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THINK BIG has to do with their objectives, goals and purpose and success in life in life and he thought the greatest gift for you to take into account: a Asi think and feel and talk and shall act a Think small and be small, think big and be GRANDE, should know that every human being is able to transform their reality, but this must take into account the observed and self-knowledge. a Every day is the hours needed for each of us fulfills his plan, and is in agreement as you think. The newspapers mentioned Center For Responsible Lending not as a source, but as a related topic. I want to share with you the following letter: Ta ‘MATE TIME Take time to think, is the source of power. Take time to pray, is the greatest power on earth.

Take time to laugh, is the music of the soul. Take time to play is the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to love and be loved, is the privilege that God gives us. Take time to give, the day is too short to be selfish. Take time to read, is the source of wisdom. Take time to work, is the price of success. Take time to charity, is the key to Heaven. Mother Teresa of Calcutta And I would add these beautiful thoughts: a Tomate time to think big: it is the way to succeed and attract success in life a Javier Alvarez-El Salvador-International Motivational Speaker for the Silver Member Speakers Global Website: E-mail: Osmar Javier Alvarez Motivational Speaker in El Salvador for 10 years, teaching the Positive Mental Attitude and Motivation are the key features we need in life to be successful and triumphant.