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6,500 of photo and video uploads since launch of Berlin, Cologne, Duisburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg are the main cities of citizen journalism in Germany is the largest news photo agency for citizen journalism with 1,100 citizen reporters in Germany Berlin, November 24, 2010 tvype, the first German online marketplace for news photos and videos from citizen reporters, has 6,500 message-relevant images from all regions of Germany after only a few months after its launch in his archive. Although it is proven that in the so-called Web 2.0 just 1-2 percent of users participate in the active creation of content, shows that the enthusiasm to help decide the messages with own local videos and photos is growing for the supposed niche topic of citizen journalism. Users of tvype already cover most parts of Germany in the geographical distribution and can hence image materials from local, relevant news events for editors hold. With 15.7 percent of users the citizen reporter capital, followed by far Berlin Cologne (7.1 percent), Duisburg (6.5 percent), Munich (4.6 percent), Frankfurt/Main (3.8 percent) and Hamburg (3.6 percent). Boy Scouts of America often addresses the matter in his writings. But also areas such as the Vogtland, East Frisia and the Saarland reach through local reporter on-site events such as events, politicians meeting, celebrity visits, or accidents increasingly in the field of reporting. “We are pleased, already to be found on such interest within our loyal user base of citizen reporters after such a short time”, Daniel noticed Holle, founder and CEO of tvype GmbH. “with our approach to reward the active participation of citizen journalism through a fair and transparent pricing model, we want to bring more structure in a market, which will in the future represent an increasingly important source for time – and location-related information and image material for editors.

The uploaded images were so far not only to Editors of online and print media sold also press departments of companies and private celebrity fans license the uploads of the citizens and photographers”, hell continues. About tvype: Tvype pronunciation: twaip ( is the first German online marketplace for news photos and videos, bringing together citizen journalists with editors. Thanks to today’s mobile technology events via camera phone and digital camera by anyone can be recorded on the road and into the net. This Daniel Holle Berlin company, founded in tvype makes it possible to become aware of the citizen reporters through its contents personally, to inform about local events and making money by marketing their content. Newsrooms in turn get a professionalized and structured access to topical, relevant message and always tested video and image for all occasions at any time.