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Metal Active Gas

13 step: To remove the slag with ' ' Pico' ' of the two sides. 14 step: To pass brush to remove the intent slag of the two sides of the part. 3? PROCESSES MORE USED? Welding MIG/MAG or GMAW? Welding TIG or GTAW? FCAW – Welding with Tubular Wires Welding MIG/MAG or GM equipment MIG/MAG can be automatic or half-automatic in the half-automatic process (half = half) the wire is fed by a pistol and the soldering iron controls the inclination of the nipple. In welding MIG (Metal Inert Gas) or MAG (Metal Active Gas), also called Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), an arc is kept between the solid wire and the part of work. The weld arc and puddle are protected by an inert gas argon and helium or an active Co2 (carbon dioxide), O2 (carbon monoxide) and N2 (nitrogen). Educate yourself with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. The purpose to add up to 3% of active gas in the argon is for stabilizing the electric arc of welding.

The wire for welding has two function, of a side acts as positive polar region of the circuit and of another one, with the material of addition when it receives the chain and if it establishes. In the electric arc the material of the wire electrode is transferred to the bath of fusing in form of drops casting. Welding MIG/MAG is definitively more productive than welding MMA, where losses of the productivity occur each time that the soldering iron stops to substitute the consumed electrode. Losses of material also result of welding MMA I break up when it of each electrode is discarded. Welding MIG/MAG is a versatile process, in which one high tax of deposition of the weld metal can be gotten in any position. Equipment for one welds MIG/MAG consists of a torch of welding, power plant, system of refrigeration of the torch and a system of injection of gases + wire.

Similar Function

SUMMARY. The objective of our work is to present the Characterization of the Similar Function in empolgante way. What in them it motivated the choice of this subject must it the fact of that? How to know if in one definitive situation, the mathematical model to be adopted is a similar function? -. Many problems display clearly that to be adopted model is of a similar function, as for example, in the case of the taxi tariff, have f (x) = ax + b, where x in the distance is covered, f (x) is the price to pay, b is the bandeirada one and it is the tax for twirled kilometer, however nor all problems are thus so explicit. In this way, we opt initially to displaying situations that are shaped by a similar function, in as moment we detach applications that hardly are found in didactic books of mathematics; in what it says respect to the first case, faithful perceives the Characterization of a similar Function; no longer second, she is necessary a investigativo study to know if the problem is or not of a similar function. From this moment we will search to demonstrate in synthetic way the theorem that is an application of the Basic Theorem of the Proportionality. The considered examples have the intention to fix the concept of: ' ' additions suffered for f (x) are proportional to the given additions the x. Word-key. Mathematical characterization of the Similar Function, Models, Basic Theorem of the Proportionality.

National Foundation

A time in contact with the parasite the host will be able to indicate a state of pathogenic action of the same. However, the pathogenicity absence is rare, of short duration and, many times, depend on the evolutiva phase of the parasite. In general, the riots that occur are of small sum, therefore it has a trend to have a balance enters the action of the parasite and the capacity of resistance of the host. (SNOWS, 2000). The initiated parasatisms are disclosed of diverse forms: benign or serious and mortal, typical or atypical, clear or inexact acute or chronicles, (CARRERA, 1979).

Some problems provoked for the intestinais parasatisms exist, being the most frequent gastrointestinal and nervous malnutrition, problems, that can take the reduction of the capacity of learning for parasitadas children. Easy problems to be decided with politics of sanitary education and engineering, beyond therapeutical measures and changes of some cultural habits. Currently, it has few works showing the reality of enteroparasitoses on the intensity of the infections and its relation with pointers of partner-economic levels of the population in our country, especially in the city of Par-of-Minas/MG. Esquistossomose (S.mansoni) is an endemic illness in Minas Gerais. STEPS and AMARAL (1998) had presented the prevalences esteem for Estado, of data collected for the National Foundation of Sade (FUNASA), demonstrating an increase in the prevalence in Minas Gerais, in 1997 and 1998, when compared the 1996.

The data presented for KATZ and PEIXOTO (2000) indicate prevalence of 8,97% for 1996 and 7,84% for 1997, corresponding about a million and way of sick people with 15 displayed million to the risks of the illness in the State. The raised tax of prevalence associated with the direct consequences on the health state of the populations human beings becomes esquistossomose an important problem of public health in tropical and subtropical areas. By being transmitted through water collections candy, between diverse other factors, its occurrence can be potencializado, as much for the resultant space expansion of the population movements, how much for the construction of barrages and the exploitation of the same ones for subsequent workmanships, as irrigation (MARTINS Jr & BARRETO, 2003).