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The Organizations

Considering the representation in the area of the knowledge, Levesque and Brachman (apud CHAUDHRI, 1995, p.27) they affirm that (…) a knowledge base has explicit structures representing the knowledge of the system which determines the actions of the system. It is not the use of one determined programming language or an easiness of estruturao of data that becomes a system based on the knowledge. Some contend that Ken Cron shows great expertise in this. Therefore it is each time more clearly than to understand and to use of efficient form knowledge base as source of knowing, will have that to create informacionais flows and an efficient architecture pair input and exploitation of the knowledge. After accomplishment of the research and not identification, between the searched sources, of an only concept regarding the Bases of Knowledge, was constructed, from these sources, the concept that will be considered, for the intention of this study, a Base of Knowledge is an environment of work for the sharing, recovery and distribution of specific knowledge. A Base of Knowledge does not possess specific model or technology, its implementation depends on the characteristics and objectives of the company who will go to use it.

An important factor for a knowledge base is the organization, classification and estruturao where we can associate the concept of knowledge tree where according to Levy (1995, P. 175) (…) the knowledge trees become visible, for all, a multiplicity of abilities, its values, its respective position and the ways of adquiriz them (free formations, exchanges to know, etc). For placing in relation to it offers and formation and ability demand, is a desenclausuramento space and of communication of all the actors to who knowing concern. The ideal of the knowledge trees nothing more is that to establish the democracy in the domain of the recognition, the evaluation and the management knowing of them. 3.2. The Organizations that learn the organizations that learn are formed by individuals that raise, constantly, its capacity to create the results that they desire, where if stimulate new and including standards of behavior, the collective aspiration gains freedom, and the people exercise themselves, continuously, in learning meetings.

Torpedo Gratis

As well as in the site of the operator, the Oi Torpedo is available in other sites that still more possess advantages for its users. Who has the habit to use the Oi tool torpedo to send messages of text for the site of the operator has other options to communicate with the friends and relatives for the cellular one. Sites exist that disponibilizam to its users the sending of SMS for any another number, also, for the Oi torpedo gratis, using the same platform. They also allow that an only message is ordered for some addressees, at the same time, independent of the telephony companies the one who belong the numbers. BSA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This sites are alternative to use of sites officiate of companies of telephony that nor always is as Oi Torpedo, that exactly offers a service that can also be used by any person, that is not customer of the operator. Beyond allowing that internautas orders Oi gratis Torpedo for its friends, the site of this company of telephony does not demand that its users make bureaucratic cadastros before using to advantage the tool. However, the users of other marks that operate in the Brazilian territory, as the Living creature, TIM, Clearly, among others, do not allow that people whom they are not its customers gratis use the service of sending of SMS for its site.

The ones that until disponibilizam this tool, however, limit its use sufficiently, being possible to send per day a small number of messages. In other cases, exactly the customers of the telephony company count on limitations to order a small number of gratuitous messages of text and on-line. Therefore, these alternative sites that disponibilizam and center diverse possibilities are used, each time more, for internautas. Beyond these advantages, the sites of sending of torpedoes gratis also present other functions, as agenda of contacts, so that there the information of the addressees are salutes, without it has the necessity to type all its data whenever the user is to send a SMS. .

New Social Net

This question is a doubt already of some years, since that the social net of the Google if became propitious field the virtual crimes, without saying in the creation of the profiles fakes that already they are great part of the users of the service. The Orkut was sufficiently popular, but this success is restricted the countries as Brazil and India, being that for the most part of the world the Facebook is the dominant social net, and the Google is not nothing satisfied with this. The social nets are in fast growth, and in this niche of market so disputed and explored, the services that do not have some sufficiently attractive differential hardly detach. The new functionalities of the Orkut as? happy colheira? they attract and they entertain much people, but nothing that if compares with the reach of Farmville, game of the Facebook. The new version of the Orkut was excellent for the marketing, but it was a total disaster, with frustao for great part of the users who still use the old version. Because the Orkut goes to finish? Not yet the end of the Orkut is certain, but many events indicate that this can to happen, even for legal questions. Brazilian justice accused the Google company with if not strengtheing in hindering the virtual crimes that happen in the site, thus having part of guilt for them.

The Orkut can be locked up same that this is not a decision of the responsible company. The marketing is extremely important for the success of a business, and this includes services online and social nets. Interesting phenomenon can be seen in the history of the Google Buzz, that was very waited and provoked diverse speculations on it. Unhappyly it became a failure, exactly being of easy use and being integrated with the gmail. Comparisons as of the Buzz with the Twitter also are made between Orkut and Facebook, and considering the Internet to the global reach, Orkut and Buzz they can be seen as badly-occurred before its competitors.

National Science Foundation

Plastic products have become part of our everyday lives. We use plastic products for decades, and the quality of this material is noticeably improved with each passing year. Almost impossible to find a branch industry, which is not used in its production of plastic. Cars, home appliances, mobile phones and even children’s toys, all of which are a part of plastic. Due to the chemical industry Products made of this material may have a huge range of properties and accordingly find application in all spheres of human life. Plastics are widely used in industry and at home. Eliot Lauer often says this. The possibilities of this material is enormous, some types of plastics can compete in their properties with natural materials such as metal, rubber or wood. Scientists from the University of Illinois, was invented by another kind of plastic, characteristics of this material is that if damaged material can itself restored. Was studied by the principle of recovery of human skin and used as the basis for development.

