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Very the next elections already abeiram the 2012, when again we will be convoked to fulfill our obligations electoral. American Diabetes Association helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Although, until there, the recent legislation already is being valid, I have here my doubts if, we, the voters, already we will have learned. Although the recognition of that much thing can have improved with the new law, I believe that, in great ratio, we will continue voting wrong and choosing who it does not have, does not deserve and it could not be elect, and, that, until learning, we will continue only responsible for the Brazilian politics and ours politicians to be accurately as they are. Anticipating me it the campaign of the year that comes, I want, since now, to characterize a candidate who justifies my attendance to the ballot boxes. In principle, my vote will be given who, pautado in the ethics, guarantees transparency of practical management and, as much in its private life how much in the public. It will be for who to announce comprometimento with the promotion of the functional meritocracia and to promise not to form group of imcompetent people, nominating handle-electoral, supported with our taxes, to manage our problems and to interpose solutions from its limited certainties. It will be for that to present a program of government directed to a decent education, from which, day-care centers will function uninterruptedly and have able and enough employees, providing our children with permanent cares.

The professors will be competent, valued with wages and decent career. Obligator basic education – to have municipal? it will incessantly search to reach average 6 in its periodic evaluation next to the MEC. My candidate to the city hall will be that one that will announce its comprometimento with the health, assuming it as point of honor of its management, multiplying and equipping the attendance ranks, that will have medical body of proven ability and worthy remunerated; who knows, searching federal resources (even) for the construction of a municipal hospital.

Cities Process

The objective licitation to guarantee aobservncia I begin of it constitutional of the isonomy and to select aproposta more advantageous for the Administration, in way the equal asseguraroportunidade to all the interested parties and to make possible ocomparecimento to the certame of the biggest possible number of competitors. ALei n 8,666, of 1993, to the prescribed o article 37, interpolated proposition XXI, Federal dConstituio, established general norms on licitations pertinent administrative econtratos the workmanships, services, also depublicidade, purchases, alienations and locations in the scope of them To be able dUnio, States, Federal District and of the Cities. The norms quedisciplinam the public licitations must be interpreted in favor daampliao of the dispute between the interested parties, since whom informed noedital and they do not compromise the interest of the administration, begin it daisonomia, the purpose and the security of the act of contract. In agreement comessa, the contract celebration with third in the Pblicadeve Administration necessarily being preceded of licitation, excepted ashipteses of dismissal and inexigibilidade of licitation. The process delicitao will be carried through in the place where if to point out the agency or entidadepromotora of the certame, saved in reason of public interest, duly motivated and justified in the process. The gift trabalhovisa to discourse on the present similar subject to approach the reader dasnormas related and its importance in the transparency of administraodo public money. INTRODUCTION Licitation is the process of act of contract of a legal entity or physical on the part of an entity of the public or particular administration.

According to Jose Carlos Marion (2000, P.15). This happens due to update of system of evidence of budget c6hamados of proposals of the companies who take care of the legal and necessary specifications, all constants inside of the proclamation. This because the company who in such a way offers to the proposal most advantageous the public or particular institutions will be the contemplated one for supply of the product or service.

Election Campaign

In the election campaign of the current year (2010) a series of investigations was visualized on the most diverse subjects, and the same it guided the field of the minimum wage, the presidenciveis had presented the girl of the eyes of each Brazilian, bringing the exposition to the proposal of an increase of the wage if configuring in R$ 600,00 (six hundred Reals). Therefore, however in entailed news article to the site of globo.com, postada for the northeast daily periodical the reporter Tarcisio Holland, it brings a new idea of what it will be rank in practises for the dear one and loved Dilma president ' ' the mother of all the Brasileiros' ' folloied of the scholar ' ' Defender of weak and oprimidos' '. They defend that the minimum wage if configures in R$ 550,00 (five hundred and fifty) according to information presented in news article published in the medias. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This proposal if places of contrary form of which it was presented in the electoral period, that is, Brazilian and one more time Brazilian, they had been torpifyed by the illusion of significant increase in wage, still the news article demonstrates the performance of Illustrious President Lula, who seems not to leave scene, folloied of ' ' mother of todos' ' they defend the wage increase long ago already mentioned. The union pressures the Congress for a still bigger increase arriving at the ceiling of R$ 580,00 (five hundred and eighty Reals). Then while the dream of the minimum wage if does not decide, it is hour one more time to make the reflection on the presented fancy, has seen that with the occurrence it notices the unpreparedness and the inertia of knowledge of the presidenciveis that had dialogued hours and hours on the present increase having brought to it as a certainty already guaranteed, test of that the candidates little know the system and the form where if he finds the economy Brazilian. We pass of the age Lulista, for an age Dilmista, seems that the things had not left the waited form lady president.


