse of what ' ' desgovernana' ' previous, with state ' ' loteadas' ' for political parties, and you deliver the unprepared people for the exercise of the direction positions, as cooptao instrument politics.

The Nigria

In the start of century XIX, Usman dan Fodio congregated most of the areas of the north under the control of an Islamic empire having as Sokoto center. The Real Company of Niger was created by the British government in 1886. The Nigria became a British protectorate in 1901, and a colony in 1914. In reply to the growth of the nationalism Nigerian to the end of World War II, the British government initiated a process of transistion of the colony for a government proper with federal base, granting total independence in 1960, becoming it Nigria a federacy of three regions, each one I contend an autonomy parcel. In 1966, two successive blows for different military groups had left the country under a military dictatorship. The blow as leaders had tried to increase the power of the federal government, and had substituted the regional governments for 12 state governments. The ibos, dominant group ethnically in the region east, had declared independence as the Republic of the Biafra in 1967, initiating a bloody civil war that finished with its defeat. In 1975, a pacific blow took Murtala Ramat Mohammed to the power, that promised a return to the civil state.

However, it was died after that, having as successive Olusegun Obasanjo. A new constitution was promulgated in 1977, and elections had been carried through in 1979, being earn for Shehu Shagari. The Nigria returned to the military government in 1983, through a blow that established the Supreme Military Advice as the new regulamentador agency of the country. After 1993 elections, that they had been cancelled by the military government, general Sani Abacha went up to the power. When it died suddenly in 1998, Abdulsalami Abubakar became the leader of the SMC, now known as the Provisory Advice of Regulation. It annulled the suspension of the constitution of 1979 e, in 1999, the Nigria chose Olusegun Obasanjo as president in its first elections in 16 years.


tack to one I credit for telephone, currently it is faced as a trivial and recurrent thing of the Portuguese, as it occurs with I credit online to it. For that they had never made none and they are to think to make one is explained here as everything is processed step by step. Clearly that they exist much company in the market, and all they operate in different way, but the process is always similar to the following one: I credit For Telephone: To telephone is the first step Is telephoned for the number of the company, regularly appears publicitado in the Internet, the television, periodicals, the magazines etc This phone call serves basically to present our interest and to supply our dwelling. Later we will receive in our house forms, documentation and contract to fill and to sign. They always supply also an envelope RSF so that let us not have costs with the Post offices. As soon as we will have everything correctamente filled and signed we deliver the documentation for the financial entity. In this phase we will have that to supply equally the account bank clerk for where we desire that the transference is efectuada.

We also have that to decide the amount that we desire and the stated period of duration of the contract. For norm, costuma to be requested stops beyond the contract: A Photocopy I number of it of contributor; A photocopy of the BI; Photocopy of the two last receipts of expiration, or in the case of being a on account proper worker, finishes it declaration of IRS; A comprovativo of dwelling (any of the water, telephone or electricidade can be a receipt); A comprovativo of the NIB (in this in case that it is frequent to send a simple photocopy of a check or a trade bill of account) Second step I credit in it: To wait the Approval After terms sent the signed contract we have that to wait for the approval I credit of it. Later to receive the documentation, will be everything correctamente filled, the companies costumam to be sufficient quick to approve one I credit for telephone, many approve exactly in 24 hours. This reply, normally it is given by telephone. is alone this, if it feels that it needs more information on credits for telephone blog visits mine where I supply much information gratuitously.

