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Japanese Katana

In history there are many legends about the legendary warriors and their swords. There are many stories of remarkable properties of Damascus steel, Japanese Katana sword, legedarnom Damascus. In each tale there is some fairy tale, but what? Today There are many artists who create swords that will compete with a legendary sword. For more information see American Diabetes Association. expert on Japanese weapons AG Bazhenov will help us understand where fiction and truth where m myths about the Japanese sword katana. I have seen no dozens of katana, and some of them are outstanding specimens of both the position of significance in the history of the art of a blacksmith or individual schools to which the one or the other blade, and from a position of respectful relation to the age of products that are not one and not three hundred years. I want to say that among Japanese swords the most part – very utilitarian thing, not sparkling or beautiful lines, nor the quality of hardening, or a total preservation. Such the number of chips blades, like Japanese swords, I have not seen a scimitar, no drafts, no other melee weapons. There are swords openly bent and then straightened, there is a talentless balanced.

I was delighted to read in one Japanese book that the weapons during the civil war was very simple, wore out quickly, and it is not spared. It was pleasant to me, because it should be the nature of things, but from the age of fairy tales I have long left. I also found information that polishing their swords, as it is today, began in the Edo period, that is, in peacetime. It is understandable – why should "stretch" polishers, if tomorrow there will be a battle with neighboring feudal lord, the day after cleaning their border villages, and on Sunday – an attack on rebellious convent. It's not up to beauty, to survive! Thus, the Japanese weapons en masse was not as utilitarian, mediocre in quality and understated, as in the world. Now – about cutting iron fence and stone columns. Indeed, there is a documentary where a fencer sword pererubaet barrel gun, saying that the sword smith Kotetsu has broken away a piece of a stone pillar, that the sword smith Pererub iron chain on the door of the temple. These exceptions prove the rule, which is unusual.

A typical test was chopping swords rice straw, soaked in water and rolled into coils, which was enough to make ordinary fencer to break an ordinary sword, but in the case of prominent sword – cutting of copper and iron plates, helmets and bodies. The trunk of the same gun overlogging to lift martial spirit of soldiers who watched this movie, but I really want to know what happened to the blade of the sword. And yet here we should mention the following – although all samurai from childhood possessed weapons test cutting preferred to delegate to experts. It's like a boxer – he fights with fists, but the bricks break – specialization. Hence, not all swords and not in the hands of anyone, even a good fencer, survive such tests. Incidentally, the hardness of Japanese swords 57-60 HRC units, that is, they only slightly softer file (which is

Wedding Photographer

If you decide to organize a wedding – you can not do without the help of the photographer. You can ask to serve as the photographer of any of the friends or relatives who are able to handle the camera. But better yet appeal to the photographer specializing in weddings. Quality professional photography is very different from the amateur. In a professional photographer more experience is probably better set of equipment. Also, do not forget that a wedding – a long process, and the photographer must be a day or two to be "at work".

Wedding photographer must be familiar with the wedding program, to be aware of the fact that happen in the next moment, and take a comfortable position. It is limited in time, as each phase of the wedding program provides a certain period of time. In memory of the wedding, you will have a photo album, you 'll flip through countless times at home, at work, with friends and relatives. The easiest option – albums with plastic "pockets". It can vary in volume, design and layout, it can be paper field notes or wishes.

In recent years, photographers have been increasingly offering such additional services as' making photo books. " However, under the term 'photo book', many involve simple 'evroalbom', in which the pictures are not inserted into special pockets for photos and glued to the pages on both sides. The main drawback of this album is that the pasted pictures tend to come unstuck in time, and the album immediately loses its attractive appearance. The main difference photobooks from this album is that the photographs are not glued or inserted in special pockets. They themselves are printed on sheets printed photobooks way, and already own sheets assembled into a whole book binding. Most often under the photobook understand 'artistically decorated report' about the wedding. Yes it is the most common use of photo books, like 'tool design '. But trust is not unique! Photobook – it's a little history, consisting of photos and short texts related to a storyline. The theme of the story can be anything you want, at your request. Celebrating birthday, the trip to rest, successful fishing, marriage and a wedding – in short, anything that will prompt your imagination. The main thing is to illustrate to find enough good photos. Imagine how unique gift can be a photo book? You are required only to collect photographs on an electronic medium and to contact us. We have formulated a model of the future photobook and print it necessary copies (1 instance) in the printing of one of Kiev's publisher.