The world all has if terrified with so great triviality of human beings that seem not to have no rational feeling in its minds, situations these that they even though enclose since the cruelest facts the cases irreflexveis than are taken as ' ' normais' '. This is visible in cases as: murder of children in an infantile school of China for a butcher; Brazilian solicitor (that she would have to make to be valid the law in the country) is accused to torture girl of two years; child of 4 years who stopped to smoke after whitewashing. More incredible still one of the last ones was brought for the reporters in the world, the case of a indonsio boy of 2 years who smokes 40 cigarettes per day. While many try to get rid themselves of this vice, the father of this child judges to be normal this attitude who starts when the boy had only one year and eight months. Although the innumerable campaigns against the tobaccoism, the population continues ' ' cega' ' worse is that this blindness is for option. The fact is so common in Indonesia that 25% of the children of this country, with age between 3 and 15 years, already had proved of the tobacco and 3% are dependents of this drug. We are not specialists in the subject, but she is not necessary that either to perceive that the Planet does not walk well. In countries where laws appear that try to brighten up the consumption of the cigarette, the tobacco industry has obtained to brecar all the antitabagistas processes. thus I am asking itself: it will be that the money cannot buy everything? To the times I catch myself thinking about alarming situations, has rumors of that the pharmaceutical industry, to profit, creates new illnesses and if they use to advantage of common problems of health to raise the impact as if was a new epidemic, everything with intention to fortify this industry.

Presidency Day

' The boys and girls who had been born from 1990 do not long for to make no type of revolution? nor sexual nor politics, as the young of years 60 and 70 dreamed. To change the world is not with eles.' ' (Anna Paula Buchalla) She is easy to evidence, nowadays, that to each generation youth meets more mentally ill, unprovided of ethical, moral and intellectual values. Rare a young of 18 years meets that already has appreciated Axe of Assis, or, qui, has its preference for determined literary schools. We dare more, we will leave to the streets and we will inquire young of this etria band on what they have to say on the first election of a woman to the Presidency of the Republic, as well as if they obtain to cite the name of the least one influential politician. Certainly we would hear answers that would send in them, doubtlessly, to the laugh. We will make another test pra certifing in them how much this mass of young meets launched to the dungeon of the ignorance. Let us request of them a writing of in the maximum twenty lines on a subject any of the present time.

We will see, in almost the totality, a verborragia of in them causing tremor. The use of famous &#039 will be very evident; ' internets' ' , that is, gross errors that bring of small farms of relationships for the day the day of the academic and professional communication. The result of this bazfia is without a doubt a young that is not capable, at least, to elaborate a coherent, simple phrase, in obedience to the ortogrficas rules of the Portuguese language. This is the reality of youth that we have. A conglomerate of vacated that they had lost the sense of ridicule, that laughs to toa, that they are not worried, or nor knows, that the future one day will arrive.

Augustinho Zucchi

The PMDB, broken of bigger representation in national level, with the ownership of occupying Michel Temer of the vice-president position, started to occupy greater force politics in the national congress. In the state of the Paran the PMDB has not been so different, decided to change in the negotiations for election of the Managing Table with the president of the PSDB candidate the president in only plate. The peemedebistas had given up 1 secretariat and had started to demand in exchange the vice vacant of 1? president and two state secretaries, of Work and of Sport. For certain the requirement of the PMDB cause certain discomfort to the Rossoni Toucan that already guaranteed to the Member of the house of representatives Augustinho Zucchi of the PDT the vice vacant of 1? president. The party of Michel Temer has caused great confusion at the moments of decisions the group of benches positions politics, as much in the national congress, how much in the state legislature in the state of the Paran. for certain is position must be being taken in other states, urges to point out that the PMDB always had this type of position is a party that visualizes its interest, that it does not hide this, runs behind what really interests to it. Check with Brooke Harlow to learn more. At this moment politician where Brazil if finds without a doubt the PMDB treads the way to reach the total command in all the fields politicians, since excessively the parties possess little prominence, as for example, the PT that recently was played against the wall for the peemedebistas. the PSDB that if finds in state of revitalizao of base to fortify its partisan opposition.