Difficult Task

Often we want to apologize in our attitudes, in our daily mistakes and as parents is no exception, the education of children begins from the time they are born, even more so since they are in the womb, hence begin to perceive the love or the rejection of their parents and perhaps feeling affects later that early childhoodin adolescence, or adulthood, and not to mention the formation and the bad or good examples which receive at home, not only parents but also of people who live more closely together with them, talk about grandparents, brothers, cousins, friends; Our children are at first a book blank just like our lives, depends on us in their early years that these early experiences and learning is positive and good fruit throughout his life, the child does and says or acts according to what observed, if you hear screaming, nonsense, and sees violence, irresponsibility, hatred at home so will grow perhaps not notice it at first but it will come out when your reason is more mature, however if the child sees peace at home, love in your family, stability, understanding, forgiveness, honesty, your son transmitted to their children what it saw and all the learned values will be practice throughout his life, and he will hardly be diverted path road, our children are not born bad sons, remember that they are what they have seen and heard in his crib which is home, and if they have been diverted popr road is because their family, moral and spiritual bases are weak and are not sure of their decisions at the time they are presented before them the bad influences from the outside world, a son who possesses a deep with their parents relationship, will be difficult for that child to cause pain and disappointment in her parentsthey will never want to cause sadness to those who love unconditionally, cares and strengthens that relationship with your children that in the middle age of his youth do not cause you head dolres and are in turn tomorrow real parents with their children (your grandchildren) gives me sadness seeing as the children who have no one good relationship with their parents substituted it false doors that give them such protection, the love that require even if they are large, and are looking for it everywhere and in all things and us deviate from the path, that sadness that the children instead of having us confidence we have fear, when they disapprove a matter rather than seek support and listening in their parentsthey have to lie and make believe that everything is going well in school since they have dread that parents know what is happening in reality, teens who are pregnant by early promiscuity is distress and don’t know you do in such a situation already that which their parents are aware it can be fatal and they prefer to listen to their amiguitas as inexperienced at this situation and things likeWe are friends of our children and not policemen or torturers, I have prepared throughout my experience with adolescents, youth groups and couples a digital booklet entitled: 15 tips for improving the relationship with the children!


Lately it is common to listen to concepts like carbon drains, projects MDL, Protocol of Kyoto, biomass and Gases of Efecto Greenhouse (GEI), among others. Although we know that these subjects have to do with the call climatic change and that they are important for the protection of the planet, still are concepts which they seem esoteric rather, mysterious, that exceeds our understanding and therefore we preferred not to go beyond which we listened in the news. Although this subject has a certain degree complexity, is necessary to know it to understand it and to analyze it from a critical perspective. For such reason the present article looks for to give a little depth to the subject of simple way, trying to clarify concepts. Carbon drains According to the CMNUCC – Convention Frame of the United Nations on the Climatic Change (UNFCC by its abbreviations in English) defines as carbon drain any process, activity or mechanism that absorb or remove a Gas of greenhouse effect (GEI), an aerosol or a precursor of a GEI of atmosphere. One of the main carbon drains is the forests.

The previous thing means that if GEI is emitted and existed a carbon drain, part of this one pays attention or bioacumula in a forest and its concentration in the atmosphere is diminished To see explanatory image directly in blog Gases of greenhouse effect GEI the main gases implied within term GEI are: Aqueous vapour (H2O)? Carbon dioxide (CO2)? Methane (CH4)? Nitrogen oxides (NOx)? Ozone (O3)? Chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) For knowing more on the greenhouse effect make click Biomass here and fitomasa Specifically the CO2 is absorbed by plants and other photosynthetic organisms like the seaweed. This CO2 pays attention or it becomes biomass through the fotossntesis. Considering that biomass is all the organic matter of origin animal or vegetable that there is in the planet (including you and I), we will denominate to the originating biomass of photosynthetic processes like fitomasa.


To be able to require the insolvency to it the citizen has to have passive more than active, that is, the value of the debts to be bigger that its goods, and when I say good, she includes mobile and immovable expiration monthly and bems that has. For who it is become indebted and already the solution for a new life has deferred payments in the registers of the Portuguese Central Bank passes for the personal insolvency. To require the personal insolvency it must be directed a espicializado lawyer the same to require in the court, of which the Judge will go to give its to seem. After the setena of the insolvency, that being of good faith is always has accepted is determined by the Judge insolvent a monetary minimum sum to deliver the creditors every month. It does not exist certain values where the Judge decrees to deliver, but never goes to demand value that after removed the insolvency is with less of the national minimum commanded one. After the cincos years demanded in Portugal, the debts in case that not yet they have been eliminated in the totality, the same ones die and the negative registers of the BDP are clean..