Great Depression Women

Curiously, the astringent American visit store for knitting on average 2.8 times during the work on one thing. Interest in knitting emerged in American society for various reasons. Knitting in the pre-industrial era – to approximately the late 19 th century – to help families save on expenses for clothing. abetes to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Development of the textile industry in the 20 th century has made home knitting uneconomic. However, knitting talent American women were again in demand in the First World War.

Thousands of socks knitted home went to the front of the soldiers. In the 1920s, American women despise knitting, considering his prestige "women's" work. U.S. first lady Grace Coolidge KulidzhGrace tried to interest their counterparts in knitting, organizing knitting marathons and contests with attractive prizes for the winners. In 1930 – partly thanks to her efforts, partly due to inaccessibility of the population in good clothes the Great Depression – a passion for knitting again flourished among American women. The next test knitting power of the country was the Second World War, which again has mobilized women knitting woolen socks Soldiers. Beginning in 1950, on the knitting front, came a deep calm. Hippie appreciate hand-made things and loved to knit, but the spirit of the era antiwar activism took over quickly associated with the war in Vietnam, and feminist ideas.

Knitting and crocheting have been abandoned – the time saved was spent on street demonstrations, and in subsequent decades – a career and have fun. StollerDebbie Debbie Stoller, author of the bestselling Stitch 'n Bitch, believes that the resurgence of knitting in America 21 th century due to the cultural tendency to return to typical female occupations, which was suppressed by the development of feminism in the 1960's and 70's. At the same time, the knitting revolution is undoubtedly part of a broader trend in American society, which manifests itself in need of manual labor and related creative processes. This need, for example, explains the commercial success of chain stores such as' do it yourself ". In addition, the binding can serve as a vehicle for expressions of sympathy and desire to help their neighbors. After the September 11 tragedy, thousands of American women tied blankets for fire-rescue personnel. Knitting also resulted in a different form of charity – auctions conducted by the knitting yarn popular shops that sell quilts, related to Hollywood stars. Merchants are advertising, and sales of quilts sent to charity.

Traditional Photo Retouching

Even before the program Photoshop, in the era of traditional photo labs, photo retouching involved much more frequently than might appear at first glance. For example, in advertising, with its multi-million dollar, the cost a few hundred dollars to retouch photos did not do the weather. Thus, the chief designer of advertising agency drawing on the positive film, a sketch of the future scene, then it was placed on the focusing screen widescreen camera. Created by so fast pattern photographer arranging objects in a picture of the future. Then, create a positive (or a copy of it) carefully retouched with special dyes, while hiding slight defects in the picture. I assure you that in those days almost every advertising image was retouched as described above. Unfortunately, the world around us nothing is perfect.

This applies to individuals, even the most paid centerfold. Therefore, the methods used retouching and portrait photography. In this case, special methods of retouching photographs allow you to "correct" the portraits made without special filters or any other devices that are used directly during the shooting. There are methods of retouching, you can use to get rid of dust and other artifacts that are particularly well visible the photographs after they have a multiplier. Try at Photo ordinary 35-millimeter image to increase tenfold (or more), and you'll find that on the final pictures were harassing white dots, who imperceptible on original negatives. Even cleansing negativity before printing photos not solves on all hundred percent.

However from kind shortcomings easily rid using special pencil or pen. First, before the wide spread of digital technology, professional retouching techniques used, intended for editing negatives, positives, and printed photographs. Below are brief describe the retouching of each of these three carriers photographic information. In fact, you do not necessarily know all the nuances of traditional retouching, just want to draw your attention to the fact, how complex and troublesome may be traditional retouching. Why do it? Yes, then, that you were able to appreciate the "magic" features of the program Photoshop.