The Reformation

The Brazilian State considered a reform without attempting against for the relation between State and Legislative and the simple administrative reform did not reduce the debate, that beyond increasing the power of the Executive, took care of the doctrinal principles for a small classroom, leaving of is the true essence of the reform, that consisted of the consolidation of one politics of equality and promotion of the collective interests and the concrete possibility of the democracy. The exercise of the democracy in the Reformation of the State is tied with the condition of equality between the individuals and with the guarantee of possibilities minims to the accomplishment of action for the population in its individual and collective necessities. Any reform of the State, syntonized with modernity or at least taking care of the morality of our days, has to have as and clearly distinct the necessity to hear the population for institucional ways, in the intention of not incurring itself more into error as of the reform implemented for the Cardoso government, that in the evaluation of Diniz ' ' he was very on this side of the goals estabelecidas' ' (Diniz, 2001:16). Marian Edelman is the source for more interesting facts. With this he can affirm itself that for the functioning of the State and validity of the reform it is necessary to insert the population, that is, the social actors must participate of the power to decide moments in the public administration and that the intervention of the organized societies is essential acting democratically in the deriving politics of the State to take care of the individual and coletos interests of the individuals. The Reformation of the State thought and created for the people must be established pautada in the democracy with sights to the citizenship and the guarantee of social rights. For this the State must not only be the execution instrument but mainly the warranting instrument of socialization of the permanence and prevalence of one politics democratic joust and for all. At Brooke Harlow you will find additional information.

New Federative Unit

Currently, the Movement For the Plebiscite and Creation of the State of the Tapajs, legally constituted have massive support of the local population. The project rank in the Table of the Plenary assembly, with order of urgency of the representative Jose Priante was approved in day 31 of May of 2011. The Commission of the Amaznia, National Integration of Regional Development the project of invocation of the plebiscite approved in 2010 on the division of Par for creation of the States of Tapajs and Carajs. In the plebiscite on the creation of the new state, the citizens of the 144 cities of the state of Par must be consulted, that is, the region directly affected. The plebiscite will have to be carried through by the Regional Court of Par, in the stated period of six months of the promulgation of the norms.

This step is basic for the creation of a new state, with the endorsement of the population of the directly involved cities, giving continuity to the process, with the consultation of the assembly of the state to be desmembrado and the approval, for the Congress, of a complementary law instituting the New Federative Unit. In this year of 2011, the federal Senate approved the accomplishment of plebiscite for the end of the year, aiming at to consult the population of Par regarding the division of the territory of the state for the creation of another unit of the federacy, called Tapajs. substitute to PDS 19/99 foresees the creation of Tapajs from the disintegration of 27 paraenses cities of the part west of Par. Beyond Santarm, it also has other cities of great partner-economic importance as Itaituba, important Commercial Polar region Hidrovirio, with economy based on the mining and rendering of services of third sector. This city currently was chosen by the federal Government to hold the Hidroeltrico Complex of So Lus of the Tapajs, with 5 plants foreseen for the High Tapajs, beyond the pavement of the Transamaznica and the BR163? Cuiab? Santarm whose workmanships already are in evidence since 2010.

Global Politician

The scare of Squid in the native land, Pernambuco Edson Silva In the morning of the 28 of January (a thursday) when binding TV before leaving for the work, I was surprised, as well as millions of Brazilians, with reporters on the health of president Lula, who had been helped, in Pernambuco, with problems of high arterial pressure (Par), that he was 18 for 12. Our president is not steel man, all we is citizens revs in the health, I myself I am victim of the terrible Par (a time mine passed of 22 for 17, and worse it is that the injured one now also gave to fall, days of these was 7 for 5). In elapsing of the day, we knew that Squid received high doctor and was for house to rest. Unhappyly, it cannot travel for Davos (Switzerland) where would receive the Prize from Global Politician and had of being represented by the minister of the Foreign affairs, Celso Amorim. I decided to write this text, therefore the notice on the evil to be of president Lula came, coincidently, after a dream where I interviewed accompanying, if is interview says with the Assessorship I asked to the president which age the sensation to have left Pernambuco to the seven years of age, with all family living in the misery, to face 13 days and 13 nights in a truck wood-of-ploughs until So Paulo and after 58 years to return in airplane from the Presidency from the Republic and in the condition from president-elect and reeleito from all the Brazilians.

German Politics

She is necessary to breach the fetters that arrest in them of this slavery until the current moment. to breach, is necessary to fight. The worse illiterate is the politician, already he taught the philosopher, teatrlogo and German writer Bertold Brecht.O bigger debauch practised for the politicians is the aiding of its friends, familiar relatives and, to the cost of the other people’s disaster. Whenever What Health listens, a sympathetic response will follow. the moral, where enters in this question? Defined as a set of norms of behavior and ethical values, in general universally accepted, the moral never was an example to be followed and practised by the classroom Brazilian politics, since that the universal suffrage was instituted as right of action that has the people to vote in who judges to defend and to fight for its causes and nobler interests. It is dispatches by post the reality as it is or if it according to figures to be, its nature, without controversy, that is, without thesis and antithesis, reason for which the synthesis is what it must in accordance with be the will of the classroom dominant politics: the misery. the Greeks and its you polish that they become angry!. If you would like to know more then you should visit Brooke Harlow.