The new plastic is made up of two layers: the top layer is a polymer with tiny particles of catalyst, while the lower layer consists of a set of channels filled with a liquid reducing agent. The principle of operation of such material is that once the top layer of plastic is exposed to mechanical damage and this damage comes to the bottom layer, the liquid from the channel is mixed with a catalyst and is automatically “Healing”, at this stage of self-destruction of cracks can be repeated up to seven times. Scientists have not abandoned their attempts to improve the material and argue that new types of polymer will be able to regenerate much more times. Analogue of the technology developed by a team of scientists from the University of California (UCLA), replacing the particles of the reducing catalyst on heat-sensitive reagent. One of the distinctive properties new material is that in areas of regeneration is not the so-called scars and strength of the material remains at 60%. Restoration of the material occurs at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. In addition, great advantage of this plastic is that it is transparent to electromagnetic waves, and has the properties of the insulator, which makes it indispensable in the use of radar devices, and communications equipment, industrial and military scientific research. Funding for this project is provided by the Division of Materials Research at the National Science Foundation (Division of Materials Research of the National Science Foundation).

Cartridge Spurt

One of the great problems faced in the present time in what it says respect the impression is the burning of the cartridges. The great majority of the users does not have knowledge of why of the burning of the cartridge. Many are until supresos when they discover that the biggest cause of cartridge burning is me the use. This small text comes with the objective to clarify why of the burning of the cartridges what with certainty it goes to make with that much burning is delayed by the adjusted use. The cartridges possess an electric circuit that makes the communication between the cartridge and the printer, with the use (impression) the ink levels goes finishing and with the insistence in carrying through the impression, the overload affect the circuits burning them, thus making unusable the cartridge.

This circuit with the resistance of a shower can be compared, a time the shower with sufficient water esquenta it the water more does not leave it very hot. The measure that diminishes the amount of water the temperature of the water goes increased. When the amount of water is very small, this why the water leaves very hot and if to perssistir for long time the ressistncia burns for water absence. The cartridge also burns for ink absence, what eixa clearly that a time the signal of ink level low is hour of recarreglo. The energy fall also can cause burning of cartridge, due to the thermal shock. The burnt electric circuits are responsible for 30% of not existing conformity in the recharge procedure.

The burning happens during the impression process, where the impression plate, through electric discharges, heats a small amount of ink until temperatures around 500 C (932 F). The cooling of the plate occurs for the proper ink that leaves the cartridge and that it prevents that the system suffers an overheating. To the measure that the cartridge if empties the system is submitted to a gradual and partial overheating that occurs due to the precarious cooling which the cartridge passes to be submitted. This overheating if becomes critic when the existing ink inside of the cartridge finishes. The colorful cartridges of the printer of series 600 (49A) and of series 800 (25A) is especially citizens to present this problem, being had been verified its occurrence in 50% of the recharge procedures. This occurs simply because when the compartment of ink of a color if empties, the user persists in continuing to print with the others two colors, having an overheating of the system, a time that all it is warm at the moment of the impression.

Web Lodging

The services of Web Lodging can mean the success or the failure of a site in the Internet. After choosing and making the domain register, the next step is to find good host. So that the campaign of promotion of a site is successful the same must be always in functioning (online), only one host of quality can make this. The choice of it hosts hostExistem many trustworthy and paid or gratuitous offers of hosts, even so the gratuitous ones are not ideal for a site business-oriented, are only indicated for sites for proper entertainment. Who wants to have a necessary site of success to contract one host paid and of quality and this nowadays it is perfectly accessible to any mortal, exist plain from R$5,00 in this site of lodging. If a site will be off great part of the time, can lose potential customers and spiders will not be capable to track it. Our reputation online can completely be destroyed. Sobrecarregamento of the server leaves the site ofline.

The overload happens when hundreds or thousands of domnios are placed in an only address IP in an only server. To this of – the name of ' ' Bad Hosting' '. Common problems in hostsUm service of bad lodging hinders that the customers find our site and can total hinder the site to be indexado by the search engines. Some hosts configure the schedule incorrectly or commit errors of DNS that hinder that site is indexado. A heading verifier can be used to guarantee that the schedule is not configured of wrong form and that the Home Page supplies a code 200 correct pages and they do not supply an error 404 inexistent pages.

Some servers of host do not allow changes in some archives or configurations that we need to make or to change during the execution its siteA Lodging of dedicated Sites generally much more expensive when are compared with the shared lodging that the same has many names of domain in address IP and the same serving, while serving dedicated they allow the rank only of our site in the server. If to intend to make great investments with Internet, then the penalty can be valid to buy a reliable dedicated server. As in a shared lodging the security levels they are lesser in relation to the dedicated ones. A dedicated server offers to much more security and total access on the server, however to manage a dedicated a necessary person to have advanced knowledge on servers and security. To get regional focus in the results of the research also can be a good idea. Many engines of search consider excellent the regional focus, if the site is housed in the same local that the search market it could better be located.